Here is a link to The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)‘s press releases on HPSCI Memo. What’s it about? Well, here is what Fox News reported.

House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump

A much-hyped memo that shows alleged government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign has been released to the public and includes testimony from a high-ranking government official who says the FBI and DOJ would not have sought surveillance warrants to spy on a member of the Trump team without the infamous, Democrat-funded anti-Trump dossier.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released the memo Friday. The White House responded by saying the memo “raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI to use the government’s most intrusive surveillance tools against American citizens.”


Please read the memo. Kind of interesting this happened the same day the stock market had a big decline. Constitutional crisis or inflation worries? Seem there is a lot of nervousness out there. If we want to get pass this sort of stuff, we need to do a better job of electing good people to run our nation.

Is what the memo describes the sort of thing we should be sending people to jail for? Yes? Yet we are electing such people? Think about it. Is it time to clean up our Congress? Can we start in November of 2018?



  1. Sorry, I guess I musta stretched the limits of what chicken hawk Republicans who fawn all over a five deferment Cadet Bone Spurs could imagine about their own hypocrisy. 😝


    1. I am not an especially great fan of parades, but I enjoy military airshows. Since that would be included if they follow the French parade as a model, I would certainly consider attending this parade. My guess is that you are just jealous.

      Anyway, before you use the word so carelessly, i suggest you reflect more on the meaning of hypocrisy =>

      My guess is that Obama would have had no problem with a military parade IF the soldiers in it were loyal to him personally instead of sworn to support and defend our country and its Constitution.

      Need I remind you that the most authoritarian governments that have ever been claimed to be socialist states?

      You may also find this post relevant.

      What you are doing with Trump’s parade is Habit #4.


  2. Ok, this will be tough, but stretch your imagination. With two wars going on (one not going so well) and more wars one the horizon, President Obama wastes money and military preparedness to order a big N. Korea style parade with tanks and missiles and troops continuously parade saluting him in the main grand stand.

    Wait, sorry I mentioned this because your enraged screaming in that reality is hurting my ears


    1. President Obama? A military parade?

      If Obama had held a military parade Conservatives would have been trying take you and other Liberal Democrats to the emergency room. We probably would be unable to make it, however. The roads would have be rendered impassible due to auto accidents as Liberal Democrats listening to their radios suffered fainting spells and heart failures.


  3. The purpose of those parades is to honor the military. The pupose of this parade is to prop up Cadet Bone Spurs’ ego.


    1. Really?
      Are they going to call it the “Trump Awesomeness Parade”?
      I think the intention of the parade is the same as the intention of others.
      The standing joke is typically, “We sure do have to work hard to get honored…”
      because those things are always a lot of work.
      But morale is important (for the population too).
      That’s why they have parades and airshows, even though they are expensive (though not really, relatively), even though it’s some extra work for some folks on duty.

      I just went to an award ceremony last night which cost money and time and energy for a lot of people. Why not just mail everyone their award and announce it on the internet? Because the ceremony makes the event significant, and builds a sense of pride and purpose.

      It’s pretty obvious you don’t like Trump, and the Democratic party doesn’t like him either. They won’t even offer the courtesy of clapping appropriately after a speech. This has an impact and reflects poorly on them. They might call Trump an armchair warrior, but their ranks are filled with virtually nothing but armchair warriors.


        1. @doug

          ……when I heard of an idea for a parade, the FIRST thing that came to mind was:

          Why not thank these men and women, BEFORE they give their lives for you and I.
          Why not thank them by looking into their eyes before their eyes are lifeless and can’t return the appreciation.

          Why not thank them by a public recognition, for giving you and I the freedom to roam about this country, WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE, for when they are dead, they know not nor can hear your thanks.

          It is not a Russian display with tanks rolling up the streets to strike fear into their own countrymen, neither is it a moronic N. Korean missile fest, surely you can see the difference.

          If you can’t see the difference between the US military………….

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          1. Oh Pluhheeze… did not General Honore instruct his troops as they moved into New Orleans to provide assistance to the citizens there, to shoulder their weapons rather than carrying them at some port arms at-the-ready because the image of advancing troops in a civilian environment is an image we don’t really wanna see?


          2. Just seems to be an idea that shows Americans are proud of their military.

            I don’t attach such nefarious imagery doug. 😉 Maybe a gentle reminder that arms actually serve a purpose…. Some people are clueless.


          3. Absolutely no question that some people are indeed proud enough of our military and the military industrial complex for having created our military hardware (when the public is not picking on their abuses and alleged secret conspiracies), to the point of wanting to parade it all in front of the world. That’s certainly valid.
            But when a presidential ego and narcissism and admiration for child-like pomp & circumstance is the only motivation… sorry.. no.


          4. And how pray tell doug do you know pomp and circumstance is the ONLY motivation…………..

            You cannot possibly know this. You are not God. C’mon tell the truth and shame the devil.


