A slave is punished by paddling. Picture from here. See also Paddling: A History.

Slavery is a form a parasitism. However, when we parasitize our fellow human beings, we make a conscious decision to do so. That is, we consider what we have to do to control other people. We look at our options, and we do a cost/benefit analysis. Paddling slaves provides an example of this thoughtfulness.

Paddling came to American shores as a way to punish slaves without scarring them. Slave owners and slave traders began paddling because they didn’t want to damage the people they saw as their valuable property. As James Glass Bertram wrote in his 1869 History of the Rod, “In order not to mark the backs of the slaves, and thus deteriorate their value, in Virginia they substituted the pliant strap and the scientific paddle.” (from here)

What does that scarring look like? Here is a picture.

Scars of Peter, a whipped Louisiana slave, photographed in April 1863 and later distributed by abolitionists. (from here)

What about today? What happens when the people of a nation attempt to parasitize each other, when almost everyone wants to be a slave master? Consider that bill President Donald Trump signed today.

Donald Trump announced on Friday that he had reluctantly signed Congress’s $1.3tn spending bill, despite a threat he made hours earlier to veto the budget and shut down the federal government.

The president caused consternation with a tweet in which he said he might exercise his right to veto over the bill’s lack of immigration measures. But in impromptu remarks at the White House, Trump said he would sign because of the need to strengthen the military.

“My highest duty is to keep America safe,” Trump told reporters. “We need to take care of our military … As a matter of national security, I’ve signed this omnibus budget bill. There’s a lot of things that I’m unhappy about in this bill.” (continued here)

For the sake of our military Trump signed that bill. Still, he seriously considered vetoing it. At least that is what he said. Here is Trump’s presentation surrounded by CBS’s commentary, including observations by a mind-reader.

If the video is too long, here is what you need to know about the possibility of a veto.

President Donald Trump was expected to sign the bill into law Friday morning, but in a surprise tweet raised the possibility of a veto over immigration issues.

If Trump were to follow through with the threat, it likely would result in an extended government shutdown, given that most lawmakers have already left Washington, D.C. for an extended legislative break. (from here)

So did Trump have a valid excuse for signing the bill? That’s a judgement call. His primary justification for signing it is that our military needs the money. I think our military needs the money too, but I also think he should have vetoed the bill. If Trump had taken his fight to the American people, I think he would have won a much better bill.

If we are to believe Trump, then to some extent we have to believe he got bamboozled. It seems he thought the bill better than it was, and Congress got away before he realized otherwise.  Afraid of looking foolish perhaps, he signed the bill. Instead, I wish he had gotten angry at the people who bamboozled him.

Nevertheless, here are some articles on the state of our military readiness.

So is our military ready? What do Democrat politicians say? The answer is “yes”. What do Republican politicians say? The answer is “no”.  Please look into the issue and decide for yourself. Consider the world is in a renewed arms race. Consider how bold both Russia and China have become. Consider the magnitude of the threat posed by even small nations such as North Korea and Iran. Once again the doomsday clock is approaching midnight.

Are Democrats trustworthy on this issue? No. Democrat politicians want to buy our votes and use the power we give them to rule over us. Democrats are back in the slavery business again, and they are willing to wreck the country to gain control of you and me and everyone else.

Do the spank us? No. Spanking is not the only way slave masters control slaves. Slave masters:

  • Terrorize their slaves.
  • Keep their slaves ignorant.
  • Propagandize their slaves with false information.
  • Degrade the morals of their slaves with false teachings so they cannot trust each other.
  • Instill their slaves with fatalism. They want us to believe they are too powerful to oppose.

Using their control over the public school system and with the help of the news media, Democrat politicians have frightened us, kept us ignorant, propagandized us, degraded our belief in Jesus, and taught us citizenship is all about selling our vote. In the process they have weaken our nation, and all for the sake of personal power. That’s what slave masters do.

Are Republicans trustworthy on this issue? No. A Congress with a Republican majority sent Trump that bill. Many in the Republican Establishment are no better than the Democrats they claim to oppose, but don’t.

What is the alternative to slavery? We call it private enterprise. We help each other by making deals. We don’t enslave each other. We barter with each other so everyone benefits, not just slave masters.

This is an election year. Both Congressional and Senate seats are on the ballot. Whichever party you belong to, please take part in the nomination process and then in the general election.

However, before you take part — before you vote — stop and think about your motivation. Are you voting for your personal benefit or for the good of your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your countrymen? Are you selling your vote or are you selecting the best person for the job? Are you selling your freedom, or are you fighting for freedom? If you are willing to sell your freedom, then don’t be surprised when the spankings begin.





