Windows with red lamps in the red-light district

What is window dressing? It is a “pleasant distraction” from the window.

Most of what passes for information in the mass media is window dressing. That is because how we feel about what we know is actually more important than what we know.

Think about it logically. We see a prostitute in a window. Do we see someone so desperate that they spend their days selling their body for the pleasure of strangers? Of course, we do, but we also perceive the window dressing. We imagine what the window dressing suggests. Then, if we are unwise, we let our lusts and desires override what little wisdom we might have. Driven by our feelings, we do something we know we will regret. This is why prostitution is illegal. There is no excuse.

We are in the midst of a great national struggle. To win our hearts, various factions contend in the mass media to manipulate our feelings. Unfortunately, too few of us do a good job of separating the bare facts from from the window dressing. As a result we now have two types of justice, one type for the “deplorables” and another type for the Establishment.

Think not? Have you seriously considered the significance of that special prosecutor going after President Trump? It has been two years. Anybody with any sense knows that that investigation never had anything to do with Trump colluding with the Russians. That was window dressing.

Liberal Democrats have just used the special prosecutor, Obama appointed judges, and deep state bureaucrats to hound Trump and his appointees. The goal is and always was to RESIST, not justice.

So far, the only punishment Democrats have suffered for such abuses of power is that about half a dozen or more officials in the DOJ and the FBI have been fired. No one has been punished for forging evidence. No one has been punished for using national intelligence agencies to get their political opponents. No one has been firing for litigating “defendants” until the are bankrupt and desperate for a plea deal.

It is sad, but too many Americans have let themselves be taken in by window dressing. So instead of letting Trump fire an obviously rogue special prosecutor, Congress has threatened him with impeachment if he fires the special prosecutor. Supposedly, Robert Mueller must finish his sacred investigation. Window dressing! It is not obvious the Establishment wants to drive Trump from office? It is not obvious having sex with a prostitute is unwise?

Do you believe in playing by the rules? What happens when we play with someone who believes in cheating? What happens if we play with someone who only pretends to follow the rules, that is, someone who dresses a broken and dirty window? How much fun is playing a game with that cheater going to be?

Rules matter. Integrity matters. We have to hold everyone, even Liberal Democrats, accountable.

120 thoughts on “WINDOW DRESSING

  1. Tom,

    Window dressing is a form of seduction. There is an art to seduction. Your choice of a prostitute in the window is a good comparison of the same arts leading to the sedition of the Constitution.

    If you want some comparisons of the “art” of seduction taking place, you can compare to a UTube presentation below.

    For example, think of how the artist who designs your window dressing window display will make use of different ways to entice various ways of people passing by the window.

    In other words, most people are not even aware they are being seduced away from the original intent of the USA Constitution.

    In ancient times, anyone who challenged a King’s authority would be charged with sedition.

    Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards or resistance against established authority.

    My point is most Americans don’t even know they are being politically seduced to hate Trump because he was not supposed to win the election.

    Who or what is behind the seduction of America is anyone who has been seduced or susceptible to the Seven Deadly Sins.

    If interested in the art of how to seduce, it is basically the same as this U-tube breakdown of the different seducer’s types for comparisons being directed to appeal to the different types of voters to seduce our votes.


    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. Aaron Sorkin wrote the following on this subject…

      “People want leadership and in the absence of genuine leadership they will listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone.

      They’re so thirsty for it they will crawl through the desert toward a mirage and when they discover there’s no water they will drink the sand. But people don’t drink the sand because they are thirsty. They drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.”

      That pretty much defines Trump Conservatives. They’ve fallen for a President who captures their imagination by projecting his bias’s, making vulnerable Americans afraid of them and telling those vulnerable Americans who to blame for them.

      How do you have patience for people who say they love America but can’t stand Americans?

      1. Doug,

        Are you implying you fell for Hillary Clinton captured your imagination as a leader. The same Hillary Clinton that approved the sale of 20 percent of the USA uranium mining to Russia?


        Regards and good will blogging..

          1. Doug,

            the political rating said “mostly false” which means “mostly nothing” in my opinion.

            However, it is king of suspicious that Clinton received 131 million dollars from a Russian and Mueller who is investigating Trumps ties to Russia, is kind of funny, in my opinion.

