King Solomon, Why Pay our Military

Why does Congress get paid during a government shutdown? It is in the Constitution. See =>

I agree Congress should not be playing such games with our military over something as absurd as legalizing the presence of people whose parents sneaked them into our country. What kind of leaders hold the safety of their own people hostage for the sake of foreign intruders?

Consider the irony. Congress — YES, CONGRESS — created the problem of illegal immigration because they won’t do what is required to defend our borders. So how do they propose to “fix” the problem? Democrats apparently think the solution is to not pay our soldiers. Really!

To add insult to injury, my congressman, Rob Wittman, was the only Republican member from Virginia’s delegation to the House to vote against H.R. 195: Continuing appropriations through February 16, 2018 (see =>

What was Wittman’s excuse? Here ( is what he says. Basically, what it comes down to is that he does not like continuing resolutions. Is that really a good reason not to fund the government at all? Of course not. As it is, he is just engaging in pointless grandstanding. There are enough votes in the House to get something done without him, which he no doubt knew in advance.

What about my two senators? Well, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are both Liberal Democrats and part of the problem, not the solution (see =>

Rudy u Martinka

Would you agee to a wise right, just, and fair interim solution for our military personnel during the Government Shutdown?

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13 thoughts on “King Solomon, Why Pay our Military

  1. So you went to a Republican pep rally and you’re all full of spit and vinegar to fight that evil other team? Sorry, uninterested. Life is too short, but I’m glad it keeps you feeling inspired. Love you brother.


    1. Republican pep rally? No. I went to a routine business meeting for the Prince William County Republican Committee (

      Did some folks make some campaign speeches? Yes. One of the guys running for the Senate and a couple running for Congress. Two of them have skin with a high melanin content (that is, they are blacks). All were well received.

      What most people want in a politician is someone they can trust; they want someone who shares their values. That black guy running for the senate, E. W. Jackson (=>, is a first rate speaker. He loves America. He is not trying transform America. He is trying to make it better, and that is what I want.

      We don’t need leaders to transform us. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. What we need are leaders who set aside their biases and forgive, people who see all Americans as their neighbors and countrymen (see =>


  2. So you are so naive as to think that no Republicans are ever race baiting demagogues?

    I wasn’t trying to pick a fight but instead conceding that some Democrats are just as guilty as some Republicans of using race baiting as an issue to win elections. The difference is that those Republicans generally race bait whites and those Democrats generally race bait minorities (you would call it “identity politics”, but it’s still just race baiting by another name).

    The funny thing is that, if Democrats would just focus on working people, all those minorities (and thus the majority) would benefit. The other funny thing is that black and brown folks, particularly new and second generation immigrants, actually make the most natural ideological Republicans.

    In any event, I didn’t bring it up to call you (or even Trump, although he is a race baiter supreme) a racist or any other name. I was just making a general observation that this is the worst sort of politics for both sides, and we all suffer as a result.


    1. I went to a meeting of the Prince William Republican Party this evening. It was not a meeting of a bunch of angry white men. Yet that is the way the Liberal Democratic Party constantly tries to portray us. That is the way you just portrayed our president. Yet he enjoys bragging about reducing the unemployment rates for black and Latinos to historic lows. Whereas Obama’s idea of helping blacks and Latinos was food stamps.

      In this country if someone can pin the word “racist” on a politician and make it stick, he may as well give up. He will be run out of office some how some way. That is one reason why Democrats play the race card.

      So do Republicans actually play the race card? I suppose it is possible that a few local politicians can get away with it. However, as you observed yourself, many blacks and Latinos actually have conservative values. The problem is getting them to vote that way. To prevent them from voting that way, Democrats and their mass media allies play the race card. In fact, the primary reason they spew that venom is to give their base an excuse to hate, which is why I am sick of hearing Republicans called racists.

      What Trump did is and is doing is making an effort to get blacks and Latinos to vote for him. So of course in Democrat eyes that must make him a racist. Obviously, he is trying to turn blacks into Uncle Tom’s and Latinos into whatever the Latino equivalent is to an Uncle Tom.

      If you have never done it, please read Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

      You want an indication of just how ignorant people can be? Then observe the fact that blacks consider being called an “Uncle Tom” an insult. That’s a good measure of how well Democrats have run the public schools.

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  3. This isn’t really about security. it’s about the morality of splitting families up. It’s about the morality of walling out and banishing families of desperate strangers fleeing war and poverty. That said, I think the Democrats have picked the wrong battle to literally go to the wall over.

    As a practical matter, we do need better security to keep drugs and narcoterrorists out. We do have too many people immigrating right now. And we do need immigration reform that compromises practical realities with American moral values.

    But all the average American worker sees in all this is Democrats fighting for another identity group and sacrificing basic government services and the military in the process. And this plays perfectly into the hands of the worst race baiting demagogues on both sides.


    1. Race baiting? Have you ever noticed that it almost always Democrats who start flinging out accusations of racism?

      What is the Schumer Shutdown about? The Democrats need the votes illegal immigrants. They need a large permanent underclass so that they can pit the rich plus the poor against ordinary citizens, the people who pay the bills.

      Frankly, what Social Security and Medicare is about is creating a senior citizen “identity group” that votes for government benefits. The fiends use these programs to pit elders against the interests of their own children and grandchildren.

      Anyway, we cannot maintain huge health, education and welfare programs and then throw our borders open to the world. It should be obvious why that won’t work. It should be obvious that insisting on such government policies will just tear our nation apart by the seams. Thus, it is amazing things have gotten to this point. It also an indication of just how many votes scheming politicians have bought.

      The Bible says we should love our neighbor as we love our self. People who care about themselves because God cares about them take care of themselves so they can be of service to others. To make it easier to take care of ourselves, it is perfectly reasonable to keep our country as strong as possible. Therefore, we should do our best to make certain that the vast majority of immigrants will strengthen both the character of our nation and be good for our economy.

      Should we on occasion accept refugees? Yes, of course. However, the vast majority of the time it makes more sense to help people where they are.

      You want to help your neighbors, even those outside of our nation? Great idea! Just spend your own money private charities. That way you won’t corrupt our government and make matters worst.

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      1. “And this plays perfectly into the hands of the worst race baiting demagogues ON BOTH SIDES.”

        Did you even read what I wrote? You seem awfully interested in picking a fight on some issue or another even when you’re being mostly agreed with on the issue at hand. 😘


        1. I read what you wrote, and you brought it up.

          I don’t have anyone on “my side” who opposes ILLEGAL immigration because of race. Yet supposedly mainstream Democrats are accusing Trump of being a racist. So I am heartily sick of hearing about it.


  4. Think it took about five months for our pay to get completely resolved last time. Took about two months for the first paycheck….but everything was so backed up in finance (the people who processed the payments were considered non-essential and didn’t come to work during the shutdown) it took forever to get paid what we were owed. That was the Reserves. Not sure how Active duty does it. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. Hopefully it will get settled soon.

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