  1. @ Doug

    You stated

    “Trump said in his speech that this bill would include a large pay increase for the military, the largest in a decade. Actually, Trump’s increase was 2.4% and Obama passed an increase back in 2010 of 3.4%.”

    Not too certain of your statement that Obama raise was more than Trump according to these to links;

    Troops will see a 2.4 percent pay raise in January. That’s the largest year-over-year increase service members have received since 2010.

    Keep in mind Trump has only been in office less than two years vs. Obama’s eight years. Lets compare again the total in another six years.
    I wonder if your “judgement” got affected because of your hatred?????, as in our last discussion????

    Remember the Godfather’s advice.

    “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement, Michael Corione.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

      1. @oug
        I read your link fut frankly don’t understand it. or how it relates to your statement. that Obama was higher than Trump’s.

        As for judgement, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

  2. Tom wrote:

    “When people vote selfishly, for their own personal benefit, we get politicians who govern for their own personal benefit. When we set up a welfare state, we are asking for people to vote for their own personal benefit. Human nature is what it is.”

    Isn’t military defense of the nation a “personal benefit” to you Tom, in that you too are protected from enemies? Don’t you think that your premise might be a little selective and hyperbolic. I mean, just considering the despicable treatment of actual slaves, including what you describe here, the modern American taxpayer/citizen would seem to be living in quite the gilded cage which, because of a vote that slaves didn’t have, is mostly of our own crafting.

    It’s not that government cannot and has not overreached in forcing us to pay for goods and services that would best be provided by charity or market forces. I’m with you there. But slavery? I think that even the notion blasphemes against the real suffering that real slaves and even Industrial Age workers went through to get here.

      1. I don’t mean to rehash old debates, but you brought it up.

        “We have military and police forces, courts, and prisons, taxation systems, and various other parts of government to protect our God-given rights. So far no society has figured out how to do without such things. The alternative is chaos.”

        Other than the rather nebulous 18th Century concept of “God given rights” I agree with all of that. Correct me if I wrong, however, but you seem to making a pragmatic moral concession that it is morally ok to “enslave” folks to support the military or the police and fire departments, but not to build roads or regulate pollution or to provide schools or basic social safety nets.

        Granted, there are practical implications as to whether the mechanisms of providing these good and services are most efficiently done privately or by government or by some combination of the two. Though each instance of the enforcement of public responsibility is different both in moral and practical terms, they are differences of degree, not moral absolutes. So, I’m sorry, I just fail to grasp the implications and differences between being forced to support the military and to say, pay for roads or schools in as you put it in the stark terms of “enslavement”. Don’t all of those “rights” also implicate those obscure 18th Century mandates (on which the Constitution is silent) that government protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

        If we white middle class Americans are really just “slaves” to the tyranny of a historically benevolent government, then I think a goodly portion of the rest of the world would like to sign up for such indentured servitude. Trump is apparently building a wall just to keep out new volunteers. You must know that your victimization cries of “slavery” would sound like a lot of First World whining both to the majority of the rest of the impoverished and truly enslaved world, and indeed to our own Irish American father and Irish forefathers.🙄

        And as long as 18th Century Prophets are manufacturing so-called God given rights why stop with the right to have our material property protected by the police or military? Why not the God given right to equality of opportunity? Why not the God given right to sexual persuasion? Why not the God given right to earn a fair amount for one’s labor against a rapacious employer with greater bargaining power? Why not the God given right to minimum life saving medical care? Why not the God given right to clean air, clean water and a world that is not increasingly hotter?

        1. @tsalmon

          Because we are fallen creatures, we are often are stuck with choices that have no perfect solution. Without government to protect our rights from each others depredations, we will have chaos, and no one’s rights will be safe. Most people will in fact be enslaved.

          So do I support government? Yes, and so does the Bible.

          Do I support using government to build roads and regulate pollution? Yes. Liberty does not mean much unless we have procedures to establish roads and right-of-ways. When the Roman Empire collapsed, one of the problems was that every lord whose land a traveler crossed demanded a toll. So people had to travel by sea. When Muslim raiders made sea travel unsafe, that probably precipitated the Dark Ages.

          Dumping pollutants on other people violates their rights. Does that actually require an explanation? Do you understand poisoning people kills them?

          So what about providing schools and so-called social safety nets? When we empower public officials to dream up excuses to take from the “rich” and give to the “poor” (just so other people pay their bills), then we have given the same people who are supposed to protect our property rights responsibility for violating our property rights almost on a whim. Since these public officials can easily use this power to buy votes, that creates a blatant conflict of interest.

