Think about that cross and that book. A couple of thousand years the Bible says God took the form of a man and sacrificed Himself to redeem us from the worst form of slavery, enslavement to sin. Belief in Jesus frees us from enslavement to sin. Those who believe in Jesus most certainly behave better than they might otherwise behave.

Because of Christianity, over two hundred years ago Americans managed to form a new form of government, a constitutional republic. In all previous civilizations most people were to some degree enslaved by other people. In America most people were free, and this sort of government worked because most people could be trusted to behave themselves without the threat of violence. The Christian beliefs of Americans gave them the backbone to resist sin, to fight the desire to abuse and oppress each other (see James 4:1-10).

In a speech (see ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR’S CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH?), Attorney General William Barr explains in more detail the importance of religion in America’s formation an ongoing success. If you believe America was never a Christian nation, that is understandable, perhaps. However, if after listening to Barr, you still believe Christianity was unimportant in America’s founding, then you have some serious explaining to do.

Because Barr’s speech is about the protection of religious freedom, he talks about the threat to religious freedom, and he declaims the “growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism”. One thing Barr doesn’t address is the logical basis for moral relativism. Here, in a post on transgenderism, THE FALLACY OF TRANSGENDERISM — PART1 Revised, we have an explanation of how the logic of moral relativism works.

Transgenderism is a dialectical ploy of the Left being used to create compromise in our schools that results in the moral breakdown of our society. According to progressives today, dialectical thinking is all about ‘change’, how we perceive it, and how we get rid of prejudices and rigid thoughts. The argument that kids who are transgender (TG) should be allowed to use the bathroom and showers of their ‘gender identity’ uses dialectical thinking to win their case.

Listen to their reasoning:

“Change is thought as a unity of the opposites… When a person opens up to the idea of change, he opens up to dialectical thoughts.” (

According to the dialectical scheme, there is a thesis or statement of an idea; an antithesis or contradiction of the thesis, and then synthesis in which the thesis and antithesis are resolved through compromise. So, let’s break down this argument by example and see it at work:

Thesis: The gender of boys and girls is determined at birth, male and female, and natural modesty.

Antithesis: Some boys and girls believe they are the opposite gender but equipped with the wrong genitalia.

Synthesis: Because that is part of their reality and citizen right, transgender (TG) kids must be allowed to use the bathroom/shower room of the gender with which they identify.

…and with that compromise, morality, modesty and decency go down the drain for the majority of the school population…and the decay of our society decays, which is what the social engineers are after! (continued here)

Note that dialectical thinking is all about change in the form of compromise, not about what is true or false. If we don’t teach our children wisdom, how to discern the difference between right and wrong, evil people will constantly devote themselves to the creation of new and more extreme Antitheses and demand new compromises, that is, new Syntheses. And our children, not knowing any better, will try to seem reasonable and “with it” by giving in.

If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything. (Anonymous, from here)

To save our children from sin, from falling for anything, we need to make certain they learn about Jesus.


    1. @Liz

      When we expect our government to do more than what is necessary to protect our rights, the law becomes a tool for destroying the People.

      Why destroying the People? Isn’t that a bit hyperbolic? No. To exercise authority over the People, those in power must weaken the People and bind them in chains (and not altogether just figuratively). Because men who desire power always want more, they eventually destroy the mechanisms that hold together the society they wish to control.

      How do the People survive? When society falls apart, the chains the powerful use to control the People fragment with the fall of the society.

      Then a race begins. Will chaos ensue before some sort of society is reconstituted?

      Think USSR and the Roman Empire.

  1. Tom

    I linked your post with an article about sex indoctrination of preschool children in Illinois incorporating the new laws.

    . It is titled King Solomon, Six Alarming Reasons for School Vouchers.

    It is indeed alarming in my opinion. Recommend you read it and discern the contents for your upcoming school board elections to hopefully not have to experience what is happening in Illinois.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

  2. Cool post, Tom. I enjoyed reading it and reading the comments.

    I remember back when President Bush was going take out Saddam Hussein and “win hearts and minds.” Well, you just can’t force Western democracy on a people governed for centuries by dictatorships and force. They lack the freedom of Jesus Christ, the shared values that lead us to self control, to the ability to govern ourselves. That is just as true of America as it is anywhere else in the world. Self control is a fruit of the spirit, and the “consent of the governed,” well, the governed cannot even give consent if they don’t yet grasp the whole concept of freedom.

    1. @IB

      When Bush tried to reform Iraq, and he had so much trouble, I think I finally understood why God left the Hebrews wandering in the desert for 40 years.

  3. Define “morality, modesty, and decency”. That’s subject to what any person feels like believing in.. largely based on religious precepts. You think early man locked the door to the bedroom when daddy caveman wanted to have sex with mommy cavelady? Native Americans in their one room wigwams/tepees/ (whatever is currently acceptable to describe those things these days and not sound racist) maybe just pulled up a blanket over themselves and copulated like buffalo in front of the family members… or the family just plain left the shelter. Do you not recall the military.. basic training when some of the older barracks had open restrooms with no stalls.. everyone showered naked together?
    Did it ever cross your mind that if we had dropped all this Victorian modesty toward our bodies and our bodily functions across the board that we just might have a little less sexual identity apprehensions about our appearance and gender attitudes? I can’t imagine God created Adam and Eve with clothes on… and I can’t imagine the sole reason for God to create fig trees was to provide leaves to cover up our genitalia.

    1. @Doug

      The Bible has little to say about the sexual pretensions that worry you. We avoid sexual arousal when it is inappropriate to avoid the evil of fornication.

      Does what arouses us sexually have a cultural basis? Yes. That is because we learn to respond, become conditioned to respond, to certain stimuli. So?

      In a free society, parents have the responsibility to pass their cultural beliefs — including their religious beliefs — to their children. We don’t need so-called secular government experts telling us what to do. Yet, increasingly, secularists demand conformity with their beliefs. Why? When it comes down to it, they have not got a good reason. They are just loud, threatening, full of ridicule, and persistent.

  4. I echoed this several days ago— freedom means having the ability to bridle and keep in check ones passions— and religion, in particular our Judeo /Christian bedrock, has kept us in a morality driven means of self-check — with the race towards a current no holds bar status quo, it becomes a type of anarchy — which it appears that the golden calf worshipers want— it’s not going to be a pretty picture but try telling our progressive left such

    1. @Julie

      Will have to check out your post.

      We don’t preach Christ crucified because we want to save our constitutional republic, but the fact our constitutional republic is in jeopardy is a good sign we have not been doing a good job of spreading our Savior’s Gospel. Hence, we speak of our nation’s troubles and the need for spiritual revival.

  5. Thesis and antithesis are real and useful concepts. The synthesis part is the lie. The Holy Trinity might be thought of as the “thesis”, in the sense of ultimate truth rather than theory, while Satan is the antithesis. There’s no possibility of synthesis of ultimate good and ultimate evil. Transgender ideology is not the product of God. What does that leave? Oh, I am so “bigoted”? No, only the truth sets you free.

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