Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a speech today.  The video is above. Here <= is a link to the transcript. What is Netanyahu speech about? Seems to be rock solid proof that Iran is violating its commitment not to build nukes.

Netanyahu says he has shared his evidence with the United States. In Trump answers Netanyahu bombshell on Iran: ‘Not an acceptable situation’, Trump seems satisfied Netanyahu is telling the truth.



  1. I have recently observed from ex-CIA Clapper and ex-NSA Hayden that back when they were forming the current agreement it was known full well that the Iranians were/would lie. In Hayden’s word, that was “built into” the agreement, which then went into the design and became part of the inspections and verification process. According to both these boys Netanyahu revealed nothing new; it was always assumed Iran would lie about further nuke development. It was all about “trust, but verify”. If anyone is being “taken for a ride” here one might point a finger at Netanyahu by presenting his case.. strangely timed, BTW, and done in English… in order to affect U.S. public opinion.

    1. Think you are making overmuch of the timing. This is not the first time Trump had to consider whether scrap the treaty.

      The treaty was so poorly concocted Obama never had the Senate confirm it. So it is not a treaty. It is simply an unconstitutional piece of crap that special interests wanted. That is why Trump can scrap it.

      What puzzled me is who wanted the deal? So I did a little research.

      1. The following was one of those emailed update things from CNN…

        The Upside Down World of Iran Deal Critics

        Critics of the Iran deal seem to have things backward, suggests Peter Beinart in The Atlantic. “The more interesting question isn’t whether Iran has been complying with the nuclear deal. It’s whether America has.”

        “The deal doesn’t only require the United States to lift nuclear sanctions. It requires the United States not to inhibit Iran’s reintegration into the global economy. Section 26 commits the US (and its allies) ‘to prevent interference with the realization of the full benefit by Iran of the sanctions lifting specified’ in the deal. Section 29 commits the US and Europe to ‘refrain from any policy specifically intended to directly and adversely affect the normalization of trade and economic relations with Iran.’ Section 33 commits them to ‘agree on steps to ensure Iran’s access in areas of trade, technology, finance and energy.”

        But by lobbying European partners to stop doing deals with Iran, Beinart says, the “Trump administration has likely been violating these clauses.”

        Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left no doubt which party he thinks is at fault, claiming in a primetime TV address that “Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program,” Reuters reports.
        “‘One hundred thousand secret files prove it did. Second, even after the deal, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons knowledge for future use,’” Reuters reported him saying.
        “Although the presentation was live on Israeli television, Netanyahu made clear that his audience was abroad: he delivered most of his speech in English, before switching to Hebrew.”

        It seems we are all confused as to actually what is working, what is not, and any number of misconceptions and urban legends. I absolutely do not think the current agreement is “poor” or in any way Trump likes to yak about it simply because he hates anything Obama. We all know Trump had NO grasp on politics… and all he and his base are thinking of are the visuals of pallets of cash being loaded on plane to Tehran and the result of that funding terrorism. Fact checking does not support that.

        1. “It seems we are all confused as to actually what is working, what is not, and any number of misconceptions and urban legends”

          You’ve just asserted that the Iran deal was based on a lie, and this was the intent. You then asserted (via CNN) that although sanctions were removed this doesn’t matter because we’ve attempted to interfere with some transactions (did you know Iran attacked our ground forces earlier this year in Syria? That’s something that hasn’t really made the news).
          In a nutshell: Iran lies, we know it, we knew they were going to continue to lie and Trump should allow it and stay the hell out of their business.
          That’s the argument you’ve presented. It’s very similar to the argument liberals have asserted about North Korea for the past twenty years or so.

          1. This is why Poe’s law is a “thing”.
            Sheer parody. But you’re actually serious. And so is CNN.

          2. Not sure I understand your point. If we all accept North Korea lies, Iran lies.. and Trump lies… then we can all take that into consideration when making whatever agreements we are going to make. Right?

          3. “Not sure I understand your point.”

            Not sure how I could make my point any clearer. I’m not being coy.
            What I’m really curious about is what you (and CNN) are hoping to accomplish?
            What’s the goal here? Iran with a big nuclear arsenal? Outsourced nukes to proxies? Or is the answer just “Trump lies!!!!”

          4. Well, the President of the United States of America DOES lie. Far more than Hillary ever did. The man has a habit of trying to gaslight the world… and his base fell for it.. hook, line, and sinker.

          5. Doug, the extent of your ideological blindness is…blinding.
            Let’s take your argument and use Steve, Biff, and Skipper instead of Trump, Iran, and Obama. This is your argument in a nutshell:
            -“Steve knew, and everyone knew, that the Skipper would lie and cheat the deal…
            so this information that Skipper is cheating is nothing new and was always obvious….”

