Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Probe Could Backfire on Those Who Fabricated Russia-Collusion Narrative

Got this from a commenter (here). Well worth the time.

53 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Probe Could Backfire on Those Who Fabricated Russia-Collusion Narrative

  1. Tom,

    After reading your exchange comments with Doug about hope, in my opinion, it is a hopeless cause to convince a Trump hater to believe that Trump did not conspire with the Russians.

    Has any if they apologized to Trump for all their false accusations?

    If you look up synonyms for ‘hopeless cause’ one of the choices is “fool’s errand.’

    Asking Trump haters for and an apology would be both a hopeless cause, in my opinion.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. I can’t speak for the other “Trump-haters” (although I’ve tried), I’ve already stated here…
      ….regarding Russian collusion.. collusion is not illegal, conspiracy is. It appears no overt conspiracy between Trump or his campaign… but there is significant not -illegal yet ethical violations in meeting with the Russians in response to their offer of helping to get dirt on Clinton.. and not notifying the FBI. That’s up to Congress.
      Obstruction? That’s all over the place… Mueller himself said that’s also up to Congress because he can’t indict a sitting President.
      So, methinks Trumpian celebrations are a bit premature if not outright celebrating wrong conclusions.

      1. Doug

        Where exactly did Mueller state he is leaving it up to Congress to peruse obstruction ?

        I did not see it anywhere.

        Or is it figment of imagination that the Dems dreamed up to keep up the smear campaign against Trump?

        As for ethical violations, have you ever read the Wikileaks of what the Democrats National Election Party was doing that was exposed?

        It all appears to me that the Dems are doing everything in their power to create a diversion from their questionable ethics proven by the Wikileaks stolen documents..

        Where is the apology owed Trump for making false charges against him by CNN and late night stooges?

        Regards and good will blogging.

        1. From the report…..

          “The conclusion that Congress may apply obstruction laws to the President’s corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law.”

          “With respect to whether the President can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under Article II of the Constitution, we concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice,”

          “…while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

          What apology is owed to Trump? The fact that there was no conspiracy with the Russians and it was all about ethics?
          And please explain to me.. why.. oh why.. do Conservatives always want to compare our current sitting President with the acts or actions of people in the past??

          1. Doug,

            Your reply confirms what I said, Mueller never stated he believes Congress should pursue.

            As for why I and perhaps others up past Dem criminal acts, it is because Mueller did not.

            Kinda hypocritical, don’t you agree?

            Regards and goodwill blogging

          2. Not in the least. But the result of the Mueller report is as expected.. Conservatives will interpret what they want and create conclusions from nothing.. as Trump has illustrated. Can’t taint their political god no matter what. In the meantime.. I am confident Trump will continue to do it to himself.

          3. @Doug

            I don’t doubt there are some who deify Trump, but does that have to do with anything? There is no evidence Trump broke any laws. You have not pointed anything. You would if you could.

          4. Breaking of laws is not the only measure of a president… although he is far from out of the woods on obstruction of justice as Mueller has indicated (and IS against the law). He just couldn’t indict. So I’d not get too comfy there.

          1. You voted for Trump because you hated a world with Hillary at the helm. We shall never know how she would have turned out two years later, will we? But she is not part of our current picture nor any sort of a reason for our current national divide like Agent Orange is.

          2. @Doug

            It is fairly obvious H. Clinton belongs in jail. I am still horrified by the fact she was a serious candidate. When I consider Joe Biden’s campaign announcement, I remain horrified. All Biden is running on is an easily demonstrable lie. Look at my post.

          3. There’s that Conservative defense again.. the “it’s so obvious”.. and guilty to boot!

            I dunno that I’m all that interested in debating the candidates. Whoever makes it to the end will beat Trump (if Trump is still around). But I will admit… it will be entertaining to see Biden and Trump duke it out because Trump is so out of his league. But that’s not to say I agree with what Biden is campaigning on.

          4. @Doug

            I suppose it isn’t obvious if we only get our news from the so-called mainstream news media. CNN is so biased it cannot mention the big, huge, monstrous lie in Joe Biden campaign announcement.
            1. There was that server in Her basement with classified on it.
            2. To meet with Her Majesty, foreign governments had to contribute to the Clinton Foundation.
            3. Russians and other foreigners paid B. Clinton big money for speeches.
            4. The DOJ/FBI investigations into the Clintons were a joke. You are a potential witness? How would you like immunity from prosecution? Got evidence on a cellphone? Here is a hammer. Anything for a fellow supporter of the first female president of the USA.
            5. H. Clinton stole an election from Bernie Sanders.
            6. The DNC paid for the Steele Dossier. Knowing the source, the DOJ/FBI used that dossier to obtain FISA warrants.

