Here is a link to The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)‘s press releases on HPSCI Memo. What’s it about? Well, here is what Fox News reported.

House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump

A much-hyped memo that shows alleged government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign has been released to the public and includes testimony from a high-ranking government official who says the FBI and DOJ would not have sought surveillance warrants to spy on a member of the Trump team without the infamous, Democrat-funded anti-Trump dossier.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released the memo Friday. The White House responded by saying the memo “raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI to use the government’s most intrusive surveillance tools against American citizens.”


Please read the memo. Kind of interesting this happened the same day the stock market had a big decline. Constitutional crisis or inflation worries? Seem there is a lot of nervousness out there. If we want to get pass this sort of stuff, we need to do a better job of electing good people to run our nation.

Is what the memo describes the sort of thing we should be sending people to jail for? Yes? Yet we are electing such people? Think about it. Is it time to clean up our Congress? Can we start in November of 2018?



  1. A heads-up regarding the Nunes memo. The memo claimed, that the FISA applications did not disclose the Steele dossier being part of opposition research. Now Nunes on “Fox and Friends” has dialed down this claim to the language being not explicit enough. As it turns out, the initial application, as well as the following applications, had footnotes indicating the political nature of the dossier. Nunes further revealed, that he had not read any of the FISA applications he is criticising.

    You will also want to keep in mind, that the FBI was aware, that Russia had targeted Carter Page years before the campaign as a possible source or spy. Reason enough to keep an eye on Page, especially as Page has called himself an “informal advisor” to the Kremlin.


      1. FISA warrant applications are written by legal experts for legal experts. If a piece of evidence is marked as “political” in a footnote, then the judges know that this piece of evidence is tainted and weigh it as such. For the finding it does not matter, wheter evidence was paid for by “candidate 2”, “candidate 3”, “candidate 4” or “HILLLLAAAAAARRRRRRYYY!!!!!!”

        The language used in the Nunes memo implies that the Steele memo was not characterized as being paid for as opposition research. Now Nunes retreated to saying the language was not clear enough “for the American people” (never mind it never was the target audience, but law professionals). If you can not tell the difference between “They never said A” and “They did say A, but in a way I do not approve of” I am sorry for you.


        1. marmoewp

          It appears you saved your strongest argument for last. “I am sorry for you.”

          The HPSCI Memo explicitly states what was omitted. It is quite obvious the FISA judge should have be told key details that were omitted. Still, I appreciate your pity. I suppose it is better than being hated. Thank you.


  2. Senator Tammy Duckworth, a Purple Heart Recipient who lost two limbs when her helicopter was shot downin action is the one who coined the term “Cadet Bone Spurs” to describe Trump. Ya, she’s an unamercan traitor because she didn’t stand up and clap for a five deferment draft dodger.

    Calling people unamercan and treasonous simply because they don’t sufficiently applaud you is what’s unamercan. Ordering our military to a stupid parade just prop up his corruption with their bravery is what’s unpatriotic.

    What a pompous buffoon you’ve chosen to defend.


    1. Being an injured veteran does not offer carte blanche for needless rudeness or childish behavior.
      Yes, he’s very pompous (though I don’t think he is stupid).
      I was under the impression from what you’ve stated recently that you were interested in discussion. I’m telling you this is not helping the Democrats at all.
      Do you want to win the next election or divide the country more?

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      1. “I was under the impression from what you’ve stated recently that you were interested in discussion. I’m telling you this is not helping the Democrats at all.
        Do you want to win the next election or divide the country more?“

        Paul Ryan recently praised the their massive tax giveaway to Trump and his cronies by saying that the $1.50 per week that some working woman gets will be more than enough to pay for her Costco membership. “Let them eat cake” comparisons aside, what Ryan failed to mention is that the tax windfall to Exxon alone is enough to buy all of Costco.

        I heard one Democratic strategist compare the tax package to giving average workers a one time extra bag of peanuts way back in the knee cramping economy section while the real winners in the super-luxury section get a lifetime of cucumber facials. All that before the plane then takes off without enough fuel to go anywhere.

        You don’t think it’s good politics to keep hammering Republican corruption and self dealing at the expense of the American people? I disagree, but regardless of how it is polling in the moment, it is the right thing to do. If doing the right and honorable thing doesn’t unify us in the end, then what is the point of unity anyway? If you really think it’s better to be applauding an unabashedly corrupt, self serving narcissist, then you applaud and prance around doing tricks for him, and quit calling everyone else who doesn’t think it either prudent or honorable a traitor.


        1. @tsalmon

          Corruption is not taxing corporations? To defend Liberal Democrats, that is how you have to define corruption? You act like they stole their own money from the IRS. That’s perverse!

          When investors keep the own money — when the government does not take it from them — that’s is not a windfall. It is just part of their profits, and they are being allow to keep it.

