This is the third and final post in a series, ARE YOU PRO-ABORTION? Here are links to the previous two.

How Do Our Votes Make Difference?

Every time our government borrows money, our elected officials borrow money in our name, and they mortgage our future and our children’s future, even those yet to be born. So we should be wary of such borrowing.

  • Is it needed?
  • How will we pay off the debt?
  • When?

Every time — EVERY TIME — scheming politicians spend “other people’s money” just to buy our votes and campaign donations, they divert funds that would have been better spent elsewhere. Thus, they abort what might have been, both the production of goods and services that people needed more and the growth and development that might have occurred. Instead, some special interests get what they want. Instead, we saddle future generations with more debt.

Because excessive government spending weakens our economy and invites foreigners to trade our increasingly worthless currency for American real estate and businesses, we risk leaving our children and grand children poor and at the mercy of foreign nations. When we borrow money we don’t even need just because want what we have not earned, we steal — often for the most frivolous reasons — from each other and our own children.

Consider the etymology of the word “abortion”. It is quite revealing. The etymology reflects both our horror and indifference to abortion. The definition of the word “abortion” has been an ongoing struggle between recognizing that the problem of abortion does exist and pretending the problem of abortion does not exist.

abortion (n.)

1540s, “the expulsion of the fetus before it is viable,” originally of deliberate as well as unintended miscarriages; from Latin abortionem (nominative abortio) “miscarriage; abortion, procuring of an untimely birth,” noun of action from past participle stem of aboriri “to miscarry, be aborted, fail, disappear, pass away,” a compound word used in Latin for deaths, miscarriages, sunsets, etc., which according to OED is from ab, here as “amiss” (see ab-), + stem of oriri “appear, be born, arise” (see origin).

Meaning “product of an untimely birth” is from 1630s; earlier in this sense was abortive (early 14c.). Another earlier noun in English for “miscarriage” was abort (early 15c.). In the Middle English translation of Guy de Chauliac’s “Grande Chirurgie” (early 15c.) Latin aborsum is used for “stillbirth, forced abortion.” Abortment is attested from c. 1600; aborsement from 1530s, both archaic. Aborticide (1875) is illogical. Compare miscarriage.

In 19c. some effort was made to distinguish abortion “expulsion of the fetus between 6 weeks and 6 months” from miscarriage (the same within 6 weeks of conception) and premature labor (delivery after 6 months but before due time). The deliberate miscarriage was criminal abortion. This broke down late 19c. as abortion came to be used principally for intentional miscarriages, probably via phrases such as procure an abortion.

Criminal abortion is premeditated or intentional abortion procured, at any of pregnancy, by artificial means, and solely for the purpose of preventing the birth of a living child : feticide. At common law the criminality depended on the abortion being caused after quickening. [Century Dictionary, 1899]

Foeticide (n.) appears 1823 as a forensic medical term for deliberate premature fatal expulsion of the fetus; also compare prolicide. Another 19c. medical term for it was embryoctony, with second element from a Latinized form of Greek kteinein “to destroy.” Abortion was a taboo word for much of early 20c., disguised in print as criminal operation (U.S.) or illegal operation (U.K.), and replaced by miscarriage in film versions of novels. Abortium “hospital specializing in abortions,” is from 1934, in a Soviet Union context.

When we vote for politicians who promise to give “other people’s things”, what we seem to desire most is to pretend the problems we are creating don’t exist. Consider the questions we refuse to pose to our consciences.

  • Are we voting because we care about our countrymen and the future of our children, or are we voting just because we care about our pocketbook? How many times have we been told Americans vote their wallets?
  • When we vote for politicians who promise to give “other people’s things”, are we voting for politicians who care about our countrymen and the future of our children or for politicians who just want to be “somebody”? If we vote for a politician who just wants to be “somebody”, doesn’t that make us pro-abortion?
  • What do we think about the character of the people we elect? What do we  think about the character of the people in Congress? Don’t we almost universally despise them? Yet we put them there. Because we don’t care enough about our neighbors, these are the leaders we deserve.
  • If we don’t care enough about the future of our children and grandchildren to demand a balanced budget, how are we any better than a decadent couple that decides to abort their pregnancy just because they do not want to deal with the inconvenience? After all, if we can abort what might of been for generations to come, spending the inheritance of our children and grandchildren instead of bequeathing them a bright future, how are we that much different from those who choose to abort a baby before it is born?

We can elect people who will balance our nation’s budget. However, before our politicians can properly set our nation’s priorities, we must first determine our own.

