How does the highest political leader in the land defend his intellect and mental stability without sounding just a bit arrogant? Don’t ask me. I am way too low on the totem pole to have that problem, but that picture of President Donald Trump’s latest tweets (above) shows how he does it.

Now what do you think the news media would like to report? Just that one at the top, of course, but doesn’t the one that speaks of Russian collusion set the context for the others? Unfortunately for a biased news media, in the Internet era it is easy to look up exactly what our president tweeted. However, that doesn’t stop folks who should know better from only showing us that top tweet.

Trust, but verify. — made famous by Ronald Reagan (from here)

Frankly, there are worst things than having someone lead us who takes pride in being the leader of our nation. Did the guy Trump replaced have that attitude? If he did, then why was he apologizing for us all the time?

37 thoughts on “DOESN’T CONTEXT MATTER?

  1. Yes, in the context of all of his tweets and this entire tweet in particular, Trump’s tweeting that he is “a very stable genius” seems far less self-aggrandizing, narcissistic and paranoid. Right….

  2. Ha Ha. This all reminds me of this great Pee Wee Herman clip in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure:

    Childish, I know. But that’s the way it seems to me. 🙂

    1. Come close.

      The news media puts on airs, but lack substance. When there is so much more that needs to be talked about, why attack Trump’s sanity? Yet they do.

      If Trump was insane as they want us to believe, it would be quite obvious. It is equivalent to wanting Pee Wee’s bike. Pride instead of reason dictates their choice.

      Trump’s defense lacks polish, but it makes sense.

      Sometimes the wisest course of action is not obvious.

      Proverbs 26:4-5 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

      4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
      Or you will also be like him.
      5 Answer a fool as his folly deserves,
      That he not be wise in his own eyes.

      Which is Trump doing, verse 4 or 5? 5, I think, but whenever we deal with a fool on his own turf we look silly too.

        1. Agreed! Like you, I find some of what Trump says and tweets unseemly. Yet as Proverbs 26:4-5 indicates, he doesn’t have an easy choice.

          The loudest voice in any presidential administration is the president’s voice. Trump knows that his people will tend to do what they see him doing. When they see him coming to his own defense, they are more willing to come to his defense.

  3. How does the highest political leader in the land defend his intellect and mental stability without sounding just a bit arrogant?

    Simple. Give a series of hour long interviews, where you lay talk about a subject (e.g. Trump’s model of how healthcare should work) in detail and show that you are knowlegable enough to answer tough questions w/o veering off-topic and w/o praising your intellect every other sentence fragment.

    If you want to be further seen as a compasionate human, avoid: Being at the site of devastation after a major hurricane hit US homeland and instead of talking about recovery efforts veer off to boast about fighter jets and your supposed bargaining skills in reducting their price (contested claim). You may further not want to leave the impression, that you think that “You can’t see it. Literally you can’t see [the F-35].”

    Remarks by President Trump in Briefing on Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts,
    Luis Muñiz Air National Guard Base, Carolina, Puerto Rico, October 3rd, 2017

    THE PRESIDENT: And the runways now are pretty open?

    AIR FORCE REPRESENTATIVE: Yes, sir. We have four major runways that are fully open and operational; flown about 700-plus strategic airlift sorties to and from OCONUS, (inaudible) Puerto Rico to provide life-sustaining support.

    THE PRESIDENT: Amazing job. Amazing job. So amazing that we’re ordering hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of new airplanes for the Air Force, especially the F-35. Do you like the F-35?

    AIR FORCE REPRESENTATIVE: (Inaudible) game-changing technology, awesome airplane.

    THE PRESIDENT: I said, how does it do it in fights? And how do they do in fights with the F-35? They said, we do very well. You can’t see it. Literally you can’t see it. So it’s hard to fight a plane that you can’t see, right?

    AIR FORCE REPRESENTATIVE: Sir, we like that.

    THE PRESIDENT: But that’s an expensive plane that you can’t see. And as you probably heard, we cut the price very substantially — something that other administrations would never have done, that I can tell you. So thank you very much.

    1. Trump does things his way. I suspect he thinks his agency heads should be giving the hour-long interviews on a specific subject.

