With the release of the Mueller Report, the American people are slowly beginning to see that the charges against Donald Trump, the accusations that he colluded with the Russians to steal the election, were nothing more than a tangled web of lies.

What is the latest? Rush Limbaugh reported and commented about it yesterday, On the Warpath: Emmet Flood’s Letter Signals a New Phase. Please read that letter, Emmet Flood, Trump’s lawyer, has sent a four-page letter to William Barr. In addition, check out Mueller’s report, Read and search the full Mueller report.

Then what? Consider this question. How did we get to this point? There is the obvious observation. President Trump refused to yield, and he just allowed the lies to unravel. So now his team is on offense, but that is just a superficial answer.

The plot against Trump, what appears to be an attempted coup against our country, involved a huge number of people in highly responsible positions both inside and outside our government. How were so many people corrupted?


  1. oh goodie!!!—you haven’t totally left us…see what awaits you here…what you would miss…a bevy of tit for tat from the delusional and angst-filled—the very reason why your voice is needed here!!! 🙂

    1. @Julie

      Thanks for such kind words. I just expect to be blogging at the Family Alliance blog much more often than here. Don’t intend to completely close down.

  2. Oh Tom… you’re just trying to feed the divisiveness with more fear and just enabling Trump. There was no coup.. nor attempting a coup… soft or hard.. and just using that word is fear mongering. Mueller report (and soon his testimony) simply confirms Trump’s complicity in a number of avenues… that, if not criminal are surely huge ethics violations and no question abuse of power, that he continues to this day. What we can count on in the future is Trump digging his own hole deeper because he cannot leave 22 Dems running to replace him without constant Tweets, the remaining criminal investigations in the courts revealing whatever they will reveal down the line, and his continued bumbling on the world stage.
    My particular peeve in this is that Pelozi, at al, are refusing to exercise their oversight by not starting impeachment because of some implied “duress” of the Senate GOP “not going to pass it anyway”.. and… some fear of Trump’s base screaming “deep state” conspiracies.

    1. The House should impeach as there is more than enough to express their Constitutional oversight.
    2. Unless Trump finally ticks off some Senate GOP’ers enough to shift their vote, the Senate will not pass on impeachment. So what. Once the House submits the articles to the Senate… the country can finally note the specific loyalties of each and every senator that votes against impeachment.. thus placing their own political future in question.

    1. simply confirms Trump’s complicity in a number of avenues
      Complicity with Russia…you know, what the actual investigation was about?
      If not….complicity how exactly?
      Complicity in attempting to do his job as president with an ongoing absurd witch hunt?
      Good luck impeaching him for doing his job. That will set a fine precedent. But Democrats are known for setting great precedents, like ignoring a Congressional veto against a military engagement, ignoring impeachment…ad nauseam ect.

      1. Not sure what report you are reading.. oh.. wait.. you are listening to Barr! Yep.. he wrapped it all up without reviewing all the evidence, he said.
        Mueller actually stated there was collusion/intended collusion (not illegal by itself) beginning with accepting of the Trump Tower meeting to get nasty stuff on Hillary… but no criminal conspiracy with the Russians. Pure ethics violations.. especially not informing the FBI of members of the campaign being approached by the Russians.
        Witch hunt? Seems to me Mueller nabbed a lot of people… many inexplicably willing to lie to him to save Trump.
        Obstruction? Oh that was pretty much everywhere (at least 10 events mentioned) and Mueller stated no reason to indict because a sitting Prez can’t be indicted.. so he kicked it to Congress. Then there’s all the court investigations, and Trump is not honoring any Congressional subpoenas of his administration, refusing the release of Deutche Bank/Cap One financial data, his tax returns….. it’s all an attempt to obstruct, but more important, he’s trying to run out the clock toward the election by tying things up with the courts.
        Yep.. he can do damn well anything he wishes to delay… even unpack executive privilege. All his efforts just lend support that he’s hiding things. But his base buys into that… because anything Trump does to “protect” himself is a strike against the “deep state” nonsense.
        Now.. the House can start locking people up who refuse subpoenas… and they even have the power of the purse and can totally stop funding of the DOJ or even the White House. Likely they will not consider that, and for now, rightly so.

