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Check Wikipedia, and you will find this line.

California is considered a global trendsetter in popular culture,

innovation, and politics. (from here)

What does California trendsetting mean today? Well, here is an excerpt from an article written by some California’s leading politicians after the presidential election in 2016.

In our first steps after the election, the California Legislature and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors affirmed our commitment to immigrants, regardless of their immigration status or religion.

We introduced and advanced measures to guarantee that anyone subject to deportation has access to legal representation and due process. We will also make sure that our state’s institutions of learning are open to every young student, regardless of their immigration status. California, 39 million residents strong, will stand up for every Californian.

California has long been America’s trendsetter, ever since it joined the Union in 1850. Our social, cultural, economic and demographic changes often foreshadow those of the nation as a whole. (from Opinion: California is Still America’s Future (

What are these people saying? Do they want illegal aliens to vote too? Well, what are Democrats doing in California? They are making it easy to steal elections. Consider this article, Paul Ryan Is Right: California’s Election Laws Are Vulnerable To Fraud (  The author lists six reasons Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is right.

  1. The DMV automatically registers people to vote, even illegal immigrants.
  2. ‘Ballot Harvesting’ allows political operatives to drop off other people’s ballots.
  3. California allows voters to register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day.
  4. Voters can cast a ballot at the “wrong” polling place.
  5. Counties are allowed to mail absentee ballots to every voter in the county.
  6. Absentee ballots that arrive a week later will still be counted.

Do you wonder why Republicans think Democrats want to keep counting ballots until they win? Well, are rules like the state of California’s conducive to an honest election? Of course not! One California Republican Party official began an article on the subject this way.

Young Kim was poised to become the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress.

Her 14-point lead was the lone bright spot on an otherwise dismal night for Orange County Republicans. But, over the past week, Republicans have watched the first-generation immigrant’s lead evaporate. With thousands of provisional ballots left to count, her commanding lead is now underwater. She lost one week after the election.

There’s no evidence of ballot box shenanigans. No need. Democrats know it’s easier to erode voter integrity laws than to stuff ballot boxes. (continued When a 14-point Republican lead disappears (

So what do Democrats say in response. Well, the authors of that first quote would tell us Republicans are not committed to diversity. Others would say Republicans discriminate by making it difficult for people to vote. What they ignore is cheating. Nobody cheats. Everyone is a good person. Check out:

Ryan focused on a particular issue (see Paul Ryan isn’t saying there was voter fraud in California. But . . . (, and he actually suggested that The Washington Post (tongue in cheek, no doubt) do a story.

Ryan’s mention of “ballot harvesting” echoed complaints from other Republicans, including Orange County Republican Party Chairman Fred Whitaker. The term describes when a voter hands over a completed ballot to a third party to be cast for them. This was the first year the practice was legal in California.

In an election postmortem email to supporters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Whitaker wrote: “The number of election day vote-by-mail drop-offs was unprecedented — over 250,000. This is a direct result of ballot harvesting. That directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later. … We have to develop a response to this new law that allows us to remain competitive while recognizing the realities of Republican voter attitudes towards handing over their ballot.”

Ryan said he wouldn’t go so far as to ask the state attorney general to review the results but suggested that The Washington Post should write a story about it. (from here)

What exactly is ballot harvesting? Check out the following.


Now think about this comment.

Despite being stung by the Democratic ground game and ballot harvesting moves, some Republicans admitted they were – at least a little bit – impressed by how the Democrats pulled off their near sweep of the House in California.

“I have a little bit of professional admiration for how well the Democrats executed their plan,” Dale Neugebauer, a longtime Republican strategist, told the Chronicle.

“The Democrats are creating a new, highly efficient tool to turn out voters,” Neugebauer added. “If Republicans can’t find a way to match it, we’re going to lose more elections all over the country.” (from Ballot harvesting bounty: How Dems apparently used election law change to rout California Republicans (

What are Republican strategists going to do, learn how to cheat better than Democrats? That will save our republic?


Do we want honest elections or the best elections money can buy? If we don’t figure out the answer to that soon, we can gripe all we want about who replaces Donald Trump, but we won’t be able to do anything about it.