            Anyway, it is obvious.

          5. Again, Tom, it’s amazing the difference between the two “worlds”.
            1. Nothing on your list is fact.. just pure speculation (hope?).
            2. Who cares about Hillary anyway. Wait.. Trumpsters do, for some inexplicable reason. Defending Trump’s antics requires deflection to Clinton?

            I think what’s ticking me off the most these days is the idea there’s a Democratic “strategy” not to impeach… in other words, to actually shirk Congressional oversight responsibility… because the Senate GOP will not go along with it so why bother.. and the 40% of Trump supporters will just assume it’s a grand “coup” to overthrow Trump. Sheer idiocy to presume to hold off exercising Congressional responsibility because Trump supporters are holding Congress under some duress.

          6. Well, we know what she did as Secretary of state so it seems a safe assumption she’d continue to do more of that. Which means we’d have a no fly zone over Syria now, for starters.
            I know I already asked, Doug, what you think things would look like now with a “better leader” in your estimation (economy et al). You really didn’t answer the question.
            By what measure in actual real world results is Trump failing?

            If he were failing in any real results measure as a leader, seems Biden would’ve used that failure to launch his campaign and highlight it, rather than a three year old misquote.

          7. Oh, Liz.. geez…. this is what I mean when I get frustrated at the two worlds we live in these days. Look… I would EASILY trade ANYTHING Trump is alleged to have done that has been “good” over the last two years, for any of the Presidents since I was born in 1951.. (includes Truman). Now, maybe you are sitting in equal shock & awe at that reply… completely wondering how Trump’s successes are so obviously helping the nation and I can’t see the forest o’er the trees.. and assigning my apparent “ignorance” to the likes of CNN, et al, “poisoning” my mind. Maybe you think I am a Clinton-lover; hell, I voted for her to avoid Trump.

            This is why I dislike him…

            I posted this at the end of last year…

            Maybe I’ve not answered your specific request to itemize my Trumpian objections (how about.. everything the last two years?) on his policies.. his policies are not my reasons I want him outta office.

          8. @Doug

            You are just having a tantrum. I did not like Obama. He did things that should have gotten him impeached, but the news media and the Democrats did not care. Trump has to abide by the Constitution, and I am thoroughly happy about that.

          9. Trump has abused his powers.. that’s up to Congress to judge. Now he’s refusing cooperation with Congress yet again.. denying all the subpoenas to his administration.. and the request for his tax return. Pretty much looks like Constitutional violations to me. The Constitution makes NO requirement on the reasons Congress require to issue one… or request from the IRS. He’s just threatening lawsuit to run out the clock toward 2020.

          10. @Doug

            Executive privilege is well established as constitutional. Trump waived it for the Mueller investigation. Since Congress is nakedly partisan, has nothing to gain by waiving executive privilege now.

            Congress is also demanding things like Trump’s tax records. They have no right. That is not part of their oversight function. Do you think they could demand your tax records just because you are supposedly a Republican?

          11. “Reason” is not required for Congressional committees (three per the 1920’s ruling) to request ANY tax return.

          12. Where do you get this stuff? No.. the Constitution, nor the 1920’s law, does NOT require your idea (or Trump’s) of some “legislative”. The request enough by a legislative body is reason enough.. and no precedent is being set (other than Trump defying the law) because past presidents have fallen in line without a request.

          13. @Doug

            We will see how it works out in court. There is a right to privacy. The Fourth Amendment touches on that. The Nineth observes that the Bill of Rights is not a complete list of our rights.

            Congress doesn’t have the power to do anything it wants to do. The Constitution describes its powers, and those powers don’t include the power to harass someone just because it feels good.

          14. @Doug

            Fear of what? Congress getting Trump’s tax returns? If Trump has done something worthy of impeachment, I want him out. I am not a Liberal Democrat.

            Anyway, the IRS is full deep state people. If there was anything in Trump’s tax returns worth worrying about, in all likelihood they would have been leaked. I seriously doubt the Obama administration would have done much to prevent it. Instead, they would taken Trump to court.

