Lady Justice, No Longer Quivering, and The Talking Donkey…

Originally, I just intended to just write a comment, but the more I thought about it the more interesting I thought IB’s observations.

To make identity politics work, Liberal Democrats have to understand our differences and then contrive to use those differences to split us, and that they have done. Make no mistake.

To a large extent, the controversy over Brett Kavanaugh is just in preparation for the election in November. So Conservatives have to be careful with their words.

So is IB right? Are Conservatives hurting themselves? Probably. We do need to assure women that Conservatives abhor sexual abuse of any kind. However, everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence, even men disliked by Liberal Democrats. Balancing those two messages can be confusing.

Anyway, here is the comment I had planned to leave.


Ordinarily I am happy to agree with you, but I don’t think you are being fair to Pastor Wilson. The pastor’s complaint is that these accusations are being made without any regard to due process.

The pastor never poo pooed the issues of sexual harrassment or rape. When he used the example of the adulterous woman the scribes and the Pharisees had brought to Jesus for judgement, he even use an appropriate example. Even though the woman was guilty of adultery, the men judging her had no business using her to push an agenda of their own. None of the woman’s accusers were acting in obedience to God. They did not care about the woman’s sin. They were trying to destroy Jesus.

Did Pastor Wilson present his case perfectly? Of course not.

You are a first class communicator. Your blog is one of the best, but does everyone understand what you are trying to say? You know they don’t. When we read what someone else has written, we can garble it in a thousand ways.

What is Pastor Wilson missing? I guess you think it is this. Women instinctively demand protection. In an age of fractured families and communties, women want the government to provide that protection. What is even more stupid is that many of them want both special protection and the alleged glories of the sexual revolution.

In this environment the pastor’s message demanding due process does not sit well with some women. It may even seem dismissive of their complaints. However, if we want equal rights for both men and women, it is all our government can do. We all have the right to be treated equally before the law, even men.

Is there a solution? Yes. The Bible still provides the best guide for sexual relations. Sex is a gift from God, and we need to treat that gift with the reverence it deserves. We need to bring up our boys and girls to respect each other as fellow children of God. We need to avoid as much as possible situations that might lead to sexual sin.

However, doing what the Bible requires is a matter of custom, not law. We cannot legislate some things. Expecting senators to deal fairly with a vague, decades old, last minute, sex crime accusation in a politicized hearing just isn’t realistic. This may be a fight over a justice, but too many of these senators are fighting for power, not justice.

See, there's this thing called biology...

So I was not going to talk about Brett Kavanaugh, politics, or the charges against him, and by “charges” I mean charges in the court of public opinion. I am still not going to talk about Kavanaugh directly because both proclaiming his innocence or pronouncing his guilt all about the intertoobz is just stoopid.

There is a much larger issue here that is far more important, and that is how the chattering conservative class never seem to realize they are actually much like cats at the mercy of a little red dot. Seriously, quiver that laser light to the right and all the little chattering cats will run to the right. Or if you’d like to see them try to climb up the wall, point it towards the wall. It’s almost like having a remote control in your hands.

In politics the goal is not to prove some guy’s guilt or innocence…

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13 thoughts on “Lady Justice, No Longer Quivering, and The Talking Donkey…

  1. Your title brought to mind this proverb.

    A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the backs of fools! (Proverb 26:3)

    Frankly, bringing up something any drunken teenagers may have engaged in 36 years ago and attempting to come up with a fair and just “due process” is like looking up a donkeys ass for a fair and just due process judgment, in my opinion.

    The moral being, every teenager who ever makes a decision to go to an unsupervised party with boys and girls drinking, is taking a big risk, even though they may not know it at that time in their lives.

    I surmise if this issue was brought up to King Solomon, he might pick up a rod and do as the proverb advised to judge this matter at the time of the party, not 36 years later..

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      Given how long ago the accusations hail from, it is a mystery that Democrats think the accusations relevant. What is more ridiculous is that the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee think there is any justice to be found in taking the charade the Democrats are playing seriously. Has more to do with kissing for justice than looking I fear.

  2. I’ve not yet read IB’s post so I can’t comment on whether or not I disagree with it.

    I do have to say this whole Kavanaugh episode makes me physically ill just thinking about it. Did he sexually assault this woman? Who really knows, but as of now nothing points to the fact that he did and nothing about the life he’s led after high school shows him to be a sexual predator, just the opposite.

    His accuser may be sincere or confused or whatever, but she’s allowed her issue to be hijacked by the Democrats who of course are trying their darnedest to exploit it for political gain.

    Republicans should not run scared from this. There are plenty of women that can see right through this ploy, more so I dare say than the screechers crying for Kavanaugh’s scalp.