Look carefully at California. How likely is it that the filthy rich can buy the election results they want? And remember. California prides itself on being the trendsetter for the rest of our country.







  1. You are aware, that Republican voter registration has declined from 2002 to 2018 across Orange County, while Democratic voter registration rose? At the high end of changes you have declines in Republican voter registration by 9% in Huntington Beach, by 10% in Laguna Beach and by 13% in Newport Beach.

    1. @marmoewp

      Thanks for the link.

      The LA Times is a pure, objective news source, without either Liberal Democrat or Conservative Republican propaganda. No doubt some of my readers will appreciate your contribution the balance between Liberal Democrat and Conservative Republican sources. Obviously, admitted Liberal Democrat news sources are quite unusual.

      So what should we conclude now that we have these indisputable statistical facts? Because we can point to these statistical “facts”, we are now suppose to believe everything is okay. There is nothing wrong with making it ridiculously easy to cheat. Be happy!

      1. Sorry for confusing you with alternative outlooks. How could I forget, that the LA Times would take official voter registration data, flip it upside down and get away with it, as all Republicans are either too lazy or too incomptent to call them out on it and that Democrats will lap up anything they like. How could I forget, that all elections are won by Republicans, unless Democrats cheat and steal the election. How could I forget that article of faith: Anything Democrats do is FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!!!

        1. @marmoewp

          Why is it partisan to have rules that make it difficult to cheat? Why do get bent out of shape when someone points out the possibility that the rules make it too easy to cheat? Why do you immediately dive into statistical “facts” instead of a discussion of whether the rules need some work? Why do we need a special prosecutor for Trump, after H. Clinton tried to shame Trump for even suggesting the election might be stolen (when she thought she would win), but we cannot discuss the obvious potential for fraud in California? Perhaps you at right.

          Anything Democrats do is FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!!!

          1. @marmoewp

            Consider what I said to Doug.


            It is well-known that reality has a liberal bias, so you really may be better off keeping your distance from facts.

            I don’t care whether you believe you have a better grasp of reality. What concerns me is you seem to think you have the right to force others to adopt your perception of reality. That’s not a belief compatible with a free society. It is, however, part of the Socialist ideology.

          2. You go way beyond than just advocating against rules that make it difficult to cheat. You bring up the Democrat winnings in this years Orange County election as an example of fraud. You dismiss based on the source reporting the data the very idea, that voter affiliation may have shifted over the decades to the point, where a concerted push in voter activation may shift the outcome of winner-takes-all-elections. What you can not have knowledge of: Before using the LA Times link, I tried to get the data at the Orange County registrar (ran into a pay-wall) and California’s SOS (county level only, hence too coarse). Otherwise I would not have bothered to link the LATimes link.

            It is a pattern with Republicans I observe. If they do not like the conclusions one would reasonably need to draw from a set of observations, Republicans will dismiss the observations and allege fraud or other malfeance, anything to call the observations into question. Be it Climate Change, be it shifting demographics, whatever. On the left, there are other grave mistakes being made, e.g. going from rejection of the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government straight to pure-bred antisemitism, or demanding lower taxes, higher income (we all know that this is for the government to decide), higher social spending and lower debts all at the same time, like the yellow vests are doing currently in France.

            What concerns me is you seem to think you have the right to force others to adopt your perception of reality.

            A common perception of reality is vital to a functioning society. With reality, I do not mean he-said-she-said in conflicts / wars, where murky grounds make discerning the truth difficult to impossible. I am talking about measurable reality; voter registration statistics, temperature trends, etc. I can accept as a political stance (not a good one from my point of view, but a viable one) to say: “Yes, anthropogenic climate change is real, but the consequences will bother later generations only and mostly other countries, so I do not care.” What I find unacceptable, is dismissing observable data and claiming fraud on the part of the scientists, in order to not have to deal with the subject at all.

            As for voter ID, I have told you before that voter ID is great, provided it is affordable(!) to each and every eligible voter. As you do not have a good register of your citizens, this would IMO include amongst others helping people to sort out their birth certificates and other documentation needed at no additional monetary cost to them. If you find other ways of ensuring the same effect, I am outcome oriented. The thing about voter ID is, in the past the Republicans have weaponized it to make it harder for minorities (which they expect to vote Democratic) to vote. Or do you deem voter suppression to be constitutional?

