One of the things that puzzles me is the trust that so many people still retain in the mass media, especially the news media. Fortunately, that seems to be slowly changing. Nevertheless, I still think we need to encourage our fellow citizens to view the news media skeptically. So here are a couple of observations for your consideration.

Fake News

President Donald Trump calls fake news the enemy of the people. Is he correct? Consider this editorial by Victor Davis HansonThe ancient war between the press and the president.

The media are furious that President Trump serially decries “fake news.” He often rants that journalists who traffic in it are “enemies of the people.”

Reporters have compared Mr. Trump to mass murderers such as Stalin and Hitler because of his dislike of the press.

Mr. Trump may be crude to reporters, but journalists are also not so innocent. They have brought much of the present calumny upon themselves in a variety of ways.

The media seem to have little concern that their coverage is biased even though polls show that the vast majority of Americans believe the media intentionally reports fake news.

Indeed, fake news is not a Trump exaggeration. Despite coverage to the contrary, Mr. Trump did not remove a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office. Testimony by former FBI Director James Comey revealed that senior Trump campaign officials did not consult “senior Russian intelligence officials,” as The New York Times reported. Vladimir Putin denied having compromising information on Mr. Trump during an NBC interview after an earlier NBC report said Mr. Putin did not deny having such information.

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Check what Hanson says. Is he lying?

Who Owns The News Media?

Let’s consider something obvious. Liberal Democrats constantly complain that the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer, and the news media encourage us to vote for Democrats. Yet when we elect Democrats the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Is there something wrong with the advice we are getting from the news media? Could be.  The rich own the news media.

If anyone thinks the rich are going to undermine their own interests, they are kidding themselves. Never happens. What the rich generally do is pit the poor against the middle class, pacifying the poor by helping those folk rob the assets of the so-called middle class.

Anyone who tells we don’t know who the middle class are has not thought this through. The “middle class” are just those people wealthy enough to have something to protect, but not wealthy enough to buy political influence.

One more thing.

What Is The State Of The News Media?

You may find this worth perusing, State of the News Media ( These articles provide information about how we get our news now and future trends.

What do I think we should be doing? I think we should be surveying different sources, checking to see if our primary sources are trying to mislead us..


53 thoughts on “IS IT FAKE NEWS OR NOT?

  1. Great analysis! Fake news is a threat to the country. However, like what was pointed out in this post, the majority of Americans seem to be catching on to it. We are not stupid, as the left would like to believe.

    1. @Tsalmon

      Just a puff piece. Here is an example. Mueller is wonderful because he indicted all those Russians. He never expected any of them to show up for trial. So he was not ready when one company did.

      It is going to be interesting to see how this turns out.

    1. This is coming from someone who votes for Democrats?

      Oh! I forgot. Democrats are not ideological. They are just corrupt.

      What you are mad about is that Trump’s supporters refuse to pay attention when hypocritical Democrats charge Trump with “crimes” they ignore when Democrats are guilty of the same thing.

      You want to get on your highhorsy instead of thoughtfully debating? Well, have at it. You are just embarrassing yourself. We are not going to commit a far greater a far greater evil. Just to quiet the noise of sore losers, we are not going to put Democrats back in charge.

      1. “Mueller has yet to charge any American (or associate of Trump) of anything to do with colluding with the Russians. You literally don’t know what you are talking about”

        Actually, my I’m-not-a-lawyer-but-I-know-everything-about-the-law-and-everything-else brother, you have to close your eyes pretty hard not to see the two sets of charges against Manafort as having absolutely no Russian connection at all, but I never said that anybody committed the crime of “collusion”.

        There is no crime specifically named “collusion” that I know of, but there is one named “conspiracy”, which according to historical jurisprudence can and often does carry worse penalties than the underlying crime, and in some situations, does not even require and underlying crime at all. There are very sound societal reasons for this this that have to do with the great damage to public peace and social morality when two or more people plot evil acts than if a single person acts or plans alone. This may seem strange at first, but makes sense if you think about it. Eve alone eating the forbidden fruit was bad, but look what her conspiracy with the snake and then Adam wrought on humanity?

        Manifort is flat broke, owes money to at least one of Putin’s oligarchs and is committing bank fraud to keep up appearances, and yet he offers to run Trump’s campaign for free, and offers to give the oligarch private briefings on how things are going? And under Manafort’s tenure, the Republican Party platform mysteriously changes bipartisan foreign policy on Crimea?

        Now let’s throw in that meeting between Manafort, Trump’s son and son-in-law with Putin connected Russians to get dirt on Hillary. Look at all the lies and fabrications (that Trump keeps changing daily) that have come out of that little treasonous criminal conspiracy. Trump’s defense is that the conspiracy doesn’t matter because they didn’t get anything out of the meeting, but a conspiracy crime does not work that way. Furthermore, I don’t personally believe that the campaign didn’t actually get anything.

        Trump’s family may be pretty stupid but Manifort isn’t, and certainly the Russians aren’t either. There was no need to hand over a pile of illegally obtained emails that would have been tracked back to everyone in the room. Instead, the Russians would have been promised sanction relief and would agree to release the emails through second and third parties, which they ultimately did with Wikileaks. And if you don’t think that the Russians taped every word said so as to keep everybody dishonest, then you don’t have much knowledge or imagination about espionage. The Russians now own everybody in the room, and because Trump’s son is involved (and I would hazard a guess knew about everything that happened in the meeting as it happened) they’ve further compromised Trump.

        As for Mueller’s appointment, you’re half right, the Justice Department professionals that Trump appointed wanted to fire Comey because he screwed up the whole Clinton email thing, not because he did not prosecute her, but because of the fool he made of himself and the mess he made of the election with his showboating the whole thing in violation of Justice Department rules and protocols. Trump coming out right afterward and saying that he essentially obstructed justice because he really fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation into his campaign is what forced the appointment of Mueller.

        If you have read the NYT article that I posted, then you know that, if Trump did nothing wrong and his motivations actually were innocent, Rosenstein did Trump a solid by appointing Mueller who would have wrapped things up pretty quickly and by the book. On the other hand, because Trump is a crook, a conman and liar, well Mueller turns out to be Trump’s worst nightmare.

        1. @tsalmon

          All you want to talk about is stupid crap. When I say you are ignorant about this, I am not kidding. You are willfully ignorant.

          I mention the Steele dossier. Silence. There is no question Obama used intelligence resources to spy on Trump’s campaign, and they did not have a good reason.

          In the performance of his duties, the president cannot obstruct justice. The charge is ludicrous. Rosenstein wrote the memo explaining Comey’s firing. So he then appoints a special counsel?!!!! Comey even told Trump he was not under investigation. Comey was leaking. Could not be trusted. This was a set up.

