There is much disappointment with President Donald Trump lately. His supporters are angry because Trump looks like he will sign that continuing resolution (CR). That is, Trump will fund the government through to the New Year and that awful time when the Democrats will again have a majority in Congress. Maybe he will sign the CR. Maybe he won’t.

Why wait until after the New Year to begin the battle? There are two reasons.

  • Congress does not want the wall. Trump is coaxing the Swamp to reveal its true intentions. You and I need to know who is talking out of both sides of their mouth.
  • Think! Who does Trump depend upon to help him fight OUR battles, the Republicans in the House? The Senate? During the Holidays no one will be paying attention to Washington DC. Even the most “deplorable” will be spending time with family and friends.

When the president stands and fights for border security, if we are not there with him, hounding our representatives in Congress, WE lose. It is time to start to hounding Congress and reassuring Trump we will be there to fight at his side.

No one, not even Donald Trump, can beat the Swamp all by himself. He can only force the Swamp to reveal itself. Trump cannot discipline and get rid of members of the House and Senate. That is our job, and we have to do our part. Otherwise, it is our fault if Trump does not deliver the border security he promised.


  1. It’s been so fascinating to watch these last two years how much Donald Trump affects people. He really does bring out their true nature, which is a very good thing.

    The far left’s ugliness has been on display now since his election for all to see, not just those of us on the right that already knew about it.

    1. @Tricia

      What concerns me is the Democrats won Congress on the last election. Their ugliness may be on display, but not enough people are being repelled. We all need to get better at praying, I guess.

  2. Tom,

    While you chose to compare the Washington travesty building up tomorrow with enough rope to hang themselves or “to allow someone to do something in the way that they want to when you know that they will probably fail.

    I prefer to compare it to a movie “High Noon” where Gary Cooper makes a decision to face a gang of outlaws, (RINOs and Democrats) coming on a train to kill him at noon.

    His new bride wants him to run cause he is alone and no one will stand by him to face the gang. They are all fearful for their lives, (next election).

    Will Trump wind up fighting this battle all alone and live or die.

    This shutdown drama playing out tomorrow is better than paying to see a movie drama.

    What really amazes me is how Trump is vilified by his opposers, yet none of his opposers offer any solution. Congress has the responsibility to end this 35-year-old travesty.


    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      The Swamp does not have a rational immigration policy. We bring in all these illegal immigrants, and the welfare state and their identity politics agendas crumple. They know it. So they just talk about how much more they care.

  3. @Citizen Tom,

    I hear what you are saying….but how does President Trump not also have a hand in this? Earlier it was the “Omnibus” massive spending bill that was sprinkled with more gun control as well and zero wall.

    He had better turn himself around and realize why he was elected and how he inspired people to vote for him.


    The schtick is over, everyday President Trump moves farther and farther from his base….

  4. You have gotten to the nut of the problem Tom. Because Republicans still hold both Houses, Trump’s great manly wall building struggle is mainly with Republicans. Too many Republicans don’t want Trump’s wall because it is an expensive and ineffective symbolic white elephant.

    Many (if not most) of the actual undocumented aliens in this country overstayed their visas. Because of other border security measures, illegal border crossings including from Mexico, are actually way down whereas periodic waves of fleeing refugee asylum seekers, mainly from failed states in Central America, continue.

    Despite all the xenophobic demagoguery tried by Trump and many Republicans during the Midterms, too many Americans just are not stupid or cruel enough to fall for the nonsense that we need to wall out the invading barbarians, and have realized that we are actually trying to lock ourselves in a ridiculous giant fortress just to (illegally) stifle the pleading cries of families with desparate women and children.

    False rhetoric on the Right that ALL Democrats just want open borders so that crime and poverty can destroy our perfect culture from within and on the Left that all practical limits to immigration are racist keep the actual practical but compassionate moderates on both sides keeping their heads down out of fear of being decapitated by their respective bases.