            Thanks for the link to a mostly “nothing” opinion read.

            Regards and good will blogging.

          2. Well, you could also call it just another Deep State conspiracy. By the way… did you catch the breaking news this evening? There’s a signed letter of intent by Trump himself to build the Trump Moscow.

          3. Doug,

            If you were in Business, which is what Trump was before he got disgusted with American Political Leaders and decided to do something about the political folly, signing a letter of intert to build a hotel is a business function to make money ,,,,,,,,,, before he got disgusted and decided enough is enough and ran ….. and won…… with no prior political experience,,,, the highest office in the Nation.

            Does that indicate to you in any way the disgust Americans have for empty suit politicians.

            Instead of complaining about Trump, you should be sending him thank you letters. in my opinion.

            Regards and good will blogging.

          4. Doug,

            So was Jesus Christ and millions more of people over history than “were not supposed to win” but did and were done in over time by being seduced by the seduces in history.

            Are you being seduced by what you are listening to believe is a question you might want to discern?

            Who are you supporting to replace Trump and why?

            Regards and goodwill blogging

          5. It pretty much matters not to me who takes over after Trump. The utmost concern is removing Trump before he makes things worse. Pence is ok for another year or two until the election. Trump was an aberration.. an anomaly. Another “breaking news” this morning.. Trump ordered all troops out of Syria, post haste. Another surrender to Russia.

          6. Doug,

            If your son was stationed in Syria, you would be jumping for joy that he is getting out of there, a place that has been a war zone for 5000 years.

            Regards and good will blogging.

          7. Of that there is no question. As an American I am thinking.. since the President has little need for diplomacy and there is no Syrian policy from which we could move forward in the region to try and stabilize a peace and reduce the refugee flow… we may as well hand the place over the the Russians, let the refugees run all over Europe, Syrian civilians deal with their own civil war, let Iran just do what they want… yada, yada.

          8. Doug

            You are right again, the Russians have Syria in their hands, let them deal with them. There never was anything in it for us for the USA, except to get even for ISIS indoctrinating poor Islam fools to blow themselves up to go to some heaven. Seems kinda fishey to me that if the ones convincing the fools they will go to heaven if they blow themselves up, they would do it themselves to go to heaven instead.

            Oh Well>

            Regards and good will blogging.

          9. @Doug

            Nothing stopping Europe from building the wall and establishing a safe haven within Syria for the refugees. That area is more within their sphere of influence than it is ours, but the only way they will do anything is when we don’t do it for them.

          10. @Doug

            Conservatives don’t have an issue with legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are invaders. We don’t need more people who are gullible enough to sell their votes for handouts.

          11. @Doug

            Don’t recommend that. When you get frustrated try reading a chapter in the Bible. I think alternating between Proverbs and Psalms would be soothing

    1. Jeez, man… the future of the nation is dependent on the President.. any president, catering to the gun lobby?? That’s a bit shallow. You supported Trump until he signed off on a bump stock restriction??

        1. I would think anyone who rushed out to purchase a bump stock before any law might be passed would simply tuck it away to wait for the civil war y’all are predicting when Trump goes.

          1. @bottomlesscoffee007

            The president cannot make something a crime after the act. Unconstitutional.

            This is in Article 1, Section 9.

            No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

            Congress cannot do it, and the president does make law. Of course, that did not stop Obama.

          2. That didn’t stop the NFA in 1934, the Gun Control Act in 1968, Reagan in 1986, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, etc…We are the target of laws, regulations and legislation. All of these gun control acts had specific language in them that the laws do not pertain to the State and Federal Government.

            We been treated unconstitutional for the last 100 years, that no one remembers what it was like to have actual rights and power over the government.

          3. @bottomlesscoffee007

            Not really a 2nd Amendment blog. Support the right to bear arms, but I don’t have considerable knowledge of the subject.

            I just see three basic problems:
            1. Most of the public doesn’t understand the Constitution. They don’t understand the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment.
            2. has advanced. How do we relate the 2nd Amendment to modern technology?
            3. Originally, the 2nd Amendment applied only the Federal Government. That changed with one of the Constitutional amendments after the Civil War. So the states cannot experiment with their own rules.

            Would the founders object to banning private citizens from owning machine guns? Don’t know. I expect semiautomatic weapons would have astounded them.