          3. @marmoewp

            Actually. Democrats in this country are the ones who made it difficult for blacks to vote. Now, whenever Republicans advocate election integrity laws, Democrats scream racism, and a partisan news media helps them get away with it. That’s sick. Listen to the news media, and you would think KKK was a Republican organization. It was Democrat.

            What you are insisting upon is some sort of moral equivalence. We are all sinners, but the sin we are talking about here is largely a Democrat sin. You don’t agree? You say it is all about demographic trends? Are suppose to ignore the registration of illegal aliens and the fact California is a sanctuary for illegal aliens?

            I regret the need to shatter your illusions, but when Democrats deny, for obviously partisan reasons, even the possibility of voter fraud, it becomes difficult to take their concern for honest elections seriously.

            Consider the NC ballot harvesting case you brought up. It is something Republicans are chuckling about. Democrats are finally admitting election fraud exists, just not in California where Democrats won, where they legalized ballot harvesting.

            When I was researching this post, I saw news reports about the NC case. I was happy you brought it up. You discovered for yourself that ballot harvesting is a problem, when a Republican is doing it.

            You brought up global warming, to illustrate your realism, of course. Is a common perception of reality necessary? Does the threat of global warming illustrate that need? Yes and yes.

            So why don’t I share your concern about global warming? I don’t the idea of a scientific “consensus” seriously. In part, that has to do with what is required for a common perception of reality. Humility.

            If global warming were a real threat, politicians just might be frightened enough to come up with a compromise that deals with the problem. Fear, if nothing else, would humble them, but all the issue seems good for is to provide Democrats an excuse for powergrabs and spending other people’s money. The people hyping the issue don’t believe their own propaganda.

            We have voter ID in Virginia. It is no big deal to get a photo ID, but the state will provide one for free. Voting is just one of many reasons we should have a photo ID. Anyone who does not have one probably belongs in jail. Nevertheless, Democrats fought against the requirement to provide a photo ID when voting.

            What does it take to figure out that people who are obsessed with race are racists? It should be obvious that a fixation on identity politics requires a very shallow understanding of our fellow man, but it is not. Demagogues have been pitting us against one another for ages.

          4. Actually. Democrats in this country are the ones who made it difficult for blacks to vote. Now, whenever Republicans advocate election integrity laws, Democrats scream racism, and a partisan news media helps them get away with it. That’s sick. Listen to the news media, and you would think KKK was a Republican organization. It was Democrat.
            This one deserves an answer of its own. I have lost count, how many times this argument has been offered to me by Republicans. To get it right out of the way, yes, the KKK was founded and supported by racist white people, many/most of which were Democrats. You have also had the Dixicrats. However, party character has changed since then.

            I am pretty sure, you are aware of the party reallignment in the wake of the New Deal.

            I consider the number of African-American congressmen and senators by party affiliation over time to be quite interesting. There were two such senators, both Republican, in the 1870s. It took until 1967 for another African-American to become senator, again a Republican and again more than a decade without an African-American senator. Since 1993 you got more; seven in total, six of which are Democrats.
            The list of African-American representatives in the House is less sparse. So lets have a look:
            1870-1887: 15 R – 0 D
            1889-1901: 5 R – 0 D
            1929-1970: 1 R – 11 D
            1971-2018: 6 R – 101 D (my count may by one or two D)
            How do you explain the numbers since 1929? What happened? What made the racist party of the KKK put more than ten times as many African-American representatives into the House than the party of Lincoln? Why is it 6 to 1, when it comes to Senators since 1993?

            I came across this video by How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump. If you are willing to spare seven minutes to watch and then some more to comment, I’d be interested to hear your take on it. Fair? Unfair? Too bad to merit discussion?