    Like most intractable practical moral problems in the world, there are no easy solutions (like a stupid wall or cruelty to children in the hope that it will deter parents fleeing for those childrens’ lives). A wholistic approach requires numerous fields of expertise. It compromises between altruism and practicality, and recognizes that such intractable problems are not often just solved overnight but are incrementally mitigated over time and with a weighing of costs and benefits.

    I doubt that I will convince you of anything with all this because you prefer your own apocalyptic battle between good and evil approach to complex, multifaceted moral and practical dilemmas, but thanks for letting me try.

    However, I tend to think that if you succeed in mounting a shut down the government ideological purity campaign against the few moral, practical and fiscally conscious Republicans left, then you won’t just cut off you nose to spite your face, you’ll cut off your face to spite your nose.

    1. @tsalmon

      Walls and fences work, and the wall is just part of the border security Trump wants. People certainly build plenty of walls. You are obviously just afraid it will work.

      About half the illegal immigrants overstay their visas. They lie. The promise to return to their home country and don’t, and we don’t track them down, make them work on a chain gang for couple months and then send them home. We also don’t force their employers to verify their employees’ citizenship. This is an easy fix too. It is the politics that are complex.

      Why don’t Swamp Democrats and Republicans want to solve the problem of illegal immigration? May as well ask why some people want to own slaves. The wealthy want cheap labor. Politicians who buy votes prefer voters whose votes can be cheaply bought.

      Any sensible person protects their property. Any sensible people protects their homeland. Otherwise, that land soon belongs to another people.

      In ancient times people put walls around their cities. Now it makes more sense to protect the borders of our nation and keep out those who have no legitimate business here.

      The problem is simple. When people come here in droves from failed nations, they bring their problems with them. They may provide our wealthy elites cheap labor, but their ignorance and the diseases they bring cost the rest of us too much.

      You want to help those people. Then reach into your own pocket send a check to a charity. Stop the ridiculous moralizing and making absurd excuses for robbing taxpayers.

      1. Tom,

        I’m all in favor of doing what actually works to limit illegal immigration, but yours is like the fanaticism of the environmentalist who can get 90 percent of what he wants at cost X, and even though the last 10 percent will cost 1000 times X, and is only worth 1/10 of X, you will bankrupt the nation to pay for it.

        The wall is impractical at even doing what you desire. Republicans have no way to pay for it so they’re putting it on the National credit card for our grand kids to pay for a useless ideological boondoggle.

        I agree with much of what you say about corporations wanting the cheap labor, but so do farmers where they will go out of business without immigrant labor. Undocumented workers are victims of both the economies that drive them here and victims of those who abuse them for their undocumented status.

        Finally, the idea that our government has no strategic role in stopping the blow back from failed or failing states is as ludicrous as my saying that if you want a wall, you pay for it yourself.

        1. @tsalmon

          What marvelous silliness. You want to limit illegal immigration except for the fact you don’t vote for anyone who would do so.

          The wall is one of many security measures. There is no point in building a wall where the terrain is too rugged to make it worth the trouble. As for cost. The reduction in the costs crime and welfare will make up for that.

          The farmers won’t go out of business. That’s a crock. They will just have to pay more for labor.

          We are not responsible for the mess where those people come from. Yet, hilariously, Congress was perfectly willing to send twice as much as Trump wanted for the wall in “foreign aid” to Mexico and Central America. That money just rewards those government for trying to send the poor and malcontents here.

          You want to “fix” those countries? Stop sending them money. Stop accepting their poor and malcontents. Make their people and their governments put up with the problems they create.

          1. Tom,

            Obama actually deported more illegals than any president in years. You are just saying things when you obviously don’t know anything that you are talking about.

            Have you actually studied the logistics and cost of a physical wall down the middle of rivers, over mountain ranges and across vast empty deserts (and why not across the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico while we’re at it?). Trump’s wall is like fixing our transportation problem by building a superhighway to every town with 10 people in it. It’s just dumb.

          2. @tsalmon

            You don’t know what you are talking about.

