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We are going to get various perspectives on this, but I suspect this version of the story will prevail, Trump impeachment drive takes hit as bombshell-free Mueller hearing rehashes report.(foxnews.com).

Why did the Democrats insist that Mueller testify? Since it gave Republicans a chance to identify all the things he considered out of his purview — Hillary Clinton who? — that is something of a mystery. Mueller made it quite plain he had nothing to add to the witch hunt.

Onward to November 2020!


  1. My goodness what a big fat waste of time and money this whole investigation has been. If Mueller’s bumbling nothing burger testimony doesn’t put things to bed for the Dems, I don’t know what will.

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    1. I don’t know either, but TDS doesn’t describe rational behavior.

      TDS really is not about. Look at the issues that separate our country. It accurate to say Democrats are not on our side. They are not even on their own side.

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        1. @Tricia

          Kind of weird. Almost insane.

          Why leave someone so impaired in charge of a critical investigation? Why didn’t Mueller quit? Why didn’t his relatives do something? Why didn’t they cancel the second hearing. The only answers I have are desperation and guilt (They want to be caught.), and the Democrats have no confidence Andrew Weissmann.

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      1. @Tsalmon,

        Thanks for your comment. Frankly, neither you nor I know for certain if OJ was guilty or whether Trump and the Russians..

        Your comment is basically the core problem in the USA with the Trump haters lack of faith in God and the Law.

        I was looking for an example how to relate King Solomon, and o the Ivan the Terrible law decision in Israel to the USA failings of accepting closure after the election and Mueller probe.

        Your comment provided the link, thanks to you and Doug.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. @Keith DeHavelle

      Just got back from a meeting.

      Your article looks interesting. Not familiar with “The Epoch Times”. So I have two reasons to thank you. Will check out the article and the publication in the morning.

      Hope you are feeling better. Wondered why you had stopped tweeting.


    2. @Keith DeHavelle

      The questions are good, but the Mueller hearing were for show. For Republicans they were an opportunity to get their side of the story to people who only watch the Liberal Democrat news media. My guess is that the Republicans on those committees did that as well as they could.

      Most of those questions might be more useful to a grand jury when they question Mueller’s deputy.


  2. 1. It was never about Mueller. This should have been done way back when he presented his report if the Dems wanted a fuller effect. GOP delays, Trump delays, etc.,and a reluctant-to-impeach, Pelozi, screwed up the timing the timing.

    2. Mueller was always right.. the reasons to impeach are fully in the report… it’s just that the nation is numb to all the chaos, noise, and Trump-oxygen sucking up the media for all kinds of nonsense. We’re all growing numb to it all.. so apathy is building, to Trump’s advantage, of course.

    3. Running out of time to impeach before the election… so it’s easier to just let the election solve the Trump problem. Sadly in the meantime, his crap spreading around the world is getting worse. Rather like a game of chicken… between him and the 60% of haters.

    For me.. the desire just builds with each passing day to see him leave office. The problem with those of us with Trump Derangement Syndrome… only one thing will cure it and Conservatives don’t care because MAGA! Perhaps one day we will know what that means.


    1. @Doug

      Well, at least you are honest about your TDS.

      Here is how dishonest Mueller’s report was. He could not exonerate Trump because no legal standard exists. Prosecutors either indict or they don’t. Judges and juries either declare someone guilty or not guilty.

      Prosecutors give reasons for an indictment. There are only two words needed when they don’t indict: insufficient evidence. Mueller’s report was a political smear full of ineuendo, not evidence of a crime. No honor man would have produced such a thing.

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      1. “It’s very obvious…” that Mueller’s usage of “exonerated”.. as in… “It’s not likely the President would be exonerated.” has NOTHING to do with a legal affirmation but rather a reaction to the presentation of evidence.. as he correctly stated, Trump could not be indicted.. but if he could the evidence would be there that wouldn’t exonerate indicting him. Makes perfect sense to me. In fact.. by saying that, Mueller IS indicating evidence is sufficient to indict… just not him because of the rule.


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