Sen. Cruz Tells People to Vote for the Democrat in Illinois

Hopefully, this story does not hang around long. Why? It is a tempest in a teapot. Because no one was paying attention, an avowed NAZI (see => got the nomination for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District (see =>

The Democrat incumbent, Daniel Lipinski (see ->, wins against Republicans with nearly 70 percent of the vote. So no one wanted the Republican nomination. The Republican Party’s nomination is almost worthless in such a heavily Democratic district. In that district, the real contest is for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

The NAZI claims he snookered the Republicans; he knows he is not wanted. The truth is, however, is that the NAZI did not snooker anyone. He just saw a vulnerability. He stabbed people in the back, and that is the way the Republican response should be framed.

Will Democrats make a stink? When don’t Democrats make a stink virtue signaling? When it suits their agenda, when don’t they blame the victim? The real issue is whether what Democrats are making a stink about is something that matters. Generally, the answer is “no”, but the news media makes it look important.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this? Yes. Without proper monitoring, allowing any system to operate on autopilot is irresponsible. Nobody should be allowed to receive the Republican Party’s nomination without a basic background investigation. If we want people to vote Republican, we have to protect the party label from malicious people.

Note that the NAZI attempted also attempted to gain the Republican Party’s nomination in 2016, but he was removed from the ballot before the Republican Primary. So the NAZI is a known quantity. The people who should have been paying attention didn’t.

So now we have a NAZI on the record as a Republican candidate for Congress. Of course that means the Democratic Party, the party that fought tooth and nail for slavery, will use that as grounds for claiming moral equivalence. How stupid can people be?

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Arthur Jones

The Republican Party elites and pundits in their quest to de-legitimize President Donald Trump has shot themselves in the foot and the self-inflicted wound is a biggie.  So focused on ensuring that the Mueller investigation continues and sabotaging the President’s agenda, these simple-minded NeverTrumpers allowed the ball to whiz right past their heads.

How the HELL did the Illinois’ Republican establishment miss Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier and Nazi candidate, now running on the Republican Party ticket and who by the way is bragging to the world that he snookered the GOPe?

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

You won’t believe this story. An actual Nazi says he “snookered” the GOP and sneaked into the nomination in Illinois’ 3rd congressional.

Politico posted a story earlier about the candidate in Illinois Arthur Jones. He is a Holocaust survivor and an avowed Nazi. His views of people are disgusting and he’s a…

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10 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz Tells People to Vote for the Democrat in Illinois

  1. The Republican party probably did not check up on him because they knew it would be a waste of time for any Republican to run in that District.

    They probably were happy to just see a Republican choice on the ballot to remind Democrats in that District there are two political parties in the USA.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. Afraid so, but that’s why autopilot is so dangerous.

      Imagine flying a small airplane, putting your little bird on autopilot, and then sleeping for several hours. When you wake up, you check your GPS and discover you are 400 miles out to sea, and you don’t have enough fuel to get back to the coast. OOOPS!!!!!

      Trust, but verify. That quote doesn’t just apply to arms control.

      1. Frankly, I don’t think it is physically possible to check all the candidates backgrounds by political parties. More often, the opposing person checks into his competator and exposes them with either truthful statements or political accusations, not always based on truth.

        Foe example, if the Democrat party ever checked either Obama or Clinton, they would never endorsed them. Trump had to expose all their backgrounds and records to remind everyone, and that is probably to some degree, added to his winning the election.

        Regards and good will blogging.

        1. @Scatterwisdom

          Both Obama and Clinton were exposed. The main stream news media buried the story, and that is the news most people watch.

  2. Ho hum. The Democrats have been calling Republicans Nazis for decades. Is it going to make any difference that they happen to be correct this once?

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