You WILL be indoctrinated….

Do we brainwash ourselves? That is what IB wrote about here. Since she used the derangement over Donald Trump as an example, that ticked off one person, Doug, and he commented to justify himself. That is worth reading too.

Nevertheless, IB’s post has broader implications. We live at a time when it is possible to immerse ourselves in the company of people and media that reflects back at us what we already believe, and we can choose to immerse ourselves entirely in such company and media. So we should wonder to what extent the desire for self affirmation rather than empathy for others divides us.

Are you a Christian? Because Jesus Christ calls upon to spread the Gospel, we cannot hide ourselves solely among people of like mind. We can draw strength from other Christians, but we still must go out among the unsaved. We must try to understand them and share our faith with them. If we never do, we have not obeyed His Word.

See, there's this thing called biology...

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I have long had this theory that we are the company we keep, that those around us will shape us, that every day of our lives we are being indoctrinated and brainwashed.

So choose wisely. You are what you eat.

I’ve written a few dozen posts on the subject of culture, indoctrination, and brainwashing, from a  variety of different personal perspectives.

My interest was brought about by all the  usual questions like, What the heck is wrong with all you sheeple?? Has common sense just died?? Has critical thinking gone the way of gluten intolerance? Are we just de-evolving and getting dumber??

I am notorious for falling down philosophical rabbit holes. On one such quest I realized those are not actually the questions at all, or rather those are all far too superficial. We must go deeper still to get to the…

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6 thoughts on “You WILL be indoctrinated….

  1. We’re all brainwashed/indoctrinated/conditioned.
    Since we’re all going to be conditioned in one direction or another, it’s best to condition people toward things that are healthy and beneficial to the community. Taking your kids to church at a young age conditions them. Charity and volunteering throughout childhood conditions them to be giving and generous of spirit. Phrases like, “God bless America” and all that also build a sense of unity, nationalism, patriotism that is healthy (unless we prefer a severely fragmented and predatorial society where it is impossible to field an effective all-volunteer military force).

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    1. Just to add, habit patterns are a very effective form of self conditioning. So of course the company one keeps will have an impact, as will whatever habit patterns on picks up…that’s not a theory, it’s proven fact. There’s a reason there’s far less “road rage” in the country than standstill traffic every day in the city.
      Work ethic, and so forth, are conditioned.
      This is why (IMO), conditioning a person to believe they are always at a disadvantage (skin color, sex, et al) is a mistake.
      Anyway, my brother and his family are coming to visit for the week so….
      -Liz out

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      1. @liz

        One of the most basic forms of indoctrination is discipline. We teach people rules, idealing the morality of the Bible. Then we punish these disciples when they disobey and reward them when they do obey. When we discipline people rightly, most people learn how to discipline themselves.

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  2. I really wanted to read all the comments from your previous post, but Doug and Tsalmon are so mind numbingly tedious, the sin I cannot forgive, that I gave up after the first 10,000 words. Oy vey, the philosophy “why use 10 words to get your point across when you can meander long enough to put the reader to sleep?” Then when we’re asleep, big brother can indoctrinate us more effectively. Meandering, tedious manifestos give you the hangover without the amusement of being drunk.

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    1. @iamcurmudgeon

      They are a bit confused about the meaning of debate. They repeat the same points over and over, as if it makes more sense the second, third, fourth,… time.


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