          5. I gotta admit I went into that video fairly skeptical… but I was very pleased at the reasonably defined history that was presented.. it was a very good explanation. There is a lesson inside all that… perhaps many if one cares to extrapolated events. But a reasonable take-away is that as the political mood of the nation shifts so do political party platforms; parties and their policies are not infinite in their existence. There is indeed a pendulum of change that many times seems cyclical in nature. I tend to think we are in the long upward swing of that pendulum, figuratively to the “right”. It’s gonna reach it’s height before it starts back downward.
            Being also a science guy I can present that the point of maximum height as movement stalls.. there’s a weightless pause. It’s anyone’s guess where that point will be in the nation’s immediate future. The common perception would suggest the result of the 2020 election that will remove whatever Republican is still President… Trump or Pence. I’m not all that sure.
            But this I do know… my card may say “Republican” but that party has left the building. This so-called “Trump Republicanism” is just a fad for the moment, largely to attempt to classify the chaos of the moment. I’m guessing “Independent” is going to be on the rise in the short term. Certainly that’s going to be my future consideration. This “Trumpian” Republicanism is going to translate into a measure of nationalism for a time.

          6. @marmoewp

            I am 66 years old. I grew during the Civil Rights movement, and I grew up fascinated by politics. I remember which party fought racial integration. I remember the reports on the race riots and the killing of Martin Luther King. I have also witnessed the destruction of black families by programs created by Democrats.

            Why did the Deep South become Republican? The Republican Party is into identity politics, right? The Republican Party obsesses on various skin tones, 70 different genders, class warfare, multiculturalism, special rights for the disabled, pitting the young against the old,… Has it occurred to you that the folks in America’s Bible Belt might have had some other reason besides race hatred for joining the Republican Party?

            Why did most blacks become Democrats? Ignorance, I suppose, and Democrat-run school systems have kept them ignorant.

            Look at America. Wherever Democrats run anything it is a mess getting worse. If blacks have benefited from being Democrats, it is not obvious how.

            I use to believe the propaganda peddled by the Liberal Democrat news media. I don’t anymore. Republicans never had a Southern Strategy, but Democrats did. Even as Democrats sought more ways to pit us against each other — identity politics — they discovered a way to cast Republicans as racist. It is remarkable how well a big lie works if it is repeated over and over and over…..

          7. Interesting, Tom.. we are within a year of each other in age.. yet we have two diverse views on politics.
            I just don’t share your perception of “them vs. us” all the time; as if there’s this collaborative, unified national liberal conspiracy to take over the nation. Do both sides plan and strategize and and even engage in the smoke-filled rooms illegal electioneering tricks? Absolutely. Find ’em and put ’em in jail when necessary. Just look at the nonsense alleged with the Republicans tampering with ballots in North Carolina’s 9th.
            But consider this one, Tom… the appalling performance of the Wisconsin and Michigan lame duck Republican-dominated legislatures passing last minute legislation to overtly inhibit their respective states’ newly elected Democratic administrations from doing what the voters wanted them to do. While maybe perfectly legal (for now) it’s the Republican attempt to flip the middle finger to democracy in their divisive rage to want things only their own way.
            What goes around comes around.

          8. @Doug

            Everyone thinks their viewpoint is the correct viewpoint. I don’t believe my viewpoint is the correct viewpoint. I think God is truth, not me.

            When I write about my viewpoint, my goal isn’t to prove I am correct. It is not that easy to persuade anyone they are wrong about something. I just want to show that I have thought about the matter and arrived at sincerely held beliefs in a manner that at least makes sense to me.

            When we use government to force others to adopt our practices, even or beliefs, we need to have a dire need. We should not punish others for their beliefs just because we can. Yet we have people who would do that. Why? Factional politics is the way of the world.

            Look at yourself. Look at who you condemn on your blog. Look at your justifications. Just like me you are part of a faction. Unlike me, you have a much greater desire for the government use force against those who do not share your beliefs.

            What about Michigan and Wisconsin? Do you understand what a republic is about? Doubt it. Check out this post =>

            When folks wrote the constitutions of the states, they modeled the Federal Constitution. That Constitution is full of checks and balances designed to limit the power of the government. The intention is to protect the rights of the minority. That’s why supermajorities are required to do so many things. That’s why the amendment process for the Constitution is so difficult.

            You don’t like what is going on in Michigan and Wisconsin. Don’t we both know that if it were Democrats doing it to Republicans you would be perfectly happy with it?

