President Donald Trump has been busy on Twitter again. Why? It is how he responds to slander and libel.  Instead of talking about issues, hostile news media outlets and Democrats want to talk about what is wrong with our president. Some of them can make these ad hominem attacks sound quite impressive, but when all is said and done they are just engaging in a logical fallacy to distract us from the issues. When we fall for this sort of stuff, we behave stupidly and against our own best interests.

Unfortunately, we also have another problem. Some Republicans don’t want to deal honestly on the immigration issue. Below we have another snip, an opinion poll, from Congressman Rob Wittman‘s website (Here, STUPID OPINION POLL: WHAT DO THE ANSWERS MEAN?, is the last one I posted.). None of the options address what the President advocates. Consider what Trump says in his tweet above and Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in a Meeting on Immigration with Republican Members of the Senate. Is immigration reform just about DACA or a wall. No!

Please write your congressmen and senators. There is no excuse for an immigration policy that does not benefit our children and grandchildren.


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  1. this latest clanging of the gong by those who seem to simply loath our president for the mere sake of loathing itself—

    Firstly–has anyone noticed that the stock market just keeps on keeping on…but I suppose all those who wish to ride this man out of town on a rail must not invest—otherwise, maybe they should be saying thank you instead of, well, you know….

    Secondly—this language business—for all those out there who are seemingly naively aghast over this sudden foreign language that has adults all a dither, adults who I doubt think twice of what they say or whom they say it to…. of which I do not defend, but simply point to…well LBJ sure comes to mind when thinking about a “potty” mouth in the oval office—has any of these news folks or politicians ever listened to tapes coming out of LBJ’s Oval office????? Or how about Nixon—who had poor ol Billy Graham with his knickers in a twist….or of JFK and Bobby when discussing the Mob or Fidel Castro, or Nikita Khrushchev…I’d hate to have heard FDR when he was in a fuss over his alley Churchill as FDR was not a Churchill fan contrary to popular belief…..

    Those previous administration had the joy of no social media, no twitter, no texting, no instantaneous finger pointing instant judgement casting…that all came later—once things were declassified or folks had all died away….

    Like I say, I don’t condone foul language—as this is coming from a society that uses the f word as easily as they would use the word hello….but don’t act all sanctimonious as if you are pure as the driven snow and wound’t turn around and use the same language in your assessment of the current president of whom you loath or even over Israel for that matter, who you equally loath…..

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    1. I had to burst out laughing last night as the anchorman warned that the following story would be difficult for some to hear. Are they kidding? The language he used was mild compared to the words being used by some of our kids today. I also don’t condone vulgar language, but why is this so important? Pulp fiction, enquiring minds want to know, just plain lunacy. Where have all the good journalists gone?

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      1. now that sounds like a song…”where have all the good journalists gone…long time passing….” ode to Peter, Paul (not yours) and Mary…… I kept screaming at the television last night LBJ, LBJ…..then my husband has the soundness of mind to flip it to something benign like The Pickers over on the History Channel—and he wonders why I like to rummage around looking for old stuff—I can’t watch news, so I now watch folks who dig through junk looking for treasure….

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        1. Yes and there is treasure in the junk of old. There is a lot of history on that show. Now Swamp People and shows like it, seldom stir images of history. If there had been recording capabilities, men like Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington would have to be on guard for cussing when things got tough.

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        2. and I must say, I am looking forward to those Cajan Mafia types—which goes to show—that I will prefer watching Cajun’s hunt alligators as opposed to anything on the major networks—but my favorite, much to my husbands chagrin is Oak Island—he thinks its boring, I’m like, get me a shovel ad a metal detector and I’m there!!!

          I would suspect our friend ol Ben Franklin could be the saucy one when push came to shove—especially when fussing about good ol Crazy King George……
          and they act like stuff like this is new let alone news….gees louise!

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  2. We absolutely need to change our immigration system. That is what President Trump ran on and he seems very committed to making it happen.

    Haiti is in horrible shape, mainly due to corruption of the worst order. Tucker Carlson put it well last night. “Given the choice, would you rather live in Haiti or Norway?”

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  3. It seems to me, every time our president wants to push something through, he’s met with the same foolishness by the press. They focus on a word, a phrase, anything that will stir up the people and make them think negatively of this man. He’s doing his job. He’s doing what he promised when running for president. Change is tough for some, but stop the mudslinging already!

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    1. I agree…enough with the mudslinging…it’s getting tiresome. He could cure cancer and Never-Trumpers would be mad because he put oncologists out of work. It really doesn’t matter what he says, it’s just because HE said it.

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      1. Talk about sore losers. I know it took a while for people to get over the Obama election, but I didn’t not think it’s lasted this long. I have liberal friends who simply can’t give up.

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        1. Liberal Democrats don’t have anything at this point except mudslinging. Because most whites were silly enough to believe that blacks were inferior, even pre-Civil War Democrats had better arguments than these crooked clowns. What they want to do is dishonest. If people start discussing the issues instead of Trump they lose and they know it.

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  4. I wish Trump would find out who leaked out his statement. Having sat in many meetings and listened to various frustrated comments, yet never repeated outside the meeting, it is sad that he has people around him that are neither loyal nor trustworthy.

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  5. We already know what works with the press:

    Clinton: “Hey all you Haitians, come on over for asylum. We want you here!”
    (Haitians come over in leaky boats, are turned back by the Coast guard and drown on the way home)
    “Oh, you thought I meant today? Naw, I meant sometime….gosh, I didn’t know those boats weren’t sound, it’s a tragedy all around…we sure do care.”
    (Press: “Brilliant! He really cares!”)

    Trump: “That place is a crap hole. We don’t want them here.”
    (Press: “Hater!”)

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