Gaza Strip Violence

Given the alternatives, we are lucky with respect to the nations that sit on our border. Canada is a relatively peaceful country. We have our differences, but neither Canada nor the United States have much interest in changing or robbing the other. We each are content to trade for what we want from the other.

Mexico is a relatively poor country. The Spanish people who settled Mexico, and the Indians who were already there have never quite gotten things together. Since we have a long border with Mexico, the troubles that beset Mexico tend to seep into our nation. I also suppose some Mexicans still harbor resentment against the United States. Even though no one now alive remembers those wars, Texas and later the United States once warred with Mexico. Both Texas and the United States seized huge amounts of land that once belonged to Mexico. Anger over that seizure still sits on top of the cultural and racial animosities that some people seem prey to. Nevertheless, many Mexicans have become good citizens of the United States. So the hatred doesn’t seem to amount to so much it cannot be overcome.

Israel is not so blessed. Currently, Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, and Lebanon provide havens for blood-thirsty terrorists, including some who are quite able and willing to shoot missiles into Israel. The notion that the government of Israel should do virtually nothing about terrorists who hate the people of Israel enough to kill them is obscene. Yet there are Americans who inexplicably have that attitude. So please go see what Tricia has to say about it.

Freedom Through Empowerment

Gaza Violence Photo Credit: Said Khatib / AFP – Getty Images

The Trump administration held a ceremony today in Jerusalem to mark the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient city.  Unsurprisingly, a mass swarm of protestors charged the border fence that separates Gaza and Israel, under the direction of Hamas, the terrorist organization that’s governed the area since its violent takeover from the Palestinian Authority in 2007.

Israel responded as you might expect any country whose borders were under siege to, by shooting the attackers, killing 58 and wounding over a thousand.  Multiple warnings were given days ahead of the shootings and it’s difficult to believe the border rushers didn’t know exactly what they would face.

Predictably, the usual suspects within the UN and Western press are blaming Israel, calling on them to “steady their response” and comparing Trump’s embassy move to a lit match that blew…

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5 thoughts on “Gaza Strip Violence

  1. Tom, Tricia
    The Israel vs. Palastine is a catastrophe because of two inflexible cultures. A psychologist might analyze it to be the result of catastrophe thinking, in my opinion.

    “Flexibility in being able to question and change these beliefs and values is often the key to managing catastrophic thinking.”

    In other words, there will never be a resolution to this conflict because both cultures are inflexible.

    What is happening now is Gaza is reacting the same way as depressed caged animals react and their keepers.

    They both are playing the same game kids play called King of the Hill. Israel just moved the USA flag to the top for now. How long it will stay there, is useless trying to predict the future.

    In other words, unless they both change their cultures, the catastrophe will continue for another 3000 years in my opinion.

    Perhaps what is a better answer is for the UN is to send an army of psychologists to end this endless catastrophe?

    Regards and good will blogging.

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    1. Some good thoughts SW, but they will never change the culture. Why should they? Can a leopard change its spots as it were?

      Thousands of years of hatred inbred by the Palestinians…………….from birth……

      But there is that hope at least of a 7 year peace treaty, proving once more the absolute far reaching truth of scripture; written long before the Knesset was even an idea, sad to say, it will be a false hope, and broken at the seams, after year three, then all hell will break loose.

      A few idiots being rightfully killed today for stupidity will seem like kid’s play.

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      1. @ Tom, Color Storm

        I believe you just proved my point about flexibility of culture. Christianity was founded on the religious belief to love and treat all nations and cultures as one in being with God, the Creator of all.

        Both of these two religions are not as flexible by having restrictions of Orthodoxy and exclusiveness in their teachings, in my opinion.

        That is the how and why a more limited or tolerant success in the USA, perhaps? The Constitution was formed on Christian beliefs that all men are created equal and free to choose the God of their Choice?

        Not really so in both of those countries and cultures, in my opinion. In spite of what they say or claim, both Muslims and Jews treat each other differently than Christians in both teachings, and mainly live segregated socially separate from each other.

        Not that I blame them for security reasons from people that have extreme views of Orthodoxy membership requirements of acceptance, or flexibility of religious beliefs.

        Did God intend for different cultures to be a mystery?

        I often wonder if God did so to challenge all cultures to find a way to live in peace and harmony according to his plans, not theirs. That is to challenge his humans to obtain a heavenly reward for their efforts to live wise and loving in their lives as Christians teachings were meant to guide us to do in our personal lives, cultures, and societies?

        In other words, to be examples of flexible, tolerant, and forgiving to each other, and to those who “Know not what they do.”

        Regards and good will blogging.

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    2. @scatterwisdom

      Catastrophe thinking may have something to do with the conflict, but I don’t think it is at the root of the conflict. Israel has shown a willingness to compromise and make peace. Nothing seems to satisfy the so-called Palestinians. It is a fact that many Muslims hate the Jews, and it is a fact they have hated them for a long time.

      Is hatred of the Jews unique to Islam? No, but it seems to be part of the religion. Many Christians can see that Jesus and His apostles were Jews. So for a Christian to hate Jews is just plain stupid.

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    3. Thoughtful comment Scattered. I guess I’m just not seeing where Israel needs to change its culture. Gaza is a catastrophe because of Hamas who rules it and puts destroying Israel above actually creating a productive and safe society for the Palestinians to thrive in. It incites hate, fear and violence among the people and uses money that could be put to good use in building a healthy economy towards war with Israel.

      I am a big fan of psychiatric help though, even partake in it myself occasionally. 🙂

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