            Obama could not keep children out of the country. Why? He was not trying to keep illegals out, and nothing else needs to be said about that treacherous liar.

            You are so indoctrinated by the news media you are silly enough to believe we cannot build what amounts to a big, strong fence. That’s pathetic! Have you ever heard of the Great Wall of China (Vhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Great_Wall_of_China)? The Chinese started building an actual wall before the 5th Century BC. They wanted to keep out Eurasian nomads (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasian_nomads).

            Was the Great Wall of China 100 percent effective? No. Nothing ever is, but if the ancient Chinese could build a largely effective wall against determined and clever marauding nomads we can probably build a big, strong fence that will thwart the designs of most illegal aliens and drug runners.

            What does border security mostly depend upon? A wall? Security cameras? Sound detectors? No. What matters is the answer to a question. Do we have the will to enforce our borders?

            Since we have powerful people actively resisting any effort to enforce our borders, the cost and technical issues related to a building a big, strong fence is not our biggest hurdle. The problem is politics. Can the average American put their nation’s security ahead of the bribes offered by corrupt politicians and the nonsense spewed by a corrupt news media? Right now, you are flunking the test.

          3. Do you know anything about the countries in Central America and how their problems flow directly from years of Republican policy from the Iran Contras to the War on Drugs. I’ve been to Panama, stayed on the closed American bases there, and worked alongside South and Central American allies in The Drug War. I can tell you that the world and its problems have a habit of finding you no matter how much you try to wall the world out. Free and fair trade is antithetical to isolationism.

          4. @tsalmon

            As I said, you have no intention of enforcing the border. Too full of false guilt.

            Success creates problems. Being wealthy is nearly just as much a curse as not. If I own a big house with fine possessions, if I want to keep what I have I have to protect what I have. That’s work.

            Has American foreign policy in Latin America always been wise? No. Have the people of Latin America always ruled themselves well? Not even close. When Europeans came to the New World, those people were still pagans and some of them engaged in human sacrifice. So I am not about to second guess and take responsibility for what the Spain did. I also don’t seem much point in taking the blame for every act of US foreign policy. As bad as some of those countries are, they could be much worst.

            If the people of Mexico and Central America want to improve things, it is up to them. You want to help them? Then get the idiots in Congress out of the foreign aid business. Send some your own money to a decent charity. Don’t invite entire countries here. You will just mess up our country too. When we import poor people from problem countries faster than we can assimilate them, we just import their problems. That’s stupid!

          5. “Obama could not keep children out of the country.”

            Mathew 19:14

            New International Version

            Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

          6. @tsalmon

            That is one of the finest examples of misquotation I have ever seen. Why don’t we go into China, steal all the children, and raise them as Christians?

          7. “If the people of Mexico and Central America want to improve things, it is up to them. You want to help them? Then get the idiots in Congress out of the foreign aid business. Send some your own money to a decent charity.”

            You want a stupid wall. Send your own money to pay for it. Don’t make my grandchildren pay for it.

          8. @tsalmon

            Look again @ the Federal Budget. Which of us votes to make other people pay tax dollars for abortion? So don’t give me that crap.

            Without police and military forces, we have no government. Without sovereignty — borders that it enforces — our government does have control over our land. If our government — one run by our people — does not control our land, we are at the mercy of whoever. Strangers don’t usually have much mercy for someone who is too foolish to protect his own children.

          9. You talk about the Great Wall of China and then you point out that it wasn’t effective. Yea, let’s use failure as our model. Have you really studied that history? Of course not. You just have opinions without knowledge, ideology without wisdom.

            You say that where a wall is obviously not effective, we’ll do other things. Well duh! That is alteady our border strategy, but the idiot you voted for wants a stupid wall from sea to shining sea, and Mexico was to pay for it. Idiocy on top of idiocy.

            The man has no actual national strategy, and neither do you. You were an Air Force Officer. Didn’t you learn anything about our geopolitical strategy for the last 70 years?