          Redistribute the wealth programs, even those like giving people tax incentives to switch to solar for environmental purposes, just gives various special interest groups lots of reasons either to sell their votes to politicians or to bribe politicians to get a particular piece of legislation passed. Look at our government. If you cannot see our society, particularly our government, is getting more corrupt with each passing year, you have not been paying much attention. The reason for this increasing decadency is not that mysterious.

          What is the basic source of confusion here? It comes from how we now define rights. When government exists just to protect us from each other — to protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — it has relatively limited aims. When we use government to give us our “rights”, then we don’t have any rights except those the government says we have.

          Unless it takes it from us in the first place. what does the government have to give us? Nothing. Therefore, in the long run, it is not a good idea to expect the government to give us anything except the maintenance of civil order.

          Why do we want to live in free society? Don’t we each want to pursue our own definition of happiness? Unfortunately, when we create a government that gives us our rights, it also defines those rights. That includes our right to the pursuit of happiness.

          You want to make fun of 18th Century Prophets? That’s your prerogative, thanks to them, but I suggest you look at Nazi Germany and the USSR. That is where a government that gives us our “rights” leads.

          Even Gerald Ford had this figured out.

          Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. — Gerald R. Ford

          1. Yep. So did Thomas Jefferson. (irony alert) Founder of the Democratic Party

            “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government…” – Thomas Jefferson

  3. There is another kind of slavery that results when you sell your countries assets for wampum (dollars) same as the American Indians did when they sold Manhattan Island to the settlers for bead.

    In Israel history, after being freed as slaves from Egypt and later subjected to Babylonian conquest, many Jews believed that working for someone else is a form of slavery.

    Perhaps that is the reason why many became more preservers and enterprising in later history?

    My point being that all the dollars accumulate in other nations from USA deficit trade balances is now being used to buy up USA assets by other than Americans.

    Same happens with every debtor when they can no longer pay back the principal and interest.

    King Solomon proverb 17:18 link

    Sad for our grandchildren, in my opinion.

    As I stated before, OAN news estimates the present 20 trillion dollars in national debt to be equivilant to one third of USA land assets. (Louisiana Purchase)

    :”We are the masters of our own disasters.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. @scatterwisdom

      Debt slavery is a terrible form of slavery. It begins innocently. Accepting the loan looks like salvation. Then when you have borrowed enough the trap springs. You loose everything trying to pay off the loan, and you discover you cannot.

      Then the lender contrive things so that you either you work or starve. This is your state until you die. Drudgery. You can never pay off your loans.

      1. Tom

        Your comment reminded me of what I used to say when I was young and compared working for a salary about America vs. Russia.

        When you are making a starting salary, usually pretty meager, after you work all week, pay for your rent, groceries, and misc bills, you usually have the same living conditions as someone who lived in a communist nation.

        The difference later on, after I obtain more schooling, and experience, I was able to make more than a meager salary in the USA. However, in a communist country, that ain’t necessarily so, and that is why most communist countries fail in time, in my opinion.

        In other words, no incentives, no incentives. to work harder in life

        Hope it will stay the same for our grandkids when they work for owners that live in other nations than the USA. based on what is happening by selling our USA assets as I explained..

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. Slavery is highly inefficient. It is like Socialism, an economic system based upon selfishness that poses as altruism. Slave master usually justify themselves these days by explaining what a big sacrifice they are making for their slaves.

  4. I can’t wait to see the new movie coming out about Paul— and I do believe Washington is run amuck but newt said it best—- even if you drain the swamp— the alligators remain

    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)


      I wish the alligators would chase some of the other critters out of the swamp. At least we can make purses and boots out of alligators. The others are worse than useless, poisonous.

      Not much on movies, but that one sounds good.

  5. when I was a new young teacher—1983–the school system I worked for still enacted corpral punishment—meaning the kids who got in trouble were paddled.
    If a teacher wrote a kid up for breaking a rule, disruption, insubordiantion etc…the first line of response was a paddling…where the teacher who wrote the disciplinary refferal had to witness the coach or administrator ‘give the licks”—I grew up in a school system that did not use corporal punishment so this method of discipline was new to me and one I was not particularly keen on—maybe because I had to witness the paddling. and maybe that was a detterent in itself where the offended teacher might think again…
    Not that it was anything really bad—in fact​​, the old football coach who handled my referrals was past his prime and the kids actually prefe​​red ​​going to him verses others.

    Maybe if our leaders had to witness some of the repercussions first hand—repercussions that affect us the average people they “govern” then maybe they’d think twice about what they recommend…

    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      You are probably right for the most part, but all of us are tempted to get our jollies from the power we exercise over others.

