The Death of Moses (illustration from a Bible card published 1907 by the Providence Lithograph Company) (from here)

Did you know that you and I are in the Land of Promise? No, we are not in Israel. We are in the land that those in the fanatical open borders crowd have promised to all the world’s poor. Yep! Those people who make our economy work and do all that work that Americans won’t do are welcomed here. Gosh! They are so welcome we will learn their language, adopt their culture, give them a free education and welfare, and put them in charge of the place. And if anyone objects? Well, don’t you know what the people who entered the Promised Land did to those degenerate Canaanites?

Well, there is someone who does not like that deal. His name is Donald J. Trump.

Captured from Donald J. TrumpVerified account
@realDonaldTrump (from here)

What set off Trump? Here are a few publications about the story.

Here is the basic story.

President Trump said Sunday that he was pulling a DACA deal off the table in negotiations with Democrats and warned Mexico to step up its own efforts to control the flow of people headed north across its territory — or else he will cancel NAFTA.

The president seemed particularly outraged over a caravan of more than 1,000 people from Central America who are traversing Mexico with the aim of showing up on the U.S. border to either sneak into the country or demand asylum.

Mexican authorities have reportedly done nothing to deter the people, who are in their country without authorization. (continued here)

The Fox News story (bullet above) is especially interesting because it explains why our border agents can no longer enforce our border.

So what are we to do? Pray for wisdom, I suppose. We certainly don’t seem to have any. So here I am going to point to a passage from the Bible. 

If we search the New King James Version (NKJV) for grace and truth, we will get four hits, and we will learn that Jesus was full of grace and truth. Why both? To be meaningful, love has to be based upon the truth, not make believe.

Consider what the Apostle John told a lady who was helping him to spread the Gospel.

2 John 4-6 New King James Version (NKJV)

I rejoiced greatly that I have found some of your children walking in truth, as we received commandment from the Father. And now I plead with you, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment to you, but that which we have had from the beginning: that we love one another. This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.

We show our love for God by obeying His commandments in truth. If we only obey what we wish God had commanded, we don’t obey Him. Unless we respect the truth, our love is just a fantasy. It is not real.

Consider what it means to be a fanatic, someone crazily devoted to a political cause.

Definition of fanatic
a person exhibiting excessive enthusiasm and intense uncritical devotion toward some controversial matter (as in religion or politics) – a religious fanatic [=extremist]
The fanatics are convinced they are serving a righteous cause and that all means are justified …
—Flora Lewis

What is the problem with fanaticism? What drives a fanatic? Oddly enough, it is love, but it is a love based upon falsehood, not truth.  Are Nazis members of a superior race? Are Communists truly the vanguard of the proletariat? When they twist our Constitution into a pretzel, do Liberal Democrat politicians actually demonstrate how much they care about and help the poor, the old, the disabled, the children, ……?

Consider what routinely happens now when illegal immigrants come into our country. Thanks to the lax enforcement of our laws, catch and release, they stay. Even if our border agents catch an illegal immigrant, if that immigrant lies and asks for asylum, the border agents have to let them go. According to the devious laws set up by our politicians, our border agents must release people they know do not belong in our country. Therefore, foreigners can come to the USA, foreigners can hide in our country, and we don’t know anything about these foreigners.

Love has to be based upon the truth. The prosperity of the United States, the magnet that attracts illegal immigrants, depends upon just laws. Generations of Americans have worked hard to create a just legal system based upon the virtue of Truth. Using love as their excuse, scheming politicians now work with equal fervor to undermine our legal system. Using love as their excuse, they spin the truth. They pretend our borders have no significance. They pretend that opening our borders to one and all does not matter. When all they want is cheap labor and votes they can buy even more cheaply, they pretend to love the illegal immigrants. In truth, they only love themselves.

The people of the United States have a distinct culture, a distinct heritage. Unless we work hard to protect our language, traditions, and institutions — strive to understand and care for the legacy that has been given us — we will leave our children a travesty. We will have a pretend democracy, a fallen republic, a nation struggling with debt load it cannot repay. Instead of being the best, our churches, schools, hospitals, roads, airports — institutions of every kind — will be in shambles. Then the immigrants will stop coming.

Do you want to protect your country, your children and grandchildren. Then pay attention to the upcoming elections for the U.S. Congress.  In Virginia, those Upcoming Elections include primaries on June 12th and a general election on November 6th.

