Nina Bookout has a post, Hanging Chads Again? Broward County’s Brenda Snipes Triggers Florida Senate Recount [VIDEO], about what looks like an effort to steal a couple of statewide elections in Florida. Because many remember the legal tug-of-war in Florida between Bush and Gore following the 2000 election, the recount in Florida is getting most of the attention, but there are other important recounts, Recounts, runoffs loom over high-profile elections in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.

Whenever there is a close election, accuracy becomes more important. Since it is difficult to get a large number of people to do anything perfectly, there are always vote counting mistakes, and there are always dishonest people trying to cover up their mistakes. That’s why we have to run our elections in as simply and as straightforwardly as possible. If we are going to maintain peace, especially when an election is close, we need to believe the ballots were honestly counted.

Unfortunately, Democrats put winning ahead of everything else. They excuse this behavior in the name of making sure “everyone’s vote counts”. If nothing else, Democrats want to count the “stupid vote”. So they require election officers to figure out the intentions of voters who could not (or did not want to) figure out how to fill out their ballot properly. Thus, there is no way to avoid at least the appearance of shenanigans wherever Democrats count the vote. See:

What can we do? We can participate in the process. Why is that important? When we do evil, we try to hide what we are doing. Therefore, we must hold each other accountable. We must keep our fellow citizens from counting the vote count in secrecy.

Volunteer! Every polling precinct needs volunteers to count the vote. Each of the political parties needs poll watchers. Even if you are Conservative or a Libertarian, and you just want the government stay out of your hair, you must participate. Otherwise, those who idolize government will corrupt our electoral process so they can grow our government.


24 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

    1. @tsalmon

      Actually, I and the blogger I reblogged just passed on news reports.

      When two Democrat run counties cannot get their act together, why blame Republicans when they complain? When Democrats insist upon dubious and unnecessarily complex election processes that invite accusations of fraud, why blame Republicans when they point to election officials who should have been fired already?

      1. When elections are called early because one side dominates , then no one really gets to see how long or how difficult. or frankly, how incompetent the people are who set up the election system and count the votes. When elections are basically a statistical tie, then the spotlight comes on, and we all get to see the ugly truth about how the sausage gets made. Before you make allegations, however, let’s first remember who is responsible for Florida elections, and it ain’t Democrats. It’s like the sleeping captain of a ship that runs aground trying to blame it on the drunk helmsman even though the captain always knew that the helmsman drank on duty.

        In any event, making allegations of fraud and election stealing without any evidence Is dishonorable and just the sort of thing you would condemn Democrats for if they were doing it. But I forgot, character, lying, name calling, that’s the Trump Party these days.

          1. Hey now, I don’t think that’s true generally, but yep, if you’ve sensed “feelings” of hilarity from me on your truth sourcing, then you’d be right. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

          2. @tsalmon

            Go back. Look at what you wrote. I ask you simple questions to justify your political view, and you always fall back on ridicule and name calling. Usually, in imitation of the “truthful, “unbiased”, and Liberal Democrat news media you find an excuse to hate on Trump. Here you are quite sure who to laugh at (as opposed to with). First I cite typical news publications and you denigrate Republicans. Then I cite an article that focuses on a Republican, and you hate on the publication.

            You are not amusing. You also know better. You know that when people use the ends to justify the means the results tend to be tragic.

          3. “The Daily Caller is a journalistic joke. Do a little research on this, um, news source. In its short life since that late night satirical punchline himself, Tucker Carlson, founded it, The Daily Caller, has been exposed in one failed attempt after another to manufacture scandalous stories about Democrats. That you have to cite The Daily Caller to manufacture fraud IS funny.

            Now if you start citing Alex Jones and telling me Obama killed those Sandy Hook school kids as a false flag operation or that Hillary Clinton operated a child sex slavery ring out of the nonexistent basement of a Pizza restaurant, well then it won’t be funny – it will be kinda scary and sad.

            Even a Republican appointed Judge and Rick Scott’s own state investigative service is telling everyone to calm down with all the Trumped up fraud allegations.