            -“Biff is stupid so he has been blinded to believe that Skipper is cheating to taint this great deal that Steve made with Skipper…”

            -“And even if Skipper is cheating that doesn’t matter…”

            (and insert fingers in ears Biff lies! Lies! Lies!)

          6. I guess whatever intellect I may have left from my teen years has diminished beyond my ability to totally comprehend what you are trying to say using character names rather than real names. Trump will do what Trump wants to do… until such time as he is no longer empowered to do it (likely sooner than we all think). He is obsessed with anything with the name “Obama” (um.. “Skipper”?) on it and that’s his sole motivation for wanting to do things his own way. Of course, that’s in between all Trump’s lies in general. You are correct.. his base is blindly following.

          7. @Doug

            We know Iran lies, and Iran makes threats. They are not very good at hiding their intentions. Since they finance and arm terrorists, it is obvious they should not be trusted.

            Does Trump lie? Given the imperfections of mankind, everyone fails to tell the truth sometimes. However, because he is actually trying to implement his agenda, I think Trump is more honest than most of the people we elect.

            Does the news media lie? I think the fact they do is what has you confused.

          8. Ohhh no, no, no, there’s no dismissing Trump’s lies as some flippant “imperfection of mankind”, Tom. The man has a current 2,000+ documented lies since he started.. and even another today as Giuliani let loose telling the world that Trump did in fact pay back Cohen the $130k in spite of how many times Trump and his minions lied to the media about it. He’s spun more lies than both Clintons ever have.
            The legitimate mainstream press (not FOXnews) reports what’s told to them and when they slip they apologize. Your problem with the press is in how they report the news.. or how their reporting of the news does not appear to favor Trump. Heck, the media is far more fact-based than Trump ever has been or ever will be.

            In fact, one could VERY easily debate that his agenda was, 1. more about his obsession with removing anything Obama.. and.. 2. simply a list of HIS interpretation of what needed changing and not one bit found on any solid fact or reality because he has that white-America-is-vanishing bias.

          9. @Doug

            When the news media first started accusing Trump of various thing, I started investigating. I never found any accusation that amounted to a hill of beans. I just don’t believe the accusers anymore. You want to debate what Trump wants to do? I am okay with that.

            The special prosecutor has had plenty of time. Given that all the evidence points to Democrat wrong-doing, it is a sick joke.

            All Mueller is doing is wasting our president’s valuable time. To you I suppose that is great, but Mueller is also trying to ruin some of Trump’s associates. That’s more wrong than anything Trump has done.

      2. Here’s another to consider…. (Sorry.. I’d provide a link but these go to my email).

        Bibi Was Talking to One Person Yesterday

        Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s primetime presentation on Iran’s nuclear program offered little we didn’t already know – including that Iran lied about its weapons program, Jennifer Rubin argues in the Washington Post. But that might not matter. After all, this presentation was likely designed with an audience of one in mind.

        “Why would Netanyahu put on this show if ultimately it didn’t deliver the killer proof of Iran cheating? Most likely, he figured (not unreasonably) that he’d bamboozle Trump into believing Iran is currently cheating,” Rubin says. “Trump hears what he wants to hear, and is already disposed to undo the Obama administration’s signature achievement. It is altogether possible that President Trump will nix the deal — with just a little push from Netanyahu.

        “Nevertheless, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (and perhaps others) will have to break it to Trump: There is no evidence Iran is in violation of the deal, and the Europeans won’t agree to reimpose sanctions absent such proof.”
        We’ve seen this movie before. Netanyahu’s presentation had distinct echoes of his push for military action against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, writes Chemi Shalev for Haaertz. We know how that ended.
        “Far from reassuring skeptics, Netanyahu’s reliance on top secret intelligence material to prove Iran’s sinister designs could not but conjure the same kind of impeccable info that misled the US to invade Iraq in the first place.”

        “This time, the price for Netanyahu’s overconfidence, tendency to ignore doubts and dismiss criticism as well as his theatrical compulsion to cast himself in a leading role whether it helps his cause or not, may ultimately have to be paid by Israel as a whole.”

        1. @Doug

          You are defending a “treaty” that is not a treaty. That’s why Trump can just blow it off. Obama could not get the votes for the stupid thing.

          You are defending a police state that supports terrorism from the United States, a country where much of the population thinks the business of the country is business. We want to do business with Iran, but it is hard to do business with people who would like to see you dead.

          You are upholding the honor of a police state and casting aspersions upon the leader of a democracy. Netanyahu gave his evidence to our government. What will happen if Israel’s evidence is insufficient? Then an examination will show as much. Haven’t you just admitted that Trump has appointed some good people, that they will tell him the truth.

          1. My gawd, man.. there is no such thing as truth in this administration. Even if you might be “good” you better not tell your boss the truth or your outta there by the weekend.