          Manafort was on Trump’s campaign how long. So long you can’t even spell his name right. His firing had nothing to do with a Trump/Putin conspiracy, and neither do Mueller’s charges. This whole thing is bunch of lies.

          Why don’t you check with Bernie Sanders? Maybe he can tell you something about how H. Clinton steals elections. His supporters sure can.

          If Trump and company were actually conspiring with the Russians, that stupid meeting with supposedly Putin connected Russians would not have happened. What would have been the point. They did not have anything. They would have supposedly been jeopardizing the cover of their presidential candidate for what?

          Why should I take your worries about Trump’s position Crimea seriously?


          What exactly did Obama do about it? And you are worried about Trump? By the time Trump could have done anything about it, it was too late, and you have to know that. You just don’t give a damn, and that’s scary.

          The fact is you and your ilk are putting Trump in a weaken position with respect to Putin, and for no good reason. How is Trump suppose to deal with the man? If Putin decides to say Trump is his boy, you idiots will believe Putin. That’s how stupid this has gotten.

          1. “I mention the Steele dossier. Silence. There is no question Obama used intelligence resources to spy on Trump’s campaign, and they did not have a good reason.”

            Talk about “stupid crap”. You really beliefve everything Trump says, don’t you?

            Let me ask you a simple question: don’t you know that Trump lies constantly? Don’t you know he’s a narcissist and a conman? Don’t you know that he is a serial adulterer? If none of his wives could trust him, why on Earth do you swallow all his conspiracy crap like some cult follower? You ignore facts and swallow whole every wild conspiracy theory.

            Clinton’s campaign did hire a firm to do opposition research on Trump (the same firm was first hired to do opposition research on Trump by a conservative website funded by a billionaire supporter of Republican candidate Rubio) and Steele, a well respected MI6 agent, came up with a bonanza. Why do you think it’s so easy to dig up dirt on Trump?

            Are you accusing Clinton of colluding with the British, our closest allie? You don’t see any difference between an opposition research firm hiring a respected former British agent to legally find out information from his sources and Trump’s campaign knowingly working with Russian government agents to obtain the release of illegally hacked DNC emails (although they hoped the Russians could get them Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State). The parallels to the Watergate breakin are chilling, but even Nixon’s men wouldn’t have conspired with a foreign adversary.

            Talk about willfully stupid? Only it’s worse? You ignore facts, believe Trump’s lies and think you know the law because you saw a lawyer on Faux News once.

            The convicted criminal, Manafort, was on Trump’s campaign for six months and Trump’s Campsign manager for three months, most critically during Republican Convention, an eternity at that juncture of the campaign. What a ludicrous thing to say that the campaign chairman was unimportant. If Clinton’s campaign chairman shilled for Mobster kleptocrats and were convicted of eight felonies, you’d be gloating I-told-so for months.

            Manafort was only fired when his reputation as a shill for Russian and Ukrainian Kleptocrats became a liability. Even afterwards he was apparently still connected to the campaign enough to try to get Kushner to appoint the head of a small veterans bank Secretary of the Army for helping him commit bank fraud.

            The confessed criminal, Gates, was Manafort’s second in crime and was Trump’s assistant Campaign Chairman. Gates also worked on (and apparently, along with many others, stole from) Trump’s corrupt inauguration committee.

            One person on Trump campaign confessed to lying to the FBI. Another, Carter Page, (the one you think Obama was spying on?) was being investgated as a Russian agent recruit years before Trump was running, and one of his Russian recruiters went to prison for espionage.

            Trump’s first NSC Chairman is cooperating and awaiting sentencing. And this is just a few of the endless cast of criminals Trump surrounds himself with. The only thing scarier than the fact that the Presidency is going through this is that the corrupt, adulterous, serial liar you voted for because of your blind hatred for Clinton is the president in the first place.

            You don’t even recognize that I’m being facetious when I say that it is “Trump’s Justice Department”. Just because Trump is president, it’s not Trump’s Justice Department, it’s the American people’s Justice Department. Trump just thought it would be his Justice Department and he could use it to cover up his corruption and go after his enemies, but it didn’t work because the game changed after Nixon’s abuse of his powers. Therefore, of course the President can obstruct justice, just as a corrupt governor or mayor or attorney general can obstuct justice. From what political hacks do you get such nonsense? No one is above the law. SCOTUS has upheld that notion on several occasions. It was going to be on the impeachment articles for Nixon and it was on them for Clinton. The difference isn’t whether it’s still not a crime just because it’s the President doing it, it’s the remedy, and even that’s not black and white.

          2. @Tsalmon

            That’s funny. I don’t have to believe Trump. He did not unearth any of the relevant facts. In fact, lots of the “facts” were leaked to the news outlets like the NYT. Tragically, for the conniving leakers, it backfired. People realized the leaks indicated a severe problem with the leakers, an abuse of authority.

            The vast majority of the lying comes from the news media. They usually don’t lie outright. Instead, they use innuendo and withhold relevant information.
            1. The Steele dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrants, but it is just a pack of lies paid for by Democrats.
            2. We still don’t know who unmasked people like Michael Flynn. We just know that Obama changed the rules so that lots of people suddenly had access so that the leakers would be more difficult to ID.

            Rosenstein was one of those who signed off on the FISA warrant. Yet Sessions, not Rosenstein, was pressured to recuse himself. The howl for Sessions head stopped when he got out of the way. Think about that.

            Principal investigators have been fired for blatant bias, and the best you can do is send me a puff piece on Mueller, who has yet to accomplish anything revelant. The investigation into Trump smells. There is so much evidence of partisanship it wreaks.

          3. “1. The Steele dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrants, but it is just a pack of lies paid for by Democrats.”

            Good example of the nonsense Trump sells. It’s not true?

            Which FISA warrant on Carter Page? You know the FBI has been watching Page for some time, and there is more than one warrant. One Russian agent already went to prison for, among other things, trying to recruit Page. The Steele information was not the sole basis for the warrants, much less the last warrant – it was icing on massive layer cake. And Republicans blew the investigaton and the confidentiality of the FISA process just to promote a lie.

            You don’t see how much of a tin hat conspiracy it is to say that the FBI and it’s agents (and apparently a FISA judge too) were all secretly in bed with Clinton? It’s like saying that the military are all secret corrupt Democrats. It’s idiocy on the level with the Sandy Hook murders of children was an Obama plot and the Moon landings were done by Hollywood.

            “2. We still don’t know who unmasked people like Michael Flynn. We just know that Obama changed the rules so that lots of people suddenly had access so that the leakers would be more difficult to ID.“

            You’re surprised to find out that we tape conversations with Russians? Or that it is common to unmask the name of a US citizen in that conversation if that is the only way that the report makes sense or if the US person is committing a crime?