          5. Uh.. I made that clear in my post about this subject; Trump’s own quote as depicted in The Guardian… not one mention of honoring any military personnel. Just crazy “we need to do a parade better than the French”. remarks.


          6. Have you ever marched in a holiday parade, Tom? I don’t ask that as some precursor lead to assign some great value to the experience to pick on your opinion. If you haven’t, so be it. Of and by itself it’s not a great achievement. But unquestionably it does tend to provide a perspective that is not from a spectator… in my case, especially a major Chicago city parade. I was in high school ROTC; to that point I had achieved nothing in life.. I was still young. We all dressed in military-style uniforms, essentially “pretending” because we represented a government program through the education process… a kind of military preparatory thing… and people cheered us as we marched by. We had absolutely no claim to any sort of being honored for even the slightest suggestion of having defended the country to that point in our lives.
            But here’s the takeaway… to the spectators we likely represented more the military preparedness of the nation by instilling in the young who “volunteered” for ROTC some idea of obligation to service to country. We were just as proud marching as the spectators were in watching. At no time did any of us think we were there for pomp & circumstance.

            No doubt the many high school ROTC units marching with our school on those special days had members that ended up on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, some became politicians, and likely most, like myself, just went on to average lives. But the parades I remember were about people… not tanks and missiles.


          7. @Doug

            You may have noticed, but I rarely personalize my arguments. Part of it is ego. I don’t see why people who personalize their arguments think it add any force to their arguments. Rarely are they calling upon any special expertise.


          8. Why deny your own human expression, Tom? That’s what gives each of us depth of character, solicits some measure of empathetic respect, and can add to some credibility derived from life’s hard knocks. This “I am a rock” anal thing you balance between your politics and religion is really not necessary. But.. in the end, we are who we are.. and that much I can respect.


          9. @Doug

            It is just the way I deal with a personal weakness, but I want to see the point-of-view of other people. When we personalize our arguments, we sanctify our our own point-of-view. When my argument is about me, that’s tends to make it more difficult to see what others see.


          10. @Doug

            Prison? No. If I confine myself to my own point-of-view, then I have very little liberty. If, however, I strive to see what others see, ultimately to see as God sees, then I seek complete liberty.

            To understand the consider this post => In particular, please read the excerpt from “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” by Adam Smith. It is about how we form a mature conscience.


          11. Doug

            To understand why we need to put ourselves in the shoes of others, we first have to admit we have a bias.

            We never rid ourselves our our personal bias. It is akin to humility. As soon as one believes himself humble, he is filled with pride.


      1. @anon

        The are a couple of other items worth mentioning that would make the money well spent.
        1. If we hold the parade on the 4th of July, it provides instructional opportunities. We can hold competitions for historical reenactors to participate in the parade honor the men and women who contributed to the defense our nation.
        2. We can use the opportunity to show the people who pay for it what the Defense Dept. does for our nation.
        3. We can use the event for recruiting purposes. What young men and women see honored, they wish to be a part of.


  4. Cadet Bone Spur has delusions of generalissimo grandeur. Maybe he should have some garish uniform designed so he can really play the part. We have troops in action and a military that is begging for money, but the chicken hawk, Cadet Bone Spur, wants to waste military time and resources playing tin pot dictator. It fits the whole corrupt administration he’s running.


    1. We have military appreciation day parades all over the country. We also have airshows. Should we cancel all of those too? They’ve been going on for years. No politician has complained…on the contrary, they all trip over themselves to be present and prove they care more than anyone else.

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  5. Talk about Trump wet dreams, Cadet Bone Spurs now wants a big military parade with lots of hardware to make him look even more impotent, I mean important.


    1. I suspect Trump has enough military people around him to come up with something appropriate. Before you put your foot into your mouth, why don’t you wait and see what comes out of it?


    2. “Wet dream” implies fantasy. A military parade is certainly within his capabilities, so more a wet dream (for him) than flying on Airforce one.
      I don’t get it. What’s the problem with a fourth of July military parade?

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      1. Marching troops, marching bands, military bands, veterans organizations… Boy Scouts… Girl Scouts… Shriners… politicians… all the way it should be. Just don’t parade military hardware like we are bragging about something…. or satisfying our child President because he likes the pomp & circumstance of another country. You don’t need a damn M1A1 Abrams tank chewing up the city street at 1 mile a gallon fuel rate to pay homage to our active and former military. The image of an American in uniform is all the world needs to see.


  6. @anon

    You are overwhelmingly. Sort of like stream of consciousness speculation. Bravo!

