Why are Progressives, Liberal Democrats, Socialists, or whatever always so angry? Are they stupid? No. Let’s consider just consider the logical consequences of the issues they run on and their propaganda. First the issues and then the logical fallacy.

The Issues

What are the Democrat’s issues? Well, Politico has a list here, The Issues.

Criminal Justice Reform

The main issue here is that our laws, especially our sentencing laws discriminate against the poor and minorities. Discrimination is the great inexcusable crime, sin, violation, despicable act of our era. If we can save just one poor criminal from discrimination, isn’t worth any cost?


This proceeds from the notion that the Russians are trying to steal our elections. When the Russian steal our elections, Donald Trump gets elected, and Trump discriminates. If we can save just one poor victim from Trump Derangement Syndrome, isn’t worth any cost?

The Economy

  • The lead here is affordable housing, which is becoming scarce. People are using 30 percent of their income just to pay the rent. That’s a serious problem if they are still paying off student loans. Not being able to afford the best housing is discriminatory against the poor. If we can save just one poor victim from discrimination, isn’t worth any cost? So the government must subsidize the housing of the poor.
  • The Big Banks are unpopular too, especially after the Bailout that followed the financial crisis. Somehow what happened in 2008 has become Trump’s fault, and Trump is discriminatory. If we can save just one poor victim from financial discrimination, isn’t worth any cost?


  • The cost of college is rising, and doesn’t everyone need a college degree? So Democrats want “free” tuition so no one will have to suffer the horror of not going to college. That would be discriminatory. Everyone should go to college. If we can save just one poor victim from education discrimination, isn’t worth any cost?
  • Weirdly, Education issues also include an increase in teacher pay, presumably K-12. What does the Federal Government got to do with that? But teachers not being paid as much as they want is discriminatory. If we can save just one person from not being paid as much as they want, isn’t worth any cost?


  • Because they claim corporations are buying elections (kind of like the Russians are stealing them), Democrats want to prevent Corporate PACS and SuperPACS from participating in the process and discriminating in their choice of candidates. If we can save just one poor Democrat from not being elected, isn’t worth any cost.
  • Because it is keeping them from winning — discriminates against tyrannical majority rule — Democrats want to rid us of the Electoral College. Because it discriminates against felons (and they expect felons to vote for them), Democrats support felon voting. If we can save just one poor Democrat from not being elected, isn’t worth any cost?


The focus here is Global Warming, the proposition that man is changing the climate. The choice is between radical policies like the Green New Deal and an unlivable planet. What is the Green New Deal? That is something the candidates need to explain, but we can’t have the planet discriminating against us. We have a right to live here, don’t we? If we can save just one poor earthling from planetary discrimination, isn’t worth any cost?

Food & Agriculture

Two topics up under this, the Farm Economy and Nutrition.

  • Small farmers are losing out to big agribusinesses. That’s discriminatory, of course. If we can save just one small farmer losing his farm, isn’t worth any cost?
  • Children don’t eat right. A few people don’t have enough to eat. Discriminatory! More commonly, children choose to eat too much and get fat. Being fat leads to discrimation! If we can save just one fat kid from stuffing himself with junkfood, isn’t worth any cost?

Gun Control

We have out of control guns killing people. Guns should not be allowed to discriminate that way. If we can save just one poor victim from being stalked and killed by a murderous gun, isn’t worth any cost?

Health Care

  • Healthcare has become a “right”. Anything else is discriminatory against people who can’t (or won’t) pay. So government needs to decide who gets health care and pay the bill. If we can save just one poor victim from the consequences of their own choices, isn’t worth any cost?
  • Abortion is a “right”. Because men don’t have babies, not allowing a woman to control her own body is discriminatory. If we can save just one poor victim (Is it the baby or the woman?) from discrimination, isn’t worth any cost?


The individual issues are DACA, eliminating the law against illegal entry, and the Wall. They all boil down to this: borders are discriminatory. People who cannot cross a border at will suffer! Of course, so do the folks who want cheap labor, and the taxpayers who finance our welfare system. If we can save just one poor victim from discrimination (Take your pick. Illegal aliens, their devious employers, or U.S. citizens.), isn’t worth any cost?


Politico posts two issues here: clean water and transportation. Dirty water kills people and falling bridges and potholes pose serious safety issues. When some states don’t have the money to fix infrastructure (spent it all on health, education, and welfare programs), that’s discriminatory. If we can save just one poor victim from Democrat mismanagement, isn’t worth any cost?