          15. The problem with your assessment of his character and demeanor as unstable/maniacal/et al is…those things matter to the extent they produce poor results. If they produce good results…well, then one has to question the assessment.
            I first learned this way back when I worked in a hospital as a teenager, for a health and wellness center/dietician. The dietician’s policy was an all carb, no fat diet for her patients. That was what current “science” determined the right way to lose weight. The old way of high protein and some fat and so forth was “stupid”.
            I noticed the patients all became fatter over time. They were also very very unpleasant in demeanor. At any rate, it seemed pretty clear the results were bad, but she just insisted they weren’t following the diet and must all be cheating and defended the diet in spite of the results (an advanced degree, don’t you know).
            Well, since then we know better and they now use all carb diets for intended weight gain (never loss). I’ve seen similar numerous times throughout my career in healthcare. Enough to take most “rules” with a grain of salt. Things change.
            So, let’s look at the results you would rather avoid:

            -We took China to task for their fentanyl production….would you change that?

            -We took China to task for unequal trade, and in spite of the fact everyone said we’d lose a trade war with China, their economy has contracted for the first time in decades, and ours is doing well.

            -We moved the embassy to Jerusalem, something we’ve said we were going to do and didn’t for decades. Everyone said this would ruin peace in the ME. Seems to have been a non-issue.

            -We are started drilling to rid ourselves of energy dependence on unstable dictatorships, and have become one of the world’s top producer and exporter of natural gas and oil. I don’t think the GAO ever did a study on the amount of resources expended on our Middle Eastern oil dependency, but we spent about a trillion on Iraq so it’s…very very high. This is a very good thing.

            -The DPRK is coming to the bargaining table in the first real way in my lifetime. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but it’s better than before and most likely due to the fact Trump is unpredictable, which helped move the game forward.

            -Small businesses are booming, the economy is booming, employment is up, unemployment down, more minorities own businesses.

            -ISIS has no territory, terrorism overall has decreased.

            -We are leaving Syria, an accident waiting to happen. Our withdrawal was the reason Israel was able to attack another nuclear facility and take it out very recently….not possible if we were still flying test patterns over their airspace.

            Now, I literally just typed everything I could think up off the top of my head above, in about 5 minutes. I’m sure I could think of a lot more. Are you absolutely SURE you’d object to “everything in the last two years?” if so, we’re probably lucky you’re not president.

          16. Every single one of those “good” things pretty much require some time to determine if those decisions really were “good”. You understand the concept of foreign policy… decisions are decisions. Some a short term “good”, other’s could be long term “good”, or the inverse for “bad”. The embassy move to Jerusalem? Kinda falls into the “who cares” side to me… and whether or not it influences the Palestinians down the line is an unknown. To me it seems he bowed to Netanyahu and that part concerns me more than the move.

            “We” took China to task on fentanyl and trade imbalances. Well, again.. kinda difficult to measure what “taken to task” means. The entire idea of trade imbalances and diplomacy itself is a huge Trump fault.. but who knows.

            Oil independency? We were already heading there, if not already reached that goal. Having dependency or not does not mean we just shut off all petroleum imports just because we can. It means we have the ability as a strategic advantage to sustain ourselves without imports if necessary. Interestingly, gas at the pump seems to mean absolutely nothing on our domestic petroleum independency because the damn stuff is again near 4 bucks a gallon here. If we are doing our own thing then why is our output for domestic consumption fluctuating with OPEC? A complex arrangement, I’m sure I do not understand fully. But I see no “grass roots” whoopy result here.

            DPRK? Another of those wait-and-see things and so far there’s nothing encouraging.. in fact, Kim is getting good at diplomacy aimed at Trump.. he’s dabbling with China and now Russia. We likely have a reverses “good cop/bad cop” scenario brewing. Honestly… I don’t see Kim as a threat as much as others seem to. Trump is no diplomat. But if you find solace in that, more power to you.

            ISIS.. they are just dormant. Things will go back to hell over there now that we are gone… or soon-to-be.

            But honestly, Liz… what does all this mean? Trump is worth keeping? Even if my apprehensions are totally unfounded in this issues and he’s the diplomatic genius he makes himself out to be, it does not mean that the means by which he asserts himself on the world stage.. like a bull in the proverbial china shop… doesn’t mean he “good” for the country one bit better than anyone else doing the job. You’re assuming everything he does is automatically what anyone else would not so.

          17. Doug:
            Agent Orange is dividing the nation!
            Everything that’s good is just a coincidence, he is nothing but bad!
            He’s an imbecilic maniac!
            He’s sent us on a cascading snowball into oblivion! Just because we haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean the sky isn’t falling RIGHT NOW!!
            …and the clincher (my favorite)
            “Pro Trumpers are just motivated by FEAR!!!”