    1. Yes! I really like Tricia’s comment Tom, because this woman is either a victim of sexual abuse, which can really create some major emotional problems, or else she is mentally ill, broken,wounded, confused from something else, and being exploited, taken advantage of by the Dems. Either way, that just makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach. It is immoral to exploit people who are hurting or confused.

      There is always the chance that she is simply a liar, self serving, evil, motivated by a political agenda and nothing more, but in my experience that is actually rare. Conservatives are often quick to point to Potiphars wife, but they miss all the other tales of women confused, deceived, betrayed, exploited, and actually assaulted, In my opinion the bible gives a pretty good sample of how it plays out in real life.

      1. @IB

        Am I being unfair to Pastor Wilson? Nah,I think I’ve got him pegged pretty well. I say that without any hostility. I mean he’s a brother in Christ, I just thing he’s wrong about many things.

        I am more cynical. Most of the time I think you would be right. This is not one of those times.

        When a woman comes forward with a report of sexual molestation, she generally cannot expect to be lauded for her courage. She is in for a legal fight, and who knows what else?

        Once she decided to go after a Conservative Supreme Court justice nominee and got the support of a few key Liberal Democrats, Ford had little to reason to worry. She just has to stick to her story and play the victim. As a PhD, chances are she has the brains. Moreover, she will be coached by experts.

    2. @Tricia

      I agree. Republicans run scared of the news media. If the party would just stand up and fight back, they would get more respect.

      Ford’s charge is serious, but she has yet to offer any evidence whatsoever. If she had taken this thing to the local police (who have jurisdiction, not the FBI), they would have ignored it. The cops need to know who, what, why, when, where, and how? Ford has only answered “who” and “what”. Why I think we can guess. Yet without when and where it is terribly difficult to prove or disprove that anything happened. So there is no good reason why the judiciary committee needs to take her seriously.

    3. What gets me is that the women accusing BK admit having been intoxicated at the time of the supposed incidents, and they don’t remember when or where the supposed incidents occurred (not surprising, as alcohol tends to mess with your memory)… and yet they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that BK is the one who assaulted them. If they can’t remember when or where the incident happened, how can they be so sure of the perpetrator?

      All of this is nothing but a transparent ploy to get BK to give up, or failing that, to drag out the confirmation process until after the fall elections, when the Democrats expect to take back the Senate, after which they can torpedo any nominee President Trump might send them. And most important of all, to ensure that no one will ever again consent to be nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump, having seen what will happen to them if they do.

      1. @bluebird of bitterness

        This whole process is good illustration of just how evil gossip can be. That all the people attacking KB have done, gossip. That’s why it deserves no respect.

      2. You’re right BoB, it’s a blatant ploy to destroy Kavanaugh’s appointment to the SC and any future Trump pick really. Disgusting beyond belief.

  3. Thanks Tom, for the mention! Am I being unfair to Pastor Wilson? Nah,I think I’ve got him pegged pretty well. I say that without any hostility. I mean he’s a brother in Christ, I just thing he’s wrong about many things.

    What I see many conservatives doing right now is looking for an external,political solution to what is an internal, spiritual problem. For many, Kavanaugh is about stacking the SC so as to overturn abortion rights. The problem being our social ills stem from the heart, they are spiritual, cultural,and not a matter of legislation. You want to fix them,you have to point people to Jesus. Kavanaugh is like one tiny battle, but we want to actually win the whole war.

    1. @IB

      We are all wrong about many things.

      Think about this verse.

      Matthew 10:16 New King James Version (NKJV)

      16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

      When people try to do what is right, some very nasty souls — wolves — will persecute them for it. Therefore, we must combine the wisdom of a serpent with the disposition of a dove.

      When Liberal Democrats try to destroy a man’s or a woman’s reputation, we don’t need to pretend their charges are worthy of serious consideration. If they don’t have evidence, then there charges are not worthy of serious consideration.

      Would Dr. Ford lie? Is she trustworthy or just a fanatic Liberal Democrat? I don’t know the woman, but she has surrounded herself with Liberal Democrat political operatives, and her demands on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee are outrageous.

      It is most assuredly true that belief in the Gospel is the solution for our social problems. Jesus told us to spread the Gospel. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, at least some will believe. Meanwhile, in or to facilitate the spread of the Gospel, we need to do our best to maintain a stable government that supports freedom of religion. Why? Look at the Middle East. Islamic tyranny successfully opposed the spread of Christianity. The Roman Empire could not do that, but unlike the Islamic Caliphates the Roman Empire never developed a strong ideological revulsion for Christianity. The secularists in our society have also developed a strong ideological revulsion for Christianity. So they must be opposed they will stifle the spread of the Gospel message.

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