          4. phones, television, radio and the internet wasn’t around then either. Does that mean we need to relook the 1A as well with that logic? When the constitution was written there was no law decreeing it illegal for a private citizen to own an entire warship, we didn’t have a permanent standing army then. When the constitution was written, it was expected for a man to be armed. There were no laws citing what arms were allowed and which were not.

            This video is an excellent explanation of where our rights originated and why they are paramount of importance.

          5. @bottomlesscoffee007

            There is no government regulation of phones, television, radio and the internet? There must be some. Otherwise, we cannot make the technology work. However, what is appropriately regulated is the commerce part, not the speech part. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get politicians to understand the distinction between commerce and anything else. To a child with a hammer, everything is a nail.

            Will look up the video.

          6. @bottomlesscoffee007

            Not sure what the question means. We of necessity regulate interstate commerce, but Congress has used the commerce clause to regulate things that have nothing to do with commerce. So I encourage people to read the Constitution, think about what it means, and hold politicians accountable.

          7. @Doug

            The Constitution is a man made document. We honor it by trying to understand the intent of its writers, not by turning a bunch of pharisaical lawyers loose on it. Hopefully, that is what came across.

            Congress drew the line at machine guns when gangsters started shooting people with tommyguns. Liberal Democrats, indifferent to what the Constitution says, would if they could outlaw gun ownership.

            Would the founders have included stinger missiles under the right to bear arms? No. Tommyguns? Maybe.

            What about semiautomatic rifles and handguns? Few people got seriously upset about gun ownership until gangsters started using tommyguns. At that time, I think people were just being realistic about what the founders had in mind. A black powder rifle ain’t a machine gun.

          8. Ok.. I’ve not detected any civil war thoughts coming from your blog. My bad. But.. shockingly… I was at three Conservative blogs last night and all three wanted to go to war. Yes.. I stereotyped you. But, for context to your reply… common sense would suggest that the regulation would be written to prevent bump stock usage and maybe manufacture… not possession. I am unaware if the new regulation indicates possession. Would kinda make no sense and be unenforceable. Truly.. there’s a lot more important things going on than worrying about this.

          9. The problem is this. With every new piece of legislation and law, we are the target, we have been the target.

            whether its Obamacare or the NFA 1934, Social Security, the New Deal, The Great Society or even public school and truancy officers. They do not go after the criminal, they complain that our prisons are too full. They say the prison system is for profit, yet every time you turn around, there is a new law and a new edict that if not followed to the vague letter, will ensure the latest “perp” will be locked up!!!

          10. Are you are referring to the threat to law abiding gun owners of being locked up?
            I used to be an NRA member years ago. I am a gun nut, although I don’t own many these days compared to my years past. I’m afraid I flat out do not share the obsession with the Second Amendment. It’s been grossly misinterpreted by the Court.. but I will defend it with the same vigor as I do the other amendments. But this amendment alone does not define me as an American or even as an American voter.

          11. How many amendments don’t define you? Thats the thing, I support everyone to exercise their rights as they see fit. They are our rights, and some may not want to exercise some, thats completely up to them.

            AT the same time, how many rights are we supposed to be ok with losing? its a game of attrition, and its a slow creep.

          12. What rights have any of us lost exactly? Especially, what gun rights have been lost lately? Now, I am guessing you might suggest that our rights.. or the right to own guns.. is somehow being whittled away. I see no gun rights being whittled away. Ok.. there are liberals who want controls… but just clamoring and demonstrating after every mass shooting does not assure anything is being whittled away… and that appears to be the rule.

            Look.. I’m all for casual shooting.. plinking… competition.. hunting… owning a gun for home protection.. all great and wonderful. But the ridiculous assumption is that your owning a weapon is going to somehow guarantee government will act according to how you or anyone else thinks it should. No one nowhere is in the least bit intimidated at the 300 million guns floating around this country and it’s certainly no deterrent to keep government under control.
            Keep in mind that it’s 300 million guns with near as many trigger fingers all disorganized and walking to the beat of their own ideas and are not nor will ever be organized or unified to listen to any authority to be strategically effective… especially when everyone will be protecting their own families given the total breakdown of society.

          13. Have you ever been to Afghanistan? That is one hell of an example of no matter the gun, it is still a threat to any government.

