Supposedly, we have to open our borders because it is not nice to put “children in cages”. That’s ignorant nonsense. Do the people who advocate such nonsense put up signs in their yards advertising for poor people to leave babies on their doorsteps?



Seen any signs like that lately. Well, the Obama administration may as well have posted a sign like that on our southern border. They just went further. They offered freebies to the parents and to give the children back to the “parents” once those parents were on our side of the border.

How irresponsible was this? Peruse some of these articles.

This stupid nonsense about children in cages is just fodder for gotcha politics. Don’t we all know this “children in cages” farce has more to do with cheap labor and cheap votes for Democrats? Is not Mexico on our southern border? When people place their children on our doorstep at our southern border, they are already in Mexico. If they need it, they already have political asylum. So those children and their parents are Mexico’s problem.

Why would we want to take in hordes of uneducated immigrants? Our government needs to give away more of our money? To save the world, those generous politicians we elect need to share our wealth with more people?

If private American citizens want to help Mexico support immigrants from Central America, then that is their choice. What private American citizens don’t have the right to do is to force the rest of us to adopt their so-called charitable agenda.

Take a good look at what Jesus did. Did He spend His life babysitting for free? No. He followed His calling. Because He did His Father’s Will, not Caesar’s, the authorities crucified Him.

We should not have a welfare state, but we do. We cannot have a welfare state and open borders. That is totally impractical. At best, the people who advocate such a thing are in denial. Otherwise, they are deliberately trying to wreck our republic, and we should be wondering why.

Are the countries that these immigrants are coming from often violent, economic messes? Yes, but what is going to happen to our country if we let all the people who live in those countries come to the USA? Does that solve their problem, or do they just bring their problems here?

Think about this story, Young, Illegal, and Alone (theatlantic.com).

Guillermo’s family home sat on a hill in San Salvador. The houses there stood crowded, stacked one upon another with rusted metal roofs, and some nights Guillermo could stand atop the hill and look across the valley of dark buildings to the bright incandescence of Estadio Custcatlán, Central America’s largest soccer stadium. Between him and the stadium ran a busy street. His side of the street was controlled by the gang MS-13. On the other side, the rival gang, Barrio 18, controlled its own territory. (Guillermo’s last name has been withheld throughout this story to protect his safety.)

One night last winter, Guillermo, then 15, walked outside with friends as it rained. He heard a car’s tires slowing as it splashed through the puddles until it stopped beside him. A Barrio 18 gangster fired from the window. Guillermo ducked behind a parked truck; his friend leapt into a cardboard box. Guillermo and his friend were fine, but a young father who had stepped outside to make a call was shot in the stomach. The father ran across the street to a nearby hospital. He died the next day. (continued here)

The reporter personalizes the story. He focuses on one teenager. We could let that one kid stay. But that solution does not scale up. They are over seven billion people in the world, and most of those people suffer under authoritarian regimes. Where will we find judges with the wisdom to separate the good people from the gangsters? How will we keep the politics out of this? If we wreck our country, how does that help the rest of the world?


  1. “ I am just concerned that thanks to the welfare state and devious Democrats we are importing poor and ignorant immigrants faster than we can properly assimilate them. You don’t want to discuss that?”

    Not true. But I’m willing to reasonably discuss the proposition all day long if you want. First, however, you have to lay out the proposition:

    What data are you basing the max number of immigrants that we can or cannot assimilate on? And of course, that also depends on what you mean by “assimilate”. We have been changed by every wave of immigrants, I would argue mostly for the better. One of the things that makes America actually great is that we adopt anything that works and transform it to work better. Other than race and some ethnic differences, most immigrants are difficult to tell from any other American within a generation or two, and the only thing that slows down such assimilation is if we are less welcoming than we should be. Thus China Town was more of a thing in many cities, but now the biggest problem we have with later generation Chinese Americans is that they are earning all the slots at the top universities. On the Gulf Coast, the Vietnamese immigrants took over the fishing industry simply by pooling family funds and working harder than early waves of immigrants here.

    Initial bigoted reactions to immigrants are that they are not like us, and they are ruining the country and supposedly destroy our superior culture. It is only later that we realize that they are indeed just like us, only they are, for a while at least, better at being us than we are, and maybe we are a little jealous and resentful of that too.