        Over the last two years I’ve made a few posts that reflected my concern about Trump fighting back on any and all DOJ and/or Congressional investigations. Even if impeached.. this clown is not going to leave office “peacefully”.. very literally. I said he would invoke a “scorched earth” policy that would include tossing the White House furniture up against the door as the federal marshals walk across the lawn. He most assuredly will consider use of the military (as Nixon briefly did), and actually try it. But all this he is doing now… is where all this begins. His base will love it… thus feeding the Trump idea of a “coup”. The 2020 vote? Oh you know damn well Trump will claim fraud in select districts when he loses. That’s a given. He won in 2016 and still claims fraud.

        This nightmare is not going to be over anytime soon.

        1. Not sure what report you are reading”
          I’m reading that bit on the report that states plainly: ” the investigation did not
          establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

          Yep.. he wrapped it all up without reviewing all the evidence, he said.
          Mueller actually stated there was collusion/intended collusion (not illegal by itself) beginning with accepting of the Trump Tower meeting

          Well, the above statement taken from that report disputes that there was any coordination. What is the difference between coordination and collusion?

          1. Not much to me. So what’s all this Conservative rhetoric about collusion? Yes.. anti-Trumpers galore were highly suspect that Trump’s actions (and inactions) with Putin, and the meeting, etc. all smacked of suspicion of collusion, which itself is not a crime (or a legal term)… although conspiracy is. Mueller stated he was unable to assign a direct relationship to any conspiracy (two-way collusion) between Trump, his campaign, and the Russians. Whooppee! But.. again…. there’s still a strong suspicion about Trump’s relationship with Putin and Trump’s overall reluctance to confront Putin on messing with our elections. Obama did far more confronting Putin on election tampering. And as I said earlier, there are strong ethical issues Congress has to consider with the Trump campaign opening discussions with the Russians… and not telling the FBI… about tinkering with the Clinton campaign and emails.

            “…the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” This is a Barr “conclusion” that can be disputed to some degree in the full Mueller report, although me personally… I have little issue with it and given the sheer incompetence of Trump and his minions to think beyond himself/themselves, it is very conceivable these clowns went to that Trump Tower meeting out of plain ordinary glee that they might find something nasty about Clinton to use… and not think one iota about national security.

            My suspicions about the Trump/Putin bromance from day one has to do far less about some political strategy or intrigue on the part of Trump (Putin is light years ahead of Trump politically) but more about past/future business deals inside Russia. If there is any conspiracy at all between these two it’s all about business deals and not a bit about politics.. except for Putin. Does Putin have something over Trump? I think so.. but knowing Trump as I “don’t” I fully expect whatever Putin has over Trump is just inside Trump’s own perceptions.. in his own mind… and likely not as real as he might seem to think. The man is prone to act on fantasy perceptions. Secret sex videos? Maybe… but maybe that’s all in Trump’s head. All that matters to Putin is what Trump believes.. not necessarily what is true.

          2. “…the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” This is a Barr “conclusion” that can be disputed to some degree in the full Mueller report,

            That was a direct copy and post from the actual Mueller report that I provided, Doug. Mueller said that above. So, I guess it’s your contention that Mueller disputed his own conclusions.

          3. Fair enough.. I’ll agree it’s one in the same… you are correct. I wasn’t sure so I looked it up when you first posted to present your point as it as there were so many variants to Barr’s summations in question; just goes to show anyone can get confused in all this garbage, and i apparently did in this case. But it really doesn’t change the rest of my point. No conspiracy from some suspected campaign collusion… that’s great. But that’s far from the entire story. Even you have to acknowledge that much.
            Now the Trump supporters can wait for the IG report on whether or not the original investigation was initiated properly. The speculation I am hearing/reading is that IG investigations typically follow processes and generally their results point to process alternatives.. or improvements. But by and large they have wide ranging powers to do what they need to do… including make arrests, if so deemed by the AG. Personally I have no problem with it and would find credible their results.. provided Barr not make his own “summary”. Personally I don’t see how it changes anything regarding Mueller’s conclusions. Maybe there will be enough content in an IG report to allow Trumpsters to do the “See! We told you so!” about the nonsense “deep state” Obama/Clinton conspiracies… although they will just be saying that to themselves for some affirmation that Trump is just a victim in all this.

          4. @Doug

            Consider your mode of argument. When someone points out Mueller did not have evidence to indict Trump and that should have been the beginning and the end of Mueller’s report, what do you do? You attack Trump. That’s silly! Prosecutors either prosecute or they don’t. They don’t have a license to slander and libel people with ineuendo. Yet that’s what Mueller did, and that’s deeply unethical. The Steele Dossier, Democrat opposition research provided by Russian sources, served as the basis for spying on the Trump campaign, and Mueller did not deal with that issue. So we are supposed to look upon his investigation as unbiased?