            Trying to discredit all the endless, outrageous lies and conspiracies that Trump and the Trump Party comes up with has been like playing wacamole. It’s exhausting, and when you don’t believe any legitimate news sources and do believe obviously illegitimate ones, also fruitless. At some point, the only thing to do is laugh at ourselves and maybe, just maybe, pretty soon you’ll figure out the joke.

          4. Ha, ha, ha, ha. The dreaded pee tapes! You got a point there Tom, and you also make mine about the humor in all this.

            I think in all cases of allegations, we should look at who made the allegation and why, and who reported it and in what manner. How reliable is the source? Has the news source corroborated the facts in the allegation?

            If you look into your Rubio story, I think you’ll find that what he alleged simply was not true, and even he no longer stands behind it. And of course, The Daily Caller didn’t coroborate anything.

            You want to believe it so it’s true. I want to believe the pee tape story because, based on worse things he has admitted, to it sounds true. But I also know it’s probably just too hilariously good to be true. In any event, I don’t spread it around as a fact. 😀

          5. @tsalmon

            When it comes to people, there isn’t much point in high expectations. None of us are pure and perfect. So when you believe the New York Times when they call David Brooks is a Conservative, I am not particularly surprised. I have believed dumber things.

            However, is election fraud in that category? Ridiculous? Don’t think so.

            Look in a mirror. Consider your own emotions, your own partisanship. And you are not even in a position to do anything, but if you were could you be tempted to count every vote, even fraudulent votes?

          6. Brook defines himself as a conservative thinker in the tradition of Edmund Burke, but I don’t think he sees it as a tribal affiliation so much as a philosophical outlook. If one actually considers conservatism that way, I’m not sure Brooks would regard your brand of impractical and radical ideas all that conservative, but I suppose people ought to be able to label themselves any way that they want.

            Trump imagines himself a “Nationalist” these days with all the horrific linguistic historical baggage that that label carries. Words have meaning, and as a brilliant conman, Trump only pretends he is not using them to coax the worst demons of our nature.

            To answer your question, no I would not be tempted to change a vote, and despite your extreme partisanship, I don’t think you would either. In fact, I think that given our fear of being tempted, you and I would probably be more likely to err in the opposite direction of party loyalty. At least that has always been my judgement of your integrity even since we were children. Have I been so wrong?

            I know we are all sinners, but sometimes your cynicism about human nature astounds me. Most Americans do the right thing most of the time because they trust our institutions. They don’t instinctively run stoplights and steal other people’s stuff, even when they think they can get away with it. A few people who are sometimes desparate and sometimes cynical make us have to lock our doors and hire policemen. When the vast majority of a society ceases to have faith in the institutions of government (including the vote) we call it a failed state. In my humble opinion the credibility of the institution is actually far more important than the outcome. That is why all this cynical Republican fraud and conspiracy mongering is so dangerous.

            Regardless, even in the close elections in Florida, we are talking about thousands of votes. It would take a grand conspiracy of hundreds of public servants and volunteers to all decide they are willing to risk their reputation and jail time. You also shouldn’t mistake instances of human error or systemic flaws as maliciousness.

            And even if I were as cynical about people, as you apparently are, then I would have to believe the wickedly partisan vote counters and recounters in the red counties would offset the criminals in the blue counties.

          7. @tsalmon

            Am I cynical. No. I just trust God, not man. Listen to yourself. You are as tribal as we come. If I want to believe the worst about people, all I have to do is listen to what Liberal Democrats, especially the news media, say about their political opponents. After all, I am an irredeemable, deplorable, Trump supporter.

            Think about it. To justify limiting the powers of government, all I have to do is throw your own words right back at you.

          8. Ha, ha, ha. No brother, I don’t think you are so “deplorable” and I still pray for your redemption from the institutional cynicism of Trumpism. Hope is a Christian virtue. 😊

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      That’s an idea for the provisional ballots and absentee ballots if that information is checked before the envelopes are opened and the ballots counted.

      1. I actually wrote about this phenomenon last night. If you get the chance check it out. I could be totally wrong, but there is a reason why certain people are promoted to these positions.

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