Why Don’t Our Children And Grandchildren Believe What We Believe?

Ever wondered why we have a generation gap? What is a generation gap?

generation gap noun
: the differences in opinions, values, etc., between younger people and older people

We treat the generation gap like it is to be expected, but why? If their children are learning what their parents want them to learn, then why don’t children share largely the same opinions, values, etc. Well, the obvious answer is children are not learning what their parents want them to learn.

Where do children get what they learn from? Schools and the mass media.


Consider this column, Answers for the anarchy, by Everett Piper.

In 1948, Richard Weaver told us that ideas have consequences. A few short years earlier, Hitler said, “let me control the textbooks and I will control the State.” Huxley and Orwell followed and warned of dystopias where education would be used as a means to total power and total control. Ideas do matter. Yes, ideas clearly have consequences. Good ideas lead to good places and bad ideas lead to bad places. As your grandmother said: Garbage in, garbage out. She was right. Education matters.

Today, however, it seems that education has become more interested in what is common than what is exceptional; in acquiring more information rather than more ethics; in teaching the student how to get a career and use a condom rather than how to build character and have a conscience. Education has lost its way and consequently our country has lost its soul and our culture has lost its sense. (from here)

Piper’s article focuses on colleges, but the same problem exists in our K-12 schools. The root problem is that politicians, not parents, decide what children learn. Once parents give up their tax dollars to politicians, politicians decide what children will be taught and who will teach them. When parents accept a “free” education for their children, they give up their right to decide what their children will learn. When parents demand that government help pay for a college education, they give up their right to decide what their children will learn.

What do politicians want children to learn? If you are a parent, you had better start thinking about that. Who is contributing to the campaigns of the politicians that run our country, our states, our local governments, and our school boards? Those people decide what is taught in government-run schools, not parents.

The Mass Media

What about our sacred mass media, including the free press, America’s First Amendment protected news reporters? Isn’t the mass media owned by big, evil, amoral corporations? Do corporations use their mass media assets to inform us or to generate propaganda that serves their political interests?

Consider that Amazon, for example, has competitive advantages it wants to secure from Internet regulation. So it pays Amazon to make certain it has political allies in Congress. Amazon owns The Washington Post. Does Amazon’s political interests affect The Washington Post’s news coverage? Let’s consider recent events.

Amazon HQ Relocation

When Amazon decided to relocate its headquarters, it secured huge tax breaks from the “winners” of the competition it staged. Those tax breaks give the company a big competitive advantage. Do the people who will pay for those tax breaks need to be convinced their political leadership made a good deal on their behalf? Perhaps, and Amazon is hardly the only big company getting such special treatment. Could that be why this is the story running in much of the news media, Correction: Amazon HQ-Trump Tax Break story? It is a timely distraction. However, state and local governments directly and specifically offered Amazon huge tax breaks. Opportunity zones are not targeted at big business.

Consider that Amazon will compete with local businesses. Consider that taxpayers have to pay for tax breaks that supposedly did not sway Amazon’s decision (So why did Amazon stage a tax break competition?). If those tax breaks don’t matter, then why penalize small businesses and tax payers for the sake of a monstrously huge corporation? Why should government give big businesses costly tax advantages at the expense of small businesses?

Amazon Goes After Government Contracts

Not too long ago (When Obama was still in office.), Amazon bought The Washington Post (Why Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post ( At about the same time, the company won a big government contract. Coincidence? Think about the way Amazon is going into government contracting.

So What Is The Truth?

So is Amazon doing anything immoral or illegal? To some extent that seems to depend upon what we call immoral and who is enforcing the law. The bigger problem is figuring out what is going on. The notion you and I can easily get the truth out of a newspaper or a cable news show is naïve. How much incentive do the big corporations that own the mass media have to squeal on each other? How do we distinguish news reports from tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists and serious journalists? Unfortunately, it is not that difficult to make an ordinary activity look shady. What is unmistakable, however, is that the mass media does not exist to inform us. It exists to provide an audience for advertisers, to sell us whatever we will pay for (including sex and violence filled garbage), or to propagandize us.