            This would make a very good political cartoon.
            It’s the stuff of parody, if only it were just parody.

          18. @Liz

            Unrelenting propaganda is effective.

            We are in a weird time. We are effectively in a war, but it is almost entirely being fought through communications.

          19. Unrelenting propaganda is effective.
            We are in a weird time. We are effectively in a war, but it is almost entirely being fought through communications.

            Definitely. On a psych level its fascinating.
            “Be afraid!”
            “Be very very very very afraid!”
            “Be even more afraid!!!”
            followed by:
            “You’re just motivated be fear!!!”

            Since I’m a registered Democrat I get the Biden e mails.
            The latest included this bit:
            In the two years since I left the White House, we’ve seen this Administration praise neo-Nazis and white supremacists and rip families apart at the border.


          20. Sorry, Liz.. that’s supremely tame by comparison. I’m a registered Republican.. here’s total divisive garbage I get….



            Fellow Patriot,

            Just a few days ago we alerted to you the targeting by the ACLU, Paypal and other leftist organizations of our fellow patriots in the Border Ops Mission.

            These courageous patriots are AIDING BORDER PATROL, by stopping illegal aliens at the border…

            …in fact, just a handful of these patriots have arrested over 5,000 of them in a couple months alone!

            But now the Deep State FBI is colluding with the ACLU and the Left to SHUT THEM DOWN.

            While everyone was busy celebrating Easter weekend, the FBI quietly arrested the Border Ops National Commander on a bogus weapons charge!


            Seems they are into vigilantism over the Constitution.
            Pretty incendiary stuff from the Right wing..

          21. @Doug

            I get all kinds of that goes into the spam bucket. It does not cost much to email lots of people.

            Snail mail is more costly. Since my last name is in the Bible, at one time I was on junk mail lists for Jews, Arabs, and WASPS. I think the junk mailers eventually figured out I am not a Jew or an Arab. I also don’t give money to radical organizations. So I never got too much snail mail from crazies. Email? Some. Mostly the sort chain email nonsense Snopes lives off of.

          22. @Liz

            Registered Democrat? Got to be a story there.

            The news media in this country does. tend to take sides. Outright lying, however, …… Well, I am glad to see the ratings of some of the liars are going off a cliff.

          23. Doug, we’ve moved 23 times in 25 years so I’m on both the Republican and Democratic mailing lists, as I’ve been registered as both many times in different states. And I’ve never received an e mail like that one….definitely none that don’t bother to name me and simply refer to me as “Patriot”. Looks like you’re getting some spam.

            As a related side note, did you know Mexican troops disarmed American soldiers on the US side of the border a few days ago? Wonder what the ACLU has to say about that.

          24. Registered Democrat? Got to be a story there.
            I register for the Primaries mostly….that’s where one has the most control. Depends on what is going on. This time around, it’s going to make a different which Democrat wins the primaries. Made a difference with Hillary versus Obama also. Last time, I was Republican to try and get Kasich (but I’m pretty happy with Trump).

    2. @Scatterwisdom

      Asking them to apologize? That’s funny! Asking someone with TDS to apologize? If you try that, be careful. Sounds dangerous.

  2. I have not listened to nor viewed the video, nor do I intend to. I am burnt out with Mueller reporting. But Victor Davis Hanson is a truly brilliant scholar, and I have read a lot of his writings. I think of him as the white Thomas Sowell. (No one needs to know what I look like, though my blog picture is a flock of wild turkeys in Spokane, Washington.)

  3. I certainly hope that Mr. Hanson is spot on regarding the backfire; however, with the press providing cover for the Democrats (and even singing the praises of those who “take a courageous stand” — we might have a situation where only Republicans will be vilified.

      1. To be totally transparent.. I watched about a quarter of the video.. got disgusted.. then fast forwarded to that “wonderful” 36 minute point.. got nauseated.. and was left perplexed enough to mumble to myself (comes with age), “Who IS this guy? I never even heard of this book.” Monotone voice made me think of Ferris Bueller’s teacher.
        But you know, Tricia…. it truly matters not given everything else going on related to Trump’s abuses, the investigations.. and the reasons to impeach. Right or not… the man just keeps digging himself into his own deeper hole.

        1. Victor David Hanson is a well known historian, scholar and professor. You can disagree with his views but dismissing him I think is unwise.

          1. Keeping the perspective (and yes, I looked him up to establish where he was coming from) I don’t agree with his Trumpian views.. or views on Trump.. as to his other credentials, I am sure he’s gotten to where he is based on some credibility so I will take no issue with that.

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