          Investors risk money they have already earning by investing it. If they invest well and the market favors them, they make profit. That’s just part of the nature of commerce.

          Government, on the other hand, exists off the earnings of others. Like a parasite, it does not ask permission from its host. It just feeds. As voters, the people who ultimately control this parasite, we have the obligation to make certain that government has a symbiotic relationship with its host. That is not something you seem to have any interest in doing.


    2. PS

      Enjoy the run. That’s also my favorite form of meditation when the hypocrisy and corruption of Cadet Bone Spurs gets to be too much. Too bad Cadet Bone Spurs’ ego is either too big or too fragile to be capable of any such form of introspection.


    3. @tsalmon

      Think about anon’s post here =>

      There is nothing rational about the way Liberal Democrats are going after Trump. It is pure bitter hatred. In spite of a clearly biased news media, that is what people are slowing starting to notice.

      Is Trump a pompous buffoon? Who are you or I to judge? What I care about is what he has done, his performance as compared to what we got from Obama or would have gotten from H. Clinton. That’s a topic you have avoided. Instead, you attack the man. That’s just a logical fallacy, and I know you know it. Shame on you.


      1. But, Tom.. maybe it’s YOU that’s missing the point. You’ve made the same complaints about me as well… it is indeed the man himself that is affecting the country far beyond what you are imagining as his great accomplishments. Words matter, Tom. Morality matters, Tom. Persona matters, Tom. You are suggesting that the person matters not.. it’s what he accomplishes that matters. Well, that rather assumes the end justifies the means. I simply refuse to want to pay that price for a… well, buffoon. I’ve stated often enough.. hell, let Pence carry the Trump agenda.


        1. @Doug

          We had an election. We had a choice of candidates. Trump won. You don’t like it? That’s a personal problem. You have to wait until the next election. That is just the way the system works.

          What have Liberal Democrats done? They don’t want to wait. It appears that DNC, the H. Clinton campaign, and officials in the Obama administration tried to frame Trump. That is far worse than anything that Trump has done.


  3. “We rise up by standing for something worthy of our support. It is futile — instruction in hypocrisy — to force others to stand for what we believe. We don’t wrest what others have earned — steal — out of their hands. We stand on our own two feet, and we built up each other up with the work our own two hands.”

    Exactly, and that’s why a self serving and corrupt president using grand marshal displays to prop up his own ego and inadequacies of honor is beyond sad.

    Historically, we only have such displays to celebrate our military’s victories. One was considered the last time we pulled out of Iraq, but the military demurred saying it would be inappropriate while we still had troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan. What changed? Only that Cadet Bone Spurs has a Caesar complex to be assuaged.

    I say again. You want someone to go goose step to glorify a draft dodger, then you do it. Our military has enough to do with trying to get us out of all these nation building debacles that Republicans got us into in the first place.


    1. Okay, I lied above. This is my last post and then I’m going to use this outrage energy to go for a nice, long run.

      I’m not a big fan of parades. They seem a waste of time and energy to me. I’ve never voluntarily marched in a parade, nor have my children. I don’t do

      Your party has an unbelievable PR problem right now. Yes, worse than Trump and his angry tweets. Why? Because these are folks pretending to be the adults in the room. By purposefully not clapping after a SOTUS, they look like a bunch of toddlers in soggy diapers.

      The actual tweet: “And you have the other side — even on positive news, really positive news like that — they were like death. And un-American. Un-American. Somebody said, ‘treasonous.’ I mean, yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not! I mean they certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.”

      Many many Americans identify with the above remark. These people who cannot muster up the courtesy to simply clap out of politeness are not sending the message they think they are. Rhetorical question we all know the answer to: Do you think they’d at least clap politely if it were the leader of a foreign country, making similar remarks? They really do seem to not like America much. And that is a big public relations problem.

      You’ve mentioned immigrants a good many times, and have shared that your wife is a very successful person. I have to wonder how many immigrants you really know personally? I am first generation and my husband is first generation….and our parents do not think as you do. They support Trump and his policies. Last place I lived was 60 percent immigrant. About 35-40 (just a guess there) were from Cuba or Puerto Rico. Again, their opinions were much different from yours. They too were Trump supporters (Rubio, a Cuban, lost to Trump in Florida…and the Cuban population is large enough to make a big impact there…consider Elian Gonzales lost Gore the election).

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    2. @tsalmon

      May as stop giving soldiers medals, I suppose. Some Liberal Democrats in their 60’s are bound to find some kind of reason to be offended have a temper tantrum more appropriate for a 2-year old.

      All that parade is to you is an excuse to attack Trump. It really does not matter to you what he does.


