The Thinker in The Gates of Hell at the Musée Rodin (from here)

Started this series with HOW A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN STARTS — PART 1 back in December, 2017. Since then I have been going door-to-door collecting signatures on petitions, working to get the candidate, Shak Hill, on the ballot for the 10th Congressional District Republican Primary.

Why haven’t I blogged more about Shak Hill? Well, stupidity is one reason. Personnel is policy. If we don’t elect the right people, we will not get the right policies. However, there is a big problem we must solve before we can get the right people elected. Before we will vote for the right people, we must be convinced to support the right policies. Therefore, instead of advocating particular candidates, we often have to spend more time advocating particular policies.

Convincing people to support the right policies can be surprisingly difficult. Doing the “right thing”, whatever that “right thing” might be, requires disciplined work. It is not enough just to care. We have to think things through. That is why we speak of religious and political ideological beliefs. Our religious beliefs should provide us wisdom, the means to distinguish good from evil.  Our political beliefs, which logically stem from our religious beliefs, should guide us when we relate to other people. What rights do neighbors have? What do I owe them? What do they owe me? Until we resolve such issues, how can choose which political candidate to support? Pragmatism? What works? Until we understand what God calls wise, how do we know what is rational? Until we understand what rights God has given our neighbors, that He want us to love our neighbors, how can we decide what sort of government works?

Of course, that raises a question? How do I know I support the right policies? Before I advocate anything, I too must think things through. I too must contemplate religion and politics.

What Makes Shak Hill A Better Choice?

So what about Shak Hill? Shak Hill is running as the Conservative Republican. Here (see below) is a flyer his campaign is circulating, Final Who Represents you.

Shak Hill want us to know Barbara Comstock is not a Conservative Republican. Is that important to you? What do you believe about religion and politics?


When you check the sources below, note that Shak Hill scores Barbara Comstock in comparison to other Republicans. It is, after all, a Republican Primary, and she is at the bottom of her peers.













Add yours

  1. I feel like my last post was an echo of your point re: faith providing wisdom and patience for political fray. Here in MN, we have another large problem because voter ID keeps getting block so we have an over vote issue. I think Stalin said he didn’t care who votes, but WHO counts the votes. Thats why SOS sec of state roles matter so much. Thanks!

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  2. Good luck. Abetting signatures is the easy part. Just to get them to vote is harder a d to vote gkr your candidate. Like I said, good luck..

    Recommend you find out if the office he is run ing for has authority to hire people. If he is running against an incumbent, who has people work I under him, for every person, you will automatically be behind in votes by a factor of 10. If office has any authority of being involved in buying goods and service , hood luck.

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