    In the end, however, we both know it’s all just speculation based on what little facts and expertise, we or the speculators we believe, throw out there. That is at least until the speculation is obe or new facts. And as long as we don’t confuse pure speculation with certainty, but who here would do that?😏

    Don’t get me wrong. I love speculation. It’s the reason why I read and post here. Your research and breadth of understanding are quite admirable. My fear is one that you perhaps may share in a different way. As actual new evidence presents itself, how hard will each side ideologically cling to the speculative narrative that they wanted to begin with and ignore that evidence?

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    1. “Sort of like stream of consciousness speculation. Bravo!”
      Yeah, I was busy rambling in the early AM.
      And.. I’m female so that should be…
      Brava. 😉

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  7. “Consider.
    1. Abortion is okay up until the moment of birth, and government has to pay for it. This is supposed to be an indisputable “right”.
    2. Immigration is an indisputable “right”, not a privilege.
    3. We have indisputable “rights” to a bunch of different things (entitlements) government is supposed to give us: an education, a job, healthcare, housing, food, a retirement, welfare/unemployment benefits, public transportation, and so forth.
    4. Every cotton-picking identity group we can think of, except old white guys, is entitled to claim certain indisputable “rights”. Minority racial groups get affirmative action. Homosexuals get marriage. Women, when they charge men with sexual harassment, get to be automatically believed. Minority religions, (not Christians, of course) get inordinate respect from government officials. The disabled get others to pay to adapt their facilities so that the disabled have access and can work in those facilities. And so forth.
    5. And so forth.“

    I agree with your criticism of the extreme Left. Sadly, you see the splinter of ideological extremism in the eye of the Left but don’t see the log in the eye of the extreme Right. I don’t see much compromise on either side these days.

    Speaking of the right to be left alone verses the right to extend a duty to others, how about the right to be left marry who you want? How about the right not to participate in something that you don’t believe God sanctities? How about the freedom not to be a life support system for a potential human for nine months? But what about the basic right to be born? How about the duty to help and welcome a stranger in distress? How about the right to refuse help?

    You want a formula – negative verses positive rights. If it were that easy we could just kill all the lawyers. But none of this is as morally black and white as either side screams at the top of their lungs all the time. We have a moral duty to community and to each other, but we also have a moral duty to leave each other alone as much as possible to live in freedom. These two moral duties sometimes collide and the best we can manage is a shifting compromise. However, compromise is only possible if we get through our wooden ideological blindness to see the other side’s perspective and then find that compromise.

    Some days I think “a pox on both your houses” but then I repent my despair. We live in a finite and fallen world. It’s not about winning. Its about how virtuously and lovingly we all play a losing game. You want absolute justice. There is no such thing in this world. Justice is a scale where we measure compassion, and we never completely measure up, do we? That’s the beauty of it all – a pretty blind (disabled?) lady weighing justice as a balance. Why justce is blind is obvious but I’ve always wondered how she got that way? Maybe it was what was left when all that wood was finally taken out of her eyes.


    1. Well, is it not after all, called the “pursuit” of justice for a reason? Will we ever get there? Maybe, but likely not, yet we continue the pursuit. This business of governance being “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is the entire problem… people are all different. Yet that is also our strength as a nation. Yeah.. a nation.. a world… the entire human race is simply a body of contradictions. You said it very well… it’s about the road to compromise in order to build a status quo. It isn’t anyone’s perfect Utopia… but when reached it is in fact our Utopia.

      I’ve always been a student of history and now that I am getting way older than most folks I encounter, a fair amount of that (modern) history I have witnessed up close.. or rather, lived through. Democracy and prosperity does not exist in a vacuum of ideological theory. It’s all about passing through real life cycles of social, cultural, ideological, technological, and political change. The trick is knowing when it happens then doing what you can to either lead, follow, or get out of the way in order to get through it. You’ve heard about those decade nicknames.. roaring twenties, turbulent thirties, flying forties, fab fifties… all represent in some way how the decade was lived. Sometimes it also represented a struggle of culture and/or politics… a phase of heightened awareness of inside change. We are smack in the middle of such a flux in our reality continuum. But this impact is being felt in all areas.. politics, economy, culture, religion, social.. and very likely the big trigger of it all was advancements in technology; information passed from individual to the world , and back, at the speed of light, at a rate far exceeding our ability to understand and process it all. The fad word to describe the impact is “vitriolic”. In other words, we are impassioned and pissed at the same time; immovable opinion coupled with downright hate at the widespread pressure of change.. and the people we perceive are causing the gut wrenching change.

      So where does this leave us? We just have to ride it out day to day and look for those small windows where compromise can sneak in past all the noise of the media. Small victories. There is also a point where people just plain get tired of it all and begin to move past their stubbornness. One of the reasons the Civil War ended the way it did was that people simply got tired of all the hatred.. and death… and destruction… as the original reasons became not-so-critical as they were in the beginning. The reflecting back.. what the hell was this all about and was it worth all this misery? Well, we ain’t there yet.

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