Here is what immigration is suppose to look like.

When I posted on TRUMP’S FIRST STATE OF THE UNION, promised to provide some observations. Since Trump’s speech covered lots of ground and there a lots of pundits out there, I wondered what I could add. Here it is. A question. Am I a white supremacist?

The answer? Well, maybe not. At least one Democrat disagrees with Nancy Pelosi.

The West Virginia senator Joe Manchin on Sunday criticized House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for dismissing a new White House immigration plan as a way to “make America white again”.

“We don’t need that type of rhetoric on either side, from Nancy, [Republican House speaker] Paul Ryan or anybody else,” said Manchin, a West Virginian moderate and a leader of a bipartisan Senate group working on immigration who spoke to CNN’s State of the Union. (continued here)

What are the issues involved? Well, I suppose this video clip from Fox Business News provides a fairly good summary.

What is President Donald Trump proposing? Here is the framework Trump mentioned in his speech: White House Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security.

Do I think the White House Framework makes sense? It depends on the bill Congress produces. As usual, the devil is in the details, and too many of our congressmen cannot be trusted. So I told my congressman what I want. See WHEN DO THE IDEOLOGICALLY MAD BECOME TRAITOROUS?

Trump’s White House Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security is just that, a framework. It does not mention things like  E-Verify. If we don’t hold both our government and employers accountable, force our government to make E-Verify work and force employers to use it, illegal immigrants will just keep coming here for jobs.

Putting an end to illegal immigration is a make or break issue for the future of this nation. If we do not control who can immigrate to the United State, then we will not be able to maintain our cultural identity. Instead of being a People with a shared identity, we will just become a motley horde feuding over the spoils of a dying nation, yet one more example of a failed republic.

Consider. What comes to mind when you think of the United States?

  • The English language.
  • The history of great people, a shared heritage.
  • The flag and our national anthem.
  • Our constitutional republic.
  • The freedom we all enjoy.
  • A safe and prosperous land for our family, friends, relatives and fellow countrymen.

It is not enough just to have laws that look good on paper. We have to have laws that actually work, and we have to make the people responsible for enforcing those laws do their job. If they refuse, we must promptly replace them. Otherwise, when our system of government fails because no one actually cares how it is supposed to work, we have no one to blame except me, myself, and I.



20 thoughts on “AM I A WHITE SUPREMACIST?

  1. Quite relieved, patriot, that you are not a white supremacist because if you were, then I’d have to look in the mirror at my brown skin and ask the same question. However, unlike Democrats; namely; Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, I would never ask, “Who am I going to believe, race baiting, name-calling Communists or my lying eyes?”

    No friend, you are not what Communists allege us all to be merely because of our love for God, country, liberty and family. That being said, I’ll stand with you any day over the anti-American, anti-Christian, Communists stinking up New York State.

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  2. Any idea, why the White House Framework takes to lying about the visa lottery?
    “The Visa Lottery selects individuals at random to come to the United States without consideration of skills, merit or public safety.”


    1. From Trump’s perspective, I think that statement is true, and I don’t see any reason to disagree.

      The object of the Diversity Visa Lottery program is given here =>

      Here are the “qualifications” =>

      What do the qualifications amount to? An applicant can figure out how to apply for the lottery.

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      1. What do the qualifications amount to? An applicant can figure out how to apply for the lottery.

        And here is where you err and the White House webpage lies [1]. DV-1 applicants need to have completed high school or equivalent. Alternatively, they must have two years of work experience within the last five years in “occupations classified in a Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) range of 7.0 or higher”. This is a bit cryptic and sounds like a loophole for your run-of-the-mill paperboy, but if you look at the DOL’s O*Net OnLine database you will find that these kinds of jobs require at least the equivalent of a 4-year Bachelor degree. Anyway, even when fullfilling the educational attainment requirements, diversity visa applicants are still subject to the routine medical, criminal history and security background checks, just as any other immigration visa applicant.

        [1] My assessment is harsher on the White House, as they are an official government site and ostensibly run by knowledgable people.


        1. I read that and laughed. Just what we need. Some guy from a dirt poor country who supposedly has the equivalent of a college degree but there is no requirement to speak English?

          If someone actually has a Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) range of 7.0, he already has a good job where he is at in a country that is desperate for his skills Why are we going out of our way to encourage such people to come to the USA? Truth is those are not the people who come here. The difference is between theory and practice.


  3. Does anyone have an actual tally of how many people who spouted if Trump wins they would leave the country?

    if they did not, does that make them out to appear to be insincere and foolish?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. Pelosi, please, be my guest. Go back to Italy, that’s one less white person.
    I’m still waiting for all those white people who said they were going to leave the country to actually leave the country. I was excited about that. Not only have they not left, some who left years ago are moving back (like George Clooney).

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    1. Interesting how people say things they don’t actually believe.They say they are going to leave the country. They don’t. Then they call other people liars? And they don’t get it when other people don’t take them seriously.

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  5. there is a slow boat to China out there somewhere that has a seat with her name on board—but I guess that whole little old idiom is no longer considered PC… so there you go…..
    I guess we’re all now a bunch of idiots…in her mind

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  6. CT

    The stoic faces of so many on a particular side of the seating arrangements, when there should be simple agreement on things common, is why soooo many people cannot stand politicians. Who would argue with a straight face that ‘America first’ does not mean ‘America only?’ Geez, if some people actually engaged the brain.

    But I do want to highlight your observation about the English language. Hello? This is where we live. This is how we communicate. Don’t like it? Move to Iran. But racist for telling the truth? Man, some people’s kids. 😉

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    1. Some of these people are just so spoiled there is no reasoning with them. When people think the government exists so they can remake other people to suit their own desires, that is scary, but that explains outfits like the Nazis and the Communists.

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  7. I would never repeat anything Senator Pelosi says or does on my blog.


    While she is the leader of the House Democrats, her words and actions directly effect her Party.

    20 Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined.

    I have come to the conclusion that Democrats need someone other than a fool to lead them.

    Regards and goodwill bloggingm

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