      I have been through several hurricanes. Use to live where Katrina hit in Mississippi. Have a brother who owns a home in Biloxi.

      We spend lots of money on jets like the F-35, and we kill people with them. Given that how well those planes work is a national defense issue, it doesn’t bother me at all if we have a president who multitasks. If Trump sees an opportunity and take an interest in how well those planes work, that is fine with me.

      1. I just pointed out the most obvious and easy way for President Trump to showcase his intellectual prowess. Do not tell you are, show it. You seemed to be at a loss at how he was supposed to do so.

        1. At a loss? I suppose so. Perfect solutions don’t exist. Arguing with a foolish new media is a no-win proposition. Even when a fool needs correction, arguing with a fool tends to make even the wise look foolish.

          I think your problem with Trump is that is he doing what he thinks appropriate, not what you think is proper. Even if he did what you think proper, you still would not be happy. Since I prefer what he is doing to what that “lady” would have done, I hope he continues doing what he thinks is appropriate.

        2. “I just pointed out the most obvious and easy way for President Trump to showcase his intellectual prowess. Do not tell you are, show it.”

          I think your illustration was more an example of “tell, don’t show”. Because you’re providing and example of what he said (probably not his best material) as opposed to what he actually did (provided a deluge of much needed aid to Puerto Rico….as I know the people providing airlift I can tell you the docks were packed and stacked continually and many of the people who did so were unable to take a single day off for almost three months straight. They didn’t even get a weekend day).

        3. By contrast the Major of Santa Cruz did nothing. But she did pretend to care (though she deferred funding that was supposed to go toward the power grid to other things, much like the New Orleans levees that led to the crisis), complained a lot, and outright lied about a lack of aid to her country. Perhaps she came across as sane and intelligent.

          1. Even with our biased news media, that lying was a bit too obvious to make her look sane and intelligent.

            I have been through several hurricanes. I know first hand how much damage storms like that can do. I have no desire to live on the Gulf Coast anymore.

            Puerto Rico was unprepared. Except for rushing supplies into the area, there is almost nothing Trump can do about what was not done that should have been done.

            The places that the other two big hurricanes hit were better prepared. In addition, they are actually part of the mainland USA. So Federal and local governments could grapple with recovery issues more effectively.

            Puerto Rico is poor and terribly mismanaged (bankrupt with debt due to poor governance). That storm raked the entire island with the most awful winds. Without outside help, its people would be starving.

        4. @Tom
          Do me a favor, don’t go ad hominem against me and do not ascribe thoughts and motives to me that I do not hold. If you think you are only able to hold your ground against strawmen, get yourself a scare crow.

          1. Ad hominem? Really? That was ad hominem? Had not considered that possibility. Since you are nitpicking, I suppose it is. Yet if you are nitpicking, is the argument still fallacious? I will have to think about that one.

        5. Hi Tom, was AFK for a bit.

          Even if he did what you think proper, you still would not be happy.

          That was ad hominem?

          In your replies you are basically ignoring the main point of my first comment, that a series of in-depth interviews on complex issues would show Trumps grasp on things and highlight his intelligence or lack thereof, because according to you all news media are hostile to Trump (Fox News? Really?). Instead you make the argument about me by implying that I would attack Trump no matter what. So yes, that is ad hominem. Evading the argument by denigrating the source of the argument. I am not offended, but behaviour like that signals to me that no further reasonable discussion can be had on the topic.

          P.S.: BTW, I have read some of the existing Trump interviews, where reporters tried to probe Trump on his policies, and they did not pass muster
          P.P.S.: About that first Trump tweet you posted: Trump won a few primaries to become presidential candidate back in 2000, so 2016 was hardly his first attempt.
          P.P.P.S.: What is more disrespectful? Kneeling to the National Anthem or not knowing its lyrics while being POTUS?

          1. Many in the news media don’t like President Donald Trump’s policies. So they have launched into a series of ad hominem attacks. You followed suit. Then you complain my response to your words was an ad hominem attack? Really?

            Trump should not be the subject of the argument. We should be talking about policies instead.

