What it is like to be mooned by a peacock

The June 26th agenda for the Prince County Board of County Supervisors contains this item in the Supervisors’ Time (Item 11).

E. RES – MOVED FROM CONSENT: Proclaim – Month of June – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and More Pride Month – Supervisor Principi

I was hoping to link to the proposed resolution, but the link does not work.

What is the problem with this resolution? Does it really make any sense for government officials to encourage people to strut their stuff, especially people with sex related behavioral disorders? The LGBTQ and more “community” claims they cannot help themselves, that they are just the way they are. Well, if that were true they would not be complete human beings.

One of the things that distinguishes a human being is the fact we can override our instincts. In fact, most of our behavior is learned. Yet the LGBTQ and more “community” claims to lack self control, and they want the rest of us to share the pride in this fact. That’s more weird than their sexual inclinations.

Let’s back up a bit. For the sake of argument, let’s take the LGBTQ and more “community” at their word. Nature just messed up their sexual instincts. When nature messes up that way, we ordinarily consider that a genetic disorder. When someone is born with Down syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Cystic fibrosis or some such thing, do we celebrate the disorder? No, we celebrate the courage of people who strive overcome the obstacles posed by the disorder, and we celebrate the successes of those seeking cures. We don’t fool sick people and ourselves by taking pride in anyone’s disorder.

Understandably, the LGBTQ and more “community” have serious pride issues. We live in a society that has become obsessed with sex and self-esteem. So it is no surprise that the members of this “community” seek affirmation. It isn’t, however, their sexual disorders we need to affirm. Instead, we need to remind each other that God loves us all, that He expects us to be kind to each other, but to still uphold the truth. Jesus was full of both grace and truth (John 1:14).

Are you a citizen of Prince William County? Do you want our Board of County Supervisors voicing their approval of perverse sexual behaviors? If not then please contact your member on the Board Of County Supervisors. It won’t hurt to include the Chairman At-Large too. He represent all of us.

If you can, please show up for the meeting tomorrow. It will be at 2 PM at the Board Chamber, One County Complex Court Prince William, Virginia 22192. If you don’t show up you may regret it. The other side will show up (PWC Board of County Supervisors Vote on Pride Month Resolution!), and half the battle is showing up.




  1. Tom,

    SCOTUS has affirmed they have the same rights to do whatever they want, hopefully behind closed doors.

    Politicians want votes and this is a good way to get them from those people, and everyone who supports their personal sex choice, or their rights to “strut their stuff.”

    Frankly, as long as they are of legal age, and want to risk engaging in sex acts with high medical risks of contracting a STD, not much you can do.

    You can advise, guide, and influence your children and hope and pray they listen to you, but there is no guarantee they will.

    In my opinion, don’t waste your time on this issue.

    As for being wise or foolish, in my opinion, if they contract an STD, they are foolish.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. The reason I “waste” my time on it is that LGBTQ and more activist are trying to push this crap into the schools. Transgender drug treatment and surgery is not commonplace yet, but if it is not stopped our government will be promoting transgendering children. These people are that crazy.

      1. I agree with you on the school issue. That issue alone should fuel an incentive for all parents to demand school vouchers in my opinion.

        Good point.

        Regards and good will blogging.

  2. And now we have “more”…as the list of ills only grows.
    It grows to such an extent that it is now simply too much and too vast to list or name. A regular umbrella opened far and wide hoping to cover the “disorders” of an evergrowing phenomenon of madness.
    Even Darwin, the unofficial saint of all things atheistic and agnostic as he is the poster boy of evolution without a Divine source, would tell us that the aim of any species is to procreate…to continue the bloodline…that the species continues.
    Same-sex attraction within a species makes that continuation of that species impossible….so those members of the species who are same-sex attracted are an abnomoly…an example of a something that is broken or defective.

    But in our species ability to rationalize, we cannot live with the idea that we have anything that is not right or correct so therefore everything is deemed right and correct.

    We do not see our desperation nor the need to be saved from the madness.
    We have been given that Savior yet in our egotistical madness, we refuse to see our utter need.

    And so we simply add “more” to the list as we continue to force the acceptance of all that is defective as being something it is not…that being actually whole.

    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      I especially like the observation about Darwin, the unofficial saint of all things atheistic and agnostic. “The aim of any species is to procreate.” The way you put that is impossible to refute. In the world of the Atheist, LGBTQ and more describes genetic disorders. Do we want to be like the Nazis and exterminate such people as unfit? No, but whether it is genetic or spiritual in origin, it is just as absurd and cruel to glorify their disorder. In fact, if the problem is spiritual, which most likely it is to at least some extent, we need to pray for these people, not congratulate them on their good fortune.

      1. Exactly but in the disregard of the Spirit the only recourse in the mind of the sick is to shout Doctor” be damned for we are all equally hideous — as the sick now languish in their illness

    2. I love the ones that make the claim “it is natural, after all animals display homosexual behavior”. Err, yeah, most of which is dominance acts, not attempts to mate. Then too, animals also kill the off-spring of rivals. Is that next?

      1. @Wyldkat

        Considering how angry Democrats have become, killing the off-spring of rivals actually seems like a possibility. Most Liberal Democrats certainly don’t have a problem with abortion.

        That puts those of us who oppose Liberal Democrats at a disadvantage. The problem is that we have not defended the right of free association.

        Imagine you are in a hospital you deliver a baby. The baby seems healthy, but shortly after you deliver the baby the baby dies, and the death obviously puzzles the doctor.

        Imagine further that either you or your spouse work for ICE or you are a recognizable official in the Trump administration, and one the people who works in the maternity ward is a Liberal Democrat who hates Donald Trump. It takes a while for the police to figure this out, but they do. Unfortunately, the police are stymied. Even though the doctor insists it does not make any sense, the coroner report comes back with death from natural causes.

        Democrats make a big stink about Conservative Republicans being tribalistic, but they actually practice it. Since Democrats are generally more willing to engage in deceitful tactics and behavior, severe limits on the right of free association puts Conservatives and Christians at a disadvantage. Democrats expect us to behave well, but they don’t feel obligated to behave well. Since we cannot easily disassociate ourselves from them, that makes us highly vulnerable to their abuse.

        In the past, people were much more free with respect to who they chose to associate with. If you wanted to go to a Christian hospital, that was not a problem. If hospitals wanted to be choosy instead of politically correct about the people they hire, that was up to them However, since the 60’s it has become more and more difficult for businesses to choose their customers and employees to reflect their moral values. Government has secularized hiring practices and made it difficult to refuse any customer. Hence, we are now being forced to associate with and to trust people we don’t want to trust. That makes all of us, even Liberal Democrats, more vulnerable to those without scruples.

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