            Are you believing the Nunes nonsense? This is the same guy who gets information from the White House and then makes a big show of running back over to the White House to surprise them with this dramatic new exculpatory information, only it isn’t dramatic, new or exculpatory at all.

            Ya. Flynn lies to the FBI because he had nothing to hide? And Flynn copped to a felony because he did nothing wrong? What are you smoking these days bro?

            Trump is firing and harassing career people, some his own appointees, out of their jobs because he is obstructing justice in plain sight. He’s desparate and getting more erratic and desparate as the noose tightens in. Look at how Trump is having late night twitter meltdowns with his own Attorney General, one of his earliest supporters? You don’t think Sessions knows what’s coming and doesn’t want to be caught up in it? You think this is all rational or normal on the part of a president to constantly lie and bully? You think the White House is supposed to be wild soap opera plot of lies, corruption, adultry, bribes and illegal cover ups? Let me give you a hint: if Trump is saying or tweeting anything, then it is most likely and probably is either a lie, a gross exaggeration or aggrandizing self promotion snake oil, and often it is all three.

            When everybody surrounding Trump is flipping, confessing, getting indicted or convicted, even though it is partisanly inconvenient, maybe you ought to realize that the obvious is more likely than wild narratives where even Republicans are secret deep state Democrats. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis because the Republicans preferred a blatantly corrupt man as president, and now the corruption is catching up to him. It’s just that simple.

          4. @Tsalmon

            You know the government has become too important when one political faction will only believe their own party’s news outlets.

            The Steele dossier was basically it for the FISA warrants. There were claims made otherwise, but nothing materialized.

            Collecting and sharing intelligence has to be subject to certain rules. When one political party starts using government resources to destroy the others, our republic is at risk. The Obama administration clearly abused the IRS. It should come as no surprise they were willing to misuse Intel.

            The Obama administration was in office 8 years. That was enough time to put a bunch of “loyalists” in place. How did you put it? Thank God for the deep state.

            Should we believe the Nines report? Are all Republicans in on the Trump/Putin conspiracy?

            I don’t have to prove Trump is an innocent angel. He isn’t. Nevertheless, you and I are still both obligated to give the man the respect appropriate to his office. That doesn’t involve supporting a rabidly partisan news media lynch mob. Your last paragraph, for example, is just an absurd exaggeration.

          5. How did you put it brother? You said you always knew Trump was no alter boy. What a sad state of affairs when you say you always knew that Trump couldn’t even measure up to the undeveloped scruples of a prepubescent, adolescent church server, and yet you voted for him out of blind partisan hatred at the loyal opposition?

            Do you now believe, as Trump said, that Ted Cruz is really “lying Ted Cruz”? Do you believe, as Trump alluded, that Cruz’s father was a party to the Kennedy assassination? Perhaps, Cruz along with Sessions, were always part of the Democratic Deep State conspiracy? Are you now convinced, as Trump preclaimed, that Obama before he was a glint in his father’s eye, conspired somehow to be born in Hawaii even though he secretly was actually a black Kenyan fetus?

            For years, you have said that the Clintons and Obama were incompetent, but suddenly they are brilliant evil geniuses, Illuminati at the head of a vast web of evil conspirators in the secret Deep State made up of diabolical Democrats and fake life long Republicans, all out to get the poor innocent angelic Trump? Seriously, what’s the story? You’re way too old to start sniffing glue. 😆

          6. If we are going to talk about fake news, why do you feel compelled to perpetuate the wild conspiracies of a man that built his career as the king of false conspiracies, half truths and outright whoppers? For God’s sake Tom, the man was in bed with the National Enquirer to catch and kill stories about his corruption and to spread fake lies about everything from Clinton’s sexuality to her health. He thanked Alex Jones for his excellent reporting, this is the man who perpetrated the Pizzagate Clinton child sex trafficking conspiracies and made the lives of Sandy Hook victims’ parents a living Hell.

            For years Trump has perfected the “I know you are but what am I” school yard deflection. If Trump is called out for lying, he brands Ted Cruz “lying Ted Cruz”. If he is found out in corruption then it must be that Hillary is part of a secret corrupt conspiracy. If his Cadet Bone Spur cowardice is compared to Sen. John McCain’s heroism, then he says McCain can’t be a real hero because he was captured.

            McCain actually is a perfect example of everything that Trump isn’t. It’s not that McCain was perfect, he wasn’t, nor did he claim to be, but he sought constantly throughout his life of amazing public service to live up to the high standards that he thought service to God and country demanded. During his losing campaign against Obama, some crackpot woman in the crowd tried to claim Obama was a secret Arab Muslim, and McCain’s first impulse was to set her straight. Compare that to Trump leading chants of “lock her up” against his political opponent.

            Basic decency isn’t about being unflawed – we are all sinners. Basic decency means having the humility to recognize one’s flaws, repent them and try to be better. Do you honestly believe Trump is even capable of that? We once had a long argument over whether God actually “hates” the unrepentant sinner. Now you spread a blatantly unrepentant scoundrel’s fake news?

            Why do you suppose McCain’s family doesn’t want Trump speaking at his services? Is it because McCain too was part of your deep state democratic conspiracies? Or do you think McCain was so petty that he held a grudge against Trump but not against his actual campaign opponents, Obama and GW Bush (who are both speaking at his funeral)? Or do you think it is because Trump is so crass, so unscrupulous that his family knows he will cheapen the whole somber occasion and therefore McCain’s whole legacy and example of selfless service? McCain’s was total opposite of Trump’s life of selfishness, greed, lying and narcissism.

          7. @Tsalmon

            Look at what you are doing. Trump is president. McCain is dead. They are not running against each other. So why compare them IN THIS CONTEXT? It seems to me you are trying to justify getting Trump no matter what it takes. That’s wrong!

          8. “It seems to me you are trying to justify getting Trump no matter what it takes. That’s wrong!”

            Funny, the “Trump not matter what the lies and corruption” has been the hypocrisy that I (and Doug I think) have been pointing out about this all along. I guess Trump has taught his acolytes well the “I know you are but what am I” childish argument.😉

            We’ve both wasted way too much time on this, but I appreciate the opportunity to speak my piece here, futile though it may be. As you said, it’s gonna get interesting no matter what.

            Love you brother. I’ll sign off here until next time.

          9. @Tsalmon

            Who has been taught well? All you can talk about is how much you despise Trump and anyone who dares to support him.

            We impeach high officials because they have actually broken the law, not because you feel like frying them in an electric chair. If Congress had a case against Trump, they would be all over him in a heartbeat. You have to know the Establishment cannot stand him. Democrats and Establishment Republicans would combine against him, but they don’t have a case, and that has them stymied. Hence Mueller has been fishing around for anything he can use against Trump. So far he has a make-believe campaign violation.

            Since Trump is doing what he was elected to do, most of the public could not care less about what the news media thinks. That’s driving them nuts, and you too, apparently.