            We don’t need a blue water Navy to protect our borders. The main purpose of our modern Navy for the past 70 years is to keep sea lanes open. I’ve flown power projection missions in practically every ocean and sea in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere mainly just for that purpose.The forward projection stance of our entire military and all our alliances are forward projection.

            Read “The Rise and Fall of Great Powers” by Paul Kennedy. Our economy depends on trade. Our trade depends upon military projection of power to protect trade. Our ability to pay for the military power to protect trade depends upon our trade economy. Without both our economic hegemony, there is no military hegemony and without both we cannot protect and spread our democracy from emergent malign powers. We are either have the power to lead while not subjugating others or we become subjugated by a power that leads through subjugation.

            Trump isolationism is not a viable existential option. Trump isolationism is a recipe for the fall of our democracy, and democracy around the world.

          10. @tsalmon

            What is wrong with you? I said the Great Wall was not 100 percent effective. Your car breaks down sometimes. Do you intend to stop driving?

            Walls and other fortifications have been a standard part of military defense for thousands of years. We have walls around prisons. Are we going to stop building prisons because walls don’t work 100 percent of the time?

            The rest of your comment has nothing to do with the wall. Your description of the wall is CNN dribble.

          11. “Why don’t we go into China, steal all the children, and raise them as Christians?”

            That is a non sequitor. Chinese children are not walking up to our border guards pleading for mercy.

          12. “Look again @ the Federal Budget. Which of us votes to make other people pay tax dollars for abortion? So don’t give me that crap.”

            An idiotic straw man and a deflection.

          13. “@tsalmon
            A non sequitor? And your quote was not?”

            Actually no. Your whole theory of Biblical inerrancy depends upon the value of every individual to seek Biblical revelation on his own. Each person’s Biblical revelation is necessarily valid and therefore no person’s individual’s biblical revelation is actually mire valid.

            However, because you obviously stand upon the shoulders of thousands of experts and saints, scribes who translated the Bible into dozens of English versions, theologians who provide you with dozens of interpretations to choose from, ancient Church elders and clerics who chose the books that were inerrant and excluded those that were not, authors whose revelations were often years, if not generations, after the fact, a treasury of oral history and a revelation of God that was specifically designed to enlighten the people of that time and place, I think the whole idea of unaided revelation is ludicrous, but since you believe it, then my own revelation of this scriptural passage is equally valid to yours.

            We can have a schism of orthodoxy, part ways and set up new churches across the street from each other, but as long as you put the authority of the individual over the authority of some divine institution of Body of Christ, you lose the intellectual high ground of claiming the superiority of your revelation. Every individual revelation of scripture is created equal then isn’t it? If you must reject all authority, you necessarily can claim no inerrant authority. If all churches are equally valid then no church is actually valid. This is why we have literally thousands of Christian denominations.

            So no Tom, my quote was the perfect application of the word of God revealed by Him to me as applicable to the situation at hand and your anology to faraway Chinese children was a non sequitur. This is the the natural place we end up when the Bible is a weapon of prideful certainty rather than a humble inspiration for grace.

          14. @tsalmon

            I advocate freedom of religion, not illiteracy. The Bible was written with words that mean something, not whatever you want them to mean.

            Since you are so utterly confused about it, I suppose I ought to write a post on Biblical inerrancy. Would not do you any good right now, however, you are so angry you are incoherent.

          15. Who is angry? Hundreds of thousands of Americans may be without a paycheck during the high holy days because Trump wants to give blowhard Rush a wall for Christmas, the leader of the free world gets his marching orders from Putin and Faux News to then conduct life or death military policy by tweet, corruption rules the White House while the few honorable informed men and women tire of minding a spoiled orange man baby and so are abandoning the play pen, the stock market is collapsing with many a life savings along with it while the outgoing coward that lead the House and exploded the deficit to reward corporate greed only laments that he couldn’t have taken Social Security and Medicare from our grandchildren and feed it to the rich too.

