One popular stereotype of a mad scientist: male, aging, crooked teeth, messy hair, lab coat, effervescent test tube, goggles, gloves and a dramatic pose. (from here)

What is ideological madness? The typical busybody suffers from a form ideological madness. The mad scientist (also mad doctor or mad professor), a caricature of a scientist first made famous Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, also suffers from a sort of ideological madness.

What is ideological madness? Is there a simple definition? Perhaps not. When someone insists on doing something like putting together a body made up of parts from the dead, that’s a spooky proposition. What sort of beliefs would lead someone to want to do such a thing? Would it be evil to try? Nevertheless, when a busybody insists upon using brute force to make others to become what he or she wants them to become, we know that is mad because it is evil. It is mad because the ideology revolves around what “I want.” What others think — what God commands — matters not to those seeking power.

In our Congress many suffer from ideological madness. Listen to these mad men and women, and you will hear them calling their opponents every name they can bring to mind. You won’t hear them defending their ideas or pointing to their accomplishments. Instead, you will hear them calling their opponents demented, greedy, selfish, and even traitorous. So it is I sent my congressman an email today. Here is what I wrote.

Subject: DACA, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Immigration Reform

Please stand firm on immigration reform.
1. No more amnesties for illegal immigrants. It has been tried. Did not work because politicians cannot be trusted.
2. Set up clear qualification criteria for the so-called DACA “kids”. Allow those who really were children when they came here to stay. If they want to be citizens, make them qualify for citizenship just like legal immigrants should in a MERIT-based system.
3. Cut off access to jobs, to healthcare, to education benefits, and to welfare benefits for those in the TPS program. Give them no choice except to self-deport to their home country.
4. Cut off access to jobs, to healthcare, to education benefits, and to welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. Give them no choice except to self-deport to their home country.
5. Implement e-verify and make it work. Don’t allow greedy employers an excuse for hiring illegal immigrants. They should be hiring American citizens.
6. Terminate anything that even looks like an immigration lottery.
7. Replace the chain immigration program with a MERIT-based system.
8. Set up straightforward criteria for accepting refugees. No more catch and release!
9. Fund the wall!
10. Don’t WIMP out!

We need our immigration system fixed. Look at California. That state was once prosperous and well run. Is that what you want for the rest of our country? Is that what you want for Virginia? Is that what you want for your district? Then don’t WIMP out! Stand and fight!

The ideologically mad are mad most of all for power. Because many of our politicians see the means to power when they buy our votes, they are determined to import poor immigrants, people ignorant and naive enough to allow their votes to be bought. For the sake of our children, we have to stop these mad men and women from importing people whose votes they can buy with our money.

Is being ideologically mad just a matter of public policy on crucial issues like controlling our borders? No. When men and women become busybody power mad, they start seeking greater and greater control. So it is time we started learning the truth about some things.

There is a memo circulating that many congressmen claim details alarming abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). It seems some of them want us to see it.


  1. Doug, You stated “just enforce business from hiring cash only legals”

    Wasn’t that President Reagan’s 1983 promise to the Nation when he granted amnesty to the supposed two million illegal immigrants, which by the way somehow blossomed to four and one half million.

    Kinda makes me wonder how granting another blanket amnesty for 11 million will just turn out to be the same political promise never to be enforced, and probably repeat again.

    By the way do you really believe there are on 11 million presently in USA?Wonder how many 11 million will blossom our to be?

    Regards and goodwill blogging/

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      1. I love your optimistic imagination or….outlook on the last amnesty.

        . Now if only your statement could be proven as fact…..or …. fiction.

        Regards and goodwlll blogging

        PS Kiinda hard to prove tax liabilities when workers are paid in cash,……..yes ….no?.


        1. Agreed.. my whole point in enforcing that e-hiring. BUT… common sense suggests that those 2 million from the Reagan years “maybe” were a cash bunch doing off-the-grid work.. their decedents since then are likely largely well into career growth education and subsequent middle class or better jobs. In other words… that 4.5 million are contributing.

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          1. You bring up a valid issue actually. Last April 15th it was like 43% are not paying income tax because of many falling below the poverty level but also those earners taking exemptions for things like child care, home interest, etc. But 66% that do not pay income tax (of that 43%) do pay into payroll taxes and thusly Social Security, medicare, etc. It’s not so much an issue of people in general or illegals specifically getting paid cash in such large numbers… but rather people not getting a wage enough to contribute more to the tax base.

