Why the odd juxtaposition of the title of this post and that picture above. Well, this is a Christian blog. So I don’t suggest searching the Internet for images associated with the word “pervert”. In addition, I think we should be more interested in promoting our own causes than condemning those of others. So that picture above illustrates the focus of this post, the welfare of children.

On Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. Not having anything to post, I let the occasion pass. Today, however, I thought I would say something about the busybodies and copycats who have sought to misuse the good done by the Civil Rights Movement that King helped to lead.  How? Consider this famous quote.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. — Martin Luther King, Jr. (quote from here)

King did not deny we have the right to judge each other. He just wanted us to judge each other by the content of each others character. How do we do that?  The character of a person (see here) relates to their moral excellence and firmness. That is something we can only perceive from a person’s words and deeds, that is, from their behavior.  Therefore, what was King advocating? Instead of using a person’s race to determine whether we want to associate with them, do business with them, honor them, befriend them, and so forth; we should consider quality their behavior.

So what did the busybodies and copycats do to the Civil Rights Movement? They did what people have a tendency to do. They carried it to the extreme.

  • The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution, passed after the Civil War, contain a straightforward prohibition of slavery. Otherwise, those amendments prohibit either the Federal or State governments from depriving citizens of their rights or treating citizens unequally. Nonetheless, Congress gave itself the authority to extend its powers to apply civil rights laws against private businesses.
  • The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution were quite obviously designed to prevent discrimination against blacks based upon race. Nevertheless, the busybodies and copycats decided to extend civil rights protections (especially AMENDMENT XIV, Section 1) whatever identity group it pleased them to “protect”. Thus, instead of protecting us from the unreasonable biases of public officials, civil rights laws now allow public officials to force their personal biases on others.

When people twist the law this way, that is a form of legalism.  Even though the statutes may now say what the busybodies and copycats want, and judges may agree, the obvious text of Constitution — the spirit of the Constitution — does not give our leaders the power to force us to accept behavior we consider unacceptable.

Here is a prominent example, Christian group’s lawsuit against University of Iowa pits freedom of religion against gay rights (

A conservative Christian student group’s lawsuit against the University of Iowa is pitting the right to religious beliefs and the institution’s policies barring discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The 10-member group called the Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) waged a legal challenge last December after the university suspended their activities on campus over the denial of a leadership position to a gay student.

The Christian group said anyone can become a member, but the leaders must affirm a statement of faith that rebukes homosexuality, which is within their rights according to laws guaranteeing freedom of religion.

In the lawsuit, the group says it “cannot and will not ask leaders who do not share its beliefs to lead members in prayer or to convey those beliefs.”

The university prohibits any discrimination based on sexual orientation and accused the BLinC of violating the school’s Human Rights Policy and the Iowa Civil Rights Act, Fox News reported last year.

The group, founded in 2015, was meeting weekly for Bible study and focused on service projects and to teach students “how to continually keep Christ first in the fast-paced business world.”

Since the loss of license to operate, the group is no longer able to reserve campus meeting space, attend student recruitment fairs or access funds from student activity fees. (continued here)

Consider this quote from University of Iowa lawsuit pits gay rights against religious freedom (

Jennifer Pizer, law and policy director at LGBTQ legal group Lambda Legal, said the Masterpiece and BLinC cases undeniably share similarities.

“The core idea is the same,” she said. “People saying, ‘Because I have a religious reason for wanting to do something contrary to law, I should get to do what I want … even if it involves harm to someone else.’” (from here)

“Harm” is not being allowed to lead an organization that promotes beliefs contrary to your own? If that is not a perverse idea, what is? Can you imagine a devout Christian complaining because an LGBTQ organization would not let him organize one of their obscene demonstrations? Would an LGBTQ organization want to depend upon a Christian to speak in their name? Would anyone take that Christian seriously if he complained about not being allowed a leadership position in an LGBTQ organization after he had refused to affirm their vile beliefs?

What complicates matters is the fact the government is sticking its big nose into almost everything. Hence the government either owns or provides funding for all kinds of causes, especially educational institutions. Since government can and does attach strings to “its money”, those strings can make it extremely difficult for each of us to exercise our personal right to discriminate based upon the dictates of our conscience.