            What happened in 1934 Doug? What about in 1968? How about in 1986 and then again in 1994.

            Horsepower kills more than gunpowder in the U.S., thats a fact.

            Why are deaths from autonomous vehicles ruled “accidental”.

            Come on Doug, its all weaponized wordplay.

            Would you leave your home without your cellphone?

            When will the government give us the benefit of the doubt instead of always making us give it to them?

          14. “Not really a 2nd Amendment blog. Support the right to bear arms, but I don’t have considerable knowledge of the subject.
            I just see three basic problems:
            1. Most of the public doesn’t understand the Constitution. They don’t understand the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment.
            2. has advanced. How do we relate the 2nd Amendment to modern technology?
            3. Originally, the 2nd Amendment applied only the Federal Government. That changed with one of the Constitutional amendments after the Civil War. So the states cannot experiment with their own rules.
            Would the founders object to banning private citizens from owning machine guns? Don’t know. I expect semiautomatic weapons would have astounded them.”

            I tried to like this but for some reason couldn’t get that button to work. Even though your Bill of Attainer thing was our to lunch, this is an excellent synopsis of the Constitutional problems, and the difficulties that the Court has had in balancing out the substantial public interest of governments protecting the peace verses the fundamental individual right to bear arms. Bravo Tom.

          15. “You are thankful for Donald Trump?”

            Well, yes, in a way. Trump is a symptom of the general ungratefulness that I am referring to, not the cause. I am grateful that our institutions of democracy are seemingly resilient enough to withstand the Trump clown car of corruption. As for the deeper disease that caused the Trump fever, we will see if we can learn to get over ourselves. That would be the cure.

          16. @tsalmon

            Well, he isn’t perfect, but I am grateful that Trump is an improvement over the last guy. Will he stay that way? That’s why we pray for our leaders.

  2. Very well said Tom. Our news culture is saturated in window dressing and has a very vested interest in stirring the pot and keeping us divided. I’m so over it!

    You know I’ve never been an enthusiastic Trump supporter but I do have to say Mueller’s investigation is nonsense, pull the plug already!

    And do Democrat’s really want to open the can of worms of illegal campaign violations? Have at it then let’s check all politicians history on this and see who comes out unscathed.

    1. @Tricia

      Mueller investigations are sort of like a hot air balloon. Visible. People with hot air balloons like something impressively showy. Full of hot air. That is how a hot air balloon reaches great heights. Uncontrolled. Mueller and company investigate who and whatever they want. The investigations have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Never really did. The investigators didn’t even believe it.

  3. Great explanation/analogy Tom—the proverbial pig wearing lipstick…lipstick or not, it’s still just a pig….seems there are quite a few of pigs wearing the wrong shade of lipstick in DC and now are running amuck throughout the Nation…

  4. As usual, Tom, your “it’s so obvious” lamentations don’t make a bit of sense. There are 17 full scale investigations against all six of “Trump” entities (and a couple family members) for very valid evidenciary reasons. All the ex-Trump associates have fessed up something implicating Trump/Individual #1 being complicit. What is so “obvious” is that Mueller’s investigation has levied 192 criminal indictments against 33 people and three companies.. and his report has yet to be released. That’s far more results than Ken Starr ever got and he took four years.

    1. @Doug

      Before he started running for the presidency, nobody regarded Trump as a criminal. Now we have a bunch of investigations, and you are using the number of investigations to justify the investigations. Circular logic. You are not that stupid. So I don’t believe you believe. I think you want to believe.

      What Mueller is doing is an abuse of power. He is hounding people for “crimes” that have nothing to do with Trump. Most of his indictments are Russians he does not want to show up in court. When one company did, he started stalling.

      1. I am using the number of investigations as indicating there was sufficient evidence to warrant that number of investigations. No circular logic at all. Denial on your end for sure.. and you can certainly drum up Deep State conspiracies galore if you wish. He is not “hounding” anyone for anything.. just following evidence. Evidence gets presented in a court, and guilt or innocence is determined. So far, anything/anyone Mueller has brought to trial seems to have been convicted of something. Seems you are the non-believer no matter how much evidence hits you up side of the head about Trump.