          9. So why don’t I share your concern about global warming? I don’t the idea of a scientific “consensus” seriously. In part, that has to do with what is required for a common perception of reality. Humility.

            If global warming were a real threat, politicians just might be frightened enough to come up with a compromise that deals with the problem. Fear, if nothing else, would humble them, but all the issue seems good for is to provide Democrats an excuse for powergrabs and spending other people’s money. The people hyping the issue don’t believe their own propaganda.

            This is a pattern I observe in you; you do not base your judgement on your own study of a problem, instead you use reactions of politicians as a proxy to decide on your stance. I think you are selling yourself short with that attitude. Climate change is a long term problem that requires tough, expensive and unpopular choices today for a pay-off to come in decades time to be reaped by future generations, while there are elections to win every other year. You may want to take that into consideration, when you look at the behaviour of politicians. There have been disinformation campaigns launched by the fossil fuel industries similar (and in part driven by the same personell) to that on the health impacts of tobacco, to the extent that addressing climate change has become a toxic subject for Republican politicians.

            You may want to have a look at the Fourth National Climate Assessment issued under the Trump administration. In the meantime the US Navy is assessing sea level rise and how to secure its ports, impacts on Pacific atolls and prepares new strategies for blue-water operations in the Arctic.

          10. @marmoewp

            Think it through. We have discussed climate change/global warming before. You know I have at least some understanding of the science. We just don’t agree that a scientific “consensus” proves anything. So the scientists the government is paying to do the research want to do more research? Whoop de doo!

            This is a pattern I observe in you; you do not base your judgement on your own study of a problem, instead you use reactions of politicians as a proxy to decide on your stance.

            There is a very practical reason to look at the reactions of politicians. What if they propose fixes that would not actually do any good? What is the point of supporting what they want to do? Even if global warming is real, supporting their “fixes” is still a waste of time and money.

          11. @Tom, @Doug
            Thanks for the replies, I’ve learned a bit from them.

            Every skeptic worth his/her salt knows that NASA is part of the conspiracy. 😉

          12. @Doug

            marmoewp is a very smart German fellow. He has considerable interest in the subject of politics, especially as it relates to climate change/global warming.

            marmoewp visits here occasionally. We don’t often agree, but…. Well, perhaps this proverb provides a good explanation.

            Proverbs 27:17 New Living Translation (NLT)
            17 As iron sharpens iron,
            so a friend sharpens a friend.

  2. The reason there are so many political issues is due to so much political hypocrisy. A criminal party pointing out crime in another is nothing more than a joke.

    1. @Lander7

      Think for moment about what you are saying. God is above it all, but we ain’t God.

      Which is the criminal party? Both of them? If we call the politicians from both parties hypocritical, does that make us doubly hypocritical?

      We cannot fix other people. We can set an example by trying help our neighbors. We can work on identitying and fixing problems, including the way we govern ourselves.

      What is the post about? Am I right or wrong? What can you contribute?

      1. You stated — “God is above it all, but we ain’t God.”
        My response — God is good. I think it would be obvious that we are not God.

        You asked — “If we call the politicians from both parties hypocritical, does that make us doubly hypocritical?”
        My response — No. It would be a claim that would either be true or false but making a claim would not make one hypocritical.

        You stated — “We cannot fix other people. We can set an example by trying help our neighbors.”
        My response — I would agree but I’m not sure why you are telling me this. My comments were about two organizations (Democratic and Republican). I didn’t mention any people or individuals. For example, I love Catholics and think they are decent people, but I don’t trust the Catholic church and think it may be dangerous organization.

        You stated — “We can work on identifying and fixing problems, including the way we govern ourselves.”
        My response — This seems obvious since we are a nation of laws. I would also say that your post and my replies fall under the “identifying” part you stated above.

        Q — What is the post about?
        A — Election fraud

        Q — Am I right or wrong?
        A — I was taking you at your word I didn’t’ fact check your article so to be honest I don’t know.

        Q — What can you contribute?
        A — I provided feedback to your post. “The reason there are so many political issues is due to so much political hypocrisy. A criminal party pointing out crime in another is nothing more than a joke.”

