tsalmon (Tony) and have been having a debate.  He is a bit offended that I said:

You support Socialism. (from here)

Why is he offended (see here and here)? are getting up in years. We were not the most wonderful students, but we did learn our lessons. One of those lessons was that Socialism doesn’t work well. Yet, when we were being taught this belief, we were taught it in a school system that uses the socialist model. Even then that was a large elephant in the room, plainly visible, but hardly anyone talked about.

Is Socialism a great idea? No, but a plurality of millennials, the children ‘s and my generation raised now favor it.

Although the results are startling, Harvard’s questions accord with other recent research on how Americans think about capitalism and socialism. In 2011, for example, the Pew Research Center found that people ages 18 to 29 were frustrated with the free-market system.

In that survey, 46 percent had positive views of capitalism, and 47 percent had negative views — a broader question than what Harvard’s pollsters asked, which was whether the respondent supported the system. With regard to socialism, by contrast, 49 percent of the young people in Pew’s poll had positive views, and just 43 percent had negative views. (from here (washingtonpost.com))

Of course, when The Washington Post reported on the darkening view of Capitalism, they found some way to blame it on Republicans, but that’s another subject. So let’s move on.

Why do I insist that supports Socialism? There are two basic issues involved here.

  • lacks a coherent ideological belief that explains government’s role and provides a moral case for government intervention. Why? The entrenchment of America’s public school system is an accident of history, not a grand conspiracy. Our politicians continually battle over the curriculum. So teachers teach a prettied up the hodgepodge that resulted in accordance with whatever the bureaucrats could get approved. The more the controversy, the more confused the hodgepodge.
  • doesn’t accept the plain fact that mankind is deeply flawed. When we use force in an attempt to perfect the character of our neighbors, there is very little chance we will do our neighbors any good. More than likely we will just abuse the power we have over them. Unfortunately, we have eliminated Christian teaching from our public schools. Therefore, most Americans no longer accept the flawed nature of man as a given. Should our public school system teach religion? No. Because it cannot competently teach any religious belief, parents should not use the public schools to instruct their children. If free men and women want to pass their beliefs on to their children — want their children to be free too — they must take responsibility for the education of their children. THINK! Nobody trusts politicians. Why do we want to give responsibility for the instruction of our children over to politicians?

Consider how good Socialism sounds. Here is a big poster displaying the twelve Core Socialist Values of the Chinese Communist Party (2017).

Giant poster listing the twelve Core Socialist Values of the Chinese Communist Party (2017). (from here)

What are those core values? See the table below.

Doesn’t that sound great? This Communist Party systematically murdered or caused the deaths tens of millions of people. It is one thing to mouth propaganda. It is an entirely different matter to practice what we preach. To avoid abusing it, no good man wants more authority over others than he absolutely needs. Unfortunately, those who govern China want unrestrained power.

So how specifically does support Socialism? That will be the subject of PART 2.

To Be Continued.


13 thoughts on “POORLY TAUGHT — PART 1

  1. Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal has wrote several columns on Millienials love affair with Socialism, saying that their coming of age during the market crash of 08 and then suffering through Obamas anemic “recovery” did much harm to their being sympathetic to the free market. K-12 schools are certainly not touting its virtue and higher education is in an open war with it. The businesses these young people do love like Apple, Amazon, Facebook are mostly run by leftists who virtue signal their sympathy to Socialist causes while getting very wealthy off the very free market they scorn.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with yours and Tony’s disagreement, I know. You did mention Millenials at the beginning which prompted this comment.

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    1. To Tom and Tricia—-love Peggy Noonan—a devout Catholic who wrote a wonderful book about John Paul II—
      Now onto history….teaching history in school—really teaching it…from books that are not colored toward a “leftist” agenda is the first step—because if we actually learn from our past, we learn some things that seemed like a good idea at the time were really bad ideas…but since history is now a taboo emotionally trigging subject (think Civil War) we will, in turn, be destined to repeat our mistakes…I think someone has said that once or twice before!!

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      1. You should pop over to the comments section on my Gaza post Julie. Doug is having a difficult time differentiating between you and me, it’s pretty funny.

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    2. @Tricia

      Your comment is pertinent. This post about Tony anymore than it is about me. This is a refutation of Socialism.

      When I was younger, I adsorbed some ideas about Socialism. Tony seems to adsorbed those ideas still more deeply into himself. Unfortunately, many Millienials have become absorbed into Socialism. I blame our education system and the news media. I blame big company CEOs who think their ticket to big money is Crony Capitalism.

      Crony Capitalism is really a form of Socialism. Only if you like what the Nazis did with it is it a good idea.

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  2. A blessing to learn that the local Lutheran school is changing to a Classical Curriculum. As a Catholic, my fellow Catholics will be shocked when I whole hardly send my kids to Lutheran school to get a Christian education, as many Diocese schools just mirror the trend in the public system.

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    1. Since I was in the military, my wife had to hunt up a school for our children everywhere we were stationed. As I recall they went to schools from four different denominations plus a public school that was then out in the sticks. That included a Lutheran school, and it did a good job.


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