      Why do people run for public office? How do people succeed in obtaining public office? Many of the people who succeed in running for public office succeed in obtaining public office by making promises to special interests and by promising various constituencies special privileges and money from the “rich”. Do they tell us that is why they are running for public office. If they confronted us with the truth, would we still vote for them?

      What is my point? Slaves don’t just walk away from the slave masters. Slave masters will punish them ruthlessly if they try that. The paddling of a slave is nothing like that of the paddling of disobedient children.

      At best slaves are like pets to their masters. Otherwise, slave masters would do for their slaves what they do for their children. They would nurture them, teach them knowledge and wisdom, and set them free. Unfortunately, the wisdom of slave masters is the wisdom of this world.

      1. Agreed and I’m not certain what my point was either necessarily— I just got the paddling notion in my head— I think there was a time once when people sought to run for an office for reasons of making a difference and helping others— and I’m certain there are a few souls remaining who still think that way— but as Rex Tillerson just noted — Washington is ruthless city…don’t know if virtue actually exists any more

        1. Imagine the problem the Apostle Paul faced when he was taken as a prisoner to Rome. Did he expect to find virtue there? Under the Emperor Nero? By comparison, Rex Tillerson had an easy boss to please. I suspect that as a former CEO he just had trouble not being in charge and making the transition to running a government agency (where politics reign).

  6. Is our military ready?
    Depends on what we what/need it to do.
    That’s kind of like asking how much insurance is enough.
    In our case, we’re also expected to police a great portion of the world and have security commitments everywhere.
    One thing for sure, retention is hurting and going to get worse in the future with the new “blended retirement”….people won’t have the same incentive to stay in. Our units here are about 70 percent manned. There are very few people doing a lot of jobs (with the cutbacks they have to “take it out of hide” for many jobs…so, for example if they want an IG as required they need to take him/her from somewhere else which is already undermanned. It’s a mess)

    Military leadership is exceptional right now (thank God), so for example Mattis is going to enact a policy to get rid of the undeployable people. This will help spread the burden of those deployments. Also, Goldfein and the Secretary of the AF Heather Wilson are very innovative and give a lot of discretion to commanders to disregard AFIs (regulations). This is something I’ve never seen, it’s pretty revolutionary.
    I also posted a few weeks ago about the OMB (office of management and Budget) calling this little base to see how we went from worst maintenance (in this particular aircraft) in the nation to best in less than a year, without any increase in funding or manpower. That tells me the people making these decisions are paying attention.

    I don’t know enough about the budget to make any input on that.
    I do know that military spending is about the only discretionary spending on that budget, and it’s only 16 percent.

    Pretty depressing situation overall. Soon just the interest on the debt is going to be almost half our military spending.

      1. “Military leadership is exceptional right now?? How possibly could you have made that assessment?”
        I just explained a couple of factors that went into my assessment. If you want more i could go on.

        “More to the point, whenever was it not in order to make that comparison?”
        Wow. Well, I could go on for a while…Ash Carter and the last Secretary of the USAF, for instance, had only one agenda and that was to “diversify” the US military at the expense of capability. Carter didn’t even bother to meet with the Chiefs of Staff the first six months he was in office.

          1. Both. The Chief of Staff is not a civilian. The Secretary of the USAF is a civilian. Mattis is now a civilian. Military leadership is great….what exactly are you asking me, Doug? Do you want to know about a specific leader? General Carlisle, the four star who recently retired, was phenomenal (he selected my spouse for the job he currently holds). His replacement, General Holmes is also exceptional.

          2. He is retiring soon so I don’t worry as much about being coy. He is an installation commander now (last base he was Vice, so he would fill in when the wing commander was away).

          3. He was offered it, but declined. It requires a commitment….and though the next job would be a good one, there’s no telling after that. They own you after you put on that star. And he doesn’t feel like he has “enough gas left in the tank”. It’s a hard job.

          4. I will acknowledge him being a staff officer with a long career would tend to give some insight into command officers and their performance…. and as we all know, the spouse tends to retain the “rank” of their officer hubbies in social circles. 🙂 Besides… his success was likely in a large part because of you. So.. if Tom tells me some general is a schmuck I will presume he’s off the top of his head. If you say a general is a schmuck.. well, maybe he is. 🙂

          5. That is one statement I will never challenge. 🙂

            A number of USAF in here… but you guys all outrank me. I was an enlistee E-4.. which at the time was an NCO. Different times back then. Hell, save for Lackland for basic, all my base assignments have been deactivated. Makes me feel damn old.