Because we are not properly educated. We do not know how to be astute consumers of what the mass media produces. Many of us don’t even realize that the mass media, including the news media, is largely about separating us from our money, not informing us. Thus, we have become easy marks for political chicanery.

What Is To Come?

  • Did The People Ever Run America? (25 November 1018):  Here is an excerpt from Democracy in America by Alexis De Tocqueville. What did Tocqueville observe when he visited America in the 1830’s.
  • The Difference Between A Republic And A Representative Democracy: There are two ways of looking at this difference. James Madison explained the mechanical differences. What about the spiritual differences? UPDATE: I ended up retitling this post, Did The People Ever Run America? (November 25, 2018).
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  • Stuff, Sex, Science, State, and Self: America’s Pagan Idols: What cause have you given your life to? For what have you sold your vote?

52 thoughts on “THE GRAND CONSPIRACY? — PART 1

  1. Doug,

    May I ask why you believe secular schools became a tradition in the USA?

    If you check out the definition of” tradition” by Merriam Webster, and then consider when the Constitution was written, that children went to the schools chosen by their parents.

    If you consider this phase in the Preamble of the Constitution, “promote the general Welfare,” how can the general welfare be promoted by a government that taxes parents so high that they cannot promote the “general welfare” of their own children because they must pay for both secular and private schooling when they cannot afford.

    Perhaps you should change your comment to use a different phrase that relates to schooling.

    In other words use instead “lament over traditional institutions, “ to lament over government-mandated institutions” which better relates to the realistic choices parents have to make as result of affordability that results from mandatory government taxation.”.

    Regards and good will blogging.

      1. There are different degrees of both good and bad.

        For example, learning how to read and write is good, but learning how to read and write to make the world a better place by learning the difference of good or bad moral choices……is better.

        Religious morals are proven to help guide people to to mentally strengthen them to live and cope better in life.

        Preventing parents from making a choice to have their children taught morals,…….. is bad, in my opinion.

        Regards and good will blogging.

        1. And who’s morals shall we use to teach the kids? You will likely suggest,, Christian morals, of course. Just in a few of these blogs alone that most of Tom and his readers visit… the Christian interpretations on various concepts vary widely.. and in intensity. You don’t need a Bible to teach morality. But regardless… the average child can be introduced and educated to the morality prefered by a family when at home or on weekends simply to augment scholastic studies. In my Lutheran childhood we called that Sunday School and/or attending confirmation class.

          1. Doug,

            I experienced a Catholic grimmer school and public high schools and colleges.

            Sunday school, while good, is no comparison to attending a private grammer school to teach morals, which is better.

            Why are parents being economically forced to attend secular schools with thier tax money is the question you should consider, in my opinion..

            Especially on the South side of Chicago.

            Regards and good will blogging.

  2. Tom.

    Great post and subject.

    I am not certain if your title should instead be “The Grand Deception of Fools” instead of “Conspiracy”

    A conspiracy implies that someone actually planned what happened in USA history to destroy American parents to choose what schools and teaching of morals they want to pass on to their children.

    However, if you study the history of progression how secular schools originated, the truth will reveal a series of follies that perpetrated by someone or something that knew how to deceive innocent souls to lead them to fall into a sphere of influence.

    If you google the greatest conspiracy of all time in the USA, one article opinion believes that the USA moon landing was the greatest.

    In my opinion, the greatest conspiracy took place in the Garden of Eden.

    Look forward to your future posts to reveal the truth about how USA parents have been deceived to allow themselves to be taxed so high to pay for secular schooling that they cannot afford to send their children to schools of their choice.

    We are fools, in my opinion, to have allowed it to happen in a Republic where voters have the power to vote out legislators who do nothing about school vouchers to put an end to the truth of this deception and influences taking place in USA school systems, which is to negate a parents moral influence of their own children.