Marijuana & Cannabis Legalization

Prohibiting the production and use of marijuana discriminates against the people who want to sell it, tax it, and get high. If we can save just one poor victim from making money off the addicted, taxing the addicted, or addiction, isn’t worth any cost?


Defense spending discriminates against politicians who want to buy votes by spending money on health, education, and welfare programs. If we can prevent a stupid war by presenting a strong defense, isn’t worth the cost?


Democrats want to tax the “rich” so that the “rich” can’t discriminate by having more money than the “poor”. If we can save the money those spendthrift busybody politicians waste, isn’t worth the effort it will take to throw them out of office?


This bullet relates to online privacy and controlling the Social Media. Except for the fact that posts like this hatefully discriminate against them, Democrats are not clear about what they want. If we could save just one poor Democrat from having the truth told about him or her, who would?


Because he is trying to do something, and it looks like it is working, President Donald Trump is discriminating against “professional” politicians by making them look incompetent. 😁

The Logical Fallacy: The False Dilemma

This was all tongue-in-cheek, of course, but Progressives, Liberal Democrats, Socialists, or whatever do make devious use of a logical fallacy, The False Dilemma to promote big government. What is a False Dilemma?

Description: When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes. False dilemmas are usually characterized by “either this or that” language, but can also be characterized by omissions of choices. Another variety is the false trilemma, which is when three choices are presented when more exist. (from here)

This website, False Dilemma, provides a list of examples.

Democrats pose what we are suppose to perceive as dire, awful problems that only the huge power of government — forcing everyone to work together — can solve. They present a false choice. Either let them solve the problem they pose their way, or you are a bigot, a racist, a denier, phobic, selfish or some other such thing. Essentially, they pose a false dilemma in order to manipulate our emotions so that we will concede to them the power they crave. Such people need to be proscribed two aspirin and bed rest.


  1. Why are they so angry? The spirit of totalitarianism that animates utopians must be able to control what others do, think and how they live. If that urge to control is frustrated by anything—the rule of law, constitutionality, freedom loving people, powerful politicians or leaders who don’t fear their criticism (guess who?)—anger follows, and this frustration and it’s resulting anger lead to demonization. I find this so amusing: I have seen three different videos from three different interviewers with three different groups of college students, who were presented with some tweets or statements, and asked whether those statements were “racist”. None of the students were told whose statements they were. All three groups assumed that Trump made the statements so they all agreed, of course they’re racist! Then the interviewers told them that all the statements were made by Obama while he was president. Their reactions were wondrous. At first, they refused to believe it. When the interviewers showed them proof, most of them changed their minds about the statements being racist. Only one or two out of the 30 or so actually admitted they were wrong, and that they simply condemned the statements out of reflex hatred of Trump. The utopians will be far more angry next presidential election.

  2. And Trump sells fear around every corner to win over you Trump supporters to his nationalism. I am angry seeing my country go into the crapper because of his incompetent leadership and appalling moral character. You could care less how he acts.. blow it off as just “misinterpretation”… and you just like the policies he’s trying to push and don’t care a how he’s doing the pushing. Sorry… Conservatives are not victims at all but I will say the current GOP is nothing I would ever follow.

    1. @Doug

      Listen to you. Who is afraid?

      The only fear Trump is “selling” is what “scared” voters long before Trump announced, fear of Liberal Democrats. Those people are incompetent and power hungry. Trump is now just trying to repair the damage Liberal Democrats have been wreaking upon our economy, immigration system, national defense, and so forth for decades. Things like the treaty with Iran and our trade policy did not make sense, and it is not a scare tactic to say so. Our global warming policy did not have anything to do with fixing the problem. It was a costly showpiece. So Trump just dumped it. Was that a scare tactic?

      1. Gawd.. get real. Creating a caste of villains simply from political ideology.. that quite honestly is pretty fragmented to say the least. Even the Conservatives are a fragmented bunch of self-serving interests. Liberal Democrats are fellow Americans. See.. this is why we are at where we are at. People are people and no two are alike and to listen to Trumpsters you’d think they specifically got a gift from heaven with Trump…. because his supporters love all this loud-mouth, reckless bashing of everything the Right has wanted to tear down for decades. Trump will tear it all down and throw those money-changers out of D.C.!
        Tom, you’re a policy guy and you’ve personally opted to make the moral compromise to support all things “bad” about him as a policy conduit in order for your perception of “good” to be hoisted across the land. I’m a Conservative but I certainly don’t fear Liberal Democrats. I’m a Republican but not a Trumpian Republican.. I want nothing of this clown. My fear is the man himself sending the country down the toilet. I don’t fear fellow Americans. That’s Trump fear and you fell for it.

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