King Solomon, Guns, Cultures, Schools,  Real Truth Clue?

We live in a time when large numbers of Americans seem to have forgotten something that should be obvious. What we believe makes a difference. Based upon how we view the world, we decide what we want to do with our lives.

How do we view the world? That depends upon how we answer four questions.

There are four big questions in life.
–Why am I here?
–What is right and wrong?
–What brings me meaning
–What happens to a human being when I die?
— List from Ravi Zacharias (an expert in Christian apologetics) who says there are Four Questions To Answer In Life.(=>

There has been a lot of talk about school shootings. Some devious people have even played games with the statistics (see => Even so, most of us know better. So as a practical matter we each have chosen to give the matter of school shooting an inordinate amount of attention. Why? I don’t have a good answer. All I can say for certain is that gun control advocates have seized upon school shootings to justify taking everyone’s guns.

I am not big fan of guns. I have nothing in particular against them either. Guns are just tools. Like any other tool, we can use a gun appropriately, or can use it to abuse another human being. So I find it strange when people want to blame guns for the violence some people do with guns. I think how each of us answers those four big questions matters more. I think what we each believe matters more than whether we own a gun.

So check out Rudy’s post. Then consider where your child goes to school. What is your child learning about the answer to those four questions? Is your child learning learning life us all about “me”, or is your child learning to love God above all else and his neighbor as he loves himself?

Rudy u Martinka

Are guns and drugs really the core reason for school shootings in the USA?

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4 thoughts on “King Solomon, Guns, Cultures, Schools,  Real Truth Clue?

  1. Thanks for your comments. Your input really brought about clarity to the issues. I read an article today by a liberal who stated liberal thinkers, Obama, give “deep relection” on
    Issues in contrast to conservatives.

    I just wish we all would discern instead, and stop looking with vain eyes on the mirrows of reflection.

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  2. Saw your exchange with Amanda about public schools vs. private schools. I must confess I get a bit indignant when I’m scolded for trying to force my religious beliefs into “secular schools” as if Secularism isn’t a religious belief.

    The left believes that we can’t teach Christian ethics unless we give equal time to the other religions to teach nihilism or jihad. These are the people we trust to educate our children.

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    1. Yeah! I just left another comment for her. That included pointing out Secularism is a religious belief.

      I remember when I was young. I had be taught (mostly by the mass media) to despise Jesus freaks. I suppose that is what drives Amanda. She is so full of what she has been taught to believe Christians believe she has hard time hearing anything that does not jive with what she has been taught.

      Unlearning lies can be very difficult.

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