        1. @Doug

          Mueller is investigating specific people, not a crime. Put it in perspective. If someone threw a team of highly paid prosecutors with millions to spend at you, wouldn’t you would be convicted of something too?

          1. That doesn’t even make sense. Your premise is that everyone is guilty of something if someone else of authority looks deep enough. I see no petty charges arising anywhere in any of these investigations. You suggesting everyone has a felony possibility in their past? Pretty ridiculous theory to me.

          2. Seems to me Mueller is doing what he IS supposed to do… no limitations… and the taxpayer is getting their money’s worth.

          3. Doug,

            This may be a difficult sell for some Republicans no matter what Mueller does. For Tom still thinks Nixon was a great patriot who got railroaded. Joe McCarthy too was ultimately smeared by the liberal, pinko, commie press and deep state. Apparently, only Republicans can do no wrong.

            We are involved in a great hidden battle between the forces of darkness and the knights of the light … “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” 😁

          4. @tsalmon

            If the best you have is baseless ridicule, you have not got anything either.

            It is funny you mention Joe McCarthy. Liberal Democrats are out to get Donald Trump for conspiring with the Russians, and the irony just goes over your head.

          5. If it weren’t for our defiance of the Great Leader Tom would make a post.. everyone would agree with him and praise his wise political acumen, then go home. It take’s our tag-team here to keep him honest.

          6. Another irony is that McCarthy’s right hand man was one of Trump’s mentors.

            Do you see any similarities? No? Goes right over your head, does it?

          7. @tsalmon

            As the tweety bird said, I thought I saw a smokey screen.

            Donald Trump! What a dastardly villain! He wants that election stealing Putin to release Hillary’s 30,000 emails. Pandora’s box all over again. Those emails might even include pictures of that old lady in a Yoga pose. What candidate could withstand that?

          8. Tom,

            That’s old news. You really need to keep up because things are starting to happen fast.

            Republican politicians are afraid of Trump’s base (a minority in the country but a majority of Republicans). Trump started to become a political liability when he lost the House. I think we will look back and see that as the tipping point, and as more and more crime and scandal attaches to Trump, the Trump organization, and the Trump administration, it will snowball downhill at increasing speed. I imagine that you will attach yourself for the whole exciting ride though.

          9. Oh.. by the way.. breaking news…. CNN has a copy of a letter of intent to Russia for Trump Tower Moscow.. signed by Trump.

          10. “Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell BAD. Are you sure your circuits are registering correctly? Your ears are green.”

            When we were kids, Tom, you always reminded me of Spock. These days, not quite so much. Loved that show.

          11. @tsalmon

            There is nothing wrong with having emotions. When He created us in His image, God gave us emotions. What some people have trouble accepting is the fact each of us is responsible for controlling our emotions, even the sexually confused.

            Spock illustrated the nature of that struggle. Spock sought to control himself with pure discipline. Futile. Jesus, the grace of God, is what we need.

          12. No, but he studied at pep rallies. There is a year book picture somewhere so I have proof. Correct me if I’m wrong Tom, but I seem to remember your not liking music much – couldn’t see the logic in it. I’m not making fun here. (God help me if anyone drags out my high school yearbook photos). Anyway, I loved and admired that teenage nerd. We all change I suppose, or perhaps in some weird way we all just become far more of what we already are.

          13. @tsalmon

            I suppose I was a nerd before it became fashionable. No pocketprotector or astounding brilliance, but I never had much use for pep rallies. Some guys want play football? Sounds like fun, but what has setting in the gym screaming your head off got to do with it? Football is just a game, and the fun part is playing, not watching.

            Pep rallies made me think of the movies we watched as children about the dark African continent. Remember how the natives prepared for battle. They would work their warriors into a frenzy dancing, screaming, and beating on drums. Meanwhile, the white explorers would wait anxiously for the impending assault.

            BTW. Does that make pep rallies racist?

            I don’t dislike music, BTW. We came of age during the sixties, when our country started into the sexual revolution. When electronics was making the sound of “music” and the ideology of “free love” pervasive, I learned to appreciate quiet.

            We each see some things in the other we admire. Hopefully, that will provide the basis for honorable compromises.

          14. You said the magic word there, Tom.. compromise. Most (if not all) conservatives I’ve run across (no, not “run over”) just want it their way with no compromise.