So what is the solution? It is in that very same Constitution the busybodies and the copycats so much want to abuse. Let’s look at the text of AMENDMENT XIV, Section 1

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (from here)

When our government is forcing us to accept as appropriate words and deeds we find reprehensible, why isn’t that an abridgement of our privileges or immunities as citizens of the United States? What sense does it make to force people to accept leaders who don’t believe in their cause. Doesn’t the 1st Amendment also give us the right to peaceably to assemble? How can we peaceably assemble if the government insists upon interfering in our choice of leaders?

Consider also the 10th Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. (from here)

If we don’t want busybodies and copycats constantly empowering themselves at the expense of others — if we want the right to exercise our own freedom of conscience — then we have to constrain our government to the powers the Constitution actually gives it. The Framers intended the Constitution to be a charter that specified what the Federal Government can do, but busybodies and copycats would have us believe the opposite. They would us believe that whatever the Constitution does not prohibit the Federal Government can do. Hence, to remind generations to come of their true intent, the People insisted upon adding that last amendment to the Bill of Rights.

The Framers of the Constitution never expected the Federal Government to operate or fund endless health, education, and welfare programs. So there is nothing in the Constitution that provides for any such programs. The Framers understood the massive power that would give the Federal Government. Yet because it seems easy and harmless — deceptively so — we have allowed the Federal Government to slowly become a Behemoth. So instead of the values of our People guiding our government, we now risk busybodies and copycats imposing sick and depraved beliefs upon our children.

Instead of letting politicians take so much of our wealth from us and spending it to further their own personal political interests, is it not time that we each said “NO!”? It is our money. We each have a conscience of our own. Why can’t we choose the charitable causes upon which we spend our own hard-earned cash? Won’t we spend our own money more responsibly than politicians bought and paid for by special interests?

Other Views Of Homosexual Rights Controversy At The University of Iowa

20 thoughts on “THE “RIGHT” TO BE A PERVERT

  1. Regarding this constant bemoaning from Conservatives that politics determines science.. rather traveling back to the ignorance of the Dark Ages… this argument spawns from global warming anyway… so now it’s popular not to believe science. More Trump BS. I am still waiting for the explanation as to the motivation of the thousands of scientists alleging global warming is a scam vs. the thousands of scientists alleging global warming is fact. Besides Trump just “saying global warming is fake” and his base believing it.. as if Trump actually reached some scientific conclusion on his own (Ha!)… what is the individual motivation for believe one way or the other anyway? Total idiocy.


    1. @Doug

      If you believe “science”, then you would have to believe the earth’s climate has see-sawed back and forth between hot and cold. Why? Well, the driver for that is speculative, but an obvious possibility is that the radiation that the earth receives from the sun varies. Does it? Since we have not been monitoring the sun very long, we don’t know.

      So what do we have, we have temperature data that goes back to the time we had decent thermometers. That was not all that long ago, and that data is sort of spotty. Moreover, when people start building cities around where those thermometers are located, the asphalt and concrete created “heat islands”, skewing the data. We also have the fact that in the last fifteen years or so the earth’s average temperature has not changed much.

      All the proponents can offer as “proof” is computer models, which have not worked, and anecdotal data. Nevertheless, because they have had allies in the Federal Government they have gotten lots of Federal Funding for research. Special interests have also gotten “incentives” to manufacture windmills, solar panels, bio-fuels, and so forth.

      It is not politics that determine science. It is fame, money, and power for which people will peddle their integrity.


  2. The travesty of the US Supreme Court making a decision on the controversial issue of homosexuality is that by doing so, they decided that homosexuality is nature and not nurture.

    I spent considerable time reading medical views and studies on this subject because I do not believe that it is 100 percent proven that homosexuality is the result of nature.

    If a minor is persuaded by a homosexual pedophile to engage in a homosexual act by convincing the minor to engage in an act when a minor’s hormones are bubbling, the child may enjoy a secual pleasurable experience and who knows for certain if that child was nurtured into engaging homosexual experiences.

    The Supreme Court decision gave credence to the conviction that it is 100 percent nature when they made it illegal to question homosexual rights.

    What really upsets me is the Connecticut School District that makes second grade schoolchild read books about princes marrying princes.

    Travesty, perverse, or propaganda influence in my opinion. Since when did the Supreme Court become psychologists? That requires a medical degree, not a law degree.

    As for religion, parents have rights to persuade their children to value family, marry the opposite sex, have children, and live according to their religious beliefs.

