Next Tuesday, November 6th, is election day. Are you an irredeemably deplorable red-blooded American? Then you need to vote. Otherwise, we will be stuck with a bunch of self-described moderate, high-minded, generous souls with other people’s money, busybodies, running our lives. Why? Well, let’s save the best for last.

The Amateur Rant

First the amateur rant.

All politicians make promises about the wonderful things they will do if we vote for them. What makes Republicans different? Their promises tend to be a bit more moderate.

Are Republican politicians better people than Democrats? God knows. What we do know is that while many Democrats may have good intentions, too many of them are dangerous busybodies. They would drag us into places where even angels fear to tread.

  • Democrats think our money is their money. So they take as much of our money from us as they can, and then they spend it for us. Do Democrats spend our money wisely? What happens when our money runs out?
  • Democrats think sex is a choice. To correct their thinking, Democrats insist upon educating other people’s children about sex. What do Democrats think about sex? Well, think of it this way. Do we really want your children demanding sex change operations?
  • Democrats think killing an unborn child is just a medial procedure designed to remove some unwanted flesh. They see nothing wrong with forcing taxpayers, most who think otherwise, to pay for other people’s abortions. Democrat even think paying for abortions should be part of our foreign aid programs. How do we know abortion is not murder
  • Democrats call global warming (which they have relabeled “climate change” to fool themselves) proven science. Based upon “proven science”, they think they can control the weather and lower the oceans. All we have to do is use unproven, costly technologies, effectively depriving the poor in our nation of the energy they need to heat their homes and travel.
  • Democrats think anyone should be able to come into our country who wants to come into our country. “Wasn’t Jesus a refugee”, they ask? When most of the world’s population is poor and uneducated, what about the cost to our generous welfare state? Democrats have forgotten that when Joseph and Mary took Jesus into Egypt to escape a certain murderous king the Egyptians did not pay for it. Instead, God, through three wise men, provided Joseph and Mary with gold, frankincense and myrrh.
  • Democrats think the Constitution is a “living document”, that the Constitution’s meaning evolves to suit the times. How is a living document suppose to protect our rights? If politicians can make all of our choices for us, what rights do we have?
  • Democrats think politicians should be trusted with our retirement assets, our healthcare, the education of our children, almost all scientific research, our banking system, the value of our money (Our money only has value because we use it to pay taxes. Think about that.), every little decision about our transportation systems, the distribution of “charity”,…., and who knows what else. Why? Who in his or her right mind trusts politicians?
  • Democrats think we exist to help them create their version of Utopia. What if we don’t like their version of Utopia? Have you heard about how much incivility we have in our politics these days? When will the busybodies start trying to stick us irredeemably deplorable red-blooded Americans in “re-education camps”?

The Expert Rant

To hear an expert rant, click on=> Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/2/18. Mark plays a recording of himself on the Sean Hannity Show. That starts at about six minutes into his show and lasts about six minutes. Of course, his show begins with his expert ranting. So you may as well listen until you decide had better head to the polls.



  1. Extremely well said Tom, I couldn’t have summed things up better! There are many clueless Republicans out there, but nothing matches Progressive Democrats ignorance on the importance of our Constitution, the free market and basic economics.

  2. We early voted on the first day for early voting—so I am now long over all of the ads, the phone calls, the desperation, the ugliness, the hatred, the division, the lies, the bullying, the idiocy, the lunacy, the asinine…did I mention the idiocy??
    Yes…despite being mad at the party I have always supported, I continue to vote for them as they don’t spew the same sort of intolerant sputum the comes from the willy-nilly, henny penny the sky is falling democrats, socialists, and progressive mouths…those who are living in some sort of fantasy land where the world revolves solely around them. Those who are oblivious to the very concept of the definition of “fact.”
    I don’t know, I’ve been pretty happy with our economy as of late…the fact that it is growing, that more jobs seem to be coming home and that minorities have the highest unemployment rate since…well, when???

  3. Tom.

    Mark Levin presents facts when he presents his opinions.

    Somehow the word facts become skewed when presented by radicalized political opinions, in my opinion.

    This post of yours presented a number of for example ssues. If I may add one more economical issue that Democrat Liberal Economists may use to skew truth with use of percentages facts.

    If interested,

    Regards and good will blogging.

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