What Is a Snowflake?

Frankly, I think the use of the term “snowflake”, when it is applied just to younger people, is unfair. Those young folk are just copying some of their intolerant elders. So here is a definition that picks on Liberals.

A term used to describe extremist liberals that get offended by every statement and/or belief that doesn’t exactly match their own. These individuals think they are just as “unique” as snowflakes, when really their feelings are just as fragile.

When I looked into it, I discovered that the use of the term “snowflake” to describe the overly sensitive has been around for awhile.

In Missouri in the early 1860s, a “Snowflake” was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery—the implication of the name being that such people valued white people over black people. The Snowflakes hoped slavery would survive the country’s civil war, and were contrasted with two other groups. The Claybanks (whose name came from the colorless color of the local terrestrial clay) wanted a gradual transition out of slavery for slaves, with eventual freedom accompanied by compensation to slave owners; the Charcoals—who were also called Brown Radicals—wanted immediate emancipation and for black people to be able to enlist in the armed forces. (from here)

I suppose it is fitting that the political use of the term “snowflake” is making a comeback when the divisions among us rival those of the American Civil War.

So why am I writing this? What is it about? On Christmas Day I got this comment.

Julie (aka Cookie).

and might I add, as I was reading through the comments over on Mel’s and since I am still dealing with this infected root canal, I don’t have the strength to deal with I’ll pose this question here…..why, when the topic of a discussion with an atheist is in one direction….why do they suddenly try and skirt down a pig trail totally off course and ask a stupid demanding questions of the one they are trying to fuss with??? Like John asking both Mel and the other commenter “is Roy Moore a “good” Christian?”—when Roy Moore wasn’t even on the radar of discussion…it drives me nuts….they won’t stay on topic. And who knows if Roy Moore is a good Christian or not??!! Isn’t that between Roy Moore and God in the first place??? Is because they think they can throw in a diversion, wear down an “opponent” by dithering to death….or is it because they really don’t have a legit case of arguing in the first place… just going down in flames…..
I think it’s time for another pain pill……

was referring to john zande‘s comment here. As I observed

Why does John do that? Well, John really is not trying to prove he is right. He is trying to prove Christians are bad for disagreeing with him. (from here)

Because we are all imperfect, it is far easier to debate the imperfections of our opponents than it is to debate the issues that separate us.  Thus, instead of debating the merits of what President Donald Trump is trying to do, Liberal Democrats just attack him.

This sort of behavior is hardly a new problem or just confined to Liberal Democrats or to Atheists. We are all inclined to attack people and shut them up whenever their views differ from our own. As I observed in THE KING IS “I”?, the Athenians made Socrates kill himself because he asked too many awkward questions. When the opinions and beliefs of others differ from our own, it is our nature to be intolerant. Hence, when we are debating people we need to avoid ad hominem attacks.

To Be Continued

Where is this series headed? Not exactly certain, but it will focus upon the problem of debating with Atheists. Why? In recent years our society has divided into two competing groups. One group is determined to secularize our society. The other has grown increasingly concerned that the secularists are just trying to eradicate religious belief in favor of a Socialist State. Unfortunately, there is little constructive dialogue between the two groups.

So here is my initial outline.

  • Are all  Atheists the same?
  • How do militant Atheists mangle constructive debate?
  • What is the obligation of Christians when debating Atheists?
  • The problem of Pride.



    1. I read your link and wonder if the snowflake would be even more resentful at being labeled a “liberal or conservative snowflake?”

      I email subscribed to the site because sometimes, especially after listening or reading the news, we need a good laugh from satire views of both liberal, conservative political views.

      Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  1. Ah Tom…thank you, I think 😉 , for allowing my wandering wonderment or plain ol frustrated observation, to be an impetus for debate, discussion or the birth of a new post….I went to the ENT today, as the infection lingers, who in turn prescribed a new antibiotic and a shot plus cough syrup —so hopefully the infection and pain be it the tooth or the sinus, will subside long enough, allowing me to roll my sleeves back up and join in this “discussion”….

    And as to IB’s observation about the labeling business—as an educator I am all too familiar with the labeling system—– as every learner, aka student, fell under some umbrella of sorts of labels found within the learning spectrum….its how these learners, aka students, where then pigeon holed into the proper direction of “learning” that should be prescribed to them—be they gifted, learning disabled, physically disabled, AP, IB, honors, general, allergic, psychotic, transitioning……yada yada yada…..

    And as a Christian, I know that that is a label that I wear….one of many….and the fact that I was born and raised in Georgia screams of all sorts of other types of labels—mostly false mind you….. 😉

    But back to the Christian label…..