    Regard s and good will blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      We are conspiring against ourselves. Of course, there is always Satan tempting us, but news reports on his escapades are scarce. All I can say is that too few have put on the armor of God.

  3. Funny how there is always a “fall person” that is supposed to take the blame. When in fact it is our own fault for not being a representative republic.

    No one wants to talk politics. They just want someone to blame. No one has wanted to talk openly and honestly about policy and politics.

    America has been asleep at the wheel for too long, that is why the “ship” became so heavily tilted to the left and the right. This may sound like balance, but it’s more like a clock pendulum. It just sways to and fro.

    We lost the idea that government is not to be trusted. We just vote whenever there is an election.

    Why else would the politicians and appointed members be the ones who are in control?

          1. Well, first it was her husband. Then she won in NY, then she ran for president then she became Secretary of State, then she ran again, and word on the street is she might be running in 2020.

            That’s what happens when Americans are asleep at the wheel and don’t take charge of the government rather they just “participate” whenever it’s convenient.

          2. I think the results of 2016 that voted for Trump were a composite of many outstanding “groups” wishing to be heard… one of course being.. they just hated Clinton more than selecting Trump. Trump’s overall attitude was a fond element… the “Screw you, we’re doing it my way!” thing. As I mumbled to Tom earlier, voting for the guy in 2016 may have ended up being a disappointing mistake for some two years later, but for many still supporting Trump given all that’s been revealed regarding his moral character and behavioral incompetence for the job, makes me question why his supporters.. fellow Americans.. enjoy seeing the country this way as a result of this guy as President.

          3. The same could be said of those who supported Hillary or Obama. Just cause you don’t like the way someone acts doesn’t mean they aren’t phenomenal.

            For all of my criticisms of Trump, I think he is probably the best president since Washington. At least he says what’s on his mind rather than fake smiles for the camera.

            Hindsight is always 2020, but you never know until you try. To be honest America has been status quo for generations now. We are now an energy exporter and we haven’t gotten involved in anymore conflicts than we already were since the 1990’s.

            I can appreciate your criticisms of Trump. But in your mind what has he failed? Not a personality test, rather a results test.

          4. Tom’s blog here was one of the early couple that I found that held opposing opinions to mine. I may scream anti-Trump from the hillsides but I am a card-carrying Republican.. old school, not this Trumpian garbage. But Tom accepted alternative opinion on his blog here, although I am sure early on he was holding his breath that I might be some wild swearing, name-calling, representative of Satan. 🙂
            My point here… the group who comment on Tom’s blog is a fair bunch who tend to at least tolerate alternative opinion. I mention this because of your approach being civil as well and there’s a willingness to tolerate reading and exchange thoughts. Your reply here shows that.

            After saying all that.. I need to get ready for work.. so to be fair to your question, I will reply a little later.

          5. No worries. Thanks for the reply. Not to hang onto coattails, but I just recently discovered toms blog. I run a blog that is not as good as Tom’s, however, I am looking for different points of view as well.

          6. @bottomlesscoffee

            Great the way you put that question. I have been trying to get Doug to do the same thing, but you may have put it to him better. Hope he tries to answer.

          7. @Doug

            Voting for H. Clinton is the act, of a well educated intelligent person? If I were cynical, given the numbers who voted for that “lady” I would have no trouble justifying my cynicism. Fortunately, I trust God, not man.

