Please stop and think just how preposterous it is to expect “common sense action” from Congress. Consider some examples of “common sense action” from Congress.

  • Does Congress have the “common sense” to balance its budget? We don’t have $20 trillion in debt? Can Congress provide for our “social security” and our “right to health care” without busting the budget and bankrupting our children?
  • Does Congress have the “common sense” to protect our borders? Don’t even children sneak into our country illegally? Think Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) children, What is DACA and why is the Trump administration ending it? ( Please note that even Fox News has a bias. That article does not mention that DACA is unconstitutional and that is why the Trump administration is ending it. Even President Obama said he did not have such authority, and then he went ahead and did it anyway in his second term.
  • Does Congress have the “common sense” abide by the Constitution? Have you looked at what the Constitution says and what those people spend our money trying to do?
  • Does Congress have the “common sense” to allow people to protect themselves? Did the Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) of 1990, an act of the U.S. Congress, stop school shootings or turn schools into shooting galleries for psychopaths?
  • Does Congress have the “common sense” required to avoid Federalizing every problem? Why does Congress have to stick its nose into every mass shooting by a nutcase? Do we need to station squads of mechanized infantry at all our schools and public facilities to protect them? Has anyone considered the possibility that this is the sort of problem state and local officials should be able to manage without “common sense action” from Congress?
  • Does “common sense” require us, the People, to give control of our firearms to an ambitious bunch no one in their right mind trusts, politicians? Have YOU noticed that Congress is full of politicians?

We have an election this year. If your congressman or senator, Democrat or Republican, thinks his job is to take guns away from law abiding citizens, please vote him or her out. We each have the right and the responsibility to defend both ourselves and each other as best we can. Our police forces are composed of good people, but they can’t be everywhere. If we don’t allow Congress to take “common sense action” and disarm us, there is also no reason why our police forces have to be everywhere.

And don’t ignore the nomination process, especially if you are Republican. Unless we nominate good candidates, we will be stuck with those who ain’t.


  1. I read today Trump is considering a ban on bump stocks.
    I think this is wise.
    It shows (what I believe to be the case) he thinks like a businessman and not a politician.
    He has nothing to gain by this. It will not appease his opponents, and his average voter base will not like it.
    But bump stocks make a functioning weapon less functional as the bullets have a high level of inaccuracy. That means it’s a faulty part, and it makes sense to ban the manufacturing of faulty components.

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  2. I do not think there can be any Common Sense when there is no “Common Law” or standard by which we as citizens agree upon. It is quite evident to this observer at least that in America today that is the case. In-fighting among political parties in the norm, they behave like 1st graders, even worse at times. Both have their agendas neither of course is willing to compromise. The left of course see this as civil liberty the right as protecting citizens, both are lies. The left the party or moral decay and the right (as of late) of compromise.

    The two majority parties Dems and Reps are simply vying for power while Constitutionalists are wanting to return the country to its founders original intent. Until the later happens I am dire afraid this nation is in for great and grave turmoil.

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    1. Most people don’t even know what it means to live in a constitutional republic or a federation. It is a mess. Too many act like spoiled little children, and they expect their elected Daddy, President Trump to soothe their fear of bogeymen with guns. Pathetic!


  3. Our Congress is completely inept and we shouldn’t be looking at them to solve issues best taken care of at the local level. You brought up a good point in the comments about entrusting the government to confiscate our guns. So many Liberals I’ve talked to about this seem have a major disconnect between their hatred of Donald Trump and their willingness to allow his administration to take our guns. You can’t fight that kind of stupid.

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  4. marmoewp

    Add in my previous comment that the USA allows on million legal immigrants a year into the USA, along with their various cultures, religions beliefs, and past historical bias or sad experiences, and the task of “fighting forces” is hopeless, in my opinion.

    Then add the easy access of drugs, alcohol, guns, greed, etc,,,,,,.
    Then add the absences of religious morality in public schools be taught

    That is unless their is a miracle, or the end of the world, that occurs. in my opinion.,

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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  5. marmoewp

    Stopping hate in the USA, the melting pot in the world of various cultures in the world, and the past hate and bias they may have experienced from past injustices, reminds me of a King Solomon proverb of how hard it would be similar to restrain her .

    Restraining her (hatred, bias, etc.) is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand.(Proverb 27:6)

    It takes a 100 years for e new generation to hopefully forget injustices that caused hate bias etc actions done to someone, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. You are talking about past injustices and conveniently forget about the present ones. Try to get a job in France or Germany with a Moroccan or Turkish name on the resumee. An identical job application by Monsieur Laurent or Herrn Schmidt is way more likely to score a job interview. Try to enter a discotheque. Do you think it’s different for African Americans in the US? Nonetheless, as a Christian I refuse to just throw up my arms and claim that life is life and there’s nothing to be done about it. Other civilisations had wise men, too: A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

      Proverbs 27:15-16
      A quarrelsome wife is like the dripping
      of a leaky roof in a rainstorm;
      restraining her is like restraining the wind
      or grasping oil with the hand.

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      1. “Try to get a job in France or Germany with a Moroccan or Turkish name on the resumee. An identical job application by Monsieur Laurent or Herrn Schmidt is way more likely to score a job interview. Try to enter a discotheque. Do you think it’s different for African Americans in the US?”

        I’m not aware of German or French employment laws. Would you rather hire a Moroccan or Turk? If it’s beneficial to the employer, they will hire them. If not, they won’t. We have quotas for many places of employment here and companies like to prove they don’t discriminate…so, they fall all over themselves for a minority who does as well as a non-minority. If you are black (or latino) and have the same qualifications as another person who isn’t, you will more likely get the job. And there’s no way in hell a dance club could discriminate based on race here. Bigtime lawsuit would be forthcoming.

