A freshwater swamp in Florida, the United States of America.

Swamps are not happy places for human beings. They are, if anything, too full of life, hungry, predatory life. Hence, when human beings live in swamps, they must become especially careful, wary and cunning.

Nevertheless, in the modern era we have become more generous in our regard towards swamps. If nothing else we value them as filters. The water that passes through them comes out cleaner than it went in. The swamp that lurks in Washington DC, however, has no such redeeming quality. It destroys or pollutes everyone and everything. Such a swamp leaves us only one choice. Either we drain it, or it destroys us.

Want an example? Check out The demonization of Nunes is a window into our times by Victor Davis Hanson. Here is how it starts.

Much of what we now know about the unethical and often illegal behavior of the FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and Department of Justice emerged due to the efforts of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Its chairman during its stunning disclosures has been Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican, who in turn has been constantly demonized for his efforts. (continued here)


  1. Great apology comparison.

    If I may add another fact about swamps is the that the animals and insects that strive the most in that enviroment are the most irritating and venomous creaturels to human beings.

    For example, snakes, mesquitoes, lizards, bloodsuckers, etc.

    If you compare the way they attack their victims, the snakes seek and squirm at you, the flying insects stay out of the sun and lurk in the shadows or darkness, the lizards etc the same, mostly after your blood (money).

    Whoever coined the phrase, drain the swamp, sure seems to know well how to deal with them.

    Squashing em works best. In my opinion.

    Regards and good will blogging.


    1. @scatterwisdom

      Squashing em works best.


      That does work, and I expect the remains serve as a deterrent. Probably violates the cruel and unusual clause, unfortunately.

  2. Nunes is just one in a line of those who need a double dose of mosquito repleant! Or snake chaps or any other means of defense in the dangerous swamp. Judge Kavanaugh is also coming to mind…as our progessive ​left who cry out for secularism seem to actually want to elect a saint…forget if he or she knows the law…virtue since birth must now be imperative!

  3. Let me get this straight… of all the alleged examples of some existing political swamp in D.C., former democrats and/or current Trumpian antics (many teetering on the edge of his replacing one swamp with his own).. you select something as insignificant and benign as poor Nunes being picked on by the press as some example of a “swamp-gone-wild”?? Jeez, Tom. When are you going to get real?

    1. hey doug-

      There is enough swamp mush coming from the commentators of CNN to make one’s head explode. Have you ever heard Ann Navarro? A paid plant with one purpose, and it appears she does not have one drop of common sense in her body, she speaks like a pit bull, (one of her seven tongues and no ears) if she ever smiled her face would freeze,…

      ……….and you have to appreciate my restraint in telling you how I really feel. lol. Seriously, study her and her ways and backwards thinking, and you just may understand why good people despise the troubling leftist communists with painted faces saying they ‘love America.’

      Then there are the minute-by-minute bombshells by W. Blitzkrieg, oh, it is nauseating, but from your support of these folks, it does appear you don’t see the swamp.

      1. Well, Trump just replaced one swamp with his own. It’s a damn chaotic mess. Navarro is simply another disgruntled old school republican, like myself. Trump’s not a republican.. or much of anything else for that matter. I realize he’s “your guy” in spite of anything he does or does not do, but he’s “only” my President because I believe in the Constitution, and for NO other reason. It’s going to be disappointing for those of you who supported him and he ends up “adios amigo”.. but it’s going to be disappointing to the entire country to have to deal with him. There’s no gloating over any of this as it all unfolds.

        1. There is enough blame to go around doug, but u have to admit, when Obama was prez, not one word from the left about his overt deficiencies. That’s the troubling cesspool. Trump on his worst day is still better than most.

          Borders, language, culture for example. Hard to argue against.

          1. Well, no. Trump on his worst days (generally each day), does NOT constitute the ends justifying the means. Sorry.. I see NO defense of the man’s actions being justified over a bunch of “iffy” accomplishments that could just have easily been done by a far less volatile republican. “But he’s carrying through his campaign promises!” Well, no more than any other president. In fact.. check anywhere… previous presidents have completed more campaign promises than Trump.

            Honestly, have you EVER tried.. on your own.. to actually understand why so many folks “hate” Trump? I mean.. not the usual conservative Trumpian diatribe about liberals all wanted crooked Hillary as if that alone were some justified “reason” for anti-Trumpism. In an effort to form MY OWN opinion I have chosen to get involved in other conservative blogs to try and gain some first hand understanding of what motivates Trump supporters. That’s just how I work.. and that’s not for everyone because people have variances in patience with others. But, jeez.. just watching Fox & Friends is NOT developing your own opinion. All that is, is watching TV that agrees with your own biases to make you feel good.

    2. @Doug

      ColorStorm stole much of my thunder, not that I mind. A lion’s roar makes what I might have said much more impressive.

      So I will settle with an observation or two.

      1. If you were being smeared like Nunes or a certain Supreme Court nominee, how would feel about it? Don’t you think we ought try to put ourselves in each others shoes? Do you actually think smearing the reputation serves our nation well?
      2. Nunes is being smeared because he dug up much of the evidence that leaders in the DOJ and FBI abused their authority and went after Trump, even trying to frame people of crimes, including Trump. Yet you say this is insignificant. This indifference is why I said you are being willfully ignorant.

      1. Well, jeepers, Tom. Why should I even care about Nunes or how he might feel? He’s not one bit the center of anything going on in D.C. or the White House specifically. He’s just a player. Feel free to place him on your pedestal of political admiration. I see him as a non-functioning supernumerary that has already faded from significance. There’s much more important things going on.

        1. @Doug

          He’s not one bit the center of anything going on in D.C. or the White House specifically.

          Really?Doug, each of the news media organizations either caters to or promotes a certain ideological bent. If a storyline does not fit their agenda, most of the news media either refuses to cover that story or twists it to suit their preferred narrative. Don’t think so? Try reading both Liberal Democrat and Conservative media for awhile.

          1. It’s the old story of the glass being half full or half empty.. both results are true but reporting on each takes a different tone. If Trump supporters wish to report all the “Polyanna” good about Trump’s latest campaign promise fulfilled, say, the tax cut.. that’s certainly accurate news reporting (insofar that the “good” in that is fulfilling the promise itself and less about how it might affect the country, which remains an open issue). On the other hand, it’s also accurate news reporting that Trump is actually making a self-serving dispute about the death toll in Puerto Rico’s hurricane, yet another overt lie and totally a continuation of his un-presidential behavior. The problem comes in when conservative media drums up support for what the president says with absolutely no facts. If Trump says it, it by God, must be true!

          2. @Doug

            It has nothing to do with with glasses, full, half full, or just plain empty. It is about power, who runs our country. It is about sore losers who have no honor and refuse to play by the rules

            The death toll from Maria is a simple example. About 68 people actually died from the storm, but the news media wanted a bigger. So they happily made use of a new, unvetted way of calculating the death toll. Here is one review.

            3000 deaths is misleading. It is willfully ignorant to believe that number.

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