            Shortly after his appointment Mueller had to have known that the accusations against Trump were just a political hit job. Yet Mueller prosecuted and savaged a bunch of people whose crime was being connected to Trump. Then he issues a report that ignores a fundamental of American jurisprudence, innocent until proven guilty. You don’t see anything wrong with that?

            Do yourself a favor. Stop watching the crazy news network (CNN). Consider these examples reasons to ignore the likes of CNN.
            1. We are suppose to condemn Bill Barr because he did not read ALL the evidence before writing his summary. Mueller’s team produced millions of pages of “evidence”. They interviewed hundreds of witnesses. How is Barr suppose to read ALL that?
            2. CNN does advocacy journalism. That network isn’t the least bit interested in informing you and letting make up your own mind. They just want you believe certain things, and they don’t care whether the things they want you to believe are true.

          5. Still on another planet, I see.
            I’d not worry, Tom.. he’s holding a good 43% approval. I wonder why it’s not higher.

          6. I’d not worry, Tom.. he’s holding a good 43% approval. I wonder why it’s not higher.
            These the same sources that gave Hillary a 95 percent chance of winning the election?
            Observing the opposition tells everyone whatever they need to know about Trump’s record. Since they can’t use the, “Are you better off today than four years ago?” or point to any poor results, they’re resorting to fabricated claims (ala the “fine people” hoax), preposterous proposals like letting convicted felons vote in prison, or recycling decades old failed policies like the ERA. Yesterday I got an e mail that asserted I do not have equal rights under the law because I am a woman there is no constitutional amendment guaranteed to protect me. I have to wonder how stupid a person would have to be to believe that. I’m guessing it they send that out to 25 million, approximately a million might have the required <70 point IQ, and they vote (and if we allow folks in prison to vote, we can have a future with far more Democratic below 70 IQ voters! Weeee!)

            Just re-reading a couple of posts above: it is very conceivable these clowns went to that Trump Tower meeting out of plain ordinary glee that they might find something nasty about Clinton to use… and not think one iota about national security.

            I have to ask…..What exactly was the “national security” concern with that meeting? Seems the (hypothetical) national security concern ship would’ve sailed….the information already in the enemy’s hands, to do with whatever they (hypothetically) wanted. At the point such hypothetical information would’ve been relayed, that would be the time to tell US intelligence. Which did happen in, for example, Papadopoulos’ case. He told the FBI…but it was an entrapment attempt via a foreign agent paid by the FBI.

          7. Just to add, it has been mentioned that it would be odd to plea bargain (as Flynn did, for example) in these cases. I’m no lawyer but I can’t imagine why that is odd. I’m not lawyer, but I’ve seen investigations in action (tangentially) and unlike the average individual the government has unlimited resources and time. Not so the average person…and they can make your friends and associates leverage against you (as they did by threatening Flynn’s son).

          8. @Liz

            I don’t worry about Trump. I am just sad for what folks like Michael Flynn went through, and I worry about the people who still believe the likes of CNN.

            In retrospect I am thankful that Trump just let the plot against him run out of steam on its own. Now, with the Mueller Report done, if the administration releases documents which show that an attempt coup did take place and starts indicting some of the plotters, the assertions of prosecutors will be believed. That is, the failure of the coup plotters to make their case — their demonstrable lies — will now work against them.

          9. I really have no issue with the IG exploring the Mueller investigation “origins” (or is it “oranges”?) and let the chips fall where they may. It will really change nothing in the end. But I will take issue on this constant absolute garbage reference of some “coup”. That’s just right wing divisive crap terminology fomented by Trumpian obsessives. A “coup” by definition is a “violent takeover of government”. Even if you choose to use the term “soft coup”… what exactly does that mean… no violent takeover? Who would be taking over whom here? Attempting to remove Trump by invoking the 25th or pushing to impeach is a coup? Please explain how that is when those two devices are written into our Constitution and require far more governmental interaction for completing those things than just the will of some of your so-called “deep state” version of Blacklist’s “Cabal”, Bond’s “Spectre, U.N.C.L.E.’s THRUSH, or Maxwell Smart’s “KAOS”. I see no “Seven Days In May” military scenario anywhere here.

