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Read the Mueller report findings: Barr’s letter to Congress. Then read Trump team turns tables after Mueller report, calls for investigation into probe’s origin.

For fun see The meaning and origin of the expression: Turn the tables.

20 thoughts on “THE TABLES ARE TURNED

  1. Oh no! Please delete for some reason it didn’t link to the photo (it’s the photo of a baby holding an adult’s thumb…tattoo shows something very different)

  2. I’m just glad the collusion nonsense has been laid to rest, as it prevented us from cooperating with Russia where we could. No more “Trump was trying to make a deal with Putin…and desperately needed to drop the sanctions for that!” (reasonability test, whereforartthou?)

    1. @Liz

      I don’t know if the collusion nonsense has been laid to rest. Most Liberal Democrats live in an echo chamber. So it depends upon whether the Liberal Democrat news media will give it up. Even if the Democrats in Congress want to try to get Trump collusion, obstruction of justice or some other impeachment charge, the news media has to make it sound credible.

      1. Well, since we already know that bringing in a bunch of computer experts (subsequent to subpoena) to delete 10s of thousands of messages of personal correspondence isn’t criminal obstruction of justice…
        I must wonder what exactly they suspect him of doing that would reach the level of obstruction of justice for a non-crime.

  3. Tom,

    Doug won’t care about the Mueller report same as most Democrats who hate Trump. Next thing we will hear on the Democrats bucket list is that the report is biased because Mueller is a registered Republican.


    As for the Senate turning the tables on the Democrats House of Representatives, in my opinion, Congress and Trump haters need to “get a life.”

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      Sad describes it. Mueller appointed a bunch of Democrat lawyers to help him because he is a Trump partisan? Because Mueller is a Trump partisan, Mueller’s team hounded anyone they could who had anything to do with Trump into jail and/or bankruptcy, and to add “credibility”, the Mueller Team indicted Russians they were unprepared and never intended to prosecute? In his report, Mueller makes the point of saying he could not exonerate Trump of the charge of obstruction of justice because he is a Trump partisan?

      When are people going to figure out a prosecutor cannot exonerate anyone? We don’t expect prosecutors to prove a negative. That’s not logical.

      Mueller’s job, supposedly, was to find evidence that Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election. Instead of evidence against Trump, Mueller “found” the Golden Showers dossier, and he ignored the fraudulent nature of this “evidence”. Why? That was evidence against Democrats and corrupt officials.

        1. @Scatterwisdom

          Eight years of Obama. We did not say he was illegitimate. We said what he was doing — often in plain sight — was wrong, and his partisans (including much of the so-called mainstream media, just called us racists.

          One way or another Mueller didn’t give, could not give, the spoiled brats what the wanted. So the bloom is off the rose.

          Are these good or bad times? I don’t know. We don’t live long enough to gain a very good perspective. We also don’t know enough.

          The Bible tells us this is not our home. We should expect to long for home. We should be content in the knowledge we are God’s children, and He is calling us home. Really no use in being sad or bitter, but it is hard sometimes.

      1. Tom, You stated

        “When are people going to figure out a prosecutor cannot exonerate anyone? We don’t expect prosecutors to prove a negative. That’s not logical.”

        Interesting comment worth checking in my opinion. Was Mueller given any authority to judge Trump or seek evidence for a judge or legal authority to discern?

        Regard sand good will blogging.

  4. I think the media has been sufficiently moving the goal posts (from Russia “hacking” to “blackmailing” to “persuading” to “collusion” to “potential collusion” to….”well, even if nothing is there he’s still a bad, madman!”). I doubt the Mueller results will persuade more than 5 percent of the liberals that they were in error (I’m feeling generous).
    McCarthy (the federal prosecutor who put the “Blind Shiek” in prison for attempting to blow up the Twin Towers in 1993) makes a good, topic-related case here:

    1. @Liz

      I would say I am amazed by the gullibility of people. However, I don’t think gullibility is the issue. The problem is evil.

      When Rosenstein recommended firing Comey and then appointed Mueller because Trump fired Comey, it was fairly obvious that the Mueller investigation was just a witch hunt.

      The Washington Establishment is behaving like a bunch of high school kids in a clique. Their problem with Trump is the fact he is not one of them. Since the rest of the country is tired of being robbed by Washington Establishment, most people regard this confirmation of Trump’s outsider status as a good thing. That’s why the witch hunt has not worked.

      1. Their problem with Trump is the fact he is not one of them.
        Yep. I’m torn between finding the media reactions horrifying, fascinating, and entertaining. How else to interpret so many long faces and disappointment upon learning our president is not a Russian puppet? What does that say about the health of our Republic? And these are the people who feed us all our information.

        1. @Liz

          Our republic has always been a tenuous proposition. That is because it depends upon us voluntarily respecting each other’s rights. We have to be taught to do that, and the only way we can taught to respect each other’s rights is to be taught to love our neighbor. So long as our government runs our schools, that won’t happen.

          Consider slavery various forms of bigotry. Even what the Democrats are doing to Trump and his supporters is just plain bigotry. Deplorables because they don’t believe she should be president.

          How do we educate children to love their neighbors. We cannot. We can only hope parents will make that choice. How do we convince people to put parents back in charge of the education of their children? I don’t know. I just doubt it is a quick fix. So the sooner we get it done the better.

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