Howard Schultz speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo taken by Gage Skidmore. (from here)

Tricia has a thoughtful and interesting post, The Buzz on Howard Schultz. She observes that our first temptation, to enjoy the infighting among the Democrats misses something important. Here are some of her observations.

Lest Republicans get tempted to grab popcorn and enjoy the show, they should understand that Schultz is appealing to Conservative voters too.  People like myself who, while appreciating many of Trump’s polices, have moved beyond being annoyed with his temperament to worried about the damage its doing and could do in the future. While not nearly enough is known about Howard Schultz for me to say I’d vote for him, his potential candidacy is intriguing.

At the very least it offers a chance for sanity to be injected back in to the election process. How refreshing it would be to have Trump or whoever the Republican nominee is debate a real person of substance on policy issues instead of having to answer to the screeching quasi Socialist banshees going on about eliminating rich people, wealth confiscation and the evils of capitalism. (from here)

Schultz is considering a run as an independent, and the hysteria among Democrats is funny to watch. Yet as suggests the possibility that Trump might have to contend against a decent opponent is actually quite interesting.

Will I support Schultz? I doubt I will. One reason is that I don’t have the problem with Trump that concerns some people. Consider my comment on “Trump’s temperament”.

Citizen Tom says:
February 4, 2019 at 4:04 am


Trump is who he is. Can he improve? Who doesn’t need to improve?

Consider that phrase,”unforced errors”. Who makes unforced errors? A player, someone playing the game.

Trump is playing the game and overcoming ferocious opposition. Would I like him to commit fewer unforced errors? Compared to all the unforced errors his opponents are making? Given the bumbling of his opponents (due to TDS), I have difficult time figuring out what there is to complain about. But that is what the news media urges us to do — even as they are caught telling lie after lie.

Trump is one guy. Because he is the president and the only Republican in the party leadership position willing to fight, we focus on him (and maybe a few talk radio guys). Our focus on the Democrat side, on the other hand, is split over several officials and a rabid news media that madly attacks Trump personally. Have you tried counting all their stupid errors?

Democrats constantly go after Trump –personally. Trump pursues a policy agenda and lashes back when attacked. He behaves sanely by any comparison.

Frankly, I tire of hearing the complaints about Trump’s tweets. Some call it a blood sport, but politics is war. Losing is too costly. Can you imagine the personal stakes for Trump? The Democrats want to destroy him and his family.

Let the Lord judge Trump. I don’t know enough. The Democrats would do better to judge their own behavior. As it is I am grateful Trump won. H. Clinton would have been a disaster. So I am thankful the Lord gave us more time to save our republic.

It is easy for the rest of us to criticize Trump, to complain that some of the things he does are beneath the dignity of the President. It is easy to forget that Trump represents the best among us, including the political class who leads us. In fact, many of our political leaders are angry with Trump BECAUSE he has succeeded where they have failed.

If we want our leaders to aspire to higher standards, to behave with and to be deserving of greater dignity, first we ourselves must behave with and to be deserving of greater dignity. We cannot and will not elect better people if we do not become better ourselves.


Add yours

    1. @bottomlesscoffee007

      Interesting post you wrote. A bit too cynical perhaps. Depends upon how I want to interpret it, I suppose.

      Seeing our own traits in others is actually a good thing. We are each made in the image of God. We have more in common than we have differences. What we have in common is what makes it necessary and possible for us to work together.

      If we cannot sabotage the system, then the system will continue to sabotage us.

      It is important that we define what we mean by “the system”. Our Constitution defines “the system” we are supposed to have in D. C. If we need to sabotage anything, it is the people who constantly seek to corrupt our Constitution. That is quite a few of us, unfortunately.

      Politics is suppose to be a slugfest of words over ballots, not bullets. As citizens, our problem is to keep the government small enough that the slugfest remains a war of words over ballots. So long as our government is not terribly important, we can avoid civil war. When enough of us believe we cannot control our lives without controlling the government, bloody war then becomes all to likely.

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  1. I adore Tricia and the critical thinking she often provokes,so this is not a complaint at all, but the more cynical and jaded among us simply must chuckle wryly at the very idea that, “it offers a chance for sanity to be injected back in to the election process.”

    I also do my best to understand the sentiments being expressed by some, sentiments that say, we “have moved beyond being annoyed with his temperament to worried about the damage its doing and could do in the future.'”

    I think that mindset fails to get a proper feel for the pulse of average American working class culture right now. We’re coming out of an incredible opioid epidemic, a horrendous economy, and constant political shaming while in the midst of our misery. For darn near a decade.

    So like, I’ll tell ya right now, Trumps tweets often offer up far more restraint and appeal to people’s delicate sensibilities than some of my own thoughts do. I think something still not understood,most of America is not worried about “future damage,” we ARE the damage, damage that remained invisible for far too long.