          15. I was a substitute high school and middle school teacher for a short time before going to AOCS. I had just (finally) finished my bachelor’s degree, was already married and had two children.

            I tried to explain to those kids that everything that they considered important right now would soon slide away into forgotten glories. The captain of the football team would marry the pretty cheerleader and in ten years they would both be 30 pounds overweight, living in aluminum house trailor with several kids and just struggling to get by (not that there is anything wrong with that). Meanwhile the nerds amongst them would rule the planet. Although I was a just 27 at the time, they thought I was too old to understand.

            I doubt even now that those consumed with popularity back then have come to regret their priorities or that those nerds that have succeeded really got what they wanted either. I think what the world really lacks now is gratitude, and the corresponding joy that gratitude brings. Compared to most of the world and to much of history, the vast majority of us have much to be grateful for. I live in constant amazement at what my time in history, my Catholic upbringing and my country have given me.

            If I could go back to those kids, I’d say to them, no matter what they choose, seek the good and appreciate it when you find it, revel in your struggles and suffering for the good because it is that epic struggle that gives life its real meaning. And stopping talking during study time or you’re going to the principal’s office. Wait, I think that I did say that last one.

          16. Not sure what spawned that bit of reflection, Tony, but nicely stated no less. And to the same idea of appreciation to that entity which graced myself as well with few regrets in life, I am also thankful. This business of advancing age carries with it its own re-alignment of personal priorities, and it’s sobering to think each morning I am thankful I even woke up still with the ability to stand vertically and remembering my name.
            Ahh.. to be young and cocky again.

          17. @tsalmon

            As I have grown older and started suffering the fears and the pains that come with age, I have come to wonder why growing old is a blessing. The best answers I ha’ve are these:
            1. We get to see our grandchildren.
            2. We have time to figure out what matters. That includes an opportunity to thank God for our life.

          18. Doug, I guess it’s things like this that give pause to reflect:

            “We are in the midst of a great national struggle.”

            When have we ever in the history of our county not been in the midst of some real or imagined great national struggle, and when have we actually been in less of one than now? It would seem that when we actually have a lull in genuine existential threats from without, like totalitarian communism or Nazi Fascism, we don’t stop and count our blessings, shore up the middle class a little more, fight some internal corruption and improve our democracy. No, we imagine dark conspiracies and world struggles. We pick at the scabs of our self inflicted grievances and project our own shadows of uncontained resentment onto each other. We should praise our fortunes but instead we, like Ahab, pile upon our imagined monsters “the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it” taking ourselves, our wonderful lives and our beautiful country down along with us.

            Imagine Ahab’s fate if he had just thanked his lucky stars that the dumb animal just took one leg, and went into real estate sales on Nantucket?😉

          19. “These are the times that try men’s souls..” is all relative to those times in which we live. Each and every president, certainly in my lifetime, began their first speech or similar, with similar words to the idea that their times were “tough times”, yet history reveals they were likely not so tough at all compared to other times that followed.
            In spite of all my disgust and animosity with the current President to the point that when I take my vacation this June to D.C. I will likely swing by the White House and pay him a visit.. and hold the door open for him……… unless of course he’s already left…….. the tough times reflected now is all about a transitional period, primarily with the Western democracies, between rural vs urban… and the growing nationalism culture-clash as the world heads into globalism. There is also the dramatic rise in population around the world coupled with the increased alarm over the declining environment leading to more climate disasters affecting man.. and the creeping in of crazy new diseases threatening man as well. In spite of what man does.. nature will always finds a way to continue… with or without man.

            You, me, Tom.. the other folks reading this.. will likely not be around to witness the nasty things to come. But our kids certainly will. The tough times are not yet here.

          20. @Doug

            Conservatives worry about maintaining a constitutional republic. Liberal Democrats worry about the end of the world. Still we get comment like yours and Tony’s.

            When have we ever in the history of our county not been in the midst of some real or imagined great national struggle, and when have we actually been in less of one than now? It would seem that when we actually have a lull in genuine existential threats from without, like totalitarian communism or Nazi Fascism, we don’t stop and count our blessings, shore up the middle class a little more, fight some internal corruption and improve our democracy. No, we imagine dark conspiracies and world struggles.