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          2. Perhaps it would help the tax base. However, most immigrants wind up with more children than the average US family. So if you increase the minimum pay, and increase the number of dependents, I rather doubt the 43 percent will ever pay Federal Income Taxes up until they retire and have to pay Social Security taxes.

            Yes, No,
            Regards and goodwill blogging.


          3. If you want to take money out your salary and give it away so you can raise the wages of some people to an arbitrary minimum, be my guest. Most employers don’t want to do that.

            When we demand that employers pay their employees more than their labor is worth, what do you think is going to happen?


  2. The title of your post being similar to a post I made a little while back…
    ..I thought I’d read your post to catch your perception of being ideologically “traitorous”. But.. alas, you simply went on about immigration.. which I contend was just a conjured up issue by candidate Trump to satisfy the white base perception that immigration, illegal or otherwise, was running amok.. and somehow stealing jobs from white Americans and sucking on the welfare teet… when in fact, according to the government stats at the time, illegal anything was at an all time low.

    But.. ok.. tightening up immigration laws is not a bad thing in general… it’s just that I find the pretexts regarding “merit” to be unnecessary given the vast majority of immigrants, legal or illegal, do not in fact suck up white jobs or gobble up welfare money. There’s NO government stats to suggest that as some wholesale problem. Again.. another semi-racist suggestion of a problem that’s not really a problem. All that crap plays well with his vitriol white base.. because that’s all Trump cares about.

    To me, your point 5 above is the crux of the alleged desire to climb walls, build tunnels… whatever you imagine is wholesale happening on the border…. just plain enforce businesses from hiring cash-only illegals. That I will agree will reduce illegal border crossings.

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    1. @Doug

      Well, your post shows the usual sign of CNN induced Trump Derangement Syndrome. Broad, sweeping assertions absent of fact.

      Since you did not mention the links at the end my post, I assume you did not look at any of them. You may wish to do so.

      Is the immigration issue conjured up? No. We are not enforcing our borders, and this is still a problem after what happened to the World Trade Center. Just based on the security issues, that is insane.

      Almost half of the illegal immigrants came here legally on a visa. They signed a document (twice actually) saying that they would go back home before their allotted time in our country ran out. They stayed anyway, and nobody tracked them down and sent theme home. That is not right.

      The notion we even know how many people are in the country illegally is a fraud. How do we count people who don’t want to be identified as illegal?

      You say all this is not a problem? Well, Democrats and RINOs have made it problem. I don’t have problem with people wanting to come to the USA and become citizens. I do have a problem, however, when taxpayers have to fund enormous health, education, and welfare programs, and people can sneak across the border and use those programs. You need proof that is happening? What a joke! All you have to do is count the number of children in ESL programs. See => https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=96 and https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_cgf.asp. I don’t what world you are in, but just this alone is a disastrous burden is some areas. These ESL programs did not even exist when we were growing up.

      The big problem is that we risk getting too many immigrants who either can’t or won’t assimilate.. Frankly, I don’t want to live in a bilingual country. We have enough problems resolving our differences. We don’t need to complicate matters by not being able to speak the same language.


      1. Yeah.. I know, Tom. Your last paragraph rather sums up your thoughts. A lot of his base feels the same way.. cultural change, economic shifts… the old country is fading away. Valid feelings, actually… and that voice should have had some attention and representation… although someone way better than Trump.

        BTW.. I actually thought your opening paragraph on your reply to me was funny.. and I don’t mean that in some pissy way. Cute retort… CNN induced Trump Derangement Syndrome. No argument at all that I am suffering with Trump in the White House. 🙂


        1. @Doug

          As scatterwisdom made clear, the immigration issue predates Trump by decades. The problem is that most politicians don’t want to fix the problem. Would dry up campaign donations. Also, these guys think the welfare state gives them more power than limited government.

          Inexpensive labor makes business more profitable. If the taxpayers finance health, education, and welfare for illegal aliens, and there is no penalty for hiring them, that sort of public financing delights some greedy businessmen. But is bad for the country.

          The mass media gets its money from advertisers. Since many of these advertisers use illegal aliens, much of the mass media does a rotten job of reporting on this topic. Point being you need to listen to multiple news sources.

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  3. Good post with good sources, in my opinion.

    3000 years ago a phrase was used by a wise man to describe today’s events we mostly read and hear about in today’s news.

    “Madness and Folly”

    Great subject to ponder about historical events compared with current news.

    ” nothing is new under the sun”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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