“provoke to love and good works”

Here is a post I would like Christians to consider. It is about the state of Christian education in Scotland. Unlike the United States, Scotland does not prohibit religious education in the public schools.

Check this link and you can see the guidelines for it.

Check this link and you can see how effective it is when the government is put in charge of teaching religion.

Check these links and you can see that putting politicians in charge of education does not seem to work any better in Scotland than it does in the USA.


So what is needed to fix things? Why is what is happening in Scotland relevant to us? Well, that is what Julie (aka Cookie)’s post is about. Note that the video is a bit long, but it is well worth a hearing.

Do you have children? Grandchildren? Do you care about their future? The state of their souls? Then please take the time to listen to the video. Understand the education is Scotland does not differ that much from the USA.

Consider this also. Reformation is a normal process. Whenever we create an organization, be it a nation, a church, or a school, over time we lose track of what that organization exists to do. We make it about us, especially if we are part of that organization. We forget the people that organization is supposed to serve. Then, when the realization we are failing to serve the people we are supposed to serve finally kicks in, we have to reform. Unfortunately, there will always be those who like things as they are. That means reformation is always a painful struggle.

Therefore, if we want to understand how to reform education in the USA, we have to study the matter. We have to understand what a good Christian education is about, what is needed to educate Christians, what changes are needed, and how to make those changes. Finally, we each need to figure out what we need to contribute. We cannot stand by idly. These are our children and grandchildren.


Here also is security for the welfare and renown of a commonwealth;
for no state is perfectly established and preserved otherwise than on the
foundation and by the bond of faith and of firm concord,
when the highest and truest common good, namely, God, is loved by all,
and men love each other in Him without dissimulation,
because they love one another for His sake from whom they cannot disguise
the real character of their love

St Augustine

(poor example of spontaneous note taking / Julie Cook / 2018)

it happened that before I could elaborate on last week’s video offering
by the Scottish pastor David Robertson..that being a video posting from his
Wee Flea Blog and the SOLAS conference talk given in 2010—
during the course of the weekend here came another posting.

It seems our Wee Flea friend is faster at offering tasty morsels than I am…

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13 thoughts on ““provoke to love and good works”

  1. I consider the decline in the Christian population share that we observe in Western societies worrying. However, I am not as eager as you are to lay the blame at the feet of public education. I have yet to see a convincing argument for this causation.


  2. We have a very strong on-base Christian homeschooling community here. Most of my children’s friends are homeschooled, and their test scores are high. Think I’ve mentioned before, that’s one blessing among the many curses of the internet….it’s very good for home based businesses and homeschoolers.

    Children learn by example. Family, school, community, should all be working together to instill a firm moral foundation. Each is important. If the children are attending Christian school by day and then coming home to a morally bankrupt and destructive community/family, it’s going to undermine what they have learned at school. We are our habits (as mentioned before).

    I think a lot of social problems stem from the emerging dystopia fracturing of familial and real life community relations.

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    1. As an aside, atheists seem very very obsessed with teaching evolution in schools. I think evolution consists of about 0.00001 percent of the school material, but they bring it up again and again and again. I’m not sure why they are so fixated. Isaac Newton invented calculus but he was obviously a dope because he didn’t learn evolution in school.

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      1. @anon

        If you want to teach children about biology, evolution is one of its fundamental concepts. So, do you want children to become scientifically illiterate or litterate in biology? If it is the latter, teach them about evolution.

        As for Newton, being stupid and being ignorant are two different concepts entirely. Newton was ignorant of the Theory of Evolution, as he was ignorant of the Theory of General Relativity or the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, simply because these scientific theories [1] were invented long after his death. Does it make him a dope? Of course not. Does it make him ignorant in those areas? Of course. Would he have chosen to stay ignorant, given the chance to learn? I deem that very unlikely.

        [1] as opposed to the use of the word “theory” in daily life to indicate a mere assumption or uncorroborated hypothesis.


        1. Oh? Evolution is one of biology’s “fundamental concepts”? That would be surprising news to the people with doctorates in biochemical engineering, microbiology, pharmacy, and medicine I know (off the top of my head) who don’t subscribe to the theory of macro evolution.

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        2. So they only object to an aspect of the Theory of Evolution? Which part exactly and why? Anywhere to read up on? I have yet to see a convincing effort like that.

          I’ll be offline for at least the rest of the weekend, starting now.


        3. “So they only object to an aspect of the Theory of Evolution? Which part exactly and why?”
          They object to macro evolution. The topic itself is probably beyond the scope of this thread. Not being an expert, I don’t feel qualified to instruct you.
          However, the fact many very successful people who work with advanced degrees in biology do not find this to be an integral part of their job description would indicate it isn’t a “fundamental” (aka necessary, core, primary) principle. And if it isn’t a fundamental principle for a person with a doctorate in biology it sure isn’t for a person taking biology 101 in high school.

          Anywhere to read up on? I have yet to see a convincing effort like that.
          I’ll be offline for at least the rest of the weekend, starting now.”

          It has been a long while since I’ve debated evolution and most of my links probably don’t work any more. I could look…but i’ve found it’s kind of pointless and an exercise in frustration. I’ve never had a conversation go well (it gets very personal, very quickly), and it takes a lot of time. If I find the time, I’ll look some stuff up.

          Have a good weekend.


        4. @anon
          Hi, back from a very nice weekend.
          I misread your post as meaning you had a personal connection to these people. I’ve had my share of discussions about creationism. Let’s not go further.


  3. Three things I gathered from your very informative post. Tom

    Nothing new under the sun. Others share the same view as I do about teaching religion in pubic schools if permitted by parents..

    The USA government secular educators in the USA would go stark raving mad if they read or heard the video.

    I now know a better name to describe many of Chicago’s Public Schooling in poor areas.

    “raggedy schools” Sad.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. Thanks for the insight and the re-blog. There is much to be done. Building strong private Christian schools is a cornerstone and then getting voucher systems in place will continue the move to faith based education. Home schooling is an option for some.

    The challenge of 13,500 school districts with 50 state education systems and strong unions is a clear barrier.

    There is good news. Nothing is impossible with God.

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