            So what’s with all this “coup” nonsense?

          10. @Doug

            The FISA warrants were obtained illegally. Information was leaked to the news media illegally. Obama appointees abused their authority to make a whisper campaign against Trump, nonsense full of lies and ineuendo, seem like something real. If Watergate was a problem, then abusing the authority of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA was worse.

            To top it off, the Obama administration showed blatant favoritism and protected H. Clinton. What Clinton did with that email server was clearly illegal, and there is no question Clinton’s people obstructed the investigation into her conduct.

            Don’t believe any of that? Wait.

          11. I don’t believe that any of that (if any is at all true) has any effect one way of the other unless to any individuals that did things actually illegal.

            But answer my question.. where’s the “coup”?

          12. @Doug

            Except for the fact he is a bit rude and crude, all the stuff you have been fed about Trump is a pack of lies. If someone tries to remove a leader from office by framing him for a crime, that is a coup.

          13. Well.. no, Tom, it’s not. If the “framing” can be proven in a court of law then so be it. The prisons are full of people who are innocent because they claim they were framed… a total miscarriage of justice. Some of that is actually true. But to the greater point… I personally have not been “fed” a thing. I can separate actual news from opinion.

            For example.. the Prez is taking all the bows for the great economic condition. I know full well that unless a sitting president pushes some economic reform, sets specific directives (emergency or otherwise), or pushes for economic changes if his/her party has Congressional dominance, the “average” president doesn’t hugely affect the economy, much less overnight.
            Pretty much if Wall Street investors feel good about policies in general and secure in future actions of the sitting president.. the economy will plug along. Trump started out worrying Wall Street because no one knew where he was at. After two years Wall Street seems to accept he’s just full of hot air, and is moving ahead.
            Obama affected some changes when he inherited the lending problems that sent the economy downward and he had to act in some areas. By the time he left office the economy was well underway toward its current improvement.

            Now.. while Trump is thumping his chest over the economy.. especially the jobs outlook… as I stated earlier, Trump deserves credit for not interfering somehow with the record recovery. His trade deals have fallen flat or have been inconsequential. His reversing Obama-era regulations that stifled the fossil fuel industry hasn’t done much to “revive” them given there’s fading demand for fossil fuels (especially coal) in the real marketplace. Alternative energies is the new future and employs far more than the fossil industries.
            Also.. one simply cannot just decree production businesses return to red state rural America. They didn’t leave because of trade imbalances.. automation AND changing market demand changed that dynamic. Those red state folks who voted for Trump are still out of work. Our economy is doing great to a great degree because we are engaged in global markets… globalism is not dead.

            The most important point here… just because we have the greatest economy since 1969, doesn’t mean one bit that the country.. middle America… is happy. The current economy is doing NOTHING toward the income disparity… stagnant wages in middle America. Indeed, the rich are getting richer.. and our national debt is completely run amok. If we are doing so great now we better start paying down some of that debt. that’s my “old fashioned” Republicanism speaking.
            No.. I am no bleeding heart liberal at all. I’m am not one bit into domestic socialism. But I know enough that if the middle class is not income stabilized then things will occur down the line… and this includes policies directed at former employees of fading industries being re-trained into more contemporary industries… not resurrecting the past through decree.

            Most certainly none of my thoughts here were “fed” by Trump Republican Stephen Moore when he was a talking head on CNN.

          14. @Doug

            Exactly what will happen? I can only guess, but I suspect some people are going to find things much more interesting. It is very dangerous to try to take down the king and to fail.

          15. There’s a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote… “When you strike at a king you must kill him.” I prefer to assign a metaphorical meaning to that verse.. if one goes after him then they must complete the mission to remove him. Although… a wounded animal can be more a threat. Or.. box the animal into a corner and they will lash out.

            The NYT is reporting today the same thing I’ve warned in the past.. Trump will not go peacefully if he loses in 2020… according to Pelozi…


            The fact that people are worried about “offending” the clown says a lot about why he should not continue.

          16. @Doug

            Funny! I state a truism, and you try to use it to attack Trump.

            You try to stick a knife in anyone and they are going to want to come after you with a meat axe. You try to try to stick a knife in the king, and failure is not an option. Even if you succeed, you may be toast. Ask the fellows who knived Caesar. Ask the fellow who boasted to David about King Saul.

            Pelosi is a demagogue. She is a stranger to the truth.