  4. Part of the problem may be resolved by revisiting the Scripture, “Proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV)
    6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” —- I do not think that in this modern, contemporary, plastic-wrapped, throw-away society in which we all live, chiklren are always being taught in the principles of the Faith — or if they are being taught, they are being taught “Religion” and not the “Truth of Jesus Christ,” and a lot of modern religion has departed from the way and are now becoming more and more secular. Many of them aren’t even including the Name of Jesus, mentions of God or lines of Scripture in their music lyrics because they are afraid of “Offending” somebody. — We all know that Jesus cannot be preached without offense. But we also know that Jesus is the only Way. Secular attempts to excuse doctrines of mankind and try to present them as allied with Scripture are more or less making themselves into Angels of Light in an ever-darkening world. — Parents are responsible. Parents need to be doubling down on the Bible Truths with their children and allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work of convicting those children and bringing them to a knowledge of the truth — for the sake of their eternal souls … and by association, for the sake of the nation that still proclaims “In God We Trust.” (But I am starting to wonder just which “God(s) a lot of people are talking about when they repeat that slogan in these tempestuous “Last Days.” — History has shown that when nations start whoring after strange gods, their end is not pretty sometimes. We need to teach out kids about The Great I Am — Jehovah God who took on a body of flesh and came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ — If we do not begin a national revival and a great massive return to the One, True, Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniescent and Omnipresent God — The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The God of Jesus Christ — we are going to be witness to some highly uncomfortable things one of these days — Only the Angels know when these things will come about, but come about they will. — We need to get our kids’ attentions onto the Scriptures and teach them to align their deepest affection onto Christ and the things of The Kingdom of God and teach them that their earthly journey is temporal and temporary and of secondary importance in the long run.

    1. @John

      Good advice. Of course, we need to remind people to turn to God for the sake of our salvation. The good that that produces in this world is just evidence we have turned to Him. As James said, faith without works is dead.

  5. You sure have a cynical view of this country, Tom. By comparison, you see, I have a well above-average cynical view of the President… (ooops.. I meant Trump) and I exercised my vote to try in some small way to change that and I have a blog where I verbally raise the alarm to “26” active followers of which only 10% reflect any personal interest. In other words.. my blog is personal therapy more than it is a scream for attention. But my essence is in the hope for America.

    You, on the other hand, constantly lament over traditional institutions, like capitalism, interest groups, the lies from the mass media, the “1984” comparisons to some fascist utopia-in-the-making; you relish quoting as Conservatives like to do from the likes of Tocqueville who’s observations were 1830 America… and James Madison as if he alone were sage of all governmental wisdom. Then there’s your fave institution to trash.. public education. But not so much how children are being taught but rather WHAT they are being taught as it relates to some governmental mind control. With you conspiracies abound, Tom. Politicians are crooked, everyone not sharing your opinions/convictions are lemmings being led over the cliff.

    You tend to use Christianity (as you interpret it) as some political shield, but that’s your personal choice and not my business. So I am left to wonder, Tom, how you even manage to get up each day and move forward amidst all this discontent? You ask the question yourself in the last line…

    “What cause have you given your life to? For what have you sold your vote?”

    We know who you “sold” your vote for; the first time might be just a mistake, but you still love the guy… hence it’s not mistake for you where this country is currently at. You sold out your vote to get his agenda, in spite of the immense moral violator of Christian pretexts Trump represents. Evangelicals who support Trump have sold their voting souls to a devil.

    1. @Doug

      I am imperfect. We don’t need to debate that. You are imperfect. Do you want to debate that? Why don’t you address the content of the post? What did you disagree with?

      1. You forgot to mention that Trump is the most horrible person on Earth. He is the source of all wickedness. Doug is opposed to cynicism when it’s not explicitly connected to Donald Trump. If you’re going to blame schools and media for wrong doing then you must hold Trump responsible for schools and media.

        1. Two “Johns”.. no waiting! Haven’t heard from either of you gentlemen for a while. I’ll reply to “Comedian John” first given I’m on his thread at the moment… “Texas John” to follow.

          I’ve not said at any time that Trump is the most horrible person on Earth. He’s not at that level… yet. He’s not even the most horrible person in the nation. Pretty much he’s the worst president in the last 100 years or so… I can do that much for you.

      2. You mean besides the overall tone of cynicism?

        I don’t much care about Amazon’s “possible” excesses. If there end up being any.. and there very likely will on some level in some near or distant future… the law will catch up to them, Congress will catch up with them, or public demand (or lack thereof) will catch up with them. Until then they are a commercial economic juggernaut that feeds heavily into our economy. If you are afraid of lobbyists, get Congress to regulate those folks.. or eliminate them entirely.