    1. @tsalmon

      Ridiculous! Do you expect me to spend all my time trying to prove I am not a bigot to someone’s whose idea of political discourse is built upon the notion that government exists to create some kind of Utopia? Is the next you are going to demand that I prove is that Utopia is not possible? Are you going to try another WWJD? Jesus would create Utopia, of course.

      Can you have it both ways? You want anyone, sob story or not to be allowed into the country, right? Otherwise, we are cruel. When I point out our welfare state would collapse, you say that is not a problem. That I have prove otherwise

      Are you daft? I have to prove that when we give away stuff that is going to attract poor people? Really? Since you believe Socialism works I should not be surprised, but I had some hope.

      1. Tom,

        Rather than just making stuff up about me, what exactly did I say above that is not true. You accuse me of being a daft, socialist, Utopian, but please explain to me your experiences with actually working directly in the marketplace and paying for your own education in a private college without substantial government loans assistance. I can assure you that I have done both.

        If you want to have a discussion with straw men of your own creation, then that’s fine. It’s your rodeo here and you can make it all clowns if you like. But you asked me a question and I tried to answer it sincerely. When you are also ready to have an honest discussion without all the straw men, fall guys and over-the/top hyperbole, I’m happy to have one. I’m constantly amazed that someone with your integrity can support Trump, but you don’t have to actually become Trump, do you?

        1. @Tsalmon

          Typical. I point out the flaws in your logic, and you attack me for making the best of things I could not change. Same logic applies to blacks, women, Hispanics, and various other minorities. Can’t be Conservatives without being condemned as traitors.

          Democrats do so love diversity.

    1. I can’t imagine what it would be like to work for the ICE or border security.
      They must see an awful lot.

      1. Not only do they see a lot in regards to the human struggles.. but they experience a LOT from inept, fragmented, and ill-defined government immigration policy that they are in the trenches to serve and ultimately be vilified in the eyes of the public. A damn thankless job from both ends.

          1. Oh pu-leez, Tom. Trump has no clear policy on anything in his administration.. and he’s most certainly demonstrated that with his “alleged” immigration policy.. whatever that is. Zero tolerance? That’s been a huge flop thus far.

          2. @Doug

            Time will tell. Thus far Trump has been quite successful in most areas. I expect he will succeed on immigration too.

            You don’t agree? I think it fair to say you are not an objective observer.

          3. Actually, I am pretty objective in what observe… but that’s neither here nor there, Tom. Things are coming to a head with Trump.. and I certanily have no idea how that “head” will manifest itself… but whether it’s good for Trumpians… good for Trump-haters.. it will not be a good experience for the country in the short term.. and one can only speculate the long term. This is going to get far messier before anything gets better, my friend. The unfortunate part is that the country is being attacked.. and Trumpsters are so damn consumed and obsessed with their own ideology and protecting Trump himself.. from himself… that they can’t pause and act like fellow Americans to the threat.

          4. @Doug

            There are no doubt too many who agree with you. The malady is described by some as TDS. I suppose Trump has something to do with it, but there is more going on than I pretend to understand.

            Anyway, trying to figure out what is going on in someone else’s head is way above my ability. So I try to talk about issues, not people. I just vote for those politicians who appear competent and agree with me on the issues I think most matter.

          5. Well.. actually I agree to a measure. One reason I started my FreeStatesman.us is to focus more on issues and policy. My FPS blog will remain where I have to tend to Trump the man.; I gotta have a place to release frustration. 🙂
            But.. people DO make a difference.. at least to me. People lead change, or not, but nothing happens unless a person or people are behind it. People formulate the issues. But you do illustrate the idea that we all will march to the tune of our inner selves.
            Yeah.. there is more going on that I certainly don’t understand either… and you can feel it in the air.. the general mood… and I highly suspect it has to do with Putin’s influence over Trump. Just a speculation on my part.

          6. @Doug

            Seriously doubt Putin is happy with his influence over Trump.

            About every four generations or eighty years there is a huge crisis. WWII started in 1939. We are just about due.

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