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Have you ever debated a Liberal Democrat? Well, that is a start, but debating only one Liberal Democrat won’t help you see what most have in common.  Instead of identifying the problem they want to solve and debating alternative solutions, they magnify their favorite problem out of proportion, focus on “doing something”, and attack anyone who disagrees with “doing something”. Instead of debating, they try to shame you into shutting up. Sounds absurd, right? Well, it is absurd. So why do they do it? They don’t want you to hear, see, or speak of the evil they are responsible for.

Here are couple of obvious examples.

Voter Fraud

Abdel showed up at his local Pennsylvania motor vehicle office to take his driver’s license test — and walked out having registered to vote, even though he is not a citizen.

He said his command of English isn’t good and the computer system was unclear, but he somehow managed to sign up even though he knew he shouldn’t. (continued here (washingtontimes.com))

Even though our government spends trillions every year and controls military and police forces, we make very little effort to protect the integrity of our voting systems. Yet the same political party primarily responsible for that pretends to be alarmed that Donald Trump might have colluded with the Russians to steal an election. Does the lack of any evidence matter? No. Because they don’t like him, Trump must be guilty.

With a little investigation, it is obvious that Democrats do their best to encourage illegal aliens to vote (see here (conservativedailypost.com), here (sacbee.com), and here (nymag.com)). Hence, their concern over Russia is farcical. What has been true for decades is still true. We have much more reason to fear that some of our own people, not foreigners, will steal our elections.

The Plastic Straw Ban

2018 will forever be remembered as the year that hating plastic straws went mainstream. Once the lonely cause of environmental cranks, now everyone wants to eliminate these suckers from daily life.

In July, Seattle imposed America’s first ban on plastic straws. Vancouver, British Columbia, passed a similar ban a few months earlier. There are active attempts to prohibit straws in New York City, Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. A-list celebrities from Calvin Harris to Tom Brady have lectured us on giving up straws. Both National Geographic and The Atlantic have run long profiles on the history and environmental effects of the straw. Vice is now treating their consumption as a dirty, hedonistic excess. (continued here (reason.com))

Banning straws. So what? Why take an interest in this? Because it is so outrageously stupid!

Companies have said they will phase in paper straws or bamboo coffee-stirrers, but Ms. Logomasini pointed out that plastic products are more environmentally friendly than those made of paper in at least one respect: Producing plastic takes less energy.

“Making paper is more energy intensive. So are we getting ahead? Probably not. I mean, it’s stupid,” she said. “Why would Starbucks ban straws in Omaha, Nebraska? They’re not getting in the ocean in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s ridiculous.” (from here (washingtontimes.com)).

This is inexplicably dumb. Because we are prideful and ignorant, we waste too many precious resources accomplishing meaningless things. Instead of admitting we don’t know what to do and trying to figure out what needs to be done, we pose and preen over the most ridiculously foolish accomplishments. Of course, because such conduct is so indefensible, we attack when anyone points out the utter stupidity.

Anyway, here are some other articles on the straw ban (here (slate.com) and here (msn.com)).


    1. Same “geniuses” have been pushing electric cars for years. Because people don’t stop to think — believe politicians — we subsidize industries because they are “green” even when these industries create more pollution.

      The batteries electric cars have to be charged. That requires more energy, requiring a greater consumption of fossil fuels. In addition, the production of the batteries produces some nasty pollutants, and those batteries definitely need to be recycled.

      Solar and wind have to have fossil fuel backup. The production of the systems use to produce both solar and wind power, produces some nasty pollutants.

  1. “Yet the same political party primarily responsible for that pretends to be alarmed that Donald Trump might have colluded with the Russians to steal an election. Does the lack of any evidence matter? No. Because they don’t like him, Trump must be guilty.”

    “Any evidence”?

    1. The president’s campaign manager, whose most recent previous experience was advisor to Russian backed, corrupt autocrats, is under indictment in two jurisdictions on a number of counts related to Russia. During Manafort’s time as campaign chairman, the Republican campaign platform was inexplicably initially changed to favor the Russian taking or Crimea.

    2. A Trump deputy campaign advisor, inauguration coordinator and administration operative was also indicted and is now cooperating with the special counsel.

    3. Trump’s national security advisor has plead guilty and is cooperating with the special counsel in regard to activities related to Russian influence.

    4. One of Trump’s early foreign policy advisors has also plead guilty and is cooperating with the special counsel in regard to Russian influence.

    5. Another of Trump’s campaign foreign policy advisors was previously recruited by Russian agents and thus was under surveillance by the FBI. This FBI counterintelligence operation lead to the conviction of at least one of those Russian agents.

    6. Just yesterday a new Russian operative was arrested and charged. Her work involved using the NRA to gain influence inside the Republican Party. Through her efforts, Trump’s current National Security Advisor was paid to give a video recorded speech to a nonexistent gun rights organization in Russia.

    I could actually keep going for quite a while moving on to meetings between Trump operatives and Russian operatives, Trump’s lying during the campaign about his current efforts to build a Trump tower in Moscow, Trump’s admitted financing by Putin controlled banks, and on and on. You talk about TDS, but one would have to have Trump delusion syndrome to ignore all the evidence of collusion that continues to pile up. The question now isn’t even whether the Trump campaign colluded, but instead how deep and how high it goes, what was illegal and what was just unconscionable. Trump’s (as John McCain described it) “disgraceful” “abasement” before Putin yesterday just further demonstrates that it must go all the way to the top.

