King Solomon, Cogitating the Economics and Wisdom of Derangement

In this post Rudy takes three editorials and fuses them into one idea, vote Republican. Good idea!

Even if that idea rubs you wrong, please read the last of the column s Rudy links to, the one by John Kass. It may help you to understand why our nation is so devided. It did me.

Rudy u Martinka

Which side of derangement syndromes will win or lose the next election 100 days from today?

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11 thoughts on “King Solomon, Cogitating the Economics and Wisdom of Derangement

  1. When the left stops with the dismissive “derangement” moniker to be a cutesy way to make fun of Trump-haters, then something might be done together. On the other end.. if your position is that it’s Trump’s way or the highway… well.. then we will continue to get more nonsense “cogitative” posts that solve nothing.

      1. Tom.. you really need to start watching TV and get familiar with current events. It’s ALL about Trump.. and he wants it that way. For him the Constitution is just in the way.

          1. @Doug

            There is no use in worrying. It is a big universe. We are on a small planet. We could gone in an instant. Either our security is in God’s hands, or we have none, and there is nothing we can do about it.

            Trump is like us. Trump puts his pants on one leg at a time. He has money and power, but what can he do that reaches into eternity? He too is a man, not God.

            As it is, most of Congress wishes Trump was not president, and Congress is the most powerful branch of government. If Trump oversteps his authority, Congress will impeach him and remove him from office. Even if Congress does nothing, Trump can only serve two terms. Since he is 70, he may not even complete one.

            If it matters — if we matter — our fate is in God’s Hands, and to worry is futile. Ironically, worry just shortens what we worry about, our already finite existence. Thus, worry is just a joke.

          2. A valid perspective. But for me.. worry defines a personal priority on things larger than just my own life. I tend to prefer to acknowledge that God made us who we are as a reflection of who He is. No.. not human omnipotence, but if the Big Guy created us then we should assume we are a product of His desire. I prefer not making religion overly complex.. as do many folks I know. But that’s just me; I’m not out to impose spiritual interpretation on anyone. Now.. politics.. that’s a different issue… which is why we all impose our viewpoints.

          3. The point of that thing we call human rights is to avoid imposing our viewpoints anymore than absolutely necessary. If we put too much trust in government (people like Donald Trump 😀 ), we give our government more control over us than is desirable.

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