            But who is angry? Pardon me while I join our Prisident down in Florida so I can fiddle in the fire light. Come join me in the Keys and we’ll make smores.

          16. @tsalmon

            Yep! You sound calm, cool, and collected. What is your solution? To prevent disastrous government shutdowns (doesn’t actually shutdown), you vote for people who want to make all our decisions for us. Can’t have discrimination that isn’t government approved.

          17. “The Bible was written with words that mean something, not whatever you want them to mean.”

            Yes, exactly Tom.

          18. “To prevent disastrous government shutdowns (doesn’t actually shutdown), you vote for people who want to make all our decisions for us.”

            You mean like stupid “wall or nothing” decisions on how to spend tax payer money? Funny, I just remember voting for Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

          19. “We have walls around prisons.”

            The economic, geopolitical and military strategy of physical self imprisonment works for you?

          20. “The borders of our country should work something like the walls around most people’s houses. Those aren’t prison walls.”

            You have a giant wall around your house?

  5. I read…

    There has been a GO FUND ME started for the WALL and in just 2 days it has $1 million

    1. You can get a million dollar gofundme with a sympathetic cat video on Utube. Trump’s Great Wall is estimated to cost tens of billions. Anyway, I thought Mexico is supposed to pay for it, so why does Trump need taxpayer money anyway.

      Trump has dug a hole of lies so deep he can no longer climb out so he has to just keep digging and digging.🤪

        1. Quoting Spiro Agnew? The VP who took a deal to resign rather than be prosecuted by a Republican Attorney General for an extortion and bribery corruption scheme that went back to his early days in Baltimore and continued while he was the Vice President. He had his version of a Deep State conspiracy defense too you know. 😏

          1. @tsalmon

            Thought you might remember that? OOOOOld people do have memories.

            Since you call people “ideologues” all the time, it seemed appropriate. A warlike emperor named Napoleon Bonaparte invented that term to denigrate a perfectly reasonable critic. So I figured Spiro Agnew’s cute little expression might fit you.

          2. Translations tend to lose something. That is one reason why speaking English helps Americans to get along and multiple languages would balkanize our country.

          3. Oh, and I wouldn’t count out German either, now that they know that they are on their own against the other two.

          4. @tsalmon

            One thing about learning another language. If you never use the skill, you lose it.

            Observe. Because our European forebears traveled little and most were illiterate, they spoke distinctly different dialects even in various parts of the same country. Most of those dialects faded as travel and literacy increased. Why? Speaking in different languages just interferes with communication and getting things done that need to be done. So as time passes everyone who could learned the most profitable dialect and discarded the ones nobody was using anymore.

          5. Tom,

            Do you realize how inane this argument is? And yet it typifies every debate.

            Of course, we would all be better off if we and our children spoke as many languages as possible. Our occupational marketability goes through the roof with linguistIc proficiency. For example, you don’t think that, all other skills being equal, Boeing will look for marketers, engineers, attorneys and production managers that are fluent in the languages where Boeing hopes to manufacture sell aircraft?

            So from a pedagogical standpoint, of course language skills are a plus. But linguistic variety provides broader and more worldly epistemological range of experience and knowledge as well. This is why intellectuals in all fields from science to business to philosophy to religious missionaries value language skill. For example, would it surprise you to find out that Saint Paul spoke and read several of the languages of his time and that these skills helped him spread the good news of Christ around the world of his time?

            Insularity is what causes Balkanization, with religious, not linguistic, insularity as the leading cause of conflict within and between civilizations. Read Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations”. In the actual Balkans, they all spoke the same language when they started killing each other.

            Pluralism, cosmopolitanism, openness to ethnic, religious, racial, linguistic and every other type of diversity is the cure to the disease of Balkanization, not the cause. However, acceptance of this cure calls for more epistemological humility and embrace of uncertainty than many people can handle. We have to have the humility to accept the limits of our knowledge and embrace new, even nonconforming information..