        You said…
        “Because we are not properly educated. We do not know how to be astute consumers of what the mass media produces. Many of us don’t even realize that the mass media, including the news media, is largely about separating us from our money, not informing us. Thus, we have become easy marks for political chicanery.”

        Properly educated?? There’s your “mindless lemmings” thing again. Who decided what education is proper anyway? You will respond, “Well, certainly it’s not government.” What part of government.. federal? State? Local? Oh.. wait.. you will say “Parents know more about their kids than government.” Exactly how many parents would that be, Tom? You have any stats on that? Because from my vantage point.. being able to get pregnant does NOT automatically presume father or mother or both is competent or even desirous to educate their kids on anything related to the necessary school learning skills. There are a LOT of idiot and incompetent parents in the world… and many are single parents without the time nor capacity to educate their offspring. The vast majority can’t afford non-public education. There is also the generation gap… how many parents actually comprehend what needs to be taught to their children in contemporary terms besides what THEY think encompasses reading, writing, and math.
        I used to be well-inside public education as my kids were involved in it… and all I saw was a lot of local control at the district level. Of course there are some federal mandates to assure some level of educational national balance… I saw no mind control nonsense. In fact, as I understand it, even if you home school your kids they still have to test out at certain levels.. it’s not all about dropping a Bible in their laps and tell them to read it.

        The thing most needed in schools these days…. critical thinking skills. This was once thought of as “learning problem solving techniques”. The immense availability of information available to a single person is mind boggling.. and the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in all that information is now the critical factor in keeping up in the world. This alone, technology running amok, is one of the stressors affecting children of all ages, and those that can’t adapt or having trouble adapting are the one’s with mental health and suicide issues. Reality is a blur with fantasy and vice versa.

        Most adults can’t cope with critical thinking.

        1. @Doug

          Properly educated?? There’s your “mindless lemmings” thing again. Who decided what education is proper anyway? You will respond, “Well, certainly it’s not government.”

          People have used the government to decide for other people — pressure them to accept — how their children WILL be educated and what they will be taught. You cannot justify that, not when homeschooling works quite well, not when the wealthy use private schools.

          There is actually no practical reason why schools should be run by politicians. If schools were run privately, we would have more competition, and we not be wasting money on administrators. Us idiots could see what works best and choose those schools for our children.

          Would you trust politicians to manufacture autos? Then why put politicians in charge of schools? If most people cannot handle critical thinking, what makes you think they choose competent politicians to run schools? Considered the management infrastructure our schools suffer under. Four committees are in charge: a school board, local government, state government, and the Federal Government. All want a piece of the action. None want any of the blame when they screw up.

    2. While you are commenting on the “Cynical View” supposedly held by “Tom”, one might be well-ordered to give you plaudits for your self-confessed “Above Average Cynicism” for President Trump. You see, Doug, as human beings, all subject to error and none of us siinless, we are tempted to judge others and their motives … a judgement that is best left to God ….but thankfully, The Lord “Has” provided us with The Second Amendment. — I still prefer the preaching of the Cross and Jesus Cruficied and risen again from the dead to a lot of empty, senseless struggle and bleating about politics … something that none of is going to do anything about … because everything that is happening in politics now was prophesied a long time ago ….and all of it is leading to one conclusion … the end of this world as we know it, the Second Coming of Jesus, and the Final Judgement of Mankind.

      1. Damn, John.. this sounds awfully like… “God created man, but Col. Colt made him equal.”
        I know, I know.. it’s a Texas thing.

    1. @bluegrue

      Interesting, but the solution won’t work. Expecting politicians to properly make certain our kids learn civics is a big part of what got us into this mess.

      Madison and company did not have any experience with government-run schools. They saw the value of schools, and they saw a government solution as the fastest way to get it done. What they did not anticipate is how the system would be corrupted.

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