    Frankly, I no longer care about anyone’s sexual prefernces anymore, if they are legal age. Sadly though, underage children have been directly influenced by the Supreme Court interpretation.

    I say everybody has rights to make their own sexual choices, but not to infringe on parent’s rights to not want their children be taught in a public school that homosexuality is the result of nature when that is not true or proven 100 percent medical evidence, especially in second grade.

    Regards and goodwill blogging,d

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    1. I spent considerable time reading medical views and studies on this subject because I do not believe that it is 100 percent proven that homosexuality is the result of nature.

      We don’t know what causes homosexuality. What we do know is how politics affects scientific opinion.

      If we had a genetic marker for homosexuality, people would be aborting babies identified as homosexuals. That is not happening.

      Thanks for an insightful comment.

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      1. “We don’t know what causes homosexuality. What we do know is how politics affects scientific opinion.”

        So much for the weight of scientific opinions when it affects Rights, or the squeaky wheels ,in the USA, i guess.

        Regards and goodwill blogging

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  3. Well said, Tom. It really is legalism. We all have biases, it simply is what it is. We can try to protect people from criminal harm, but we cannot protect people from the hurt of rejection.

    A part of the story not being told much, Christians are discriminated against everyday in the US. Where I live it is much more obvious, because it’s a very secular area. People are evicted from coffee shops, denied jobs, shut out of housing, forced to be silent about what we believe, made to sign loyalty agreements declaring you fully support gay marriage, a whole slew of things that are clearly discriminatory.

    Rejection is painful and it makes life harder. You can’t legislate against it however,it’s a matter of the heart.

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  4. Your blog, your opinion, Tom. No question. Not that I care to disagree with this recent post but jeez, buddy… seems there are far more important issues in the national forefront than this incessant Christian diatribe regarding some aspect of human sexuality. If Christians are not trying to convey how we are to engage sex, who we can have sex with, and what sexual “fantasies” we humans might have and still remain moral in the eyes of the Almighty… they seem never satisfied. Right about now my feeling is… the LGBGT M-O-U-S-E whatever the current nonsense reflecting that “community” is, can just wait.. do their thing.
    You’ve mentioned more than once in the past (yep.. I read some of your stuff) that the Founding Fathers didn’t create the Constitution to encourage what you perceive to be a welfare state and some impure or invalid distribution of wealth. Well, I’m sure the Founding Fathers couldn’t imagine the need for expecting a law to be passed to make sure we come to a full stop when approaching a stop sign either… and those violating that law must pay a fine to that same government. Regardless of what some “Founding Fathers” published in the media of their day regarding their own political proclivities.. the end result was the Constitution.. which is the rule book for creating laws presumably with some representation of the will of the people through elected representatives. What matters is what the “Founding Fathers” finally agreed on.. the Constitution. What doesn’t matter (other than establishing some historical perspective of the day) is their singular opinions on the side in some publication of the day.


    1. hi doug-

      It is a big deal. I’m pretty sure the framers did not anticipate that bastards would hide behind ‘liberty’ and think that a woman could marry her horse or turtle. They may have had the drop on us as far as common sense.

      A society is only as strong as the laws that govern it………ever heard of Sodom and the cities of the plain? Perhaps with today’s decadence, an apology would be in order to the ten cities…..

      Then there is this: ‘Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.’ That’s scripture. That’s history. That’s a fact. And that was some pretty ugly stuff. I know ugly when I see it.

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      1. Well, CS, I surrender to your opinion.. and I can understand your direction. I guess I just tend to think there are more serious things in our lives right now than what might drive human reproductive hormones.


        1. It’s the age old issue doug where we think something else is always more pressing at the moment.

          A car zips by at 120 mph and you are doing a lousy 55 in a 50mph zone, and it is YOU who is busted, while he is on his way to freedom. Never seems right, but it is right.

          Forget about him. YOU broke the law. So the MORE serious things are the things in our laps, right now. Like trish, I too work with many gays; some of the funniest and decent people in a way, yet…… easy to overlook all the connected links with an agenda that tries to paint believers as idiots for not getting on board.

          Sorry, that’s a ship and a destination with a strange captain.

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    2. Doug I’m more of a live and let live person as well and I personally know some gay people who I love very much and wouldn’t dream of telling them how to live their lives. They are not Christians nor do hey have any desire to be.