    I am reminded that labels have long been assigned to humankind….
    as the notion of “labeling” or more correctly identifying—-with our Jewish brethren being a prime example, dates back near a millennium….as they were made to wear yellow patches long before, centuries before, the Jewish Ghettos of Nazi Germany…

    Just as the members of the early Christian Church were labeled….

    And yes who knew snowflakes were a “thing” before our latest batch of fragile society members popped onto the scene.

    I think of snowflakes as those who can’t stand the heat—as in they need to rush from the kitchen as they simply begin to melt at the first sign of the rising temperatures of the reality of life.

    I think of the Greatest generation compared to this generation….
    I think of the men and women at Pearl Harbor that fatal Sunday in December….
    I think of those on the USS Arizona…trapped….
    No snowflakes there….

    I think of WWI and those men stuck in fetid frigid trenches crisscrossing the low country…I think of the odd yellow fog that engulfed the trenches as men gasped and coughed while desperately trying to breathe… snowflakes there.

    I think of Fr Maximilian Kolbe who offered himself in place of the Jewish married father there in Auschwitz who had been randomly called to be a sacrifice for an attempted escape by other inmates. Kolbe, the catholic priest, knowing he did not have children needing him back home, freely took the Jewish father’s place—-where he was thrown into a death starvation chamber along with 10 fellow prisoner….how he ministered to, prayed with as well as prayed over while singing to and with his dying comrades… until after two weeks, he was the lone survivor who had to receive a deadly injection in order to finally “kill” him off—no snowflakes were in that death chamber.

    I think of what it means to have conviction and to hold oneself accountable to a higher standard…that it takes guts and a deep root in one’s faith to tread where those “snowflakes” or cupcakes or simply those who are so totally lost they resemble more of a Henny Penny than they do a truly brave man or woman…..

    anyway—looking forward to what’s to come…

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    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      WOW! What a comment!

      Labels find an appropriate use in labeling behavior, not people. Even if we call someone brave, a good label, we may be wrong. Peter was brave with that sword until he ran. It seems that he did not know true bravery until he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

      I suspect Fr Maximilian Kolbe would have said the same about himself.

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      1. truly so Tom—stepping up to the plate, doing what is right, kind, just….and that which is living the notion of laying down one’s life for one’s fellow man….those doing such do not do so to be labeled as a hero, or brave or noble—they stay the course and as you say, I suspect the Holy Spirit is leading the resolve…..

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  2. Good stuff, Tom. When talking to a combative anti-theist, it would be good to be versed in logic because most of their responses are fallacious argumentation.
    Anyway, look forward to your series. 🙂

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  3. Had to laugh when I read your title for two reasons.

    First, my son who attended the most liberal college in the nation, Santa Cruz, and the result is I have interesting inside knowledge and conversations from time to time with him..

    For Christmas he bought me a book titled,

    “How to win a fight with a Liberal.”

    Depending on your sense of humor, it can foster a lot of chuckles.

    The second reason gives the Urban Dictionary description of the term snowflake which appears to support the above book theme.

    A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.(Proverb 17:22)

    Look forward to your next post. However, keep in mind liberals, like snowflakes may be prone to having very fragile compositions such as bones, temperaments, or otherwise.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


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  4. Interesting history about the label “snowflakes.”

    I tend to shy away from the term simply because I don’t like labels. Also, in my mind on the internet a snowflake is anybody who has an epic meltdown over disagreement, someone who’s convictions are slightly hysterical and weak. It’s totally my problem, but those kind of people really irritate me.

    Unfortunately, there are more than a few Christian and conservative snowflakes out there. What Christians (and conservatives too) need to do is get confident, calm, and strong in their beliefs, so that their ideas are shared with some conviction and kindness. I realize that is one sided, a huge double standard to insist on, but to whom much is given, much is expected,right? 🙂

    At some point in my internet adventures, I realized I don’t hold atheists (or even liberals,) to the same standard, which is a really interesting bias to observe. We may all be equal in worth and value as human beings, but some ideas are simply superior to others.

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    1. @insanitybyte22

      The history of “snowflakes”sort of surprised, but I guess that is part of the reason I find the etymology of words so interesting.

      Anyway, we cannot fix others. We can only pray the Holy Spirit will lend us His strength and help us to set a good example.

      At some point in my internet adventures, I realized I don’t hold atheists (or even liberals,) to the same standard, which is a really interesting bias to observe. We may all be equal in worth and value as human beings, but some ideas are simply superior to others.

      Who do atheists (or even liberals,) hold to the higher standard? Why?

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