        Later I will share with others what you posted “Well, what are Democrats doing in California? They are making it easy to steal elections.” and what others have posted about Republicans (ballot hiding, gerrymandering, etc) as evidence of the two corrupt parties. I’ve been very successful in getting people to view both sides and see the corruption. So, I contribute to the changing of minds and votes of which you help.

        1. @Lander7

          My point is that we are each part of our system of government. We don’t get to wash our hands of what it does and pretend we have nothing to with it, but it seems like you get that. Too many don’t.

          1. Well in this case I’m actually not a part of what was being reported by you and the other bloggers since I’m literally not a Democrat or Republican.

            Your post focused on the criminal activity of the Democrats and theirs on the criminal activity of the Republicans (I’m an independent).

            Your articles do a good job of tearing down Democrats so they are a good source for making a case against them. Much like the other sites making a good case against the Republicans.

            Those two parties seem endlessly willing to provide you guys with material to report on them with.

            I’m always surprised (daily) by how corrupt they both are, your posts help out greatly for my debates against them.

          2. @Lander7

            As a practical matter, independents have very little influence. The system is rigged that way. To get elected a candidate must first win the nomination of the Democrat or Republican Party. Therefore, if we are unwilling to afilliate with one of the major parties, we don’t have a vote that matters.

  3. Doug.

    I have to admit when it comes to which political party knows how to scheme to get votes, the Republicans are no match for the Democrats.

    As for proof, California, a State that is over one trillion dollars in State debt, that is all the proof anyone needs to prove which political party is in office.

    Illinois is merely 120 billion in State Debt, but give us time and make it easier for Illegal voters to vote, and we will catch up in time.

    Regards and good will blogging.

  4. Tom,\
    Amazing how foolish we Americans are.

    Here is an excerpted statement from my post tomorrow that relates to why this is allowed to happen in California and a lot of other states.

    “I sent the National Guard to our borders and they were paid for guarding USA borders instead of standing around listening to the media complain we should just let millions more illegal immigrants cross our borders so they can vote for Democrats.”

    Regards and good will blogging.

  5. Want to get in a pissing match?

    What about the Wisconsin and Michigan republican majority legislators adopting the North Carolina republican playbook from two years ago… calling emergency lame duck sessions to intentionally limit the powers of incoming Democratic administrations so that those new administrations just a few weeks away could not make good on their promises to the electorate who voted them into power? Seems to me that’s flat out treachery to the democratic process and the will of the voters.

    But let’s not stop there… speaking of North Carolina.. seems they have Republicans in one county up to their necks with criminal vote fraud. Seems a number of elderly there were told to vote on an absentee ballot just handed to them.

    ..and of course the excessive gerrymandering across the nation by Republicans.

    Oh.. please notice my links are not some nonsense, Conservative-biased links but rather mainstream media. Now.. here’s your challenge, Tom… prove this reporting as being all “wrong” and NOT use anything but a mainstream source (and if you use FOX.. use FOXNews.. not the opinion from their non-journalists Conservative babblers).

    1. @Doug

      You don’t get do you? It is foolish to trust ANY POLITICIANS! I don’t doubt people in both parties are crooked. However, I vote Republican because Democrat malfeasance has reached absurd levels. The Democrat rank and file flatly refuses to hold their leadership accountable.

      Democrats have no trouble believing Trump stole the election, but they don’t see the need for something as obvious as voter ID and cleaning old data out (like dead people) out of voter registration rolls. That’s inexcusable crap!

      Am I upset that Republicans want to limit the power an incoming Democrat majority? Not if it is constitutional. I don’t think we live in an era when politicians lack sufficient power. I also don’t live in Wisconsin. So I don’t have the time to investigate how their constitution works. When you care enough about either the Constitution or Wisconsin’s constitution to find out, let me know.

      I did not link to exclusively Conservative news sources. I don’t trust the news media, not even the so-called Conservative news media enough to do that.

      Your second link does not point where you indicated.

    1. @bottomlesscoffee007

      Some don’t fully consider the price.

      Matthew 16:26 New King James Version (NKJV)
      26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

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