            Too many of us quench our fear of ambiguity by propping up some ideological model to worship. Once we do that then every round problem must be hammered to fit the square hole of that ideology. Whether it’s an economic, scientific, governmental or sociological problem, we are determined that the ideology answers everything, even when it obviously does not. That’s what has you saying stupid things like language fluency causes internecine conflict when quite obviously just the opposite is true, and instead it is mostly cultural and ideological parochialism that causes all the real conflict. You find the ideological certainty that you crave by believing in a peculiar religious cultural superiority, and wrapping yourself in your pride of insularity, and so every problem must be viewed by how it either confirms or conflicts with that certainty.

            Given our obvious religious diversity, America could not have survived long without imbracing the religious neutrality that is behind the secularism of the balancing systemics of the 1st Amendments two competing religious clauses. You know that that is true, but because because you can’t accept what is essentially governmental agnosticism, you must reject government itself even in cases where some form of government involvement is obviously beneficial or even required. Any facts, data, science, etc. that conflicts with or outright contradicts the certainty of you ideological model is ignored, rationalized away or imagined into dark conspiratorial forces that are manufacturing these facts and data for sinister purposes. Like all closed loop deterministic ideological models this magical thinking doesn’t stop even long after it reaches the point of unworkable absurdity.

            In my opinion, there is something particularly antithetical to the good news of Christ in such prideful certainty and cultural insularity, but despite this anachronism, Jesus is the first parochial weapon we fire upon each other, and thus Jesus becomes the first casualty of our manufactured war.

          6. @tsalmon

            Yeah. I realize how inane this discussion is. You have a solution, but the problem does not exist. So you want to create the problem? Why?

            Until we allowed the problem of illegal immigration to fester and grow, everyone in this country spoke English. We expected new, legal immigrants to speak English. It is silly to expect anything else.

            Is it desirable to be able to speak multiple languages? If you have the need for that skill, then the answer is yes. However, that has nothing to do with this discussion. Illegal immigration is against the law. It is illegal for for illegal immigrants to be our country because they create costly problems. As you said, for example, it costs more to hire people with proficiency in more than one language. Why pay for something we don’t need?

          7. You want me to ignore all the inane, contradictory things that you said about the cultural, sociological, governmental and religious benefits of a diverse linguistic poplulation by saying that (although you brought it up) it has nothing to do with the real underlying problem which is illegal immigration. However, is “illegal” immigration really your problem? If we “legalized” immigrants (as we have at times in our history) would your problem with immigrants then go away? Or instead is your real problem with how “government” must necessarily decide who is “legal” to be here and who isn’t?

            Should it be “legal” to accept immigrants on the basis of economic need, both the economic needs immigrants and the economic needs of the country? What about the “legality” of immigration based on the humanitarian need of refugees from wars and crime? If “legality” should be based upon merit, how does one judge the “merit” of a fellow human being? Education, skill, language proficiency, cultural simularity or the previously mentioned desperate need? In determining “legality” should our government be precluded from using race, religion and sexuality as disqualifiers, or should government actually encourage such diversity? What are the practical numbers that can be accepted legally, and what grounds are you using to determine that number?

            Or instead of all of that, is your real problem with the mongrelization of our breed of cultural homogeneousness? Or even instead of that, is your real problem that, in legalizing immigrants both here now and from abroad, we will require secular government necessarily to make moral choices when you believe such moral choices are always necessarily religious, and so is government in making those moral choices promoting a secular religion? If we really dig beneath the surface of inane arguments about language proficiency, what is your real core underlying problem with immigrants?

          8. @tsalmon

            I am not interested in trying to pervert immigration law in some kind of insane crusade just to prove I am not a bigot. Look at my last post. => https://citizentom.com/2018/12/21/just-how-dumb-and-devious-are-liberal-democrats/

            I don’t consider our welfare state a sign of human nobility. It is just a scheme for politicians to buy our votes. Your quest to invite the rest of the world to participate in it is just the height of foolishness.

