Photojournalists photographing President Barack Obama of the US in November 2013. (from here)

In this post, JUST HOW MUCH SHOULD WE TRUST OUR LEADERS? — PART 2, we considered the possibility that our elites might be more interested in organizing against us than with us. Here we consider the magnitude and comprehensive nature of their deceptions.

It is not really a strange problem. Nature is rife with deception. Deception in animals (en.wikipedia.org) lists numerous examples. Therefore, when people behave like animals we should expect them to be deceptive.

deception noun
de·​cep·​tion | \ di-ˈsep-shən \

1a : the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid : the act of deceiving
//resorting to falsehood and deception
//used deception to leak the classified information
b : the fact or condition of being deceived
//the deception of his audience
2 : something that deceives : TRICK
//fooled by a scam artist’s clever deception

Political leaders have a reputation for audacious deception. Nevertheless, it is still one of the ironies of history that the Nazis developed the expression, the “Big Lie,” to sully the reputation of their enemies.

What about today? What about America? In THE TABLES ARE TURNED, we considered what the Attorney General had to say about Mueller’s report, that is, Muellers findings on the Trump’s campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russians and whether President Trump tried to obstruct justice. Since then the better part of a week has passed.  What have people talked about? What else should we be talking about?

What have people talked about?

  • There has been much discussion over whether Attorney General Bill Barr and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein properly summarized Mueller’s report. Since Mueller and his team have remained silent, it seems likely that they did. Nonetheless, Democrats demand the whole report, even though there are obvious reasons (enforced by law) that portions of the report need to remain secret.
  • Does the report exonerate President Trump? As a practical matter it does. For a straightforward discussion, see King Solomon, Vindication by Who?
  • Do we need another investigation? Do we need to look into the circumstances that led to the absurd investigation of President Trump and his supposed collusion with the Russians?

What else should we be talking about? What other lies have we been fed by our leaders and the news media? Consider the ridiculous things that The Establishment (see WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CHALLENGE THE ESTABLISHMENT — PART 3) and their news media cronies want us to believe.

  • Mankind “controls” the earth’s climate by burning fossil fuels. In 10 years we will have irreversibly damaged the climate. The Establishment has been peddling this nonsense for for forty years.
  • Illegal immigration is not a problem. The Establishment, people who live behind walls, tell us walls don’t work, that a wall on our southern border would be a waste of money. Meanwhile, we have no control over who is crossing our southern border. Our immigration system doesn’t even make sense, unless all you want is cheap labor and votes that can be bought cheaply.
  • Socialism — more government — is a good idea, and Jesus would approve. That’s true? Well, for some reason The Establishment seems unable to explain what distinguishes redistributing the wealth from stealing. However, stealing is not the fundamental problem with Socialism, which is not much different from Marxism. What happens when the state decides the following axiom is correct?

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs — Karl Marx (check out the video here (prageru.com))

    Then we belong to the state, not ourselves. Then instead of protecting our rights, the state decides what rights our leaders will allow us.

  • The Constitution is a “living document.” How is a “living document,” a document that means whatever our leaders think it ought to mean, suppose to protect our rights? Apparently, only the folks wearing black robes can understand the answer to that question.
  • It does not make any difference whether we balance the Federal budget. Please observe that us older folks want to believe this factoid is true. Why? Most of the Federal budget goes into Social Security and Medicare, not national defense. Unfortunately, anyone who knows what a Ponzi scheme looks like squirms when he considers Social Security and Medicare. Because they cannot change the rules in the middle of the “game,” our government does not allow private companies to set up Ponzi schemes. In the private sector such schemes go bankrupt, and the cheated investors quickly become outraged. However, when our government operates such a racket, it can change the rules and keep the scheme operating for decades. Then it becomes someone else’s problem, like our grandchildren’s problem.
  • Government should run our educational system. When America was mostly rural and neighbors got together to set up schools, “government-run” schools sort of made sense. Now America is predominantly urban, and government-run schools means four different committees of public officials (including a vast administrative infrastructure) run our schools. Thus, we have officials from our school boards, local governments, state governments, and Federal Government all sticking their costly noses into how we run our schools. Unlike the old days, parents working with their neighbors no longer run the schools where they send their children. Unfortunately, our colleges and universities are also dominated by government, and the cost of college is ridiculous too.


Anyway, this is hardly a comprehensive list of all the lies. I wish it were.



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