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    1. @IB

      Good points!

      When we select our leaders, we must choose from among the human beings willing to serve. That is probably just as well. If we were able to select from among the angels, we would probably choose fallen angels.

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    2. Ha! Well I adore you too IB, cynical jadedness and all. Seriously I wrote the book on cynicism and fit in well with that tribe. Well I would have had I not been so jaded…. 😉

      I understand Trump’s appeal and ability to cut through the nonsense and do really believe he was the man for the job in 2016. I didn’t at first, but after watching the aftermath and paying close attention to the Trump supporters in my circle as well as how both political parties reacted to him convinced me he did what no other Republican could do.

      My complaints are not about his policies (except for trade), as a lot of his agenda is standard Republican fare. Even his obnoxiousness doesn’t bother me outside the fact that I would prefer a president more aligned with my own values in how I believe people should be treated.

      I can and do live with that more comfortably than I thought I could. What I can’t abide is the unnecessary handicapping this does to him and the Republican party which will hand a presidential victory over to the Democrats in 2020 and possibly the Senate. To win he’s got to grow beyond his base which so far he’s not been able to do.

      My point about Schultz was that even if he didn’t turn out to be my cup of tea, he would represent a sane candidate for Trump to contend with and it would make him a better candidate. He’d be forced debate a real person offering plausible solutions as opposed to the current crowd of looney cartoon character Socialists.

      Alas, I take heart that the D’s will surely nominate someone just as horrible or perhaps even worse than HRC. Much as I can’t stand Kamala Harris I’d like to see her get the nod, she’d be easy to beat.

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  2. Wasn’t long ago I suspected Trump of being another Perot.
    History rhymes, and all that, so maybe it’s Schultz’s turn to be the new Perot.
    I hope not. Perot is what gave us the Clinton presidency.

    I think Trump has done a very good job (list available upon request) I don’t read his tweets.
    Sometimes I wish he would be more subtle, but that doesn’t seem to be the way of things in the world of social media.

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      1. Good discussion.
        I’d be happy enough with Schultz if he won. But (as has been mentioned) he’s obviously not the officially anointed Democratic candidate. We’ve seen how this goes in the last election….superdelegates decide who gets the democratic nomination.
        I’d be happy if he took votes away from the Democrats as an independent, but I suspect it would be more like the situation with Perot.
        I suspect far more Republicans are independent thinkers who would steer away from the party line.

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        1. @Liz

          I have given up trying to figure out what people who people will vote for. Never expected Trump to be the Republican Party’s nominee. Then he started doing a fairly good job. 😯


  3. Tom.

    The question to ponder is will Shultz steal votes from Democrats of Republicans?

    If you consider who will be hurt most when the USA becomes insolvent, who has more to lose?

    “If you ain’t got nothing, you ain’ got nothing to lose.”

    If the Democrats party represents taking from the rich to give to the poor, the debt issue is meaningless to Dem voters.

    Problem is all about having to pay interest on debt means less social services available to the poor.
    How will Schultz present that fact to the Democrats will be his greatest challenge if he runs on a platform to control debt, in my opinion.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    If interested?

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  4. Hey Tom, thanks for linking to my post and continuing the conversation. I think it’s important for those of us on the Right to have open and frank discussions about the party, where it stands as a movement and whether Trump is helping or hindering it for 2020.

    Below is a cut and paste of my response to your comment from my post as I’m I’m too lazy to reinvent the wheel, 😉

    “It’s not just Trump’s tweets Tom, it’s the deeply ingrained narcissism that causes him to react to the benefit of his ego rather than the situation at hand. Granted many times that action turns out to be a plus for the country, but many times it does not and in my opinion does damage to the societal glue and relations with foreign countries.

    For Trump to win in 2020 he absolutely needs to expand outside his base which means, as stated in my post, appealing to people like myself who at this point are very open to either another Republican nominee or Independent candidate. He’s not done a good job of that these last two years which frankly frustrates me because it would have been so easy to keep going with the good policy while keeping his crazy side squelched. The Republican party would have grown and the country much better off.

    This of course assumes Democrats are not stupid enough to nominate someone as unlikable as Hillary. It appears though they may very well make that same mistake based on their slew of candidates.

    As I said to Dennis, Trump was the right man for 2016 and did things no other Republican could have. He’s cleared a path and it might be time for another to take the mantle.

    We’ll see about all of that but that’s the beauty of our electoral system, anything could happen!”

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    1. @Trica

      Whatever you are, you are not lazy,

      He’s not done a good job of that these last two years which frankly frustrates me because it would have been so easy to keep going with the good policy while keeping his crazy side squelched.

      Think about the pressure Trump’s been under.

      If you look at the fellows who have occupied the White House, I suspect you won’t find any without some sort of problem.

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