  4. Cadet Bone Spurs acts like Mussolini at the SOTU and calls people unamercan and treasonous just because they don’t applaud for him, and you’re angry because people simply point out what a self serving narcissist he is? I’d say that’s funny, but there is nothing funny about this hypocrite draft dodger.


  5. The essence of leadership is honor and integrity, Cadet Bone Spurs has no honor and no integrity. He has never served the country for one day in his entire life.

    Every day someone else in the corrupt swamp that is the Cadet Bone Spur administration is outed for dishonorable behavior and corruption. Even his top national security advisor left in disgrace and plead guilty to a crime. The list goes on and on after that.

    But the pompous Cadet Bone Spurs is the Republicans’ “Dear Leader” so no matter how blatantly corrupt, self-serving and narcissistic he is, you own him. You parade for him and leave our brave men and women in the service who actually have better things to do, out of it. Cadet Bone Spurs only brings dishonor on everyone he has anything to do with.


    1. “Cadet Bone Spurs only brings dishonor on everyone he has anything to do with.”

      Have you been paying attention to politics for the past quarter century?
      That’s not how it works. (fortunately)
      A dishonorable person working for the government is about as common as a wet where a piece of ice used to be.
      I too would prefer a person with military service. If it’s so very important to the Democrats they wouldn’t have made Hillary their anointed candidate for president.

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      1. the Democrats are really really overplaying their hand here. They seem to be doubling down on all the behaviors that got Trump elected in the first place. Who are they trying to convince?
        They’re certainly not going to convince anyone this way. Maybe this is some sort of cognitive dissonance a team building exercise.
        Good thing they have a token veteran to make up childish nicknames!
        And CBS isn’t even a good acronym.
        Maybe they can come up with a better one to form the acronyms “SISSY” or “SNAKE” or some such. Wouldn’t that be classy?

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        1. I have no idea what will happen in the next three years. No idea where our country will be, of who the Democrats will nominate next (I sure hope it’s someone better than last time).
          But whoever it is, I hope the Republicans call that person a rich, arrogant expletive. “Oh, that person is rich and pompous! Too rich and pompous for the office of PONTUS!” State it sincerely as though their sensibilities can’t get over the shock.
          Maybe, just maybe the Democrats will get it then. Maybe a little bead of awareness of the rank hypocrisy will reach their frontal lobes? But I doubt it.

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        2. It’ll be great.
          “But Trump was a rich arrogant expletive..”
          “Oh! Don’t drum up the past! That doesn’t matter…we’re the poor man’s advocate now, don’t speak of last year….”
          Good Lord.

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        3. Okay, the more I think about this the angrier I get.
          I need to take a break from the internet. My husband joined up just about exactly the time Clinton was elected. Of all the hypocrisy the Democrats have thrown out over the years, this is by far THE WORST.
          THEY are criticizing the president for not serving in the military? TRULY?
          Their policies have been catastrophic for the military. Ash Carter was heinous. He cared so little he didn’t even meet with his own Chiefs of Staff until six months after he was appointed. Good grief. I’m off the computer for at least until after the weekend. Never post angry. (that would be my advice to Trump as well with his tweets)


          1. @anon

            Anger has its place, but it is a good idea to cool off.

            The other side needs our pity. When they behave as they do, they hurt themselves. What we must do is be careful to avoid committing our own sins (no doubt that after I die God will point to things I should not have written when I blogged).

            Typically, Christians point to the Pharisees as hypocrites. We often forget that some of those Pharisees became devoted Christians.

            Jesus appealed to the Pharisees to change their hearts. Their hypocrisy obviously angered Him, but I think it sadden Him more. He hated the pride that made the Pharisees hypocrites, but He loved them, nevertheless.

            No doubt Jesus’ accusations of hypocrisy shook up the Pharisees, but His love did more to change their hearts.


          2. 😘😘😘
            That good enough?

            Seriously, I don’t spend much time with people I don’t like. It doesn’t do them or me any good.

            Jesus said to love your enemies. Well, that is hard. So I try not to make any, and I expect you do the same. Makes life easier all around.


    2. @tsalmon

      Is repeating libel, baseless accusations, slander, curses, and frothing at the mouth now the same as rational discussion? So you hate President Donald Trump? That’s a personal problem only you can fix.

      Consider the futility of your cause. Do we build ourselves up by tearing others down? Doesn’t that just result in an illusion? Does not what we see just feed our pride because we rise above those whom we have helped to break down? Is anyone — even our self — actually any better off?

      We rise up by standing for something worthy of our support. It is futile — instruction in hypocrisy — to force others to stand for what we believe. We don’t wrest what others have earned — steal — out of their hands. We stand on our own two feet, and we built up each other up with the work our own two hands. We glorify our Maker with our example. We give to Him — to His Glory — the first fruits of our own works. All else is just an expression our our pride in our own power.


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