            Is Trump stupid? Is he uninformed? I have listened to him. I have tracked what he is doing. At this point, I think the news media and a large sector of the population (sore losers) need to get a better grip on reality. We don’t elect perfect people so this foolish talk.

            What is reality? Well, one thing I think we can agreed upon is that government is not supposed to be our God.

            What is government for? That is what the argument should be about.I think government is good for protecting us from each other and resolving some of our disputes. When we try to magnify it into something more, that is irrational, which largely explains the ad hominem attack on Trump.

            Trump is just another human being. So he does not fit into the mold some have created for him. He can’t because he is only human. So it is a silly proposition. Moreover, if Trump actually was God, we would have to fit into the mold he would have created for us. Therefore, we should be wary of leaders who think they are a god. The molds we human beings create for each other tend to be quite unpleasant.

  4. King Solomon wrote this proverb on humility.

    Let a stranger praise you and not your own mouth, a foreigner and not your own lips. (Proverb 27:2)

    Problem is during Solomon’s time, there was no radio, TV, newspapers, or internet, or Democrat Party constantly badmouthing the leader of Israel.

    In other words, perhaps Trump praises himself because he is a media genius who knows that since he will never hear the mass media praise him in his lifetime, he decided to do it himself.

    Either that or he knows that by doing so, he lets the mass media know he is laughing at them for their continued scorning him while at the same time the USA is “getting great again” makes them look like “muddle-heads.”

    For example, this Excerpt from a previous post..

    “So Solomon, what would you think of a ruler that becomes a laughing stock to his people instead of being praised?”

    “Bilqis, intellectual clarity and incisiveness makes any man master of a situation and wins him acclaim, while confused thinking brings him into contempt.” It is for his good sense that a man is praised, but a muddle-headed person is a laughing stock. (Proverb 12:8)

    Then again, maybe he has issues like a lot of contemptable people in the world, especially those who like to judge and then throw stones.

    Or perhaps, he is an alien with superior intelligence who was sent to earth to clean up a big mess.

    So the question becomes, has Trump demonstrated by his accomplishments in office, he meets this description, “intellectual clarity and incisiveness makes any man master of a situation”

    You decide.

    In the meantime, lets all pray for the USA, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. When Trump praises himself, he generally does so in response to criticism. He also invariably compares his performance with that of his opponents. So I don’t think he is doing anything politicians don’t ordinarily do. He is just straightforward about it.

      1. Wish our Chicago Bears could hire President Trump as a defensive coach based on our last coach record of 14 wins vs. 34 losses.
        They did not renew his contract after this season.
        Regards and goodwill blogging.

  5. “How does the highest political leader in the land defend his intellect and mental stability without sounding just a bit arrogant?”

    LOL! I have no idea. I just embraced the crazy and went with insanitybytes. What is with this propensity some political people have to call everyone’s mental health into question? I’ve endured so many years of that myself, personally, that President Trump experiencing it and fighting back kind of makes me smile.

    I am not alone in those feelings either, in being encouraged from watching bullies not get their way anymore. And that is why he is president, and not the other guy.

    1. Sometimes fighting back is for the best.

      Proverbs 27:5 New King James Version (NKJV)

      5 Open rebuke is better
      Than love carefully concealed.

    1. Rush Limbaugh does this arrogance act on his show. After a while, he lets his audience see through it. With Trump I don’t know, but it is still funny.

      1. “My button is bigger” is obviously intended parody to poke fun of KJU.
        By contrast, prior presidents let the Kim regime make threats with little response. Trump is using a different tactic, answering every threat from the Kim regime with an even bigger threat back at them. He is then backing up his threats with stronger sanctions and other actions than past administrations.
        I don’t know if it will work, but we do know for a fact that the past strategy did not.

        Anyway…maybe it’s my flu, but for some reason the following joke comes to mind. Kind of puts “context” in perspective:

        Sally was offended when I used the word “puke”…
        But to me, that’s what her dinner tasted like.
        (I have a weird sense of humor, probably the medicine)

        1. 😀
          I think Trump should talk about his “wish someone dead button” next.
          “DARPA didn’t finish this beauty in time for Bin Laden, sadly….but I’ve got it now!”
          (holds up giant button from a Little Tike’s set, slaps it onto his desk audibly)

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