    1. Actually, there’s another take-away from Trump’s “fake” press conference today in his speech about signing the omnibus bill. More lies.

      Trump said in his speech that this bill would include a large pay increase for the military, the largest in a decade. Actually, Trump’s increase was 2.4% and Obama passed an increase back in 2010 of 3.4%.

      Trump said he was going to call on Congress to pass him the line item veto. The line item veto was judged unconstitutional by SCOTUS 20 years ago.

      Trump said that he wanted to help the DACA folks.. and blamed the Dems for not including anything. Did he forget that he ended the DACA program??

      This guy is off the rails.. as usual.

      1. @Doug

        We just elect men and women. Many of them are brilliant, but most of them are not especially wise. I will readily concede that Trump may be brilliant, but he is not wise.

        If Congress does not want to be controlled, Trump cannot make it do anything.

        We the People are supposed to control Congress. When we let our congressmen and senators control us, buy our votes, we lose control.

  7. A couple thoughts regarding your “please-vote-but-if-you-don’t-vote-the-“right”-way-then-ye-reap-what-ye-sow ” post here.

    I dunno who exactly was bamboozled here, but it wasn’t Trump. The White House was keeping track all along on the progress of this bill and knew full well where it was headed… and the 1.2 trillion to keep things sputtering along. Bills aren’t just introduced in Congress with the Executive just sitting there as an observer.

    The military is a unique part of government as it doesn’t get the public scrutiny as the rest of the government… and for relatively good reason… stealth and secrecy in their mission is, in fact, part of the military’s strategic effectiveness. In our democratic society it’s “bad” enough that our security hat is tipped at all informing our enemies that in various ways our military is just not up to snuff. For sure the Russian military doesn’t post all over the internet areas of their defense that needs a few extra bucks to get back up to par, or more tech toys to keep up with the Americans. Congress itself even has classified committees to deal with more immediate military needs and to establish some accountability. My point here is that I am SO unqualified to comment on what the military needs.. as is most every other (civilian) American, because there is no source to surrender that data for the obvious reasons.

    First blush tells me that a bunch of civilians in a government think tank are not likely as tuned to military needs as the occupants of the Pentagon.. working with the GAO. The question should always be.. have you got what you need to meet mission parameters and do you have what you need to confront our enemies, for now and for the foreseeable future? All I know is that there’s been a lot of noise in the recent year or so suggesting the military needs to “fix” things.. stuff needs maintenance. Okay, sounds fine to me….. who am I to say they don’t? I can’t sit around dreaming up conspiracy theories about the military running amok or the military-industrial-complex-owns-the-country nonsense. On that I have to trust that Congress is monitoring at some level and trust in the President is listening to his military commanders and can make the proper judgement call.

    I may acknowledge your political opinion because we all play that game using the same playbook… some form of the media. But unless you work for the Pentagon I sincerely doubt you have any idea what the military needs firsthand either. So how can any of us judge whether it’s a democrat/republican issue? Am I supposed to base on whether or not the military needs money by current events one way or the other??

    The Navy has ship captains bumping into things and so far the investigations have suggested failures in command & control. I know enough about management that this is not a case for simply shoving more money at the Navy. More than any other branch in the military the Navy should be spot-on constantly in evaluating the mental and emotional stresses of ship duty in order to be on top of reacting to problem areas involving human stress in confined locations for extended periods of time.

    So.. I am not informed about the Pentagon by any authority or media to present a funding position.

    1. @Doug

      A couple thoughts regarding your “please-vote-but-if-you-don’t-vote-the-“right”-way-then-ye-reap-what-ye-sow ” post here.

      When people vote selfishly, for their own personal benefit, we get politicians who govern for their own personal benefit. When we set up a welfare state, we are asking for people to vote for their own personal benefit. Human nature is what it is.

      The bill does not have much of what Trump campaigned for, and the spending is absurd. Except for the military spending, it is not clear why he signed it.

      Congress did not follow regular order when it passed the spending bill, and that is a huge problem.Trump can monitor Congress to some extent, but it is a separate branch of government. What happens there he cannot control. Neither Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell would put up with it. Since the bill was produced largely by the leadership and then sprung on everyone else at the last minute, it is entirely possible Trump’s team did not have time to read it carefully before Congress left town. I don’t know, but my guess is that Trump’s team got some really crappy stuff out of the bill, but they were not allowed to track things as they should have.

      Can we assess military readiness? Do we have a choice? We have to pick the right people to run our country. You like the job Trump is doing? Whether you do or you don’t, you have to vote. You have to determine whether who you want to vote for has the best record and plans if elected.

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