    1. @Tsalmon

      That is all hot air. Manafort has not been with anything related with what he did for Trump. Nobody has. Crimea was taken when Obama was in office, and Obama looked the other way. Trump has furnished the Ukrainians weapons. Obama did nothing.

      Absent Mueller’s appointment, no one would have been charged with anything. That’s because all Mueller is trying to do is whatever “crimes” he can find to pressure people to testify against Trump.

      So far all Mueller has accomplished is to bankrupt and make miserable some people who supported Trump. For a high-powered team of Democrats with an unlimited budget, your list is nothing to crow about.

      Be serious. You are a wordsmith. You know how to say something that sounds more significant than it is, and that is the exact kind of gossip you have repeated.

      1. Tom,

        Once again, what does being dismissive of me have to do with the truth? Please forgive me if I’m seeing this wrong, but you often seem more interested in disagreeing with me and disparaging me personally than anything else.

        After becoming Trump’s campaign manager, Manafort offered to give a Putin connected oligarch that Manafort owed money to private briefings on the progress of the campaign. That is shown from Manafort’s own emails. That is just one Russia connected allegations. There are many more in the indictments. The evidence of Trump campaign involvement piles up daily.

        1. @tsalmon

          Every discussion with you comes around to shotgun blasts of charges against Trump. Two issues:

          1. How are these charges revelant to the post?
          2. You are making the accusations. I don’t have to prove they are not true. You have to offer proof, and you don’t have it.

          Can you point to actual proof that Trump colluded with the Russians, or that the Russians did much of anything that materially affect the outcome of our elections? Then do it.

          We have charges against Hillary Clinton that we have no question about. You blew these charges off. It is blatantly obvious that the DOJ and FBI have been biased to the point of corruption, and that does not seem to concern you. You know about the deep state, and you think it is a good thing. That is why I am dismissive. There is no excuse for such sore looser behavior.

          1. I just gave you several examples of evidence of where the Trump campaign colluded with Putin. There’s much more out there and being disclosed daily if you need it. Even the vast majority of Republican politicians believe that Russia essentially burgled the DNC and utilized our social media for the purpose of helping the Trump campaign and hurting the Clinton campaign. Trump’s own (“deep state”?) appointees to lead the intelligence communities and the FBI agree with that assessment. Trump’s own Republican appointees are investigating Russian involvement and bringing about confessions, guilty pleas, and indictments daily. The fact that the Trump campaign was actively colluding with with Putin’s agents, based on actual evidence, just becomes more apparent each day. I don’t know about pee tapes, but are you really going to be surprised to find out that Trump is in debt up to his ears to Putin controlled banks and oligarchs? That Trump has been essentially laundering Russian money? As Trump campaign connections to Russia become more and more evident, then one can either surmise that Trump was either actively aware and involved or he’s imbecilic about what his own top campaign officials and advisors were doing – either pick your poison or pick some other drug that will help you ignore the factual reality until it hits you over the head so hard that you can’t be oblivious any more.

  2. About voter fraud:
    1) Yes, it exists
    2) I still find it a minor problem
    3) German style mandatory, decentralized residence registration, where the information stored includes citizenship info, should address your concerns, IMO.

    1. @marmoewp

      Minor problem? What’s minor? Democrats only steal close elections? What would you call the developing disaster that is California, a minor problem?

      When the people in charge both refuse to investigate and hinder investigations by others, how do we know the extent of voter fraud?

      1. You seem to consider voter fraud to be a monopoly of the Democrats. Meet the nice Repbulican 74 year old lady and ballot stuffer, or google e.g. Brandon Hall or Steve Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado GOP.

        FYI, the “Steeling the Vote” report underlying your WT / Pennsylvania article identifies just two cases by party affiliation, one Democratic, one Republican.

        1. @marmoewp

          The funny thing is that a Florida grandma in the early stages of dementia was your most dangerous example of a cheating Republican.

          Frankly, I don’t doubt some Republicans commit voter fraud. A party label does not prevent people from being crooked.

          My beef with Democrats is that they fight any efforts to improve and maintain the integrity of the vote. They make it too easy to vote more than once, encourage illegal immigrants to vote, and they won’t allow the voter rolls to be cleaned up. These are obvious efforts to cheat, and it is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

  3. LOL! Living the dream in the land of straw bans,Tom. They go so nicely with our paper bag tax. Also our head tax. Sin tax. Sugar tax. Gas tax. Mental health tax….

    I notice many liberals are really emotionally driven. Emotion is kind of my language,so you would think we would be able to communicate quite well. No such luck.

    I kid you not, Starbucks is actually designing sippy cups to replace the straws. Besides the somewhat comical image of toddlers and sippy cups, the amount of plastic in the new lids is just ridiculous. So as usual, we have simply made the problem much worse.

  4. Tom,

    The reason the Dems are focusing on eliminating straws is because every time they see a straw, plastic or paper, it reminds them of the story of the three pigs and the big bad wolf.

    In case, you forgot, the big bad wolf blew down the straw house of the pig who built his house out of straw.

    Now every time the Dems see a straw it reminds them of the last election when President Trump keeps blowing down their far left liberal straw programs they kept building when they were in office.

    That’s why. and I agree, my story is just as foolish as the reasons for most of the far left Dems foolish straw built policies Trump keeps blowing away, one at a time.

    Regards and good will blogging


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