Are you pro-abortion? Or are you pro-life? What does your vote say?

We have an election this year. If your congressman or senator, Democrat or Republican, just thinks his job is to spend and spend and spend, please vote him or her out.

And don’t ignore the nomination process, especially if you are Republican. Unless we nominate good candidates, we will be stuck with those who ain’t.

31 thoughts on “ARE YOU PRO-ABORTION? — PART 3

  1. BTW

    Is it gossip that Trump had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy Playmate while his wife was recovering from child birth? Perhaps, but the fact that, during the campaign, his lawyer paid them to keep quite is an established fact which goes the Trump’s fitness for office.

    Is it gossip that there were credible contemporaneous allegations of spousal abuse against a Trump top aid. Probably not because it’s a crime. But regardless, the fact that he handled the highest levels of Top Secret information when it was clearly established that he could not and would not ever pass a background check demonstrates incompetence on the level of dereliction of duty that would get you or I court marshalled when we were in the military. We now have good reason to believe that he was far from the only top advisor to be in this position.

    I can go on if you like. These events are not in dispute. However, if in your mind, credible allegations of rampant incompetence and corruption in the White House is just “gossip” only when it applies to Republicans, then what is the point?


  2. So calling Obama a liar and a thief is not a personal attack? Your trying, judging and sentencing Clinton to prison for Benghazi and for her emails is not a personal attack? Shrug.

    Anyway, Trump professes a morality of greed and selfishness. You say that your use your own unique interpretation of the Bible as weapon for partisan attacks is ok, but you find it unseemly to challenge Trump for unabashedly and actively promoting selfishness and vice currently and throughout his entire life? This is not an issue of Trump’s personal moral behavior, (which is problematic for even the least prudish person). The issue here is whether Trump believes in the basic concept of morality. For a web site on Christian morality as it specifically applies to politics, one would think that this would be a hot issue. Regardless of that, the other six issues that I brought up above are based upon facts that are not really in dispute, and even under your strange equivalency with regard to what is a personal attack and what is not, these are just simple issues of corruption and incompetence in the White House.


    1. @tsalmon

      It quite obvious that Obama lied about a great many things. When a politician lies repeatedly about his acts as a public official, how do I avoid pointing that out? It becomes part of the debate. When people say things about Obamacare that are not true, and they know it, what are we supposed to do? When public officials say the Constitution empowers them to do things that that document clearly does not empower them to do, what should we say about it? Obama’s motives may pure as the wind-driven snow, but he still has no trouble lying, and neither does H. Clinton, and you know it.

      I don’t know what makes Obama tick. H. Clinton obviously loves money, but I focused upon and rejected their policies. We both understand neither of them deserve to be trusted, but you can pretend otherwise. Neither can be trusted to tell the truth, and that is easy to demonstrate. You have to be blind and death not to know that.

      You don’t like Trump? Given the alternative, I do. Would I have preferred a different Republican? He lost.

      Meanwhile, I am not going to sideline myself just because Trump is not perfect enough for you. Given who you have supported, I think your accusations against Trump are just pathetic. I have better things to do than worry about muck from muckrakers.

      What am I concerned about? The fact you think diatribes against Trump provide the basis for good public policy. What is constantly repeating a bunch of gossip supposed to accomplish? Why don’t you just write “I hate President Donald Trump” a thousand times on a chalk board every day/ It would do just as much good.


      1. Has Obama or Clintion ever told a falsehood? Yes, but Trump sets new records by the minute. I think Obama’s personal moral character was an aberration for Presidents, in that it was pretty refreshingly exemplary. I think that Hillary’s reputation for mendacity was indeed trumped up muck raking that very little investigation of such allegations exposed as inflated or just plain fabricated.

        If you really are worried about the lies of politicians then Trump should keep your blog pretty full. The latest numbers reveal a several whoppers every day. I know, the truth always has such a partisan bias against Trump.

        Instead of moral consistency, what you are arguing seems to be that you prefer a head in the sand attitude when the truth is just too inconvenient to the promotion of your ideology. There is a weird willingness by Republicans lately to ignore any outrage and any evidence of corruption so long as Trump throws them an ideological bone every now and then. I consider myself pretty pragmatic when it comes to expecting black and white ideological answers to every problem but this level of deep cynicism and ideological inconsistency is almost surreal, and then you sanctimoniously presume to try to shame me? Seriously? I love you brother. I rarely get a chance to laugh this much. 😆


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