      The problem is the LGBQ or whatever it is now has grown in to coercive force against Christian values and demanding those who don’t agree with their agenda to get on board or else. Others who could care less about gays or their agenda are also using this movement to promote an overall progressive agenda. It is no bueno.

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      1. Fair enough, Tricia.. I admit I am not tuned to what specifically are the forces-that-be imposing on contemporary Christendom. I defer to your better judgement on that one. I generally presume if Christianity made it this far then likely there’s momentum to keep it alive another 2000 years.


    3. @Doug

      I think ColorStorm and Tricia both answered your complaint in a fairly straightforward fashion, and I very much appreciate their support. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize something.

      seems there are far more important issues in the national forefront than this incessant Christian diatribe regarding some aspect of human sexuality. If Christians are not trying to convey how we are to engage sex, who we can have sex with, and what sexual “fantasies” we humans might have and still remain moral in the eyes of the Almighty… they seem never satisfied. Right about now my feeling is… the LGBGT M-O-U-S-E whatever the current nonsense reflecting that “community” is, can just wait.. do their thing.

      Please go back and read my post again. Note three things.
      1. I did not propose to stop LGBGT M-O-U-S-E from engaging in their perverse lifestyles. What I objected to is an interpretation of the Constitution that gives busybodies and copycats too much power. Instead of protecting us from the unreasonable biases of public officials, civil rights laws now allow public officials to force their personal biases on others. That includes both in the public sector and the private sector.
      2. I advocated limited government. I pointed to the 10th Amendment. Not too long ago almost any American would have been floored by the idea that a Christian group would be pressured by campus officials to accept a homosexual in a leadership position. The idea is so absurd, and yet is happening.
      3. If we don’t protect children, we have lost the future. We need to stop politicians from foisting crazy ideas on our children. If anyone does not think what we teach children about human sexuality is important, they are not human.


      1. In your third point… the reason that there has been any attempt by public education to teach some level of sex education (generally a clinical version) is because historically parents do such a poor job teaching their children. Mainly it’s a hodge-podge mix of misguided information mixed with thwarted morality and preconceived notions. I dare say, most of us can reflect back on our own childhood to understand the craziness and clumsiness of parents… and many of us did little better with our own kids. Yet we all managed to some extent. Essentially it all boils down to telling your kids… “You have the power to procreate, and/or go through the motion; don’t, until you get married, and only with the opposite gender.” Trust me on this one… “human sexuality” is never discussed; what is discussed is dealing with the “urges”.


        1. @Doug

          I am not certain what you are trying to say. Your first statement is that we have sex education in the public schools. Then I guess you going on to say what you think (you could not actually know) what parents teach or have taught to their children.

          What do politicians promote as sex education? Well, I agree that many politicians think that the sex education provided parents is awful. Many parents have a similar opinion of the sex education in the public schools. Many parents don’t want that sort of education provided to their children.

          The education of children rightly belongs under the authority of parents, not politicians. We cannot trust politicians with something that important.


  5. Great post. You’ve covered a lot of territory here. Congratulations.

    It seems we are beginning to see a collision of different interpretations of the constitution and its amendments as the Supreme Court has cemented it’s authority over time.

    Perhaps it is time to unify these amendments better. What do you think of an Article V Convention? A number of diverse thinkers including Michael Farris, Lawrence Lessig, Sanford Levinson, Larry Sabato, Jonathan Turley, and Mark Levin have suggested this approach.

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    1. @Michael Wilson

      I have read Levin’s book (see I think Levin’s proposal is well considered, but it does not actually address the real problem.

      What is the real problem? Because we are voting for politicians who promise to give us other people’s things, we are electing corrupt people to lead us. Amending the Constitution will not fix our moral issues.

      What is the problem with an Article V Convention? Unless we send decent leaders to it, it won’t do any good.

      I am willing to concede Levin’s point that an Article V Convention would not the same as a full-blown Constitutional Convention. It is possible the state could limit its purview. In addition, if the states don’t approve its proposed amendments, those proposal are dead. However, what made the original Constitutional Convention special was the people the states sent to it. These were veterans of the American Revolutionary War, honorable men who had risked everything for the sake of their country.

      Some of our state legislators are pretty good, but too many of them can’t be trusted. So chances are the people we send to an Article V Convention won’t propose what is needed.

      Is an Article V Convention worth the risk? At this point, I just don’t know.


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