King Solomon, Wicked Evil Leakey Messengers?

When you hear Liberal Democrats attack President Donald Trump using the words he supposedly spoke at a confidential meeting, consider this post. Consider what men and women who cannot be trusted to keep their mouths shut must think is honorable.

Rudy u Martinka

Are Politicians who leak information to the press wicked or evil?

Trying to Negotiate the USA immigration mess that has resulted from politicians turning a blind eye for over thirty-five years will frustrate any businessman manager.

Having sat in business meetings for over fifty years and observing various styles of managers when faced with problems that require immediate decision making and action, I heard many frustrated remarks come out of the mouths of managers. Many would become visibly upset when faced with inaction or indecisiveness, or inadequate unsound reasoning or statements made by people they manage who are paid to get results.

However, in a business management meeting, there is one taboo that everyone attending the meeting knew well. That is everyone in a managers meeting would not repeat one word or message to anyone outside that meeting. To do so was was to violate trust and loyalty to the…

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8 thoughts on “King Solomon, Wicked Evil Leakey Messengers?

  1. Tom, you commented
    “It is the voters who need to read posts like yours. We need to replace those politicians. Not likely we can reform them.”

    Good point. However, voters have short memories and many are clueless about what their legislators are doing, in my opinion.

    Looks like a good subject for another follow up post?

    Regards and goodwill blogging,

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  2. Thanks for your reblog. Now if only the politicians would read it, perhaps the problem would be resolved rather than be moaned and groaned about for another thirty five years.

    Regards and goodwill. Blogging.

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  3. A bit funny Tom, my delicate sensibilities have not been offended by any alleged references to dung holes, but my son and my husband are not very happy about it. They object to the language,the crassness. I’m far more annoyed by the leak itself, by the disloyalty and disrespect that would share such words for the sole purpose of trying to attack Trump. I insist on some confidentiality, some grace towards things being said in the heat of the moment during negotiations. “Trust, loyalty”, exactly. That has been violated.

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    1. The Democrats are not interested in negotiating. What they want is a permanent underclass, and Trump is a threat to that.

      Because the Democrats want to create a permanent, dependent underclass with poor immigrants, they have broken our immigration system. That should be apparent to everyone by now. It should also be apparent that many Republicans also want amnesty. That is, cheap labor for some of their donors.

      Amnesty will flood the country with more illegal aliens. In addition, if we don’t fix chain migration, we will NEVER fix our health, education, and welfare programs. They will collapse first. Therefore, refusing to make a good faith effort to fix our immigration system and calling amnesty comprehensive immigration reform is almost treasonous. That character of people who can’t keep their traps shut about private negotiations.

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