          17. I’m no giant fan of Pelozi.. but I also predicted this outcome. Trump will dream up some grand voting conspiracy if he looses… and his base will just fall in line.

          18. @Doug

            There is no Left wing or Right wing. The definition doesn’t make any logical sense. What we call the Left wing and the Right wing are the same. Both favor a command economy run by a powerful government.

            Want a decent system for describing the range of political beliefs. At one end we have anarchy. At the opposite end we have totalitarianism.

            Anyway, I don’t usually bother with CNN. So I had not heard about the smear. Think about that.

          19. T’was my whole point in calling it to your attention. FOX would have never reported that and you would have proceeded thru life totally ignorant of the truth. You’re welcome, btw.

          20. The NYT is reporting today the same thing I’ve warned in the past.. Trump will not go peacefully if he loses in 2020… according to Pelozi…

            You know how many times this theme (“the sitting president won’t leave peacefully!”) has been recycled? It’s as old as the internet. It was once just the stuff of spam chain letters. Now an actual speaker of the house posits this nonsense.

            Per the Buttigieg allegation, unsubstantiated and unsubstantiatable sexual assault claims aren’t just common they are now essentially standard. Now imagine if the Republicans paid a foreign operative to collect a bunch of false data along this same genre (gay pee sheets!!), then had intelligence put his campaign under surveillance.

          21. @Liz

            The Democrats still haven’t accepted the election of Trump. They just didn’t get away with all their scheming. Trump is still president in spite of them. So what do they do? They accuse him of the crimes they have actually committed.

          22. You mean… now imagine the country without Trump? I am disparately trying.

            Did that point truly woosh right over you?
            No. Imagine a country where Trump did exactly as the prior administration and Democrats have done. Paid a foreign operative and then used unverified and false information to obtain a court order for our intelligence agencies to spy on the other party’s campaign.
            Pointing to the Buttigieg canard isn’t the equivalent of pointing to the metaphorical splinter with a plank in the eye….that’s not a plank, it’s an actual log cabin.

          23. Ugh.
            “Paid a foreign operative and then used unverified and false information to obtain a court order for our intelligence agencies to spy on the other party’s campaign.”

            And you know this as fact how? Is that the usual “it’s so obvious” defense?
            Common sense to me makes me wonder what exactly would there be in “spying” on Trump’s campaign anyway? Everyone.. everyone.. was expecting him to lose the election. Now, by comparison of “dirty tricks” intent one can easily understand elements of the Trump campaign tripping over themselves to meet the Russians when they said they had dirt on Hillary, and to hell with informing the FBI. All you are doing is echoing Trump’s made up conspiracy. But we shall see.

          24. And you know this as fact how? Is that the usual “it’s so obvious” defense?
            Which bit? We know for a fact the Democrats paid a foreign operative because….wait for it….YOU have been referencing the information for years now. Ever hear of Christopher Steele?
            And we know now that the information in it was completely unsubstantiated, yet it was used to obtain a FISA court order to spy on the Trump campaign.
            So put two and two together and tell me any other possible interpretation. I know you said you watched “part” of that professor Hanson video the other day but I now find it hard to believe you watched any of it.

          25. You might want to get your timeline correct..

            1. 2015 A Conservative group, The Washington Free Beacon, financed by Republicans, initially contract Fusion GPS.. not Clinton.

            2. Early 2016 the contract passes to to law firm Perkins Coie, working for the DNC.

            It was NOT started by the Clinton campaign or the DNC.

            I see you are sold on Hanson.. but his level of information is not better/worse than any one of us might have. He might be a credible author but in the end all he can do is speculate with the rest of us what is substantiated in the dossier or not. Cohen’s (alleged) trip to Prague.. true or not, hardly determines the validity of anything else.
            Honestly… we can both dredge up sources we “prefer” to cite as having some level of credibility. (read this, for example… https://www.factcheck.org/2019/03/dossier-not-what-started-all-of-this/ )… point being, Mueller turned up a lot of evidence of Trump/Trump campaign/Trump Corporation complicity and/or obstruction.. with some 16 more investigations to come. This has gone way beyond making “collusion” a big deal.

            The real crime Trump is VERY guilty of… is not taking seriously a foreign power meddling in our past election.. and getting ready for the next one… and his paling around with the “enemy”… in spite of all the warnings of the threat having been, and still being, very real by all our nation’s intel agencies and the military… all because he fears some idiot perception his election would be invalidated. He’s off the rails.. and not defending the country.