          9. Are you a bigot? Me thinks you protestith way too much about this.

            I think that someone who is certain of the superiority and the supremacy of the white race is a bigot, but there were times in western world history where white people just thought that that just made common sense. Were they bigots then? It seems like one’s knowlege and intent must have at least something to do with charge of bigotry, but does it excuse it?

            I think that in many ways our WASP influenced culture is superior to other cultures and in other ways it is not. Perhaps I am a bigot only if I believed with certainty that any or all of what the letters in WASP stand for inherently makes me or that identity group superior. What if instead of that, I realized that it is the American ideals and institutions of pluralism, equality, the Rule of Law, respect for rights and a sense of community responsibility that was influenced by our WASP heritage that made us superior and not the identity of WASP itself? In other words, is it the aspirational belief in “ideas” rather “identity” that draws the line between what is biggotry and what is not?

            If so, it is not my “being” a Christian that makes “me” or “my tribe” of self identified Christians superior. Rather it is our belief in Christian ideals and virtues founded in love, and more importantly, our acting upon those ideals and virtues that is preferable. I say “preferable” rather than superior because it is an endless horizon that we strive toward rather than a finish line that we somewhere crossed and won the race at some point. In fact, I would say that the whole concept of pridefully touting some completed “superiority” seems fundamentally anathema to the Christian ideals that we claim aspire to and the better American values that are continuously strive toward.

            Therefore, if you are grasping what I mean, then one can only be speaking and acting as a religious bigot if that person is not actually aspiring to Christian belief and action. Similarly, one can only be believing and acting as a cultural bigot if one believes and acts with a smug superiority that is adverse to our our most cherished American values that deny such completed superiority of the American project.

            Given all that, are you a bigot? At their core, are your reasons for craving the impractical symbol of a giant wall from sea to sea bigoted?

            You must know that the whole welfare state nonsense is just a deflection? The wall itself is a socialist welfare state action. The wall Is not private or charitable (and as Trump promised, Mexico sure ain’t paying for it). You are asking for a giant stupid public works project, government goods and services paid for socialisticly from our pooled taxpayer funds. You are already a socialist; you are just love to selectively ignore that inconsistency rather than realize the whole argument is dumb. Why? Is that, at its core also based upon religious and cultural bigotry? I don’t know. You tell me.

        2. Yes, the thing that makes me most proud to be American is my inability to speak other languages. Without that ignorance our while nation would collapse like Belgium or Luxembourg or Ireland or China or India or practically every nation in Europe. Yes, it is our Know Nothing like linguistic ignorance, not knowlege and truth, that actually sets us free.🙃

          1. @tsalmon

            I would rather be doing something more productive than learning multiple languages just so I can talk to my neighbors.

            Ever heard of the Tower of Babel? Even a child can figure out what you are promoting is a curse.

          2. If exposed, a child can effortlessly learn three or more unique languages with native fluency. I see why you are glad we were not so cursed. Ignorance is bliss.

          3. @tsalmon

            Mr. Mastermind, we have been trying that experiment. The learning has been neither effortless or cost free. It has just burden our already failing public schools with English as a second language problems.

          4. Sure wish they’d experimented on me some. I wish I knew one of the Chinese languages or some Russian. Thanks to the fool you voted for, pretty soon those countries will lead the world.

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Living a Life of Grace

Write Side of the Road

writing my way through motherhood

Freedom Through Empowerment

Taking ownership of your life brings power to make needed changes. True freedom begins with reliance on God to guide this process and provide what you need.

John Branyan

the funny thing about the truth

Victory Girls Blog

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The Night Wind

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Always On Watch: Semper Vigilans

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

He Hath Said

is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort; let it dwell in you richly, as a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life

quotes and notes and opinions

from a Biblical perspective




The view from the Anglosphere

bluebird of bitterness

The opinions expressed are those of the author. You go get your own opinions.

Pacific Paratrooper

This WordPress.com site is Pacific War era information


My Walk, His Way - daily inspiration

Kingdom Pastor

Living Freely In God's Kingdom

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