TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

I live in Northern Virginia, not too far from our nation’s capital. Came here to get a job. A steady stream of large amounts of money flows through this area. Richest counties in the nation are all around our nation’s capital. So that idea worked.

Been here almost a quarter of a century now. Has being here made me an expert about politics? No, but being here did encourage me to study politics.

Have I learned anything? What about this post? Why would the people who run our nation’s capital want to lower the voting age? Well, lowering the voting age is about demagoguery, that is, empowering demagogues.

If you want to be the most powerful politician you can be, then you want to spend (have control over the spending of) as much money as possible. What has that got to do with lower the voting age? Well, people who pay taxes generally don’t want to be taxed any more than is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, there are people who think they pay little or nothing in taxes. There are also people who get products, services, and money from the government. Those people generally don’t mind seeing increases in taxes and spending, and those people include 16 year old people.

Back in colonial times, only property owners voted. People who did not own anything did not vote. Politicians (out of the charity of their hearts, of course) extended the voting franchise until virtually any adult could vote.

What was the result? There may have been some benefits, but they were some problems too. The Federal Budget is virtually out of control. Yet what are our glorious leaders worried about? They want to give 16 year old people the right to vote?

Take a look at Don Merritt’s post. That last line is kind of funny. It is also all too true.

Then go take a look at the Constitution. Washington DC is actually under the control of the Federal Government. The people who have allowed our nation’s capital to become a laughingstock also run our country.

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Life Project Blog

Have You Heard about this One?

Just when we thought that Washington, DC couldn’t get any crazier, DC Councilman Charles Allen has introduced a measure to lower the voting age in the District from 18 to 16. According to news reports, 7 of the 13 Council members have signed on to the proposal; a majority. Mr. Allen says that he was inspired to take this action by the high school students who organized and led the recent “March for our lives” that filled Washington with thousands of people protesting, mostly adults, for something to be done in the wake of the Parkland (FL) school shooting back in February.

Other members echoed Allen’s remarks and expressed their admiration for our young people who are leading the way for social change across America, as have many television commentators in recent weeks.

Should Washington go ahead with this proposal, the city would join…

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11 thoughts on “TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

  1. When I was 16, a long time ago I was not thinking of politics or voting. I will spare y’all what I was thinking of besides cars, music, etc. I doubt my wealth of experience and knowledge would have benefited the community then nor would their now.

    This is typical politics. Find a hot topic or one no one would dare oppose and offer up legislation so you get your name on the books. Happens all the time in against “criminals” that is one of the reasons our nation leads the civilized world in incarcerations with out rehabilitation programs.

  2. You’re showing your fear of these kids, Tom. Comparing what some obscure D.C. city legislator has introduced is a far cry from spreading across the nation.. and has nothing to do with addressing a trillion dollar national debt as an alternative political attention grabber.

    I posted this over on Lee’s site and it seems this is where your real fear lies..

    Here’s the real issue here… “gun worshipers” love their guns more than the Second Amendment. You would honestly think the gun worshipers and the NRA would actually try and make some meager attempt to help with the social problem of living with the Second Amendment and the current rage of nutcases using the preferred weapon of choice for anything diabolical as the AR-15. Gun worshipers and the NRA would be better served trying to help work through the problem rather than just sit there, just thumping that “from my cold dead hands” nonsense.. or somewhere, down the line, when more nutcases come out of nowhere.. 5, 10, 20 years from now… the collective furious will of the people is really gonna wanna change something. I own a weapon… I’ve owned assault rifles… I was even a member of the NRA years back. I don’t want to see “my” Second Amendment threatened because of short sighted gun worshipers.

    1. @Doug

      So I am afraid of these kids? Why don’t we give five-years the right to vote? You realize, I hope, that I afraid that would be a bad idea too?

      If you are going to make the “debate” all about telling me what I am thinking, what is the point of my saying anything? Are you listening to me? No. Are you claiming the ability to do what is impossible, read my mind? Yes.

      You want to debate the contents of this post? That I am willing to do. You want to debate the gun control issue? I can do that too. You want to tell me what I think? Why would I want to debate that?

      When we call people names like “gun worshipers”, that is not about debating anything. That is making our opponent the issue. That is ridicule designed to deprive people we disagree with of the right to an opinion that differs from our own. Do you really think you have the right stop me from expressing a differing opinion? I don’t think you do. So why don’t you rethink your approach and try again?

  3. Why not allow 16 year-olds to vote?

    We already have politicians acting like children running our country now based on a comparison of these two typical mannerisms of children.

    First, Children are more prone to peer pressures and are more impressionable than adults.

    In the USA, we have two parties that for the most part are subject to peer pressures. If thy do not vote for the party, they will be cut off when they try to persuade their party peers with their ideals.

    Second, Children are more likely to have high ideals when they are young.

    This idea of peer pressure and being impressionable to high ideals may be just what is need in our nation now that the political parties seem to be lacking in adhering to the ideals of our Constitution.

    Incidentally, the framers of our Constitution put a 35 year old minimum age restriction on anyone elected for President. Back then the average life expectancy age was about 40. With todays medical advancements the average life expectancy would be around 70, yet we never changed the 35 year age limitation.

    So if we want to change the minimum voting age to 16, what the heck, we have a bunch of politicians acting like adolescents as far as peer pressure and ideal far from the original Constitution framer’s ideal.

    Plus we have a bunch of politicians running our nation where no one seems to care if anyone votes should be able to prove they are a citizen, etc. etc.

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to have adolescents influence our politicians to continue act like adolescents and continue to vote party lines to destroy the ideals of the Constitution.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

      1. Very wise reply you gave Tom.

        Many people who suggest change only consider the immediate effects and not long range effects of their proposals.

        Giving a 16 year old power to vote when science has proven that their frontal brains have not fully developed until their early twenties is not wise in my opinion.

        For example, anyone who observes todays youth’s obsessions with cell phones which gave them them the power to be influenced at a critical time in their lives might be inclined to agree that there is a difference in giving power to a youth by a parent before educating them fully teaching the youth the pros and cons of the power, could be in for some grief.

        Teaching kids to march in protest on any specific political decision can be a two edged sword if they do not get the results they desire.

        At least have a youth pass a mandatory civics course in high school just before they graduate so they can be taught how government is supposed to work before they decide government does not work the way most people would like for perhaps a wise or foolish reason.

        Giving power to someone, or giving power to influence someone are two edges of a sword, in my opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. At least have a youth pass a mandatory civics course in high school just before they graduate so they can be taught how government is supposed to work before they decide government does not work the way most people would like for perhaps a wise or foolish reason.

          The problem is that politicians control who teaches that course and what is in it. So the course will be all about trusting politicians with more power.

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