King Solomon, Reality of Guns and Schools

Scatterwisdom has an interesting post. Should teachers carry guns? So long as it is voluntary? Why not?

Because I am absent minded, I have no real desire to carry a gun. If I had to do it, I would manage it somehow, some way, but I don’t want something else to worry about. If I was a teacher and did carry a gun, the odds are extremely low that I would ever need it. See

That story links to a research study that shows mass school shootings are incredibly rare events.
So I don’t blame those teachers who don’t want to carry a gun. It is not likely they will ever need one.

If mass shooting at schools are so rare, why are we so worried about mass school shootings?
1. The news media is playing us for fools. They are playing upon our fears and our sympathies for the victims. Ratings drives that sort of thing.
2. The news media is making the latest mass school shooting a gun control event. They are using this mass school shooting to convince our leaders that they have to do “something”, like take our guns from us. Politics drives that sort of thing.

At the same time, if some teachers want to carry guns, I don’t have a problem with it. I am not scared of guns, just homicidal maniacs and one other thing.

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help. — Ronald Reagan

The fact the news media keeps trying to stir up the government to help us makes them a very scary bunch. So it is that every now and then I get a powerful urge to ban their first amendment rights. Fortunately for them (and me), I understand that to ban their First Amendment rights I would have stir up the government to help us. Definitely don’t want to do that.

Rudy u Martinka

What wisdom and reality do we need to comprehend about living today in the USA?.

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16 thoughts on “King Solomon, Reality of Guns and Schools

  1. There is a fine line between the reality of anger, hatred, jealousy, and Satan, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the mention. I did the same to you in new post today.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. @Doug

      I hear lots of folks talking about mental health, but what is a mental health problem? What is the process? What has the Federal Government got to do with it?

      Here is a comment I left on another post.

      Is Nikolas Cruz insane? I don’t know.

      Insanity is something I find difficult to define. When someone formulates a plan to kill people and executes that plan, I think that requires a considerable amount of hatred. What role does insanity have? I am uncertain, but I don’t think it is required to make a monster.

      Is hatred insane? Hatred makes us do insane things, but is that the same thing as insanity? No.

      We are insane when our minds fail to function properly. That is, we cannot take the information our senses give us, process that information coherently, and make correct judgements with respect to what our sense perceive. Whatever the reason, our mental processes are physically incapable of working as they should.

      When someone is full of hatred, their mental processes are working physically as they should, but hatred shapes their attitude. Hatred is an attitude problem, not insanity. When we hate, we take the information our senses give us from the perspective of our anger. Each unintended slight becomes magnified. Each actual abuse is amplified. Eventually, if we are dominated by hatred we cannot contain that hatred. We explode with it. That explosion of anger is the definition of a monster.

      When an explosion of hatred is calculated and carried out seemingly in cold blood, we may still think it is insane, but is the person who planned and executed an act of violence actually insane or just full of hatred? That’s what a judge and jury will have to decide. (=>

      Did we already have laws sufficient to lock up Cruz and take his guns? If so, then what good will new laws do?

      How about defining the problem and then coming up with a solution?

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      1. Damn, Tom.. why do you constantly have to over-pick a concept to death when we aren’t even at the point of talking about it. By MY concept.. to determine the extensiveness of the problem, the universal applications of legal options under our Constitution, social ramifications, etc. will in fact take the resources of the federal government to consolidate it all and provide authority to form a working group to formulate options. Exploring mental health is NOT some “let’s pop something together over the weekend to address kids going nuts”.. exploring this issue is an “across the board” issue encompassing EVERYTHING involving the nation’s mental health crisis which is MUCH more important than opiod addiction because mental health INCLUDES the drug abuse problem. Now.. because I say that my concept in going forward to try and solve the longer term problem of people going nuts is anything anyone will even attempt.. is likely not what anyone, state or federal, is going to wind up doing anyway.
        Trump is mumbling about mental health more than anyone, although his attempt to address the problem is less about an honest exploration into real mental health issues and more a deflection away from gun control of any kind. Nonetheless, if he can push anything mental health forward, all the better.


        1. And this is where you lose a lot us:”take the resources of the federal government ”

          Getting the Fed. Gov. involved is a sure fire recipe for to get something convoluted, nearly incomprehensible, and, worst of all, over reaching.

          “Exploring mental health is NOT some “let’s pop something together over the weekend to address kids going nuts”

          I agree. Mental health is a medical issue, let people who are trained in diagnosing and treating it do their jobs.

          The so called mental health crisis is not new. There have always been mental health problems. (witness Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Van Gogh) What has changed is that we are now more aware of it. Once upon a time it was shameful to admit that one had a problem, it was a stigma. People used it against you. So those that suffered, usually suffered in silence.

          Bringing Big Brother in could result in things like mandatory mental health screenings. Screenings that will end up being done by poorly trained clinicians who can’t differentiate between a temporary issue, something that is long-term but not dangerous, and real problems. Or worse, someone who views disagreeing with current governmental policy as mental illness.