            Love you too. Give mine and Sylvia’s hellos to Kate and your family.

  2. Let’s just say one thing: GUILTY. And the leader of your party, the person that discredits every moral point you may make as a supposed member of the Trump Party is your moral leader, essentially an unindicted coconspirator in crime.

    1. That’s sad. No matter what you have to attack Trump.

      The news media is effectively part of our system of government. As President Trump has observed, even CNN has the right to broadcast the news, fake or not.

      Unlike his predecessor, Trump has not used his power to silence the news media. He has only used his bully pulpit.

      As users of the news media we have a responsibility to understand that all news sources are biased, and some will deliberately mislead us. As a former reporter, you should know all this better than I, but all you can do is condemn Trump of some unspecified whatever. So Mueller finally has something on Trump. Trump is GUILTY! Trump is an unindicted coconspirator in something anyone with half a brain knows is not a crime.

      Thanks for another example of fake news.

      As a lawyer, you should be more horrified by the abuses of the special counsel law than I. Instead, you put out this comment, and you Mueller abuse to try to shame a political opponent. Pathetic!

      1. Funny. To your strange pridefully high and fathomlessly low standards, public schools should be a theft crime, but perpetrating clear violations of campaign finance laws to cover up serial adultery in order to illegally win an election is not? Cohen plead guilty under oath to making payments to illegally influence an election at the express direction of then candidate Trump. And that is just one of many crimes that the mob boss we have for president is implicated in.

        With Trump as your Dear Leader, your arguments no longer have any moral, legal and factual foundation. Every other broken sentence that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a verifiable lie, and yet you choose to parrot his mendacity like just another MAGA minion in his cultIsh crime racket. Talk about fake news!🙄

        1. @Tsalmon

          All you can do is put down Trump, and you and the fake media are being absurd.

          An election is a choice. We had a choice between H. Clinton and Trump. One or the other. You can’t give me a reason why I should have voted the lady. All you can do is make up lame complaints about Trump.

          It has gotten to the point of madness. Clinton has server that contains classified in her basement, and that is not a crime? Whereas, Trump uses his own money to pay some women to shut up about his affairs, and that justifies a special prosecutor? Nuts!

          Democrats have tried to overturn the election, and that did not work. Now they are just slinging mud because the issues work for Trump. You should be ashamed. You should know better.

          1. No brother, I fear that the shame is on you. You not only have the facts wrong, you have the morality wrong too.

            Your Party did not win a democratic election. Clinton won the popular vote. The legitimacy of Trump’s presidency is based upon winning only because of a legal constitutional technicality. Even at that, Trump won only by the razor thin margin of less than 80,000 votes.

            Now because the Republican Party through the Trump campaign illegally broke campaign laws and quite likely illegally conspired with a foreign advisary to win, the legal and moral legitimacy of Trump’s presidency is forfeit. It is as if a team on the Super Bowl by two points and it is found that they bribed several referees to do it. After due process proves the cheating, the illegitimate team should be stripped of the championship. It does not matter if the crime is minor or not ( and personally don’t think illegal campaign contributions and illegally conspiring with the mobster Putin is minor), it goes to the heart of the Trump’s legitimacy to be president.

            What you are seem to be trying to say that you don’t care how much Trump broke the law or dishonestly Trump cheated the system and the voters to win, that is preferable to Clinton. In my opinion, that is a morally bankrupt posi

          2. position, and you should know it. Shame on you.

            As to Mueller, he is a life long Republican who was appointed by a lifelong Republican Trump appointee. Unlike Cadet Bone Spur, Mueller is a battle scarred and valor decorated marine war veteran who has spent his whole life in public service under Presidents of both parties. Neither you nor I are worthy of carrying his brief case, and yet you have the temerity to parrot Trump’s mendacity in defaming his character. Shame on you again. You should know better.

          3. @tsalmon

            Well, you are a Democrat.
            1. Rules are for somebody else.
            2. Evidence does not matter.

            If Mueller were honorable, he would either quit, or he would be going after the Hillary campaign and the DNC. Of course, the FBI immunized many of the folks on Hillary’s staff. So that might be difficult.

            Since Mueller is not honorable, he is trying dig up something, anything. It does not matter what. Apparently, it does not matter to you, either.

          4. That was not a response to anything I said. It’s not even a defense of Trump because in your heart, you know that Trump is morally indefensible. No, that is just a pathetic deflection to wild, unsubstantiated conspiracies and a sick resort to smear the character of those whose service to this country is so admirable that yours, mine and definitely that vice ridden Trump’s pales by comparison. This is Trump’s juvenile bullying playbook you’ve copied here, the same playbook he used against his Republican opponents as well as Clinton. It’s more than just sad to me that it appears to be your playbook now too.

            I love you brother, and that won’t change even with all of this nonsense on your part. I have always admired your sense of integrity no matter what the practical cost were. But you seem to have a moral blind spot when it comes to Party fealty.

            You may remember that I thought Bill Clinton should be impeached, not because he committed adultry, but because he was the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and he committed perjury and he lied to the American people. I voted for GW Bush, but opposed him after his administration lied us into a useless multi-trillion dollar war, the ramifications of which we are still paying for in lives, human suffering and treasure. When it comes to basic integrity though, Trump’s selfish small mindedness doesn’t bring him up to Clinton’s or Bush’s bootstraps though. Why don’t you see that?

            I don’t give a crap about your political parties or your strange political theories. I care about leadership, and as I have schooled you many a time, the essence of leadership is integrity. Trump not only has few redeeming virtues, he is an unabashed self promoter of vice. You are so concerned with your fantastic religious ideology about some warped Randian Utopia that you seem willing to sacrifice your basic religious ideals for it. Sad indeed.

            If you are even capable at this point, try this mental experiment for me. Imagine that Obama had done what Trump has done. Imagine for example that Obama had stripped Gates and Panetta of their security clearances because they both were publicly critical of him? Is it a narcissistic abuse of the powers of the presidency only if a Democrat does it? Imagine if Clinton had not given up her tax returns? Is it an attempt to hide corruption only if a Democrat does it? Imagine if Obama, at Obama’s direction, his fixer lawyer who allocuted to committing bank fraud in mortgaging his house just so as to make an illegal campaign contribution in the form of a bribe to a mistress to cover up Obama’s adultery? Now suppose that cheating on the election laws in this way quite arguably allowed Obama to win? Is it delegitimizing cheating only if a Democrat does it? What if Obama constantly lied, exaggerated, and bullied his opponents like some juvenile delinquent? Is this demeaning the office of the presidency only if a Democrat does it? I could go on all day, but you will only get the point when you cease to be ideologically blinded and open your eyes to the difference between Obama’s basic decency and Trump’s basic indecency.

