King Solomon, “Supernatural” Parable Wisdom for President Trump?

Rudy begins his post by discussing the choice of a word. Why are words important? If we don’t understand a word, we don’t understand the concept that word represents.

Do you love your children? Do you believe your neighbors have the right to practice their own religious beliefs. Do you believe your neighbors have the right to pass their beliefs on to their children? Are you opposed to a godless state exercising unfettered power? Then please fight for school choice.

Rudy u Martinka

Interested in the reason for the possible choice of the adjective this minister prayed to be bestowed on President Trump?

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6 thoughts on “King Solomon, “Supernatural” Parable Wisdom for President Trump?

    1. @John

      Good recommendation. Ever bought a lemon? Many of us have. Yet how many of us want the government to be in charge of making cars?

      What if the government had a monopoly on the manufacture of cars? Don’t we know that if the government monopolized the manufacture of cars every car would be a lemon?

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      1. I am getting to the point where I am starting to believe that because of Media manipulation and insider shystering within the elected community, the government is already secretly in control of almost every facet of American Life. It’s just that the peons like me haven’t awakened to the fact and if we do awaken to the fact, we are powerless to do anything about it because I believe the entire voting mechanism is flawed, fouled and compromised by the financial giants who run the Industrial/Military Complex. I am getting to the point now where I am tempted to answer every political question with, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is Gods’.”

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        1. @John

          Can’t say I don’t understand the feeling. The mainstream news media (MSM) makes Liberal Democrats sound unstoppable. What the MSM publishes, however, is a fantasy. Once we begin to realize the MSM can’t be trusted, then we have to figure out who and what we can trust. Your last line pours to the Way.

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          1. We can always trust The Word of God, The Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ and God. They will never lead us astray. The world and all the things of this world are passing away but His (God’s) Word endures forever — I am just passing through this realm of flesh and brick and stone — I have a new home awaiting me — in Glory — with Jesus! He said so and I believe it! I can pray for the ills of this present world but I cannot personally do anything about them. I will pray. I do pray always and about everything. I also know that whatever happens in this world is something that God will use in the achievement of His purposes. I am mightily pleased in the refreshing flow of that wondrous stream of glory from on High — I bathe in it every day! I drink of the water that will never allow a person to thirst again — I am a happy camper even through, from time to time, my flesh gets in the way and I revert for a time to worrying about things that are totally transient. But The Holy Spirit checks me and always gets me back on track. Praise His Holy Name.

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  1. Thanks for your reblog and comments to communicate this freedom.

    Government supports freedom of religion in our Constitution with words only, while at the same time government prevents its construction by making it unaffordable for poor or middle-class wage earners.

    Regards and good will blogging.

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