King Solomon, Immoral Voters, or Legislators? Illegal Immigration, Post Three — reblogged

This is how immigration is supposed to work.

Check out the following post. Is it funny or scary, or both?

via King Solomon, Immoral Voters, or Legislators? Illegal Immigration, Post Three

7 thoughts on “King Solomon, Immoral Voters, or Legislators? Illegal Immigration, Post Three — reblogged

  1. Tom

    Thanks for the reblog. The post is obtaining a lot of hits.

    I personally don’t know anymore if this issue is funny or scary because it is the truth of the travesty of what is actually taking place in our Nation.

    Stuff like this should only happen in a nightmare.

    Regards and good will blogging.



    1. Please help me out. According to the post

      By doing this [requesting asylum], you will be released, become eligible for government free social services such as rent subsidies, food stamps, health care until such time as your court time which is presently about four years. However, if all 19 million young men in India flood into the USA, the court times will probably stretch out to perhaps ten years.

      As far as I can discern from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services web page, these are the benefits you receive once you have been granted asylum, not while applying for them. Could you please explain?

        1. That passage is still wrong. Until you are granted asylum, either by the Immigration Office or in court, you are neither allowed to work, nor eligible to any public funds. You will have to make ends meet either by funds of your own or the charity of others, in large numbers of cases for years on end.

          That California “law” about healthcare, that according to you has been passed, has only been introduced this January to the California Assembly, not passed .

          Here’s some more food for thought.

          US: Catch-22 for Asylum Seekers (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2013, may or may not be outdated)

          The US government stands alone among developed countries in denying asylum seekers both employment authorization and governmental assistance …
          Khaled M., an asylum seeker from Egypt, said he was unable to work or receive public assistance for his family for nearly five years. They struggled to find food and shelter.

          There were nights when the family had to sleep in a bus station or airport. During the hottest week of one summer, Khaled, his wife, and two small children were evicted and found themselves on the streets without shelter or food.

          Josiane F., a 27-year-old rape survivor from Rwanda, said that not being able to work year after year “kills you emotionally.” She said, “Just sitting on your own, one year, two years, three years, five, doing nothing, just sitting there, kills you. I was so depressed.”

          New immigration policy leaves asylum seekers in the lurch (The Hill, Feb 2018)

          The backlog at the asylum offices, for affirmative asylum seekers, includes around 311,000 individuals. Many of these asylum seekers have now been waiting one, two, three, four, and even five years for an interview with an asylum officer.

          Until recently, asylum interviews were scheduled chronologically according to when the asylum applicant submitted their application; the wait was far too long, but there was an end in sight. On January 29, however, the Asylum Office issued a new memo explaining that they will now prioritize adjudication of the most recently-filed applications, those pending 21 days or less. While this may be a relief for asylum seekers who have just filed their applications or are about to file, for the more than 300,000 asylum seekers who have already filed and patiently waited in line, the government has effectively constructed a wall blocking adjudication of their applications and leaving them in legal limbo indefinitely.

          If you really are interested in reducing the number of asylum seekers in the US, maybe you better invest money in staffing immigration offices and courts, to bring down the waiting times for the final decision to the intended 6 months.

          More fun facts:
          – about 10,000 people are granted asylum in court per year in the US
          – During financial years FY2012 through FY2017 Chinese were the largest group of applicants at about 30,000 cases.
          – Denial rates for Mexicans and Haitians are in the high 80% range, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have denial rates of 75% to 80% and your personal favorite, India, saw a denial rates of 42%.

          You may or may not want to do a major rewrite. If you do, consider what is more in the interest of your readers:
          a) Having to come back to your articles to check again and again, whether or not they have been edited, and in the case of the latter go on a wild goose chase to track down the changes
          b) Being told straight away what was wrong in a new post, which will (hopefully) catch their attention the same way your disinformation did.

          1. @scatterwisdom

            marmoewp nitpicks.

            The key thing is that people are coming across our borders, and our laws are so screwed up we have a catch and release policy.

            Do these illegal immigrants receive “free” public services. Well, to start with we cannot keep them out of our public schools or hospital emergency rooms, and (due to a twisted interpretation of our Constitution) babies that are born here automatically receive citizenship. Those babies serve as anchors for chain migration.

            So what is marmoewp fix? He does not have one. He just does not want us to miss out on the mess much of Western Europe is making of itself. When Khaled M. and his family stole across our border, we are supposed to reward them breaking our laws? That’s a fix? So Josiane F., a 27-year-old rape survivor from Rwanda, is not working. She is not getting help? Then what is she eating?

            The world is full of sob stories. Sob stories don’t solve problems. They just jerk on our emotions.

            The object is an immigration system that works, not more sob stories designed to prove how uncaring we supposedly are. We are not going to solve poverty in the rest of the world by inviting the rest of the world here. We will just wreck our government.

          2. Thanks for your info. I wish more people whoukd know about what you clarify before they decide to enter illegally.

            I recommended they check out in my post. Obviously, even with all you described, there are thousands who still keep coming.

            I seriously doubt my post is going to stop or dismay anybody who decides to enter the USA illegally based on the numbers reprortably entering now.

            And besides, it is immoral to do anything according to some politicians.

            Please send more comments though, I am interested what we are supposed to do to solve the problem which supposedly is costing taxpayers 135 billion a year according to Politico.

            Regards and goodwill blogging

          3. @scatterwisdom

            I found another gem from your blog post. “19 million young men in India applied for a recent job posting”. Care to tell your readers, that this one job posting was for 63,000 vacancies? The rest of the article does indeed describe a dire situation, e.g. that PM Modi’s move to invalidate most bank notes cost about 3 million jobs in the first four months of 2017.

            Anyways, on to your latest comment here. You do not give any info on where your “$135 billion” number comes from, other than “politico”. That is unlikely, as news orgnizations seldom do this kind of research themselves, but rather report on research by non-news-organizations. From my online search the most likely candidate for that number is this report by FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. The CATO Institute has a devastating take down of that study. FAIR inflates the number of illegal immigrants by 1 million above other estimates, includes the benefits to citizen children of illegal immigrants but does not count their tax contributions, ignores the impact of sales tax, etc.

            Merely using the correct numbers when it comes to the actual size of the illegal immigrant population, the correct tax rates, and the effect of immigrants on property values lowers the net fiscal cost by 87 percent to 97 percent, down to $15.6 billion or $3.3 billion, respectively.

            If you should happen to be really interested in economic costs of illegal immigrants, a 2016 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine may be of interest to you.

            Now, let us forget about the economic side for a moment and the disinformation you spread. You and others do not want illegal immigrants within the USA. Fine, that’s a political stance, whatever I may think of it. How good would your deterent need to be in order to keep illegal immigrants from trying to enter in the first place? Allow me to share some perspective from Europe. We have that neat moat, going by the name of Mediterranian Sea, at our southern border. From January to July 2018, one in eighteen migrants trying to cross it drowned. They have better odds to drown in the attempt than to flip five coins and get all heads. Yet, they keep on coming. IMO, the only feasable way for you to keep them out (short of shooting illegal immigrants on sight) would be to help their home countries become livable, so they do not see the need to come to the US in the first place. I am not saying paradise, just livable. You may want to keep in mind, that at least in part the current economic and political situation in Latin America was influenced by US interference in the past, just as Africa lives with the repercussions from the Colonial Era and the Cold War brought to them by European and Western powers.

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