          5. @Tsalmon

            I responded appropriately to what you said. What you wrote was a mindless personal attack on Trump. What did you write that was germane to the content of the post. What was specific enough to merit a response. Do you seriously think we need to discuss whether Trump should be taking away the security clearances of people who no longer have the need to know, people who now work for the news media?

            Consider. You don’t like the Constitution. I have seen what Liberal Democrats do to the Constitution. They appoint politically correct judges. No doubt if thought they could get away with it, they would overturn Trump’s victory in court. Therefore, point #1. Mueller’s charter was supposedly to investigate Trump’s collusion with the Russians. No evidence. Therefore, point #2.

            Given what you think about me — ideologically blinded — what is the basis for a discussion?

            We are brothers. We should share many beliefs in common. Yet there is a basic truth we cannot ignore. To live in peace we must let others live in peace. Instead of forcing our beliefs upon others, we must as much as possible let others run their own lives. Unfortunately, the people you vote for — the news outlets you believe — have no intention of leaving others in peace. Therefore, we have political differences we cannot reconcile. This is why our nation stands at the brink of civil war.

          6. “Consider. You don’t like the Constitution. “

            What an asinine thing to accuse me of. The only thing more estounding than your ignorance of the Constitution is your audacious sense of superiority about that ignorance. The Constitution is predominately an institutional process blueprint, and Trump, with the help of his MAGA minions and Putin, is trying to one by one corrupt and destroy each one of those institutions, including a free and truth based press. If you lie constantly to people like Trump does then of course you would claim that a truth telling press is the enemy of the people – it certainly is his enemy. Trump would wipe his arse with the Constitution if he could see a buck or some self promotion in it.

            Civil war? Good luck on that one if you are depending on Cadet Bone Spur to lead your side in such an insanity. (He’d be trying to cram is fat butt under his bed in Trump Tower when battle hardened veterans like Mueller and Admiral McRaven come to arrest him and haul him off to jail). How inflated a sense of your own politics do you have to have to come up with such an idea that we are about to have another Civil War? We do share far more in common, not just as brothers but as Americans, than we disagree. Overmuch pride and the fear and hatred that drives such all comsuming pride is the only thing that keeps you from seeing that. Your outlandish political ideology is seriously worth killing me and your fellow Americans over? You really need to get over yourself brother. If your going to start killing your brothers and sisters, it ought not to be for the corruption of our democracy that Trump and the Trump Party now represents. It ought to be for something more important than your being forced to pay for your neighbors’ children to have a decent education or some life saving health care. Tribal pride and selfishness is the usual motivation for at least one side to go to war, but it is not the side I would want to be on.

          7. @Tsalmon

            Democrats are frothing with anger over H. Clinton’s loss and perfectly ready to believe Trump and Putin are engaged in a massive conspiracy. And that’s just some of their most recent lunacies.

            When members of the party of segregation and slavery run around calling their opposition “fascists” and “racists” at the drop of a hat, reasonable does not describe their behavior. They want what they want. Little else seems to matter.

            Let’s illustrate the point. Do Democrats like the Constitution? As a “living document” they can manipulate, maybe they do. However, as a “living document”, the Constitution cannot serve its intended purpose. The Constitution is a charter that explains how the federal government is supposed to operate, and it gives it certain specified powers. Thereby, the Constitution limits the powers of the federal government. A “living document” cannot do that. Why not? What if the federal government does something unconstitutional these days? What happens? What if someone points out the federal government is doing something that is not in the Constitution? Don’t our officials just tell us that the judges they appointed say it is okay; that it okay because times have changed even if the Constitution hasn’t?

            What Democrats don’t seem to care about is the fact that people have not changed. If writing a law down on paper does not render a law immutable, then what is the point of written law?

          8. Sure, the Democratic Party “was” the Party of Slavery and segregation until it became the Party of desegregation and civil rights. Do the Democrats sometimes resort to tribalist identity politics? Yes, just as the Republican (particularly Trump) often resorts to racist dog whistles and loud and clear race baiting. Remove that plank from your own eye before you decide to start shooting someone else who is sight deprived by their own prideful ideological splinters. And have some historical perspective, otherwise you’re not publishing truth or even a sincere opinion, but just being another perveyor of faux conspiracy theories and the fake news that you are so inflamed about.

            As I said before, the Constitution is almost entirely meant to be an institutional blueprint, not some unchanging sacred scripture come down from God. It’s imperfect but of course it adaptable within the institutions it engenders. Otherwise, our democracy would not have survived and prospered.

            The greatest enemy of our institutional government isn’t some irreconcilable ideological differences? Ideological dispute, necessary compromise and all power sharing are built into our constitutional system. I repeat, you are way too proud of the righteousness of your ideology and your Party (especially given that you are lead by an avid liar and a scoundrel) if you think it is so perfect that you have to kill me for it.

            The greatest enemy of our constitutional system is corruption (and I’ll give you the fact that more government than is necessary is one form of corruption). Corruption comes from selfish motivations, and Trump is a walking, talking selfish motivation on steroids. He has already corrupted the Republican Party and he is trying to corrupt and destroy our institutions. Luckily, our institutions are stronger than he is. You find it surprising that the institutions and those like Mueller who spent there lives serving those constitutional institutions are fighting back at that corruption?

            You want to fight some ideological war against our actual Constitution with a vice ridden and corrupt snake as your leader? And we’ve got actual patriots like Mueller and McRaven on our side? Good luck with that. You’ve already lost before the first shot is fired.

          9. @Tsalmon

            Democrats are still the party of racism and segregation. They have just expanded the product line into identity politics.

            Don’t agree with the man about everything, but this is interesting

            What it comes down to is that in order to implicate Trump, Mueller, the superhonorable man, has pressured Cohen to confess to a crime that isn’t a crime. Pure politics!

          10. Democrats aren’t any set thing any more than Republicans are. Your broad generalizations are pretty meaningless. Certainly the Trump Party has nothing to do with what it historically has meant to be a Republican. It is significant, however, that white supremacists just love Trump.

            Do your own research on Mueller. His whole life is a testament to what it means to be an honorable patriot and nonpartisan professional. You think he turned into some political hack or deep state Illuminati just because he’s investigating Trump? Quit being such a blind partisan. You and Trump get to bash his character, but because he is man of character and a professional, he runs a closed investigation and doesn’t respond with juvenile statements and tweets like yelling “rigged witch hunt” every five minutes. Mueller’s only responses have been the appropriate ones: guilt pleas, indictments and convictions. I’ve never seen such an horable prosecution.

            I’d also check your facts and not trust just one lawyer on the law. Dershowitz is an amazing lawyer, but he is runs extreme left as a civil libertarian. He’s only a poster child on these days on faux news because they love Trump.