We need to replace some of our leaders. To make a real difference, that means we must take part in the primary elections too.


  1. You could ask the Native American tribe members. Right now Scott Pruitt seems to kick them out of EPA left and right, possibly to silence inside voices that would object to opening Native American holy areas for prospecting again. Oh, right, I forgot, their culture does not count.


    1. Interesting. Could you supply a link (I hope it’s not too off topic, Tom?)
      I’m only curious because in our world (I live on a military installation) there are only a couple of forces that completely supersede the installation commander’s oversight. One is the EPA, the other the tribal councils (there are a number of protected sites on this base….untouchable. The council meets with the installation commander at regular intervals)

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      1. Anon, I’d like to apologize, as the news is not about Scott Pruitt and the EPA, but Ryan Zinke at the Department of the Interior. I got aware of the news elsewhere late at night and mixed them up. I should have verified before posting here, sorry for that. Anyway, here is an article covering it. I do not think you’ll aprove of the source, but it could serve as a starting point for digging of your own.

        The speculation regarding this being in part about opening up areas around sacred Indian sites for prospecting is mine. The suspicion is fueled by the 85% reduction of the Bear Ears National Monument and the halving in area of the Grand Staircase-Escalante monument.


        1. Thanks for the link…
          I didn’t look every one of the names up, only two of the primary ones (Head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs) They’re both being replaced by other native Americans.

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        2. Personnel is policy. To get what he wants done, Ryan Zinke will have to change out some people. Disagreeing with Democrats is always racist or some such thing.

          When I point out some issue state I think Christians should vote based upon what the Bible says, I get all kinds of complaints from Democrats. Meanwhile, Democrats constantly attack the personal integrity of anyone who disagrees. At least I am talking about the issue.


    2. @marmoewp

      Hate to have to tell you this, but I am a Native American. Columbus lives on. We still call the people he named Indians by that name. I doubt there is any practical way to get everyone to agree on another, less awkward, designation.

      Scott Pruitt’s effectiveness has already riled the swamp critters. If Pruitt’s opponents can prove that he is stupid enough to discriminate against American Indians, Trump will have to demand his resignation.

      Could Pruitt be that stupid? Don’t know, but I think the story is more likely just another hatchet job. I second anon’s request. Do you have a link?


      1. There was a mix up of mine with Ryan Zinke of the DOI, see the comment above, including a link.

        We still call the people he named Indians by that name.
        Ever asked yourself, whether or not the people you are referring to are OK with that label? After all, their ancestry over the last few centuries does not go back to that Asian subcontinent. Their lineage on your country’s ground predates yours, whether you are born there or not.


          1. Interesting.. what tribe, Tom?
            My five year stint in the funeral business was adjacent to the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation in AZ.. and we did many reservation tribal funerals… Navajo and Chemehuevi mostly. Always respected the folks.. and great people. Myself and my significant other who also worked with me at the time, were the only white people permitted on the tribal cemetery land… an honor we respected greatly.


          2. I suggest you look up the word “native”. My guess is that you too are a Native American. The expression may be politically correct, but it’s brainless. If we are talking about the Peoples (note the plural) who were in the Americas before 1492, then we are talking about the red race. The census actually still uses the expression American Indian or Alaska Native for the red race (

            For the most part all American Indians have in common is that they in the same basic racial group. Otherwise, they were many distinct cultural groups scattered up and down North and South America. Since there is an amusing historic reason for it, Columbus’ confusion, identifying people he found here as American Indians makes about as much sense as anything. It also reminds us that Columbus was an explorer. Navigating the oceans on 15th Century sailing vessels took an amazing degree of daring.


          3. Ohhh.. you guys are all discussing semantics. Duh me.
            It’s like me saying “I have colored blood.” and you assuming I might be African-American in some lineage.. when in fact.. blood is the color red.
            (BTW.. that backfired on my old Archie Bunker-type father in law. He pulled that “joke” on my wife (at the time) when she was school age.. and she immediately goes around the schoolyard telling her friends she has colored blood.. and somehow the teacher went back to her old man for clarification. 🙂 To say he was embarrassed was an understatement… in the 1950’s.

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  2. Our lax immigration policies our so messed up and anything but compassionate. I guess the only good news is that the Left has really boxed itself in with its constant demonization of the Right on immigration. It can’t even get on board with perfectly reasonable ideas like booting out illegals who commit crimes without looking hypocritical. Most normal people see right through this and are just fed up.