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        1. Just thinking further, if it’s really true that France and Germany are importing immigrants who have no hope of finding gainful employment you’re truly sitting on a ticking time bomb.
          They might want to start forcing those quotas. Will it harbor ill will and crush their economies? Most likely (almost inevitably), but if they have a growing self-isolating underclass without opportunity outside of government subsistence they have an even worse fate in store.
          People inherently want to feel valuable.
          They don’t want to feel like they are receiving something they don’t deserve, at the expense of others. It makes them feel like a parasite. So, their mind creates the illusion that they are entitled to it, and the people who offer it owe it to them. The solution is to offer the opportunity to pay back in some way (do some sort of work). Will people still take advantage?
          Yes, but only the ones who were lost to begin with. At least the system won’t be deliberately creating more, out of ostensible “kindness”.

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          1. People inherently want to feel valuable. They don’t want to feel like they are receiving something they don’t deserve, at the expense of others. It makes them feel like a parasite.

            That probably explains the high crime rate in our inter-cities where the schools stick.


        2. When I was married and took on my husband’s name, within a few months I started getting phone calls from collection agencies. I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere for more than a year (I’ve moved a great many times) where I didn’t start getting these calls. I’ve never been late on a bill in my life (with the exception of one electric bill that got misplaced and fell behind the refrigerator…that was years ago, and was traumatic for me because…I am never late to pay any bills, it’s basically an OCD for me).
          Were the credit agencies discriminating against me personally, or did I receive these calls because…I now had a name that matched a list of offenders? It is what it is.


        3. “That probably explains the high crime rate in our inter-cities where the schools stick.”

          I’m sure. I was going to mention this on the charity thread a while back, but I either forgot or went off in some other bunny trail, like I tend to do.

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          1. The stink of those schools does stick.

            When I was still in my military brat days, about five decades ago, I lived on Andrews AFB. Since the kids on base were military and transient, we got bused to integrate the local schools. That wasn’t quite as bad as living in an apartment complex Camp Springs, MD waiting for an opening to move on base.

            Because we had to move so much, my junior high and high school years were tough. Always the new guy in school plus being bused into some schools which were no fun anyway. It wasn’t until I got into college that I realized what was wrong. The public schools are filled with children and teachers who don’t realize how much of a privilege it is to be there. So they waste the opportunity.

            My parents pounded the importance of learning into the heads of their children. Not all parents do that.

            After high school, I understood what made prison so bad. The other inmates. Just like some children in school, they don’t want to be there either.

            When we attend college, we have to pay for the privilege. So we know it is a privilege. Because we are paying for it, we don’t waste the opportunity by making hell for the other students.


        4. Imagine you’re trusting someone to do your surgery…a person you’ve never met.
          The morning of the procedure, your surgeon steps into the room wearing a backwards baseball cap with his scrubs. He calls himself Billy Ray Bob, and uses terrible English with a really pronounced drawl. Are you going to have more reservations about him doing the surgery than a more professional looking surgeon with a name like John? Is that racist? Seems to me people look too often at racism as the explanation of obvious things. Everyone is judged on the way they look and present themselves. In every way. No one is equal. True of sex, race, height, ad nauseum ect.

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      2. “Do you think it’s different for African Americans in the US?” Um yes. I know what racial job bias studies you’ll throw back at me but you should know they’ve been roundly derided as inconclusive at best.

        Regardless, systemic racism on the U.S. left the building decades ago. The mental prisons people concoct in their minds that prevent them from moving forward in life is the real issue and convincing people that they can leave that prison all on their own is the key.

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          1. Don’t know whether anyone has ever done a statistical study on how often blacks are stopped by the police, but the fact is blacks actually do seem to commit more crimes. That is thanks to the Democratic Party, not their race. Intercity, government-run schools are just that bad. Wealthier people either pay for private schools or move into neighborhoods where the public schools are somewhat better.

            When I have time, I may listen to Neil deGrass Tyson. I will just observe that Democratic Party has been obsessed with race for a long time, and that has not changed.


        1. People discriminate constantly. If we didn’t, we couldn’t get though the day. I ate breakfast this morning. There are a thousand and a half options for what I could eat. Did i take the time to think about each choice’s individual merits?
          Who benefits from race outrage pimping?
          Answer: Not “minorities” (minorities in parenthesis because hispanics are hardly minorities anymore and asians seem to never be considered minorities….minority has become just one more bastardization of the language, along with “brave” “pride” and so forth). It’s exhausting to look for discrimination under every rock and take offense at everything when no offense is intended.
          My spouse should do a parody book called “Hola White People”.
          Two parts, the first he speaks, acts, and dresses like a stereotypic hispanic and calls himself “Jesus” (pronounced Hay Zeus).
          The next he takes on the handle of John Smith and acts “white” (aka professional, accomplished and capable of speaking in complete sentences).
          Documents his interactions during each “life” to “expose the reality of racism and micro aggressions in America” and hides the fact it’s actual parody.
          I’ll bet he’d make Oprah’s reading list.

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        2. “Funny! If your hubby can do that, maybe he should retire and take that show on the road.”
          😆 Oh, he could definitely pull that off. LOL

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      3. I agree, don’t throw up your arms, instead…

        True, life at times seems like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. But Solomon went beyond that. He gave a realistic view of life, a view that admits problems and shortcomings, that recognizes inequities and uncertainties, but yet a view of life

        Then do as King Solomon recommends,

        In my opinion,

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        tTthat has two positive recommendations.

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