            Because he is a pathological liar, Trump’s story about all this changes by the minute. The facts seem to be that on at least one of the coverup payments Cohen mortgaged his house and was not paid back intil after the election, not by Trump, but the Trump corporation, which supposedly, Trump was not even running any more. If there every was a case for a bribe being an illegal campaign contribution, this is it. It also appears that National Enquirer owner David Pecker is a cooperative witness to all this now too. Why? Well not because he isn’t afraid that he committed a crime. No honor among thieves I guess. Also, Cohen is not at this time being prosecuted by Mueller, but instead by the SDNY who actually got the case from a corruption investigator by the NY Attorney General, but Cohen seems to be begging to turn on Trump with Mueller so we will see what happens?

            Finally, there is nothing new under the Sun about a prosecutor leveraging one crime to get defendants and witnesses to give information on the target crime. There is so much corruption surrounding the corrupt Trump that it sounds like Mueller can pick and choose from a smorgasbord of the criminals and crime surrounding him. If you read Mueller’s mandate, he is well within it to do just that. Ken star, who had a different job from Mueller, didn’t start by investigating perjury either. Do you really think that Trump shouldn’t ultimately prosecuted for any crimes investigors find if they are not Russia related? Crime is crime. Trump’s ability to finance dried up about 10 years ago, and suddenly his is swimming in cash which his sons told reporters back then was coming from Russia (read Putin controlled oligarchs here). Are you really going to be surprised to find out Trump has been laundering money for Russian kleptocrats? Is that a Russia election collusion? Regardless, if he’s guilty of crimes and corruption, he should not be our chief law enforcer.

          11. @Tsalmon

            Actually, what is significant is that Democrats love the idea of white supremacists loving Trump. Nobody is going to win an election with the supremacist vote. They might, however, win an election with all the people Democrats have called racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist…. That’s a large number, whereas the number of white supremacists is dinky. There many many more radicals in Antifa, for example.

            Trump is running on issues and trying to keep his promises. All your comments are a repetition Democrat smears. Innuendo. Not evidence.

            Mueller has had plenty of time and money, and he has gone well off the reservation.

            Oops! I suppose that’s a slur against Indians 😢. My secret is out! Now everyone will know I am a deplorable white supremacist. Not!

            Read what you are writing. It is is BS, gossip. Nothing factual and you know it. Mueller has the power to subpoena the financial records he needs. If he had evidence, it would have leaked, and the Republicans in Congress would have run for cover. So cut the crap.

            If Mueller releases his report right before the election, that will be sick, wreaking of politics. But it would not surprise. Par for the course with that guy.

          12. Ya Tom, I know you are being so victimized by supposed snowflakes calling you names.

            Of course l, you know everything about how to prosecute crime much better than a 10 year Director if the FBI, and a former federal prosecutor. If Mueller implicates the corrupt leader of the Trump Party in crimes, well then despite an impeccable record of public service, he, unlike you, is just a partisan hack.

            What facts did I get wrong? Did you even read about Cohen’s guilty plea allocution and the indictment brought against him?

            There are so many high level people surrounding Trump being convicted, pleading guilty or cooperating with investigators for immunity right now that it is hard to keep up, but do try. You will want to know when you will want start your civil war following your corrupt criminal leader, Cadet Bone Spur. 😆

          13. @Tsalmon

            You have yet to provide any facts.

            The “evidence” against Trump mainly consists of the Steele dossier. The DNC and the Clinton campaign paid for it, and key players in the FBI and the DOJ knew about it. Mueller has too many ties with those people to be an objective.

            Look at you! It would be silly to call you objective. You won’t address the alternative to Trump. You can’t point to anything Trump has done wrong as president that amounts to a hill of beans. All you can do is spew personal condemnations of Trump and anyone who voted for him, and incidentallly Trump’s primary accuser some kind of saint. It’s laughable except it is so 😢.

          14. Ah well, you want to ignore the evidence as Trump’s cronies go down daily? You want to smear a patriot to protect the Dear Leader of your cult? That’s up to you brother.

            Trump knows what is coming even if you don’t. His behavior is getting more erratic and his lies more frequent as he see the noose closing.

            I think Trump may ultimately take down the Republican Party for years to come. Your alternate? Well you’ve already chosen a criminal. In any event, there is getting out ahead of this and putting country over crime and corruption? There is Pence?

            Meanwhile, we can just watch the daily freak show that is Trump degrading the Whitehouse, and you can wait for Mueller to finish.
            No, I don’t think it will be before the midterms. However, a Democratic House will begin investigations in earnest. The snowball will start rolling fast now. You can get out ahead of it or bury your head in the snow. Thanks to our institutional resiliency, it’s still a free country.

          15. @Tsalmon

            You seem to have calm, factual commentary confused with gloating over your opponent. Not quite the same thing.

            Is Mueller getting convictions? What would you do if a smart, savvy team of prosecutors, with an unlimited budget and no discernible moral convictions, came after you? What if they were intent on bankrupting you? What if they broke into your home or office? What if they threatened your wife with jail? When would you break down and give them what they demanded, another man’s head on a platter?

          16. “Is Mueller getting convictions? What would you do if a smart, savvy team of prosecutors, with an unlimited budget and no discernible moral convictions, came after you? What if they were intent on bankrupting you? What if they broke into your home or office? What if they threatened your wife with jail? When would you break down and give them what they demanded, another man’s head on a platter?“

            Well, I guess if I were a criminal in the Trump crime syndicate, pretty damn quick.

            Yes, there are so many convictions that it is hard to keep up. (Guilty pleas are actually convictions too you know). Also, just the number of immunity deals that we know about probably means that those witnesses had criminal exposure that made him or her want to deal. (Trump’s long time chief financial guy is now said to be cooperating for immunity). You feel sorry for criminals only if they are Republicans criminals I guess.

            When Republicans went on an actual witch hunt against, first Bill Clinton and then Hillary, that is just the system working right? Remember Ken Star’s final impeachment recommendation had nothing at all to do with his original investigation charter. Remember all those years of partisan Benghazi investigations with unlimited time and resources, and what was it, 11 hours of public testimony by Hillary? All for nothing. Hillary didn’t crack. All of her subordinates didn’t beg for immunity. Why? Because she did nothing wrong.

            And yet you still join Trump’s mob chant of “Lock her up”. Why? Not because she is an actual criminal, but only because you don’t approve of her politics . Blinded by your ideology you are happy, without proof or due process, to take up your pitchfork and just convict her.

            So spare me your crocodile tears for your favorite criminals. You were willing to accept corruption because you thought the ends justified the means. The Republican Party sowed hatred into our government and now for a while they will reap the whirlwind. My only hope is that both Parties learn that corruption, not each other, is the real enemy.