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  3. “The people of the United States have a distinct culture, a distinct heritage. Unless we work hard to protect our language, traditions, and institutions — strive to understand and care for the legacy that has been given us — we will leave our children a travesty. ”
    Yes!!! So so ture​ Tom…here here—we do indeed have a distinct culture and heritage, contrary to what others may say…. and by george​ it is to us to maintian​ it!!!!

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  4. @doug

    What do liberals believe is probably the crux of the problem between liberals and conservative?

    For example, when you believe everyone should pay the medical costs of someone who willingly takes drugs or takes part in an activity that has a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDs, why should everybody have to pay for their medical care if they choose not to risk because of their religious beliefs in the laws of God or the Bible.

    Laws are supposed to be fair, equitable, and just.

    Explain why the liberals want freedom and want others to pay and lose their freedom by working to pay for the people who prefer to do whatever they wish, including laughing at Bible trumpeters, who on average probably outlive the personal foolish risk takers even though they are aware of the consequences.

    Again, you want to play, then you must pay.

    Regards and goodwill blogging..

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      1. @doug

        I am sorry to hear you were not satisfied at the results of the last election. I have emphathy for your dissatisfaction. If Clinton had won, I am sure I might even share your same dissatisfaction.

        However, the fact is Trump won and you will have another chance to select anoter candidate that is more satisfactory for your eyes and ears to follow.

        Problem is Clinton lost, so the only thing for you to do is come up with some proposals better than his and hope to convince others to vote for a different candidate.

        That’s how it is in a Democratic Republic.
        If it makes you feel any better, 3000 years ago King Solmon observed a lot of others who share the same delimina and he wrote the following if it make you feel any better about Trump’s tiresome tweets to explain his observations about Democrats..

        1:8 All this monotony is tiresome; no one can bear to describe it: The eye is never satisfied with seeing, nor is the ear ever content with hearing.

        Regards amd goodwill blogging.

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          1. Doug

            Oops warning, inserting penis in a debate is an ad hominem debate technique which is usually used when a debater has nothing to offer in a debate but try to steer the debate into gibberish.

            Perhaps this link may help you in future comments, if anyone is willing to want to comment remarks with you in the future.


            Regards and gooewill blogging.

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          2. At least I’m sticking to the rules.

            “Oops warning, inserting penis in a debate is an ad hominem debate technique which is usually used when a debater has nothing to offer in a debate but try to steer the debate into gibberish.”

            I had nothing to offer… hence gibberish.

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  5. Let’s try it this way, Tom… why is it that every single conservative blog I visit spends half the time berating some form of what’s described as “liberalism”, and the other half of the time quoting Bible verses? Conservatism surely seems to have crossed over into Christian Nationalism. Liberals apparently don’t believe in God.

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    1. @Doug

      That is an interesting observation, but I don’t see any value in commenting upon it. I am not even certain what you think constitutes Christian Nationalism. However, I do think think Liberal Democrat politicians need to hear more Bible verses. I just don’t think they have any interest in listening. When I quote Bible verses, it for those who like hearing them.

      Instead of trying to make vague insinuations I see no reason to take seriously, why don’t you get more specific? What did I say in the post that you disagree with, and why do you disagree with it?

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    1. The filibuster is not in the Constitution. It is just something that the Senate cooked up that is now an obstacle only Establishment Republicans want to keep around as an excuse for doing nothing.

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      1. Then we probably need a new Senate Majority leader since McConnell doesn’t seem inclined to change it. I was encouraged when he invoked it for Supreme Court justices. My guess is Senators like McCain, Flake, Collins and others wouldn’t vote for it. Yee Gads, we are in a mess!


        1. McConnell needs to go in any event. He is part of the swamp. And yes, we have made a mess of it.

          Some people, when they read Revelation think the Millennium is something that happens before the Second Coming. Recent history argues against that.

          All I know is we need to do our best to help each other. It seems to me that more government than we absolutely need to maintain order just makes a mess. Instead of helping each other, we just fight over the government.

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      1. Based on the present status of allowing immigration to fester for over 30 years, I do not trust any more liberal Democrats with globalism ideals and open borders philosophy to decide anything more about immigration matters in the USA.

        It also includes some GOP members who obviously represent donors who profit from open borders.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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