tis the season…to be giving

We constantly hear that companies don’t care about people. Well, some don’t. However, as this reblog shows some do.

Caring about people is actually good for business. Why? Well, who do you want to business with? Do you really want to eat food prepared by people who don’t care about you? Would you like to drive a car made by people who don’t care about your family’s safety?

The real issue, however, is not whether companies care. If we don’t think the people at a company care about their customers, if we have a choice we don’t have to do business with them. We can go elsewhere. Therefore, the real issue is whether we have a choice. Has the government restricted competition?

In a competitive market place, we have a choice, and that is the primary virtue of Capitalism. In a state where Crony Capitalism or Socialism prevails, we don’t have a choice, and that is the primary problem with both Crony Capitalism and Socialism.

So the next time someone tells you just how wonderful Socialism is (No one likes Crony Capitalism.), consider just how unlikely that is. If the Socialists care about us, then why are they so determined to force us to do business with them whether we want to do so or not.


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
Charles Dickens

Tis the season of gifts…
buying, wrapping, giving…
Yet most of us know that not all gifts are those which can be bought nor wrapped.

By now I suppose most of the country, if not the world, is well aware of the major
power outage that afflicted the Atlanta airport this past Sunday—
an outage that caused a global and near catastrophic ripple effect.

There were hundreds of flights canceled in and out of Atlanta,
the airport touted as the world’s busiest, while other flights simply
had to be rerouted making final destinations more than complicated.
This lone power outage caused severe inconveniences for worldwide holiday and simply
regular travelers.

There were passengers stuck in planes on tarmacs as airport officials scrambled
what to do—deplane folks and shuttle them to the dark airport or what.

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15 thoughts on “tis the season…to be giving

  1. Excellent! Thanks for reblogging this Tom as I didn’t catch Julie’s original post. I’m way behind I visiting my favorite sites.

  2. thank you for sharing Tom—common sense and flexibility are key components to any business / corporation—and sadly—the main one being common sense—and it flew the coop long ago….

  3. Chick-fil-a is a great company.
    FWIW, our family was one of the ones effected by the power outage in Atlanta.
    We spent all night in the LA airport.
    At least our kids aren’t babies…it ended up being a sort of Griswold family vacation adventure home (and thank God it didn’t happen on the way there, that would’ve been a disaster).

    The Atlanta fiasco kind of provided a different perspective on companies from our vantage point, too.
    Delta does not do business like Southwest, and it really, really shows.
    From now on it will be Southwest, Southwest all the way.

    1. Just to add, Southwest starts flying to Hawaii next year. 😉

      On the Chick-fil-a note, we have a very innovative FSS squadron commander at the base here and she hired Chick-fil-a to teach the club workers about customer service. As a result, we probably have the best customer service you will ever find at a military base.

      1. That sounds great! I bet that is a good fit! The military tries to hire people very much like the employees at Chick-fil-a.

        I certainly enjoy the people Chick-fil-a. They are young people who are well-dressed, courteous, and competent, and that is such an amazing thing to see. Even if they could not make their food both good and inexpensive (Good sea food in Ohio has to be a little bit pricey, for example.), the people who work there would still find a good way to make us want to visit Chick-fil-a.

        1. Agreed (on all counts) Tom. 🙂

          Do you remember that video a few years back when folks were protesting Chick-fil-a and the guy took a video of himself at the drive thru? He was extremely hostile and rude, the girl at the counter was so nice it made him look like a complete jerk.
          He put it online believing it would make him look like a hero and it went viral….by the time he got to work, he was laid off.
          He’d been in so many confirmation bias environments that he didn’t understand right from wrong, or anything about persuasion or kindness anymore.

    2. Sorry you got caught in that. At least when things go bad, we get a chance to see the good in some people.

      Hope you still manage to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Sweet story,Tom. Good reblog. 🙂

    In the “olden days,” we used to have that sense of community going on where I live,so if you had a job,you got a free lunch, turkeys on Thanksgiving, and a Christmas bonus. Our evil corps also sponsored baseball teams, raised money for hurting families, hosted the spring picnic, things like that.

    As the economy got worse,unemployment went up,and we became really anti-business here, so we lost all that. It’s supply and demand I suppose. Jobs are scarce,employees are plentiful,so how you treat them became much less important. Consider the fact too that this is a very “socialist” state, meaning one of the highest minimum wages in the country,meaning we are all about dreaming of the socialism. The problem being it has actually lowered people’s quality of life,made things harder, created multiple unintended consequences.

    1. Julie’s find. Credit belongs to her.

      As to your comment. Well, no one can squeeze blood out of a turnip.

      When the government oppresses employers, the employers either don’t have the means, or they don’t have the desire to reward employees.

      Consider that we actually don’t have full blown Socialism. There is much talk of it, but we actually have Crony Capitalism. That’s because we still have privately owned companies. What makes it Crony Capitalism is the fact our government intensely regulates those companies, routinely sticking its nose where it does not belong. Hence, corporations spend lots of money, time, and effort trying to buy political influence, both protect themselves and to disadvantage their competition.

      Trump may not be ideological, but I think he well understands Crony Capitalism. I also think the Democrats and the news media hate him because they are the primary beneficiaries of Crony Capitalism, and Trump is attacking their control over business interests.

      Crony Capitalists, BTW, don’t care as much about their customers as they do about politicians and the news media. Crony Capitalists posture a lot, but people see through that. Unfortunately, too many people don’t see any difference between a genuine risk-taking, business entrepreneur and a scheming crony capitalist. Therefore, when demagogues and propagandists in the news media paint corporations as villainous, to many people believe them. What they fail to observe is how the demagogues are getting rich and who owns the news media.

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