          17. @tsalmon

            The reason the Senate did not remove Clinton from office is that Starr pulled a rabbit out of hat when he was supposed to find a rat. The public saw what Starr had done was an abuse of power. That’s why that damn special counsel law was allowed to lapse. It is a violation of the separation of powers, especially when someone like Starr or Mueller is after the president’s head, no matter what. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

            The Benghazi investigations did not go anywhere for the same reason Democrats are investigating Trump. Victory has become the goal, not justice. There is no doubt about what happened in Benghazi. The facts simply don’t matter. Democrats were not going to admit guilt even when it had become obvious. Weird!

            Did Republicans revel in embarrassing the Democrats? Some people are that small. Yet considering that people died needlessly and that the Obama/Clinton policies during the “Arab Spring” wreaked havoc in Libya, the truly sad thing is that Obama and Clinton were not even appreciably embarrassed. Democrats did not care.

            Because the facts don’t matter, H. Clinton is not in jail. We know that server was in her basement. We know it did not belong there. It simply isn’t debatable. We also know Clinton’s associates got immunity from prosecution for no good reason. The facts did not matter. Their lame coverup did. That absence of serious news media coverage did.

            There is a different set of rules for some people. It is as George Orwell observed in Animal Farm.


            Good government is not about Trump or Obama or Clinton. Good government is not about winning for its own sake. Good government is about justice, maintaining order so that we can live in peace, so that we can feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t do justice very well.

            So spare me your crocodile tears for your favorite criminals. You were willing to accept corruption because you thought the ends justified the means. The Republican Party sowed hatred into our government and now for a while they will reap the whirlwind. My only hope is that both Parties learn that corruption, not each other, is the real enemy.

            You say Republicans are sowing hatred. Since most Republicans are cowed by the news media, that is just not true. Even your archenemy, Trump, isn’t running around telling Republicans to get in the faces of Democrats. Even Trump isn’t telling Republicans to kick Democrats out of restaurants.

            Most Republicans I know are just appalled at the sheer gullibility of Democrats. Think this through. How does REDUCING the power of government make it a threat to anyone?

            Are you concerned about illegal immigration? If that’s your problem, then you have the definition of corruption 180 degrees backwards.

            Democrats losing an election is not equal to corruption. There is no proof Russians did anything that influenced the outcome of the election. Trump winning the election is not equal to corruption. Yet you are insisting that it is. That is insane!

            You want to know the enemy? We find him or her each time we look in a mirror.

            Think again about Matthew 7:1-6. When we use the government to run other people’s lives — assuming our neighbors are incompetent to run their own lives — we fail to observe the plank in our own eye. The whole idea of giving that kind of power to politicians is just stupid.

          18. “The reason the Senate did not remove Clinton from office is that Starr pulled a rabbit out of hat when he was supposed to find a rat. The public saw what Starr had done was an abuse of power. That’s why that damn special counsel law was allowed to lapse. It is a violation of the separation of powers, especially when someone like Starr or Mueller is after the president’s head, no matter what. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.”

            I don’t completely disagree, but I also don’t think it is that simple. Given the election price that Republicans paid, I think that most Americans thought that the original investigation was a partisan witch hunt and that Clinton should have never been asked about his affairs to begin with. Strangely, an affair with an intern in the White House alone should have been an electoral disqualification for Clinton, but I thought the perjury crime, no matter the reason for it, gave Clinton no credibility to be our President. A crime is a crime, no matter how blatantly partisan the motivation for dragging that crime up.

            And that goes to your other point, that the President should be above the law – I think you are dead wrong. How to investigate and prosecute a president for crimes he or she commits before and during that President’s term in office is not an easy black and white matter, no matter how much you live to look at the world in those terms. I agree with you that Ken Star (aided by Trump’s current Supreme Court nominee) abused his powers with obvious partisan prejudice.

            Archibald Cox, on the other hand, did not abuse his powers, and his firing was a clear obstruction of justice by Nixon. Nixon quite provably, because of the tapes and Dean’s testimony, abused his powers by attempting to use the IRS and the Justice Department to go after his enemies and not prosecute his friends, even if his friends had committed crimes and his enemies were not even suspected of crimes. Nixon also obstucted justice by, on numerous occasions, trying to cover up the Watergate burglary of the DNC.

            There is no easy answer, therefore as to whether the Special Prosecutor Law was either unconstitutional or an abuse of power. Simply because a prosecutor can abuse his power does not mean we should not have prosecutors. As we have seen, there are both legal and political remedies for such abuse, and to my knowledge SCOTUS did nothing but affirm the Special Prosecutor up until it lapsed and died. The issue is moot at this point,, and as you know, Mueller was appointed under different laws and rules.

            As much as you want to make Democrats your boogie men for everything, they had little to do with Mueller’s appointment. Democrats control no branch of government. Trump and his administration basically did this to themselves. Everybody involved is either a Republican or a Republican appointee. Despite Trump’s ranting, there is also no credible proof that anyone is abusing prosecutorial powers. If there were, then Mueller could be fired at any time for cause.

            As I said before, it is not an abuse of prosecutorial powers to prosecute an unrelated crime that is discovered in the process of any investigation. In fact, it is a standard prosecutorial practice, especially in order to flip witnesses toward the focus of the targets and subjects of the investigation.

            Are you really surprised that criminals surround themselves with criminals who commit crimes unrelated to original crime being investigated? Is it really an abuse of power to use the unrelated crimes in order to flip the criminals so as to find out more about the target crimes? Should prosecutors just ignore crime and corruption when they come upon it it because it is unrelated to the original target crime or criminal? In any event, read Mueller’s investigative charter, the tasking given to him by Trump’s Justice Department, and you will see that this is well within that charter. Furthermore, many of the prosecutions of Trump’s cronies either are being found by other attorneys within Trump’s Justice Department and IRS, or else have been turned over by Mueller’s team to other Justice Department Assistant AG prosecutors.

            Instead of being outraged that Trump’s own Justice Department is prosecuting, flipping and/or conflicting everyone surrounding Trump and Trump’s Campaign for crime both related to and not related to the election, why aren’t you outraged at the amazing amount of convicted and credibly accused criminals and corruption that surrounds Trump and Trump’s campaign? You need to put on a tin foil hat and plug your eyes and ears to delude yourself that this is all some Democratic deep state conspiracy.

            Where is the Democratic abuse of the separation of powers here? The Democrats, at this point at least, have no powers to check the presidency. Just like Nixon during the Saturday Night Massacre, Trump can fire anybody in HIS Justice Department (including Mueller) at any time. There is no Congressional law or SCOTUS power to stop him, much less some hair brained idea of a Democratic Deep State Illuminati. It is only a tremendous political price that keeps Trump from firing his whole Justice Department. (He’s already fired everyone who he thinks he can get politically away with). That and the fact that there are still enough Republicans who put country before petty partisanship and who think that even the President should not be above the law.