          26. Hm. I’ve attempted to post a link to the actual timeline twice and it seems to be lost or stuck in some mod queue.
            You might want to get your timeline correct..

            Steele was hired in June 2016. His contact with the FBI was in July 2016.

          27. Ugh…now they’re both up. Sorry Citizen Tom.
            Clean up on aisle 56 please. 😆
            (this thread is getting too long to follow…you believe whatever your cognitive dissonance requires, Doug)

          28. We are following the same timeline link. What about Steele? Some of it has been substantiated and some has yet to be. His notes were used to secure the FISA… and that process is not an easy one. Unless of course you choose to side on some grand deep state conspiracy involving FBI anti-Trumpers, judicial anti-Trumpers, all kinds of nasty anti-Trumpers.. Clinton anti-Trumpers… in spite of the majority of them being Republicans. In that case.. the whole world was out to get Trump to lose the election.. which is what Trump has said all along. Do we assert a rule of reasonableness here? Again.. if all this was purely for the political purpose of making Trump lose the election.. then, why? Everyone was under the assumption he would lose anyway.

            Based on the info so far available to all of us.. going over it a number of times from various sources… it surely seems the entire Trump/Russia involvement question was legitimate enough to start an investigation. The two people exchanging emails about how much they dislike Trump.. one supposedly running the investigation? The presumption there is that given given his political bias that he would somehow manipulate the investigation. Well.. the investigation was initiated on seemingly proper grounds. You and I have no other info to dispute that other than political conjecture on your part. Did the guy running the investigation manipulate the investigation toward his bias? The IG should determine that. Either way.. two entirely different issues.

          29. @Doug

            The “Washington Free Beacon” is not the Republican Party. It is owned by a never Trump billionaire, and he did not finance the Golden Showers Dossier. The judges who approved the FISA warrants did not know opposition research funded by Democrats provided the excuse for the warrants.

          30. 1. “The ‘Washington Free Beacon’ is not the Republican Party. It is owned by a never Trump billionaire,”
            Not true in the least… not even in 2016. Check your sources.

            2. “..he did not finance the “Golden Showers’ dossier.”
            That IS true.

            3. “The judges who approved the FISA warrants did not know opposition research funded by Democrats provided the excuse for the warrants.”
            How could you or anyone else know what is in the FISA and what any judge knew or didn’t know at the time?

            4. Pertaining to what you suggested in #3 above…. sooo.. if I am doing opposition research on my political opponent and discover something suspiciously unsavory, turn my findings over the the Feds, and the Feds think they need to investigate further and try and get a FISA warrant to eavesdrop… that’s bias and shouldn’t be allowed?? Does not the FISA process itself force the Feds to dot their “I’s” and cross their “T’s”?

            5. Again… and again… if the intent being submitted by Trump and the conspiracy theorists is that there were a bunch of ‘deep staters’ hell-bent on keeping Trump out of office… why would anyone go through all that bother when the universal acceptance was Trump was going to lose anyway?

          31. @Doug

            A certain congressman heading a committee looked into the FISA warrants => https://citizentom.com/2018/02/02/the-house-permanent-select-committee-on-intelligences-four-page-memo-on-abuses-of-the-foreign-intelligence-surveillance-act/

            It is not okay for Donald Trump Jr. to meet with Russians offering dirt on H. Clinton, but it is fine and dandy for the DNC to get the Russians to help fabricate smears and then get the news media to take the muck around?

            Why would power mad people behave insanely? That’s a serious question? Think! POWER. MAD.

            When someone threatens our ability to get something we really want, we hate them. The only way to fix that problem is to love our neighbors as we love our self.

          32. Tom,

            When we were kids, if you did something wrong, how well do you think the excuse, “But Tony was doing it first”, would have worked for you? Not that you ever did anything wrong….😁

          33. Well, a classified version of the Mueller report has been made available to anyone with a clearance, to view it in the SCIF. As of two days ago no Democrats (the ones demanding “transparency”) have viewed it yet.
            Five Republicans have.
            What does that tell us?

          34. Dunno what it tells you, but it suggests to me…

            1. The Dems are holding out for the total un-redacted version and won’t accept anything less than what they subpoenaed.

            2. The Republicans have no such requirement (nor interest, for that matter because they’ve already made up their minds), and it makes for more enhanced partisanship.