          Yes, we probably need to change thing but BB is not, never will be, the answer.

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          1. You are missing the entire point. When government is working “correctly” (and I fully realize people all have their idea of exactly what that even means) it serves to set initiatives… beginning the thought process.. reaching a point where it can be either safely regulated to protect our freedoms and/or, enhance the technological and economic advantage for growing the country’s might and influence in the world. A perfect example was NASA. The collective will of the country went as far as it wanted to meet Kennedy’s challenge, we beat the Soviets along the way, and now private enterprise can take over.. which is exactly the process. Columbus “discovering” America was government funded, then colonization became big business.
            Big business with government have been critical in making America as great as it is, in spite of how popular it is to accuse such relationships as being responsible for all the nation’s ills. The funny thing in all this.. that used to be the gripe of Republicans; big business having too much control on government. Now the GOP cry is government getting into big business as a solution to making America great again.


          2. No, I didn’t miss the point. 😉 I am opposed to a strong, over-powerful, over-reaching Federal Government – aka Big Brother.

            NASA, as much as I love the space program, was handicapped almost for the get-go by Government spending budgets and gamesmanship. Never-mind that the whole race to the moon was little more than a political ploy – a chance for the US to thumb it’s nose at Russia. If the government had taken it’s choke hold off back in the 70’s, we could be much farther along. See The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space for where we could have gone.

            Federal Government should be concerned with protecting the nation, as a whole, in body, infrastructure, and in international interest; not in the individual constituent parts. (ie, me and you.)
            Big Brother has NO business getting involved in Health Care – physical or mental.


          3. Mr. Trump is only 1/3 of our Federal Government, and the least of my concerns. The Executive branch does not make or enforce the laws. The swamp is still full of career politicians who are more than happy to double-deal, lie, and sell their votes – dividing the country as they go.

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          4. @Doug

            You ought to back and see what Democrats like Obama and H. Clinton said about Russian election meddling before Donald Trump won. Sort of makes your assertion a complete joke.


          5. @Doug

            NASA actually is a very good example. When the space program started we were in direct competition with the USSR. Because much of the same technology is used in ICBMs, this competition had real military significance.

            After we landed a man on the moon, the competition with the USSR started to die back, and taxpayers lost the USSR as a reference point. Risk adverse politicians, fearing the bad publicity that results from the deaths of astronauts, were more inclined to spend money on something else. So the research budget started to decline.

            Nevertheless, NASA was a government program, and those things don’t die. So Congress decided to try Socialism in space. In fact, those brilliant ladies and gentlemen decided to design spaceships. They told NASA how to build the Space Shuttle, which, of course, became a white elephant.

            When the Challenger blew up on liftoff, NASA did not launch for two and a half years. Consequently, because NASA could not launch anything, President Reagan prohibited NASA from launching DOD and commercial satellites. Since then, even though we now must depend upon the Russians to get us to another boondoggle, the International Space Station, the USA’s space capability has become much more healthy. That’s because we have private entrepreneurs doing what government fouls up, innovating.

            Note that even when we landed a man on the moon, we did not make use of “government” technology. Our government hires private companies to produce “its technology”. Therefore, whenever I hear about the glories of government research, I cringe. There really isn’t any such thing. The closest we come to that is the research conducted at universities that are government owned and operated. Because America’s best universities are still private institutions, that is not saying much.

            Note also the controversy over Global Warming. The vast amounts of money the government has funneled into this research has quite obviously prejudiced the conclusions. Hence the conclusions of the “experts” (receiving government money) are suspect.


          6. @Doug

            What did I say that was not true?

            When it was first built, the Space Shuttle incorporated some advanced technology, but it wasted most of its payload capacity by putting a glider into orbit. Because of that, we wasted three billion dollars building a launch facility for the Space Shuttle on the west coast. The Shuttle did not have the lift capability to the get the satellites we wanted to put into polar orbits from that west coast launch site into orbit. So we had to use another launch vehicle.

            Most of what the Federal Government does these days is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! So why shouldn’t I complain?

            Think about this. On a day-to-day basis, we are most likely to deal with state and local officials. The police, courts, and jails are state and local. Our roads are mostly local. Our schools? Local. Colleges? State. The police on the highways. State. I could go on, but the Feds spend almost twice as much money as state and local governments combined, and most of that money has nothing to do with the Constitution that chartered it. Moreover, we have a huge deficit. You don’t see a problem?

            Because I care about our government, I want it to do the things it is supposed to do properly, not get involved in a bunch of things it has no business doing.


    2. Aren’t we all glad, that the CDC is prevented from conducting research related to gun violence in any meaningful way, thanks to the Dicky amendment? Who knows what reality’s liberal bias would turn up otherwise.


      1. Given the bias of research being done on Global Warming, we now need more funding for biased government research. We don’t get enough statistical studies on gun violence already?


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