            Because of what has been already reported, we already know that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to turn the election in Trump’s favor. We know that Trump associates committed campaign election law violations and we have tape recorded evidence and sworn testimony that Trump directed those election law violations. We also have credible circumstantial evidence that Trump and the Trump Corporation are in hock up to there eyeballs to Russian banks and oligarchs, and therefore Putin.

            Unlike Nixon, who would have won by a landslide without the stupid Watergate burglary of the DNC, Trump won only in the electoral college and only by a tiny margin of the population. Election crimes, hacked Russian emails and Russian social media help quite probably put Trump over the top. Trump’s moral legitimacy to be POTUS is therefore already questionable even if it is legal, but proof of his or his campaign’s complicity in these campaign crimes and corruption already, IMHO, makes Trump presidency legally impeachable.

            However, because Mueller is a consummate professional who doesn’t blab on camera, tweet slanderous accusation or leak, but instead strictly abides by the rules of his charter and by the rules of the Justice Department, we don’t know yet what Mueller knows. At this point, we just know that Mueller is building a case methodologically and professionally, and that he and the Justice Department seem to be finding crimes and criminals under every rock they look that surrounds Trump. That alone should give you and the Republican Party pause.

            You are falling for the last desperate guilty denials of a criminal who knows that he is about to be exposed if you fall now for Trump’s continuous whining about “no collusion” and his bashing of his own Justice Department, FBI, Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. Mueller will never indict Trump for Trump’s own crimes and corruption. That would violate Justice Drpartment Rules, and arguably the Constitution, although whether a sitting POTUS can be indicted has never been tested. Mueller will professionally and methodically build his case with evidence and witnesses meticulously gathered and then he will release his findings in the proper fashion at the proper time.

            In my opinion, and unlike everyone else in his crime syndicate, because Trump is a sitting President, impeachment is the proper remedy, but only when it is proven to the satisfaction of the necessary numbers of both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate. No man, not even the President , is above the law, but impeachment and Senate conviction is the proper intitial process for holding a president accountable to the law. That time is not yet, and will only come, if it does, when Mueller’s investigation is released.

            Do you and your political party really want to be on the wrong side of the rule of law and justice and ultimately, history, when proof of Trump’s crimes finally comes out. Because, one way or another, regardless of who Trump fires or how much Republicans help obstruct truth and justice, the truth will eventually come out. The only question is how much damage will Republicans allow to our country and it’s institutions before that happens and how high a price will Republicans pay for accepting Trump’s crime and corruption for the sake of political expediency over God and country.

          19. @Tsalmon

            And that goes to your other point, that the President should be above the law – I think you are dead wrong.

            I never said the president should be above the law. When you so busy disputing with a straw man, it is difficult to construct a logical dialogue.

            The president is supposed to have the power to appoint (with the Senate’s consent) and fire the officials in the executive branch. Mueller is not exactly an inferior official. Trump didn’t want him, and getting rid of him would create a publicity nightmare. That is a separation of powers problem.

            Anyway, it is bedtime.

          20. @Tsalmon

            Wrong side of history? You know the future? I don’t. I do think the rule of law and justice important. Can we start by appointing public officials, like judges, who think the Constitution should be interpreted the way the people who ratified it expected?

            Instead of being outraged that Trump’s own Justice Department is prosecuting, flipping and/or conflicting everyone surrounding Trump and Trump’s Campaign for crime both related to and not related to the election, why aren’t you outraged at the amazing amount of convicted and credibly accused criminals and corruption that surrounds Trump and Trump’s campaign?

            That’s Trump’s DOJ? Then he sure doesn’t need one that isn’t.

            You think I am wearing a tinfoil hat? I think you are being a bit too selective with the facts.

            Because of what has been already reported, we already know that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to turn the election in Trump’s favor. We know that Trump associates committed campaign election law violations and we have tape recorded evidence and sworn testimony that Trump directed those election law violations. We also have credible circumstantial evidence that Trump and the Trump Corporation are in hock up to there eyeballs to Russian banks and oligarchs, and therefore Putin.

            Mueller has yet to charge any American (or associate of Trump) of anything to do with colluding with the Russians. You literally don’t know what you are talking about. The supposed crimes sometimes are not even crimes. This is primarily for show. Would you like to have me get you a tinfoil hat?

            When Trump finally got fed up and fired Comey, Rosenstein hired Mueller, the previous FBI Director. That’s the reason for Mueller, but Comey clearly need firing. Nobody had been happy with him. Yet the news media and the Democrats did a 180 and Rosenstein appointed Mueller. That is the kind of crap Trump has encountered managing DOJ.

            Personnel is policy. How does anyone manage an organization when the chiefs of that organization are clearly conspiring against him?

  3. I think we use to call it sensationalism and it was the fodder of the trash papers…aka the tabloids…now it’s mainstream news…what was the tipping point? Sometimes I think it goes back to deep throat.
    When did we lose our minds, seemingly to prefer being whipped up into a feeding frenzy of crazy while disregarding facts?? Trading facts for far-fetched fiction….sigh

    1. I am afraid it goes back to Adam and Eve.

      “Our” solution to government is suppose to be limited government. “We” contrived a Constitution that prevents the concentration and abuse of power.

      Why the quotes? The people who contrived our Constitution did their work over 200 years ago. Few in this generation appreciate the Constitution, and fewer still know how it is suppose to work.

      Why the ignorance? Starting in the 1830’s Americans started putting politicians in charge of the education of their children. History is controversial. Education is controversial. Jesus is controversial. Politicians avoid the controversial. So now we are doing the stupid things the Constitution was designed to prevent. Most Americans have never read the Bible, much less what the classic works the founders read when the contrived the Constitution.

    1. It up front about being an editorial, not news. So you got that wrong. It is not news. Is it fake? Just because you say so?
      😀 Don’t think that cuts the mustard.

  4. I think that more and more people are realizing that we can’t trust the media. They report before fact checking or doing their research. This is the perfect way to bend the people’s will. I try not to watch the news anymore. I feel a heck of a lot better because of it

  5. It amazes me too Tom how many people there are that actually watch mainstream news and take for granted what is being said is true. Mind boggling really.

    1. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the FCC had a fair amount of control over the broadcast news. There did not seem to be any such thing as Conservative or Liberal Democrat news. Journalists were supposedly objective. They were not. ABC, CBS, and NBC were just toeing the line.

      Cable TV and the Internet prevented government control. These news media don’t use the broadcast airwaves. The nonsense we are seeing now is often undignified, but it is more honest. We are now seeing journalists hold each other accountable.

      1. That’s very true Tom. There is a problem though in that while the internet has been a tremendous benefit in getting intelligent conservative thought directly to the people, there is also a lot of crap out there that many are just gobbling up as truth. I don’t want to curtail this but it is creating a lot of ignorance.

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