            When you on the side of demagogues, it stands to reason you would not consider those demagogues a problem.

          21. The problem with demagogues is that they usually have a short shelf life.. especially when you open one up and see how rapidly it spoils. Unless of course, the demagogue tells you it’s safe to eat because you can’t determine that for yourself. Then later wonder why you.. the nation.. got so sick.

          22. @Doug

            Demagogues don’t hide their intentions. They make promises with stuff that doesn’t belong to them. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and company wrote or followed ideologies that explained what they would do.

          23. Whoops. This is where this was meant to go:

            “You are thankful for Donald Trump?”


            Well, yes, in a way. Trump is a symptom of the general ungratefulness that I am referring to, not the cause. I am indeed grateful that our institutions of democracy are seemingly resilient enough to withstand the Trump clown car of corruption. As for the deeper disease that caused this momentary Trump fever, we will see if we can learn to get over ourselves. That would be the cure.


            All that sounds like real issues, obstacles to be overcome with reason and goodwill. It seems to me though that our turning to Trump and his ilk around the world are self inflicted wounds caused by a pathology of entitlement and grievance, don’t you think? We honestly don’t know what bad times are in this country in this time in history, but we are determined to find out.

          24. You’re suggesting the results of our actions.. or inactions.. are inevitable. True in all cases I suppose. But are not most problems simply (or not so) about entitlement and grievance? It’s a matter of degree… or priority.

          25. “When you on the side of demagogues, it stands to reason you would not consider those demagogues a problem.”

            That makes no sense Tom. As best that I can tell you have gone to the last resort of the “I know you are but what am I” argument.

            In the not to distant further, when Trump is just a bad self portrait of the Republican Right, something that they wish they could forget ever happened, if you look up the word “demagogue” in Webster’s Dictionary, it will just say Donald Trump.

          26. @tsalmon

            You have all kinds of nasty things to say about Trump. Even before election day Nov 2016 you could hardly be bothered to defend your candidate. All you could do is castigate Trump. That is a bad sign. You knew you were supporting a demagogue. Obama was no different.

            Is Trump a saint? No. We are incapable of electing one, but Trump at least has shown some respect for the Constitution.

          27. How do you figure that, Tom? Most his close associates are convicted liars and cheats.. he himself lies more than a used car salesman.. he’s abused the Constitution more than anyone…. and of course, the Mueller clock is ticking and getting closer.

          28. It proves the greater mystery as to why they all had to lie to the Feds to cover up.. something or someone. Flynn and Cohen have their other legals issues.

          29. @Doug

            The strange thing is that the FBI did not think Flynn lied. Then they changed their minds. The people involved in entrapping Flynn have been fired. The whole thing reeks.

          30. Doug,

            Human suffering is inevitable. Humans can limit or increase that suffering, and all to often suffering is beyond our control. Indeed, the random, apparent absurdity of human suffering gave artists like Camus, Voltaire and even Shakespeare so much material for tragedy:

            “Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

            If we look to where we actually find joy in gratitude even out of the heart of our struggles, the smile of an infant, the success of our children, a brisk sunny morning, a flower, that wonderful tired ache in our bodies after a long workout, a guilty bowl of ice cream late at night, helping a friend in need. We can see that suffering may be inevitable but joy must be skillfully hunted, often in the dark if night.

            If you are a John Prine fan, you will be familiar with his “Dear Abby” song where Dear Abby always responds with the same refrain:

            “(So in so) you have no complaint. You are what you are and you ain’t what you ain’t, so listen up buster and listen up good. Stop wishin for bad luck and knock on wood.”

            So I repeat. We live in the best place in the best time so far in all of civilized history so far. Our average possibility to flourish surpasses anything even imaginable by most of our forefathers whose lives were mostly, as Hobbes described, “nasty, brutish and short.” So maybe we ought quit wishing for bad luck and knock on wood.

          31. I would agree, of course. Actually… at my age… wishing for wood and knocking on bad luck seems more applicable 🙂

          32. Good one Doug, but you may be thinking of The Rolling Stones, “I can’t get no satisfaction ….😁

      1. The whole point from the beginning is that there was enough evidence of a crime (or crimes) to appoint Mueller to investigate it. I realize you feel it’s the other way around.. but again, you can always use the Deep State conspiracy argument.

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