            Why are you fixated on this?

          35. Dunno what it tells you, but it suggests to me…
            1. The Dems are holding out for the total un-redacted version and won’t accept anything less than what they subpoenaed.

            Why “hold out” for anything?
            I would be demanding my representatives take action and view anything and everything available if i were in the position Democrats have claiming to be in. This indicates one thing, and one things only: They know there’s nothing, and they really didn’t care.

            Why are you fixated on this?
            How could I not be? Are you serious?

          36. You’re fixed on the idea that the Republicans looked at the limited redacted report and the Dems didn’t because it wasn’t what they legally requested?

            More power to you, Liz. Not my own personal priority in this mess. The courts have got everything. Until we hear from them there are more important things to do.

          37. @Doug

            Democrats have nothing to run on. Their campaign platform reeks. Their actions, like doing nothing about all the illegals entering the country, speaks loudly of corrupt, self-interested politicians. Yet all do want to do is talk about how much you detest Trump. And you have the gall to complain Liz is fixated on the Mueller Report?

            It is a wonder anyone would have trouble believing that man is a fallen creature. But I suppose that too is part of our fallen condition. We do have trouble accepting the obvious.

          38. @Liz

            I wonder how many Democrats realized long ago that the Russian collusion thing was a fraud. Things have reached the point where the lies are growing a bit too obvious. Yet people act as if they a true.

            When I was growing up, I moved a lot. Had to deal high school bullies. They would pick a fight using the most lame excuses. The Democrats have reached the point where they are acting like high school bullies. Think of it. They are going after the Attorney General for obeying the law

  3. The devil take his time to infiltrate the world. His task to disrupt and eventually destroy our country didn’t happen over night. I think he became more apparent during the last administration when all things American came under scrutiny. Our history began to come under attack and put into a closet. Our schools were filled with ideals like Socialism. Many of our constitutional rights were questioned and a respect for law and order was challenged. In fact our Constitution became a set of antiquated laws to be set aside for more “modern” thinking. Thankfully we have a president who wants our country to succeed. He knows how to make success happen. He isn’t afraid to say what he feels. We need to get back to those basic principles.

    Satan is the father of lies and he won’t quit until the day of reckoning. I hope we’re ready.

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Daily Devotional Meditations and a Biblical Perspective on Current Events

Meerkat Musings

There's a Meerkat in all of us

Sillyfrog's Blog

"Once a pond a time..."

TOWER AND FLIGHTS (An AmericaOnCoffee Blog)

In The Beginning Man Tried Ascending To Heaven via The Tower Of Babel. Now He Tries To Elevate His Existence To A Heavenly State of Consciousness Thru The Use Of Hallucinogenic Drugs. And, Since The 20th Century, He Continually Voyages Into Outer Space Using Spacecrafts. Prayer Thru Christ Is The Only Way To Reach Heaven.

Christ in You

... Life and Love in Jesus

Mark 1:1

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; (NIV)

Jill Domschot

Joy in the Southwest


Here are some of the things I have learned from studying the Bible

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Insightful Geopolitics

Impartial Informative Always

Libertas and Latte

Ramblings of a Disgruntled Patriot and Coffee Slave

A Blog About Surviving Trauma

My Life After Narcissistic Abuse

Blue Skies and Green Pastures

All about Jesus, Peace, Love, and Running


From A Garden To A City - The Prophetic Journey


Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!

Faithful Steward Ministries and FSM Women's Outreach

Christian Outreach Ministry Dedicated to God, County, and Community

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

“God’s wisdom is something mysterious that goes deep into the interior of his purposes.” ~Apostle Paul

The Lions Den

"Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.”


Life through the eyes of "cookie"

Rudy u Martinka

What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom. We are the masters of our own disasters.

The Recovering Legalist

Living a Life of Grace

Write Side of the Road

writing my way through motherhood

Freedom Through Empowerment

Taking ownership of your life brings power to make needed changes. True freedom begins with reliance on God to guide this process and provide what you need.

John Branyan

the funny thing about the truth

Victory Girls Blog

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The Night Wind

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

He Hath Said

is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort; let it dwell in you richly, as a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life

quotes and notes and opinions

from a Biblical perspective




The view from the Anglosphere

bluebird of bitterness

The opinions expressed are those of the author. You go get your own opinions.

Pacific Paratrooper

This WordPress.com site is Pacific War era information


My Walk, His Way - daily inspiration

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