Here is what immigration is suppose to look like.

The concerns Liberal Democrats have about President Donald Trump colluding with the Russians to steal our election looked absurd from the start. Trump just made a joke, and they took him seriously. Yet even after couple years and a fruitless search for evidence that joke is still what the news media wants to talk about. Why? That joke is still the best distraction they have.

What sort of collusion with foreigners should we be talking about? Consider Liberal enclaves embrace noncitizen voting: ‘I think this is another good step forward‘ (

Forget the Russian government — foreign nationals are increasingly gaining the ability to influence American elections more directly. They’re being granted the right to vote.

From Boston, where the city council is debating the move, to San Francisco, where noncitizens gained the right earlier this month in school-board elections, jurisdictions are looking to expand the boundaries of the electorate beyond its citizens.

Several Republicans fired back this week.

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina announced a bill that would strip federal funding from states or localities that allow noncitizens to vote in their elections. (continued here)

Why do Liberal Democrats want foreigners to vote in our elections? Is it because they care so much? Is it because their ethics are so superior? Ethical Liberal Democrats? No. We are talking about socialist busybodies. These are people who actually claim they know how to spend your money better than you do. They are just making a cynical political calculation. Because it is easier to persuade poor, ignorant illegal immigrants to vote to spend other people’s money, allowing noncitizens to vote changes the outcome in their favor.

Look at once prosperous California. Is that is what you want for the United States? Do you want a government dominated by spendthrift socialist busybody Democrats? Then don’t let those power mad rascals import a bunch of voters who don’t know how a republic is suppose to work.

If you are a citizen, then you have a responsibility to vote wisely. Please do so. We have a bunch of congressional seats to fill in 2018. Let’s vote and make certain the votes of citizens determine the outcome.


  1. Trump said that he did not pay Karen McDougal. Michael Cohen’s tape shows that that was a lie.

    That same Michael Cohen now alleges that Don Jr., contrary to what he told the public and Congress, actually did call his father about meeting the Russians. This is significant since Cohen was in the room where it happened.

    In a perfect mimic of Squealer from Animal Farm, Guiliani goes on TV to declare that the Michael Cohen they had praised last month had always been despised, never had a significant role in Trump’s life or business deals, and is not at all trust worthy despite being almost exclusively a lawyer for Trump for the past 20 years or so.

    And here I thought it was supposed to be Democrats who deny reality. Considering you are all liberals and Liberalism is itself a denial of reality, what is one more absurdity.

    1. @Stephen

      You going to prosecute him for any of that? Besides, wasn’t Trump a Democrat back then?

      So long as Trump is ashamed of behaving badly, there is not much reason to throw him out for that sort of stuff. If we did, we would fire half of our politicians, and probably not the right half.

      Conservatives favor limited government because we don’t trust people with great power. So when you try to convince Conservatives Trump is not absolutely trustworthy, we just roll our eyes and shake our heads. Compared to most politicians, he has been an angel. He is actually fighting to keep his promises.

      Look at King David and his descendents. None escaped the temptations of power unscathed. Yet you want to give our government officials more power. You worship your system, of course. Since Trump is appointing judges who respect the Constitution, and you don’t, you think he has to go. All you need is a lame excuse. That’s hypocritical.

      1. For lying to the American people about paying his lawyer to bribe a woman while he was running for president in arguably clear violation of campaign finance laws? Like, this isn’t Charlie Trie or even Bob McDonald. This is a candidate for president making a corporate in-kind contribution and an illegal one at that. This is not simply being a serial adulterer. This is wanton lawbreaking. But I suppose you are fine with wanton lawbreaking so long as the person is white and belongs to the GOP.

        He is fighting to keep the promises he made to large donors while creating new government subsidies to the farmers he nearly bankrupted with his tariffs of abomination.

        The rest of your comments are unintelligible stock phrase that you appear to bring out whenever someone points at the obvious hypocrisy you display in an effort to save face as you retreat from the moral high ground you never had.

        1. @Stephen

          A violation of campaign finance laws? The amazing thing is the idiots proposing such a thing are serious. When someone opposes us and we have to go to such extremes to “get them”, we have consider the possibility we have a screw loose.

          1. Nobody voted for Trump because he was a paragon of moral virtue. It is astounding that the anti-Trump camp keeps yammering about his womanizing. The American people have never cared when the President commits adultery.

          2. Um, it IS quite serious. I mean, the man is on tape. The payment happened during the campaign.

            You can’t honestly be so devoted to all things GOP that you will seriously make all excuses necessary to deny the facts in front of you.

          3. @Stephen

            Of course, it is serious. Hopefully, he repents of such behavior. However, it is not a criminal matter.

            We had a choice between H. Clinton and D. Trump. We chose Trump. If you cannot get over it, that does make it everyone else’s problem.

          4. This isn’t a matter of repentance. This is a matter of then-candidate Trump breaking the law. How interesting that you pounce upon immigrants but make excuses for Trump. You don’t actually care about law breaking. you care about supporting your team, the rule of law be damned.

            Trump is the president, but that doesn’t make him above the law. I have a problem with people breaking the law. You seem to be fine with it so long as it is someone on the GOP side.

            You merely expose the hypocrisy of Liberalism and why it is an absolute joke for you to be bemoaning criminal allegations at anyone when you refuse to scrutinize honestly the beam in your party’s eye.

            Such is the result of a slavish devotion to ideology and the abandonment of Christianity in service to that ideology. You use the Scriptures like a Shylock, manipulating them to your own gain while those same Scriptures condemn you and your ideology. The lip service you pay to Christ is a farce in comparison the to the faithful devotion you render to your true lords and masters. It is naked and apparent in all your writing. You do not care for Truth save when it can benefit your ideology. You do not care for Justice unless it benefits your ideology. You will pervert Holy Writ if you have to shield the ungodly of your while you use them to attack the ungodly of another party.

            God shows no partiality to either the ungodly of your party or of the other. You are all ungodly and all equally destined for damnation for the manifold wickedness you perpetrate against the Scriptures and against God.

  2. So horrendous. Isn’t it illegal for non-citizens to vote in our elections? Couldn’t states that allowed that be prosecuted by our federal courts? Sigh. What is happening to our Republic? 😟

    1. @Lynn

      Nothing new under the sun. This is a fight over power and the fate of our nation. All we can do is pick the side we think God wants us on.

  3. You make some outstanding points Tom about the brainless, mind bogglingly stupid move by Democrats to open up voting to none citizens and the steaming hypocrisy their screams of Russian collusion it brings with it. Well done!

  4. That’s an idea. In 2020, instead of just KEEP AMERICA GREAT!. We can have THANK YOU PUTIN FOR HELPING US TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! That will annoy both Putin and the Democrats. Two for one!

  5. When I read stuff like this and relate it to whether or not Russia interference caused Trump to win, I say, Thank you Putin.

    Im guessing King Solomon would file this liberal policy under “madness and folly” if he was alive today.

    Regards and good will blogging

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