I watched President Donald Trump give his speech. I was impressed. We can hate his twittering, but very few know how to surpass one of formal speeches. When I watch him give a speech like he gave tonight, I have little doubt we elected the best man we could. Perfect? No, but he is better than we deserve.

Here is the text of the speech: President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address.

Here is the video (below). When I posted it, that title page persisted for 29 minutes. My guess it that they will eventually delete that part. If not, skip to 29 minutes into the video.

Now it is time to go to bed, but in the morning I will post some observations. Meanwhile, I suggest looking at video. Worth all that clapping and cheering. Just imagine the alternative. What if that was President Hillary Clinton? Thank God for Trump.


  1. “Seriously, you don’t think adultery and cover up are examples of corruption?”

    I’ve provided numerous examples. You and anon both know that Trump is a corrupt “con man”. I’m not sure why you want me to convince you of something that you already know.

    Go ahead, actually play devil’s advocate and try to come up with your own list of examples. Start with his known proud infidelities with three wives and counting. Next take a look at the admitted fraud that was Trump University. Then look at his promotion of gambling and his use of the bankruptcy laws to enrich himself and strand contractors and creditors. Then keep going and going. If you miss anything, I’ll happily supplement your list.

    But you’re not upset that there’s no examples of Trump’s corruption. You’re upset because there are way too many. He’s unabashed and proud of them. And they just keep coming day after day to the point where there is really no such thing as outrage – just a cold hard resolve to endure it for the sake of the Republican team.

    BTW I’ve been meaning to ask: What is it like to become a cold harden pragmatist? Even I have never advocated carrying pragmatism to this extreme. I always thought pragmatism and ideals should be balanced.


    1. What you have done is repeated gossip.

      If you want to look on my blog, you can find examples of charges against Trump I researched. I eventually stopped. The news media cooks up these things. When people tire of one charge, they just cook up another.

      I looked at Trump University. There was no admission of fraud. He just put it to rest after he was elected president.

      We pick and choose our fights. It takes wisdom to figure out which are worth fighting. Given the depth of people’s biases (look at your own), fighting that case in New York would have be difficult at best.

      What is it like to become a cold harden pragmatist?

      I do believe you are projecting your own behavior onto me. I am perfectly happy to discuss issues. Yet you insist upon attacking Trump personally, not his policies. Why? Pragmatism, I guess. What Trump is doing is working. Yet every man is imperfect. We can always accuse someone of imperfection, and we can rest assured that they are guilty.


  2. @anon

    “Now’s your chance, TSalmon! Please give examples of this blatant corruption. I could go on all day as I did above. How is Trump demonstrating “ineptitude and corruption” in office?”

    The context of my statement was in reference to a hypothetical of a fictional mafia don who we elect mayor of Chicago. I can make up some fictional corruption to go with the fictional hypothetical if you want, but that a mafia don elected mayor will act corruptly is sort of a given don’t you think? The same is true of Trump.

    A textbook definition of a corrupt person is someone willing to act dishonesty for personal gain. Similar to the old joke about the girl who agrees to have sex for a million dollars, but objects to having sex for only one dollar, we already have by admission determined that Donald is corrupt, now we are just haggling over when and how he will do/has done it again.


      1. Nonsense brother. Constantly using the ultimate Book of love as a weapon is what is kinda “shameful”.

        Seriously, you don’t think adultery and cover up are examples of corruption? Anon admits Trump is a con artist. His whole life is about corruption, but more than that he prides and promotes corruption. How many examples do you need?


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