          2. @Doug

            Your latest response explains why people use the expression Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). I presented you with a bunch of factual and reasonable arguments. Then you come back with that. There is no evidence to support the notion Trump won’t stand for disagreement. Trump is hiring qualified people, and he isn’t firing them at the drop of a hat. He does insist, however, on implementing his policies, not somebody else’s policies.

            We live in perilous times. It is difficult to know the truth.

            In war-time,’ I said, ‘truth is so precious she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. — Winston Churchill (Discussion of Operation Overlord with Stalin at the Teheran Conference (November 30, 1943); in The Second World War, Volume V : Closing the Ring (1952), Chapter 21 (Teheran: The Crux), p. 338.)

            You might think that Churchill quote does not apply, but we are a very divided nation, and politics is war.

            War is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means. (Variant translation: War is merely the continuation of politics by other means.) — Carl von Clausewitz (from On War)

            When someone tries to conquer and enslave others, they are war with those they would enslave. Slavers, of course, don’t want their victims to know their intentions while they retain the capacity to resist. So they pretend to be doing good deeds for the children, and most even believe their own nonsense.

            Who are the foot soldiers in this war? Most people are being educated in schools by teachers who belong to NEA or the AFT. These unions are effectively part of the Democratic Party. Because of Federal funding, most of our universities are staffed by professors that vote Democrat.

            Our news organizations have also been bought and pressed into service. Government spending (not to mention tax laws and regulations) is 35 percent of the GDP. Hence big corporations get lots of the money from government, and they use their cronies in government to disadvantage their competitors. To influence public opinion and advantage the politicians they like, they buy new organizations. That’s why the news is so heavily slanted to support Democrats.

            So if we want to know what is actually going on, we need to consider as many sources as possible. We need to seek sources that have not yet been taken captive and fortified by those more interested in power and position than they are the truth.

          3. Who decides what sources are credible?
            I dunno, Tom. You generally paint a doom & gloom picture of government, corporations, institutions.. Besides the Almighty.. is there anything that provides you with faith in our nation?

          4. @Doug

            Who decides what sources are credible? I think we each have to do that for ourselves. That is largely the point of the first amendment. It is a recognition we each have to decide some things for ourselves.

            Do I have faith in our nation? As opposed to God? No contest. The Bible clear about the futility of that. You can check out => too.

            Proverbs 29:25 New King James Version (NKJV)

            25 The fear of man brings a snare,
            But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.

            Psalm 118:8-9 New King James Version (NKJV)

            8 It is better to trust in the Lord
            Than to put confidence in man.
            9 It is better to trust in the Lord
            Than to put confidence in princes.

            Psalm 56:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

            11 In God I have put my trust;
            I will not be afraid.
            What can man do to me?

            Proverbs 20:6 New King James Version (NKJV)

            6 Most men will proclaim each his own goodness,
            But who can find a faithful man?

    2. “According to both these boys Netanyahu revealed nothing new; it was always assumed Iran would lie about further nuke development. It was all about “trust, but verify”.

      This is an odd statement. Trust but verify means trust…but…verify.
      What you’re describing is don’t trust, but reward anyway.
      And apparently CNN agrees from what you’ve stated below.

    1. Yep! It is a bit surprising that Israel managed to get that much info, but there are bound to be some Iranians who are terrified by the prospect of a nuclear armed Muslim state, especially one run by Shiite Muslims.

        1. “Tribal” matters? First you are suspicious about the timing and now this. Would you mind speaking plainly?

          Iran poses an ideological threat. The people who run the place believe something. How sincerely? Not certain, but what they say they believe is crazy enough. Unfortunately, we humans take some of our crazy ideas quite seriously. So when someone promises your destruction, it is worth your trouble to at least keep an eye on them. Given Iran sponsors lots of terrorists, that country deserves an especially watchful eye, and an old security guy like yourself ought to know it.

          1. Essentially I was suggesting, based on your comment of the Iranians possibly being concerned about Shi’ite’s… that it seems everything over there always boils down to something tribal… not an uncommon concept given our own divisiveness over here is described as being tribal.

          2. The people using the word “tribal” that way mean it an insult of those who disagree. Ironically, those using it misuse the word.

            Tribalism refers to groupings based upon heredity. Iran is a theocratic state. Do they care about heredity? Are there still large tribal groups in Iran. I suppose so, but that is not driving their warlike behavior. Their belief in Islam is what makes them dangerous. Tribalism has virtually nothing to do with Iran’s desire to lob nukes at Israel and wipe it off the map.

          3. Well I suppose we could go as far as presuming the current “tribe” in power certainly feeds the Israeli-American hatred. I’m not knowledgeable enough on Mid-East tribal structures to talk with any experience. Like members of our political parties here, there are likely tribal moderates as well as hawks over there.

    2. Interesting and important.
      Because the DPRK and Iran nuke programs are related (directly….the DPRK has helped Iran and Syria with their nuke programs).
      The timing is pretty much perfect.

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